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Volvo corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Volvo corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Volvo corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Volvo Cars of North America, LLC

AB Volvo
1 Volvo Drive
Rockleigh, NJ 07647
United States

Phone: 201-768-7300
Fax: 201-767-4816

Volvo Corporate Office Comments

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I purchased my Volvo s80 new from Fields in Lakeland. Months later they closed just like that. So to Tampa trips to Tampa. Various call back, like to coolan bleeder hose. Etc. Then the door handle broke, lock out of my car. Fields Mercades fixed it my cost $424.28

Now I move to Port Charlotte,Fl the same handle now broken off, fixed with Volvo parts again. So the complete cost to one year now is out of my pocket $1,115.04I was in conversation with Ms.Betty, she tried to get the company to help with the cost. All Volvo numbered parts.

No this week I have the cost of three (3) engine mounts collapsed, replaced bushings for the firewall. Replace the Driver side and pas anger side mounts. Cost.$900,00 How can you help with ? 62,343 miles one owner one driver. On a fixed income. Avenue Garage, In. They were able to get Volvo parts and help me every thing was done to factory specifications

Volvo corporate office 11/3/13 8:25AM

2006 Ocean Race Logos

I need new "ocean race" logos on my 2006 - XC90 SUV. My local dealership quoted me a price of $188 each logo. This is a joke. Talk about nickel and diming customers. Why would Volvo not replace their falling logos for free. Don't they want their cars to look good, not runned down? If Volvo will not fix this at their cost I guess I will just have to re-glue them myself.

Where can I find 2 replacement logos and at what cost?

Anonymous 8/22/13 8:23AM

We bought a pre-owned 2008 Volvo S60 4 years ago. This car has been horrible! Service at the Darcars dealer in Rockville, Md is appalling. Car rides rough, engine lights come on, and other driving issues occur. Service department can never find the problem and says it doesn't do it when they have the car. Yesterday when I dropped off the car, they admitted how horrible the car was; however, got a call that evening saying they couldn't find the problem and how much were we willing to pay to LOOK for the problem! Worst car we ever owned!

golferbob 8/10/13 8:10AM

bought a 1989 volvo 740 for my stepson a couple months ago because i was told it had only 33,000 actual miles for $3000 plus taxes etc. after driving it for a while, my stepson noticed that the odometer was not working, the air conditioning stopped working, and 2 weeks ago it wouldn't start. it has been in the shop for about 2 weeks and needs new distributor. repair costs total 450 dollars so far. rep from dealer says old cars are mileage exempt and is not their problem. i think it is false advertising, possibly odometer fraud. i will contact better business bureau, lawyer etc. unless i hear from corporate rep in very near future.

tom totterdale 7/25/13 5:04PM

3/30/2013 I purchased my Volvo less then 2 months ago and thought I was so happy with my 2010 xc60 that we purchased a used Volvo for my son.

First I purchased on 2010 the coverage which I was told if any scratches or interior nicks came about they would fix it. That being said we looked over the car and only one or 2 minor scratches were slightly seen. We bought the warranty and what was told would keep the interior and exterior like new. I had a 2004 dodge with one scratch and I knew when and where I got it. Within 2 weeks after rain the car had all kinds of scratches and 2 slight ping marks. We called complained and they said bring it in, we did! Once again I looked the car over and it looked like it was fixed, however I was told. IF IT OUT WE FIXED IT BUT IF IT IS TOO DEEP IT WON'T SO I WAS LEFT ASSUMING THAT THEY WERE ABLE TO FIX WHAT THEY SOLD TO US AS MINIMALLY MARKED. 2 weeks have passed and once again the magic of the body shop colored wax has worn off and several obvious marks appear. I hardly take the car out it is parked where nothing can happen to it and I use handicap spot if I do go out.

I AM LIVD about the misrepresentation of this dealership and VOLVO. I do not have money to blow and I was telling everyone what a great buying experience I had but now I am not so sure. How do you lie about a car say it looks a certain way and let the colored wax wear off and say "you bought it, silly you" What kind of operation are you running? At least Toyota lies right to your face.

I was so happy finally owning a Volvo the car itself is so nice, but I will be unhappy every day I drive it. I am paying off something I hate now because I take care of my cars and told them that.

I was assured I would be happy and am not,I am angry and upset.

All I can say is I bought my son who is disabled a vehicle with his disability money and what are they hiding there? I feel used and dirty about the entire thing. This car sells itself, but lies and sales rip offs I thought Volvo because of its reputation was above....Very Very disappoionted.

TinaN 3/30/13 2:31PM

I purchased a certified pre-own Volvo S80 from Bayway Volvo in July of 2012. I drove down from Dallas to pick up the care. When I spoke with the dealer Fred I pointed out some issues with the paint job and a few other things. He assured me that this was covered under my warrenty and that I should contact Volvo to have this repaired. When I called your customer service office they told me to bring this in to the dealership in Dallas. I arrived at Park Place Volvo and they informed me that this was an issue that Bayway should have handled. I must say that they did repair as much as they could but the bigger issue was the paint job and a ding on the inside rear passenger door panel. I was refeerred back to Bayway to have them authorize the repair. I have only had the car 3 months and I have been dealing with the runaround from the sales person at Bayway for over 3 months. This is my first major car purchase and I made the decission to purchase a volvo because of the service, and safety. I am extremely dissatisfied with the service that I am receiving from the Bayway dealership in Houston. Even Park Place is trying to help me but neither of us are getting any response from my sales person in Houston. I hope that the regional person that covers Houston or someone with authority can contact me directly so I can get this resolved. I waited a very long time to buy a car and thought that I was going to be a Volvo Owner for life but if this is how you handle your customers I am not so sure.


Frustrated New Owner

Frustrated Owner 10/19/12 7:40AM

My complaint is w the service dept @ Volvo of Oak Park. I brought my 2007 S80 V8 to have the battery replaced. They originally order the wrong battery. After three trips to the dealership the correct battery was installed.
The problem arrived when I had to call a service man while out of town because my car wouldn't start. The battery cable was stripped. I spoke w Mark, the serv mgr. of Volvo's Oak Park location. He informed me that the battery cables self strip themselves from the battery post and that he would be more than happy to sell me another one.
This is not e first time I've spoken w/ them about replacing parts they forgot to put back on my car.

Anonymous 7/25/12 5:02PM

Over the 60 years that I have been driving cars I have become used to being jerked around by car salesmen and the dealer service staff. BUT I have never experienced the run-around that I am receiving from your people. In January 2012 Ms Debbi Lent acknowledged my problem and assured me that it would be addressed by Volvo in late May 2012. When I did not hear from Volvo I called back to find out what was happening. At that time I was informed that Ms Lent had left the company and the two representatives I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about (I sent them a copy of the email I received from Ms Lent). NOBODY had the courtesy to call me back. I then asked to speak to Mr Bill Casey, who by the way, NEVER called me back either. I guess this shows consistency. I have owned Volvo products for over 40 years ( I have two Volvo cars at this time) and based on this experience I am confident that I will NEVER own a Volvo product again.
If I had been able to check "extremely dissatisfied" this would have been my choice.

Big Stan 7/25/12 3:19PM

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