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Stream Energy corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Stream Energy corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Stream Energy corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Stream Gas & Electric, Ltd.
1950 N. Stemmons Fwy.
Suite 3000
Dallas, TX 75207
United States

Stream Energy Corporate Office Comments

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This s a terrible company that doesn't really have a corporate office. They have poor customer service, and ineffective supervisors. If you are able to get your electricity through anyone else I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO DO SO!!!!!!!

Derek 8/1/14 10:37AM

Mr. Gilmartin,
Very bad experience. I changed over, signed up for auto payment and it still hasn't taken effect. Now I am 2 months in and am told it will be another 2 months before it takes effect.
Customer Service is a joke. If one finally can get through to a person, they can do nothing. Stream Energy seems to think the contract is a one way street. We provide electricity you must pay regardless of how difficult we make that for you to do - then we penalize you for not figuring out our policies.
When in doubt send notice of cancelling service. No doubt you will take more time to try to collect cancellation fee and hurting credit rating than fixing YOUR PROBLEMS.

Terry Moore

Anonymous 3/11/14 8:46AM

Terrible responses from "supervisors" their horrible no response, thy care less, so Don't Wait to have your power Out please....we already paid them twice the "late fees" and backed up sucks

Anonymous 2/27/14 4:58PM

this company is a bad company they like to lose peoples money and double bill. I have paid them three times on auto bill pay and all three times they have lost my money and made me pay again the say that they have no record or even know where my money is. I think that they are a taking peoples money and mis placing it there is a on going thing with there company just want to say watch your money and you account

Anonymous 11/29/13 11:19AM

Horrible customer service!! Nobody at this company is on the same page. I'm a new resident called Stream to connect service last Wednesday, they took my $250.00 deposit and let me know that it should be on the next day by four but most likely in the morning. So Thursday came and went and Friday afternoon came and I called to get an ETA, I mean this is a new residence and we haven't had electric for 2 days, not to mention there are kids involved! So they tell me the previous resident had a switch hold put on the acct. so I would need to fax over my lease, then it would be 24-48 hrs before it was reviewed.. Seriously??!! its already been 2 days so now because of their negligence we still have no electricity and not going to for another 2 days, you can understand my frustration...after talking to a supervisor that was NO help at all, and NOT concerned about the customer at all, we faxed the lease. We don't expect to have service through the weekend so rent a hotel, ( money we did not have after a move) Monday comes and still no electricity. Tuesday comes and we call again they tell us at this time " oh, I see the problem you didn't send in the NOS form." Nobody told us about that form or the lease or anything else for that matter!! so after talking to 3 supervisors who lied saying they were faxing/ E-mailing the form we finally got it and faxed it over. so sadly to say its exactly a week and we still have no electricity, no help from this company to make a smooth transition no apology or concern for my family. This whole company needs to be trained on what Customer care truly means.

E-Gomez 10/16/13 5:53AM

This company is the worst to deal with. My gas was off a week ago today and I was told last week that it would be turned back on this past Friday. No one showed up and when I called on Monday they said they apologize but they will hae? someones come today. So around 2 p.m. no one came and when I called they said that the person I talked with didnt put the order in, so that make two times that they didn't do their job and now I have to wait 2 more days for my gas to be turned back on.
When asked to speak with a manager because I wantes to speak with someone
in their corporate office, I was askes why? And that they can't call out. Not even a manager.
They have the WORST cust. serv people you in the world.

Unhappy consumer 7/24/13 11:47AM

I do not recommend this company!!! On a random bill they said that they forgot to charge an AGL fee and that I owed a huge amount. I payed this amount and then 2 months later got another bill stating the same thing and showing that I owed even more money for a mistake they made and never proved with post bills. The rep said I could wait to pay the amount until they could figure out if I owed it or not and they next thing I know my gas is turned off with out any notice. I have always payed all of my bills on time with out an issue and this company is ridiculous to deal with. The bill is always wrong and the customer service is never helpful....Go somewhere else!!!!!!!

123 7/2/13 2:08PM

I was placed on a payment arrangement for 126.95 until the 31 and now I'm being told the amount was for 200.69 when that was not the amount I was told so I ask to speak with a supervisor he tries to argue me down and then call me a liar and I told him to pull the recordings but he kept blowing me off when I asked him to pull the recordings because I shouldn't be penalize for something I wasn't told this is unacceptable,unfair,and just wrong I have never had a problem with this company until now

Anonymous 4/10/13 8:33AM

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