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SafeLink corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the SafeLink corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the SafeLink corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
SafeLink Wireless

América Móvil, S.A.B. de C.V
9700 Nw 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
United States

Phone: 305-640-2000
Fax: 305-640-2070

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Wow! Is your customer service very poor. My question was not on the menu and whenvi hit 7, I had asked about AMBER alerts on this phone, she hung up on me. I would rather pay 4 a phone and get an AMBER alert, cause it may be your child 1 day and was within 100 miles. Very disappointed incthis company. Maybe the boss should go undercover.

Anonymous 8/7/14 12:37PM

So I am putting this out there for all to read. I am going to an attorney because of these people, they keep giving me the run around and I am finished. I sent in all my "private"information i.e.. passport, medicaid,snap and a copy of my social security card and now these people say they have no record. I have a fax confirmation, so what are they doing with our records, using them for identity theft later? If anyone would like to contact me do so through this forum I am going to ask attorney about a "Class Action"lawsuit. I have all the names of the people involved in this company because anytime a public company wants to do business in Florida they have to show who owns and is responsible for the company. Go to and find out under the TRACFONE name. Write them,call them the United States Government subsidizes this program, you are entitled to get this service without a personal, discriminatory hassle. Power to the People. Poor but not stupid!!!

Sara 7/17/14 12:42PM

It's a shame how bad customer service was today when I called to report I didn't receive my minutes and was being charged for texts messages. When I ask to speak to a supervisor they kept bouncing back in forward between 2 complete jerks. I then ask for corporate number and was told it wasn't available. I will be contacting a lawyer because over and over again I get mistreated by safelink customer service rep for no reason at all and it's so so stressful. You never know someone situation and over and over again I let the rep know I was currently at a domestic violence shelter and not for a split second did they care, not for a split second did they answer my questions they threating to hang up on me if I didn't stop abusing them because I ask to speak to a different supervisor or a different rep. Cold hearted and as far as I'm concern I was targeted because I have a government phone, because I receive welfare, I hate being judge by someone who think their better than me. I work and pay my rent, I pay my taxes, never been in trouble with the law, never have judge someone who has. Sorry if my high school sweetheart turned out to be an abusive jerk and thank God I was strong enough to leave this time but people like you make me wonder if it was worth it. I didn't need a government phone, money, or anything when I was with him he took care of everything and I rather be beat any day then be treated like a worthless scum for no reason

Sw24 7/7/14 1:46PM

To whom it may concern,
If who ever is in charge of customer service and truly wants to improve this area of your company. Please get in touch with me as my story should concern anyone in your company trying to make customer service a number one goal. The way I was treated was shameful. I won't soon forget and all I come in contact with will know how you treat your customers.

Never Again 6/2/14 10:16AM

Safelink really needs to take the proper measures and train their employees. Just yesterday I called safelink to transfer my number and minutes to a new phone that I bought. Before buying the phone I was told by a representative of safelink that I could buy my own phone as long as it was a track phone brand never was I told that their are specific phones that I could buy. After buying my new phone I called safelink link to properly transfer everything not only did the person I spoke with was barely understandable he kept me on the phone for over 2hrs to tell me that I can transfer my number but not my minutes and I will no longer be able to receive future monthly minutes because the phone I purchased was an Android. I explained to him that I bought this phone because I have a difficult time seeing the screen with the phone I currently have. he again repeated the same statement. I expressed to him what good will it do me to transfer the number to a phone without minutes and then have a phone with minutes but no number. and again he repeated the SAME thing as if he was completely disregarding what I was saying to him. He then transfers me to a supervisor who was extremely rude and says that I should've read the terms and conditions I expressed to her that when I began receiving safelink minutes which was about 10yrs ago it said nothing about Androids and that the rep that I spoke to that told me I can buy a phone did not tell me of any restrictions. I then get transferred to a manager George ID# 545066 he was even worst attitude wise you can just tell that he hates his job. I was in the car with other people and he hears a swear and tell me that one more time he is going to hang up I told him that the swear was not directed to him that I was with other people in the car he says he didn't car the fact was that he heard it. I explain to him the same thing that I explained to the other to reps I spoke with prior to him he says that the terms and conditions were changed when track phone began selling Androids. I asked him if there was a letter or email or some type of communication explaining this change he said no. He proceeds to speak over me not allowing me to get a word in without him talking at the same time. I asked him for his information and ID along with the names and ID of the other reps I spoke with he refused to provide me with that info and said that I should've been smart enough to write it down while I was talking to them I told him that I was driving and could not drive, talk and write all at the same time he just hung up on me......VERY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL

Glorielis 5/27/14 9:59AM

The customer service rep with the ID number of was rude for no apparent reason. She gave the impression that she did not want to be there and that I was inconveniencing her. Customer service training is definitely in order. Your reps will cause your company to lose countless clientele if this issue is not addressed.

disgusted101 5/16/14 1:32PM

Safelink really need to retrain the employees. I know when they applied for their jobs they did NOT go in with the attitudes they have when they speak to customers. What they fail to realize is the people that make calls to Safelink ,Some of us make calls for family members, friends etc. To set up services for them. WE HAVE GREAT JOBS AND DON'T NEED THIS SERVICE. It's a damn shame these SO CALLED EMPLOYEES OF SAFELINK TREAT CUSTOMERS like they are lower than and don't require respect.....BY THE LOOK OF COMMENTS MAYBE THEY ARE TAUGHT TO TREAT CUSTOMERS THIS WAY. SHAME ON YOU SAFELINK!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 5/1/14 4:54PM

Customer service was HORRIBLE. I had to call 5 different reps before anyone would finally help me. This company is a joke. I guess you get what you pay for and since the phone is free you don't get anything. One customer service rep named JANIC was extremely rude and attempted to rush me off of the phone without helping me. I am cancelling this crappy service and getting a paid phone.

cougar21 4/23/14 6:08PM


The people that you have hired for customer service have no
idea how to be polite, caring and efficient. Most of them are just down right rude, discourteous, and phone abusive. This is the fault of the corporate office who hires these unqualified individuals in the first place. I don't understand any company who places folks in public relations
that actually hate dealing with people. This is a very poor reflection on Safelink

A victim of phone abuse 4/23/14 10:35AM

Some time ago I applied to SafeLink and provided your organization with what I deem as critical information, i.e., a photographic quality of both my Food Stamp and Medicare cards.

This information was emailed, faxed and physically mailed to SafeLink. I understand your company is not set up to receive email responses with documentation, thus you shuld remove it as an option from your website as it's a real pain to respond to this only to find out you're not set up for it! The mailing went to your office in the state of Oregon, I can't remember what city it was, but it was mailed to you twice; once in my own envelope and the very next day in your own "Return Mail" envelope.

There's a genuine concern here because of several things; 1. I detest the fact that you force me to speak to someone else in another country that can't speak working English, or have no command of the English language, especially when they happen to be supervisor; 2. when you can't provide me with a telephone number to someone the United States; 3. because that information is of a photographic quality you have to be either Stevie Wonder or Ronnie Milsaps to not be able to read it.

At this point I'm also requesting two thing from you; 1 a return call letting me know how that information was transmitted to the Phillipines because they can't read it their reason being that it's illegible; and 2. where that information is now as the documents have been rejected based upon its illegibility.

At this point, after all the pain and aggravation and reading reviews, I don't think I want to apply for a phone thru SafeLink, but I need some peace of mind to know that that information is either going to be returned to me or shredded before I pursue my next steps with the local media, Social Security and FCC. This is really a big disappointment in what's supposed to be one of America's communications industries as I'm holding you accountable for your ineffectiveness.

totaleclypse1 4/22/14 4:32PM

CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN!!! Safelink Wireless is a company funded by the U.S. Government that provides phone service to elderly and vulnerable citizens of the U.S. Anyone researching this company should be aware that Safelink has outsourced most of their operations to other countries. Their service application process is extremely ineffective, customer support is questionable, and there is little to no accountability with this company. I would highly advise anyone that experiences difficulties with this company to contact your Congressman, and petition them to cancel contracts with Safelink, and to find a more responsible company to do business with.

Consumer 4/14/14 5:20PM

I Have A Safelink Phone That Is A Replacement To The Phone I Lost. It Is Not A Tracfone Number Or A Safelink Number And Have Had Problems Since I Received It In December 2013. I Have In The Past 3 To 4 Weeks Been Given 7 Case Numbers And Told That If They Could Not Fix It Within 48hrs I Would Be Mailed A New Phone With 500 Minutes. That Was This Past Monday I Am Still On The Phone And They Cannot Fix The Phone I Have Because The Phone Number That Came With The Phone Is Also Assigned To Another Phone And It Is Not A Safelink Or Tracfone Phone Number. I Could Applied With Assurance Or One Of The Other Government Phones And Had It Already Delivered. My Suggestion Is Don't Get A Safelink Phone!!!!

Anonymous 4/11/14 6:08AM


I just got off of the telephone after spending 85 minutes with one of your Customer Service representives.
She did not speak understandable English
I think from the sound of her voice she is Spanish or Mexacan. I called simply to have my telephone replaced because the phone that I currently have was accidentally dropped into the bathtub full of water by my 10 year old grand son.

You have to do something about your customer service department. When I asked to speak with a supervisor or a manager, she told me that their were NO supervisory personnal available to speak with me. When I asked if I could hold for a supervisor I was told that it would be at least an hour before any supervisory person would be available.

It may be a phone that I got the use of at no charge but that does not mean a customer has to spend over an hour on the telephone with a Customer Service Representive who neither speaks or understands the English language.
I was born and grew up in Illinois so you and I both know that I speak and understand English.

Most of the time this particular CS gal spoke so fast that she was not understandable. So by the time you add her fast speaking, her spanish/mexican accent and having to wait while she checked or something with another department.

It is evident that your company is not utilizing state of the art equipment in your CS department.

I am writing this because I thought that someone should know about this and they should rectify your problems.

When I asked about exchanging the telephone for a different model I was told that I could not exchange the telephone because your company no longer exchanges hardware..

I was hoping to exchange the phone for A Samsung S150G because it has larger buttons on the keyboard because this model is almost impossible to dial unless you have a ball point pen. Maybe something can be done in the future so that other customers do not run into this same treatment from your Customer Service Department.

Thank You

howard 4/5/14 10:51AM

I called today just to change my plan from 250 mins. To 125 mins. A month so unused minutes carry over. Instead they told me that i never had an account. Even though i was calling from my safelink phone which i bought a $10 upgraded phone & have been on safelink since 2012. then they have me re apply just to tell me that i have to call back in 60 days. On top of that last year they replaced my phone & during activating the replacement phone they lost my # which i had ported over to safelink from my old carrier. So now in less than a year they caused me to lose 2 phone #'s which is not good when ur waiting for job interview calls. These people do not know their head from their a$$. I just filed a complaint with the fcc. Not that it will make a difference. We should all petition that this company be barred from handling lifeline/low income services. They need to lose their license to opereate.

brendon 3/25/14 6:06PM

I have been having the same problems since I had the phone. On Wednesday, March 5, I was supposed to receive my minutes and I did not. The same non-english speaking rep. did not help, as usual. He was very rude, as usual and they deactivated my phone. I asked for a supervisor and he came back to the phone and pretended to be the supervisor, strange working for this company and it has to stop today! It is now, Thursday March 6, 2014 and I am still not able to retrieve my minutes. This is ridiculous! I have already filed a complaint with the BBB.

MS. HARRIS 3/6/14 4:31AM

My grandmother is 87 years old and has safelink wireless. I have tried to get her account renewed with the help of the rude broken English speaking customer service representatives. I have continously asked to speak to a supervisior from a representative named Ken and Dilson, however they were argumentative and Ken hung up on me. If the ederly tried to call this company they would be very confused. Safelink despreatly needs to hire people who are customer service orineted, friendly, and speak English. This is ridiculous.

Anonymous 3/4/14 8:53AM

Safelink has the worst and most incompetent customer service by even 3rd world standard. I have called them 4 times over the past 3 months to do an annual renewal. Each time it took 2 hours on average. The issues still not solved. It is for my 81 years old mother who is on SSI, Medicaid and food stamps. What other eligibility they need?! I called their corporate office in Miami and the operator and she was very rude (So that why their customer service overseas is bad--their corporate office is worse). So I give up. I have just signed my mother up with ATT wireless--Even she is more eligible than most to get a free service.

Mary 3/3/14 12:09PM

Safelink Tech Support is a joke! You cannot, in any way-shape-or-form, get a live person! I've been at it for hours and no luck. I finally searched out Safelinks Corporate phone number in Florida. I got help immediately!!! Anyone need corporate's number? It's 305-640-2000. Good luck to all!

JBo 2/28/14 8:53AM

Yes i am trying to become a safe link customer and the customer service is very rude and I think they tell lies to customers because they think it is ok to lies about their phones and services i am very unhappy with safe link I am too a point that i don't want the services with them I never got my black burry

Unknown 2/3/14 12:53PM

I am a Safelink customer. I have been trying to get some professional support. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was rudely hung up on at the toll free customer service number I kept getting bounced around from Customer support to Technical support and no one seems to know what to do. They are blaming each other for the problems I am having. I would like to speak with upper managment. Is there a phone number that I can call? My name is Heather D Williams.

Anonymous 2/1/14 10:09AM

The worst company ever!!! The customer service sucks. They hang up on you and never let you speak to a supervisor. They make you resend the same documentation over and over and always have you pending. Beware!!!!! Do not use them.

Tired of the lies 12/29/13 12:23PM

safe link is the worst company ever they were fused with my minutes on my phone for this month and they lie to me and saying that they already put them on for this month and I've had no minutes on my phone since Thanksgiving weekend

Anonymous 12/8/13 5:24PM

I have been a member of SafeLink for about four year,
the problem is they never give the minutes that the Government pay. for you always needs to call for your minutes. and yet they get paid for this service I feel that
this is fraud. getting paid for something that they do not serve the people with who can I contact for this issue.

Anonymous 12/3/13 7:55AM

ive been trying to report my phone safelink lost on 11/28/2013 every number I call is BS can't speake with anyone to have phone turned off. press this and press that then they tell you to call back later. I would like to stop anyone who's using my phone can you cotact me also.

freckles0116 11/29/13 10:53AM

This is the most ridiculous company ever!! I apparently have a phone already and only one per household, guess what ....I don't have one! Can't get a hold of a person to explain to them, although from reading these comments it wouldn't help anyway. I call the 800 number just to get another and then another, after three different 800 numbers gave up. This is why our country isn't prospering, you can't when Government puts their nose into anything! That is all. A Very Unhappy American!

Very Unhappy American 11/12/13 12:29PM

Because SafeLink did not automatically add my minutes I lost them. I cannot see the small minutes on the phone. My son bough it to my attention that I have not gotten minutes on my phone. I August I have to send to phone back and return the damaged phone. September, October I got no minutes. When I asked for my minutes they would not give them to me. I am a senior and don't appreciate being treated like I don't know what I am talking about. I have the 125 minutes plan. These minutes rollover. where are my minutes

Anonymous 11/9/13 9:55PM

So disgusted with these folks. This is supposed to be a US government program WTH am. i getting folks from India and the Philipines?? No wonder its such confusion like a 3 stooges movie. I am outraged why there isnt any jobs here in the states but they send it over seas and its an AMERICAN program!!! SMH Been trying since Sept 7 to submit my information. BUT there seems to be confusion because of the language, and NO one seems to have a phone number for a U.S office for customer service and the headquarters is in Florida! This is some nonsense. and finally get a hold of an someone in Florida and was very rude and only sent me to someone elses voice mail. I know after this i am writing to the corporate office and the government officials who approve this program for the United States citizens. There needs to be some review and some accountability for this. OH and major change. I dont even know if i want to deal with safelink anymore but for all fairness for americans i will pursue this issue.

ND 10/31/13 1:54PM

today I tried to resolve an issue I called several different safe link hot lines and finally got through to a rep. I spoke with her about some one who does not live at my address receiving a phone which I had applied for and she basically told me with out her information there was nothing I could do. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and was hung up on so I called back to have another rep. tell me he could not transfer me I called a 3rd time and the rep then told me the supervisor was busy then after 3 hours of dealing with reps and getting hung up on I finally came here safe link does not check for proper ID when people subscribe and will not provide the services they claim. I am so angry now not sure I even want to deal with this company after all what's the point when you can't get issues resolved?

outraged! 10/6/13 2:17PM

I called on September 30th to let Safelink know that I wanted to keep my phone number attached to my enrollment ID. Do you know customer service,and several managers told me that my number was gone and given to someone else due to non activation. My phone was activated with minutes and my number. I also recertified. So how is it that my number was stolen and given to someone else without my permission. And I still didn't receive my triple the minutes with the new phone I bought in August. Safelink; I will not stop bugging you until I receive all of my minutes and my old number

One Angry Burger King 10/2/13 3:29PM

Today, I received a postal card from Safe-Link stating that I had not "logged in" for the month. I was given a set of instructions, one step required me to enter a 15 digit password, of which I have never been given or assigned. When the system refused my entering the 15 digit IMEI number, I called the toll free number provided. They referred me to another toll free number and them to yet another toll free number, which after 30 seconds reverted to a fast busy signal. I must conclude that the right hand knowest not what the left hand is doing. The entire system is INEPT and DYSFUNCTIONAL.

TracFone -aka- known as SafeLink, when working, is a great service but their customer service is as screwed up as is our federal government. Do not expect any real customer service unless it is understood that the word "service" may only mean that you are being "serviced"

The management of TracFone and SafeLink should hang heir heads in shame.

frustrationand more 9/26/13 1:54PM

I called in to report my phone as BROKEN and it was documented that I said it was stolen/lost, and now these people will not give me my minutes! I spoke with 3 people and they were very short with me and just kept saying there is no way to give me my minutes because it was not documented as broken. It is not my fault that the agent did not document the computer correctly. It is only 250 minutes, it's not like it's a thousand or anything! I have small children, and I have a safelink phone for a reason. I am unemployed and need a form of communication. But they did give me a whole TEN free minutes! How generous... that will at least cover the hold time!

Mary 9/18/13 10:18AM

hi all been trying to get mine phone sents 6/23/13. ok to get a person just go to the first number and after the message just hit 0 3 time and you will get a person.

Anonymous 8/2/13 10:15AM

I have been having a problem for the last 2 1/2 YEARS! It has been escalated to corp. many times. I had to request a replacement phone, as the first one would not work once I left a certain area and it left me without a phone any time I had to travel out of the area. the new phone works great!

The problem is they reissued the original phone and have still not taken the serial number from my account. So Most months I have to call and make a ticket to get my minutes.

I need all the ticket numbers and what action was taken on them for a complaint to the senitor's office. Which I have been unable to get. Nor after, TWO AND A HALF YEARS OF TRYING!!! can I get safelink to remove the reissued serial number from my account.

Kat 7/5/13 10:18AM

I have been on the phone for 12 hours trying to talk to someone about my lost phone to no avail. I called Safe Link corporate office Phone: they could not help me but they did transfer me to Safe Link where I was able to talk to a real person that took care of my problem right away. Phone is on the way and I am a Happy Camper. Hope this phone number helps some of you.

Fed up 7/3/13 12:26PM

I am a friend of Mr Travell Armstrong who is having a horrible time with safelink customer care service and there lack of english speaking tellers who simply dosent understand that his phone was stolen with several requests for a new phone which they said they have already issued that He has never recieved He has constantly been reccomended a better secure service by sending it to a P.o Box insuring acceptance. instead he feels as though he is being treated like a illegal alien instead of a U.S citzen from customer care along with there supervisor being unable to use the enrollment id given to him by you guys or the last 4 digits of his social security number to complete his application or request. I strongly suggest that corporate office immediately investagate these allegations that many of us are stating as facts that the way your system is designed to make it hard for a person such as Mr Armstrong to get help or for anyone else to even recieve a device from you guys Thanks for your time

fatal crash 7/2/13 2:22PM

I Am Writing This Letter As A Complaint Against One Of Your Employees; Cimmarron Patterson. Mr Patterson Has Displayed Unprofessional Behavior While
Working As A Safelink Emloyee At The Nassau County Dept Of Social Services. This Behavior Includes Sexual Harrassment, Intimidation, And Menacing Behavior.
This Behavior Is Effecting The Employees As Wel As The Clients Coming To Receive Services. I Would Like To Formally Request That He Be Prohibitted From Coming
Back To This Location As It Is Causing A Very Demeaning And Unhealthy Enviornmnt. I Tank You In Advance For Your Attention To This Matter, And I Am Requesting
That My Identity Remain Annonymous So As Not To Incure Any Further Problems With Your Employee.

Thank You

Anonymous 6/26/13 8:39PM

As a Resident Service Coordinator in Senior Housing I have occassion to refer this service to our residents. I have NEVER experienced such frustration as I have encountered with the SafeLink overseas technical support. Spending hours on the phone - being transfered to other numbers only to be told the same things and have never had a positive outcome. The technical support for the senior population and those who may not have any tech savvy is just short of abuse.
This is the third phone, in two months, I'll be returning with a request to terminate a resident's agreement.

Anonymous 5/22/13 7:18AM

I have been trying to reach a representative for technical support. each time I call I do as asked through automatic system, each time I am asked to turn my phone off and wait 15 minutes and try to make a call and if I can't to call back to talk to someone. I have tried this over 100 times at different times of the day and nothing, I don't talk to noone and it says the .me thing over and over. I am very upset. This is the only phone I have for someone to get in touch with me with. I have 3 children who need to get in touch with me in case of emergency. I have not had been able to access my phone for over a week now!!!! I need for someone to get in touch with me ASAP!!! Not a very happy customer at all!!!! I%

CLutz 5/21/13 7:02PM

I have been on hold for over three hours, I'd gladly send anyone the screen cap pic of the five hour and six min call that I placed to Safelink. They sent me a replacement phone and just like everyone else, the phone will not work. This is the ninth call over two weeks and they can not get it activated. I don't understand how a federally funded government program can pay for phone service to a company that outsources our American Tax Dollars to a foreign company call center. TracFone, based in Miami Florida, should be ashamed of taking Hardworking dollars of the American people and sending it to another country, especially since this is a Government assistance the way, did I mention I was on the phone for over five hours phone call...when I finally gave up after 3 hours and 6 mins of holding for a rep to come back after placing me on what she promised was a three min hold...after 6 transfers from dept to dept.

SERIOUSLY?? 5/20/13 7:24PM

This is, without a doubt, the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. It's bad enough that almost no companies answer their phones utilizing actual human beings, but to be hung up on by a voice menu/computer is extremely unprofessional and uncalled for. I am not racist, but every time I called to set up my new phone I would be talking to someone in either Columbia, Belize, or Uruguay who had no idea what customer service really means. I never thought that I would say this, but I remember the "good old days" when you could call any company and actually speak to a live body.

marine8401 5/15/13 3:57PM

I Am Very Very Upset. The 800 Numbers Are No Help At All. Receptionist That Answered The Phone Is Rude And No Help! I Am Very Fustrated. If I Do Not Get An Answer I Am Reporting To The Bbb And The Federal Bureau That Handles The Free Phone For Seniors.

[email protected] 5/13/13 8:38AM

5 days of crappy customer service! I finally track down corp. phone number they tell me to call back Customer service call centers should be located within this country!

mattsbear 5/6/13 12:10PM

Good luck to all who need to contact them regarding anything. I tried for three days to get through their robot menus with no success and an unanswered email. I went on their support page and had to post 5 duplicate posts so they could reply (which I did) and still no response. Then I went on their Facebook page and filed a support ticket. After a couple of emails the final one stated they needed a phone number to contact me at. 30 minutes later was an email stated my ticket was open for 24 hours and then closed to please file another ticket. Really? How much time do you think we have to spend on this. When I posted on their Facebook page, of course they said they would help IF I would file another ticket. I am done with them, I will walk and find a phone, so done with them and filing a complaint with the FCC. Why should they be able to collect Government funds when they treat people like this.

k-turner 5/5/13 4:28PM

it very hard to get a person on the phone to get help with your safelink phone.and the recorded message dont work right.

jodi 5/1/13 11:43AM

SAFELINK customer service stinks can't talk to anyone it is all automated I guess I have been trying to reach them about my phone
not working for 2 months won't turn on at all I have tried two different chargers from friends and still does not work I do not want to loose my minutes or my service and i do not know what to do I am disabled and this is my only means of communication. Please help I need my phone!!!!

starlennox 4/1/13 3:23PM

I just called to add minutes to my phone, the person I talked to asked me my name 3 time, my cell phone number 3 times, asked my home phone number, then asked my bank name. This has never happened to me before. I asked why he needed this, I told him I gave him this all before. He was laughing at me, I told him he doesn't need my home number or my bank name, he said he had to relay the information to the application and verify with my bank. So I gave it to him. He kept laughing at me, I asked to speak to someone in the U.S. because he said he was in Colombia. He put me through to his supervisor, he never asked for my bank name or my home number. I am worried this other person will use my credit card for other things. The supervisor said he would look into it and "guaranteed me that nothing will happen to my card." If anything happens to my card after this, I know where to send the police.

danopam 3/20/13 3:00PM

I don't believe that there are any humans working at SafeLink, nor Trac Phone the parent company, because in trying to get a person to tell that my phone was stolen, I get nothing but computers that don't offer that option, so apparently there is no way to report a SafeLink phone lost or stolen. I am told to call Tech Support, but when I do a computer tells me to turn on my phone if it's not on already and then verifies that it is working (sure, it's working, the thief is getting free minutes as I type). This morning I tried again and I was told that there is a transaction being accomplished and to wait 15 minutes and try a call and if it doesn't work to call back. That was hours ago and that's the same message I get. So, apparently the thief gets a free phone and 125 roll over mintues until next year when my certification (that was actually done AFTER the phone went missing) expires and there is nothing on God's green earth that can be done about. I even tried telling that I was no longer eligible and they would cancel the service, but the thief STILL get my 12 hours of minutes, most of which I bought. Try Assurance Wireless (Virgin Mobile service).

rebellman 2/28/13 2:32PM

Safelink sent me a replacement phone for a malfunctioning one. I called to get the new one activated and they couldn't get it activated.I was told after several calls that it would be 2 days BEFORE IT WAS ACTIVATED! I am an elderly person,disabled and in bad health.These geniuses couldn't get my new phone number and minutes from the old phone to the new phone.The purpose of this program is to have an EMERGENCY PHONE available. What is going on with these people?

Anonymous 2/24/13 12:58PM

do not try for a human is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!

Anonymous 2/14/13 11:57AM

My phone quit working over a month ago. Have been trying for a long time now to get it replaced. I have called & sent emails endlessly. They checked the phone twice. The first time a girl at the office said it needed a new sim card. I received it & put it in my phone but it still did NOT work. When I called back a boy there said I needed a new phone, took my info & then he DISCONNECTED me! Never called me back ! Now they keep saying to turn the phone on & make a call & if that doesn't work then wait an hour & try it again. Due to being tore-up my phone won't even TURN ON. Have told them this but the response is the same...all they know to tell me is turn the phone off & turn it back on. I am alone, elderly & in desperate, desperate need of the phone. Maybe if I could speak to someone that was an American I might get something done. I can't make them understand that the phone is not working. Due to this being a hopeless situation am filing a complaint against them to the FCC.

Sannda 2/4/13 5:41PM

i own a house and my new renter has tried to get a safelink phone.she was told she could not get a phone because someone else has a phone at that address.which is not true the name that wasgiven to me moved three years ago.i have tried to get it strightne out but they will not fix it

lilloupophil 1/9/13 6:23PM

11113010 I did not get my mins for January 2013. It said the first 3 days and have some mins on phone and i did that,

Anonymous 1/3/13 12:38PM

Just try to speak to a person. What a joke!!If you are lucky enough to get a person you cannot understand them. I am an American and would like to be treated as such. Is this the way our government works? Safelink has become a joke. I tried to call to see why I have not received my minutes this month and was on hold for 50 minutes. No one ever came on the line.

Bibbit 12/3/12 7:26PM

safe seems as though they cannot be held accountable disrespect and terrible customer service we poor people dont count

Anonymous 11/27/12 1:00PM

I am having extremely difficult time re-verifying for a safelink phone. Have spent over 2 days-yes 2 days trying to get through the lines-your corporation would not let me verify on line. I spoke with 2 seperate "customer service" reps -one being a supervisor that were entirely over rude-and would not help or refer me to someone that could. We need this phone for a emergency in our household due to medical difficulties but we cannot get anyone to assist. This phone we have had for 3 years without any problems until now.

Anonymous 10/22/12 10:34AM

This is my second unhappy year with safe link. I am really tired of calling for assistance and trying to talk to someone with such broken English I have no-clue what I should do or what they are saying. More GOVERNMENT money pissed away. I do not get a signal!!!!!!!!!!!!!The customer NO SERVICE wasted at least 15 minutes of my time and said it was working fine. NO SIGNAL!!!!!Soon after I got it for this year ( had to return one) I got emails and calls that I had to use it or loose it. Hard to use something that does not work. I want to return it. WHO do I contact to do so????????????

unimpressed 9/30/12 5:37PM

my safelink phone has 3554.50 min. because it will not work . i have to go appr. 2miles down the road before it will pickup a signal. this suppose to be a phone for emergengys. i have trid to git help from safelink and everytime. i git transfered to some tech. and the my call goes dead please call later. this safelink junk is a joke that the goverment is paying for i think comsumer affiars need to investgate and the govners office to cause i know i am not the only one thank you lynn hart safelink

lynn 9/10/12 3:16PM

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