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Regions Bank corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Regions Bank corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Regions Bank corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Regions Financial Corporation
1900 5th Ave. North
Birmingham, AL 35203
United States

Phone: 205-944-1300

Regions Bank Corporate Office Comments

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Regions of southaven will not help me after indent theft will not do anything that is as criminal as theft regions sucks let Custer Mers on there on

steve 7/2/14 9:43AM

Very difficult to use local branch. Tried for five days to speak with someone about safety deposit box. Called and spoke with customer service rep. She had difficulty too! The local branch would put her on hold and then hang up. Tried to call Executive Office but number listed gets operator intercept the the number has been disconnected

As a customer having difficulty with the Belle Chasse, La Branch and an employee of Regions also having difficulty with this branch I would not recommend Regions to anyone. Service has progressively deteriorated over the years

CRW 2/14/14 8:45AM

Very unhappy with bank, they blame you for there errors and mistakes . Hit me with 108 in fees, I transferred money another count it disappeared made my account overdrawn. Don't trust this bank anymore.
There error.. They say there to help you, but they don't.

Lizzjamie45 1/2/14 1:31PM

The phone number given is disconnected. No other number given.

Tommy 10/9/13 2:40AM

To whom this my concern !!. My name is Robert Currence and I reside in Hueytown Alabama. Last night ( 05-13-2013 ) I and my wife received an E-mail at 2121 hours that stated ( REGIONS BANK ALERT ) Your Card has been temporarily DEAVTIVATED. Please call Regions bank card service at ( to reactivate. And here is the number that sent the E-mail ( +1 I was just ask if you Regions bank could look into this matter for us. Thank you.

Anonymous 5/14/13 7:42AM

I opened a checking account with Regions last year. I have not had an issue until now. I recieved a check that I needed to deposit into my account. I was informed that there would be hold on my funds for a certain amount of days, which is understandable to me. The morning comes when my funds were promised to be released and I check my account and all was accounted for. Later that afternoon, I decided to check my account again and my account was empty. I called and spoke to a representative and I was told that they decided to extend the hold. They took my money back out of my account and put another hold on it. I was very upset because I had deadlines to meet and I could not pay them because they took the money out. I just felt as though this was not right.

Anonymous 3/7/13 10:06PM

Had a CD with Regions Bank, Duluth, GA.. on maturity, was advised to open a checking a/c with promotion going on for $150 credit if a/c stays open for 3 months; opened the a/c...
Did withdraw $100,000.00 to pay taxes, car etc. so, Bank issued a cashier's check - no charge. II time, when for $25000, was charged $8.00 without informing me... when asked, what for is the charge, manager said, it is a regular charge... told the branch manager, you did not charge before... so, was mad, wanted to close a/c, was informed, it can be done only after 3 months... ok, but after 3 months when a/c was closed, no credit of $150.00 -this Bank cheats customers.. so, be careful. will complain to FTC.. S.Bhatia

s. bhatia 1/18/13 10:56AM

I am a realtor in Monroe, La and have been experiencing horrible experiences with REGIONS mortgage department. Due to the extended period of time, I have lost several clients. I and several other big name realtors in this area are going to boycott Regions Mortgage until the system is fixed. I about to start a website and will update soon

anoymous 1/17/13 8:55AM

My husband and I have both banked with Regions for multiple years. Rccently we had an issue we needed assistane resolving. Which is still not resolved. The customer service provided or I should not say being provided on Carlyle Avenue in Belleville is a reflection on your bank and the management staff you hire. Shame on you regions for not hiring individuals skilled in this area. As a customer service manager, I would find "new" leaders for this location. With the exception of Kevin, they should all look for new careers that are not associated with customer service.

Anonymous 12/14/12 3:26PM

I have been a customer with Regions Bank in Columbus Georgia for the past 15 years and never had a problem until 30 October, 2012. I played golf for 4 hours and stopped by the Regions Bank on Veterans Parkway and Whitesville Road to cash a check for $200.00. I wrote the check out and went to the cashier who asked me to remove my golf Cap. I told her I did not want to remove my golf cap and was told it was now a policy at Regions Bank. For fifteen years no-body at any of the three Region banks in Columbus Georgia or Two other banks in Columbus that I deal with has ever told me I had to take off my golf cap to cash a check. I feel this is a ridiculous policy and an inconvenience to me and is the only time in fifteen years that I have been told I had to take off my cap to cash a check. My other two banks do not require it and I see no reason for this one Regions Bank to require it. I called the Bank Manager, a Mr. Pryor and expressed my dis-satisfaction with him who told me it was a Regions Bank Policy amd I think it is a dumb one so I am looking for another user friendly Bank that has no such policy.

alkay 11/2/12 12:19PM

I am a customer at your Covington tennis location and so are my husband and son my son account was recently closed so without knowing this his employer sent hischeck there he had some overdraft fees bit now they will out give him his remainder of his money that is against the law they want to send him a check he s broke and needs is money so I am going to report regions to the better business bureau for this and probably dissolve my business there I have talked to people and can't get anywhere so please answer or fix it so he can get his cash now 10/5/12 7:39AM

My son has a bank account with Regions Bank he just opened. Frequently, I have to go to Anderson, Indiana to pick up my grandson. I had enough gas to go to my son's residence but needed money from my son to get gas to go back. Regions Bank had given my son some temporary counter checks. My son gave me one of these for $20. I took it into the Regions Bank on Emerson Avenue in Indianapolis to cash it so I could get some gas and they would not honor it. My tank was on empty and I had to go to one of the local churches to get assistance just so I could get home. Is this the way your bank does business? I would not even consider doing business or opening an account in your bank and be assured I will tell everyone I know and meet how I was treated at your bank.

Catherine 9/28/12 6:58PM

omg, really??? the only number I could find after looking for an hour was DISCONNECTED & it gave no forwarding or correct number to call!! Please check the 944-1300 & update!!!!


Anonymous 8/24/12 10:28AM

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