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WeightWatchers corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the WeightWatchers corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the WeightWatchers corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Weight Watchers International, Inc.
11 Madison Avenue
17th Floor
New York, NY 10010
United States

Phone: 212-589-2700
Fax: 212-589-2601

WeightWatchers Corporate Office Comments

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I joined weight watchers this morning for 3 months the price was $56.85. After I signed up, I was $14.98. I sent an e-mail and explained that I had just joined this morning. I asked if I could add the $14.98 to my debit card and go ahead and sign up for 6 months instead of the 3 that I had initially joined for.
I was told that since I was already a member I couldn't take advantage of the 50% off deal. I tried to explain that I had just joined. I was going to cancel my application but received an e-mail saying that I would only get a little over $7.00 back. I guess I am stuck for 3 months but this will be my last time to join weight watchers.


dissatisfied 2/10/14 10:37AM

Cancelled My Membership Via A Phone Call, They Charged Me The Following Month, Sent A Certified Letter They Charged Me Again, My Attorney Sent Them 2 Certified Letter First One They Accepted, The Second Got Returned As Unaccepted/refused. They Are Theives And All They Want Is Your Money, Go To Meetings And Its A Sales Meeting, Always Trying To Get You To Buy Something


I spoke to Kyle in the Phoenix office about being charged for e-tools 14.99 every month and he said I had not weighed in each month. I am a life time member and weighed in each month and verified this with my local chapter. He said he was not authorized to give me a refund and refused to give me contact information for the corporate office to dispute the charges. They even said it was not right for me to be charged, but said they could not reverse the charges, and basically said "to bad". Very bad business decision, I will not be going back. You would think for such a large company they would do the right thing.

Deby Cummings 11/4/13 3:33PM

Dear Mr. Kirchhoff,

Loved your book and recommended it to several others.

Not so in love with the WW website, which I think is an area of expertise for you and your door into current position.

After not receiving my monthly pass I sent 3 emails requesting it to be mailed, no luck.

I called the 800 number and spoke with a helpful fellow named Oliver in Indianapolis, but he was having difficulties with his computer, so I hung up after 15 minutes.

Since you are the boss, I am hoping that you will help me get a hard copy of my pass and figure out how to fix the website.

Anne Ryan

Anne 6/17/13 12:54PM

Weight Watchers should make it easier for clients to contact someone for questions. It seems that all WW wants is to sign up, send money and figure out what to do for your self, which is what I did and was never contacted to help me several months ago on the IDEA OF POINTS PLUS!!!!!!! I didn't renew the plan, screw me once - your fault - screw me twice my fault.

I need help, but I think this is not the place to receive it. I will be surprised if I am contacted!!!!!

Joelonghorn 6/2/13 3:16PM

First of all, does anyone who counts in the WW Corporate Offices ever really read these comments????

Since the 1080's, I have wished that WW would start chain restaurants all over the world. Restaurants that would offer and serve the same food they put out in cook books, frozen meals, etc. Every entree, dessert, drink, appetizer, side dishes, on the menu would have individual and total points for the meal so that the diner could know exactly how many points they were eating. WW could also try out new recipes on the diners to get feedback.

I love to go out to eat. If there were such a restaurant nearby, I would go there exclusively so I could be waited on and it would be a treat without the guilt. Someone said to me that I should be making my own WW meals at home. This is true. The visit to the WW restaurant would be a much anticipated treat for me to get away from my kitchen.

I would bring my husband and my children there as well so they would see WW as a much healthier eat-out experience than the normal high calorie, high fat foods in the other restaurants.

I know Appleby's and some other restaurants are beginning to offer points on meals. I don't care. I would trust WW over any other restaurant.

Also, the wait staff and kitchen staff and chefs would have to be experts in all aspects of how to prepare EXACTLY the WW recipes and the wait staff would have to be able to easily offer advice on alternatives, ideas, points, etc.

I am certain that you could sell shares in the restaurant end as hard-working people like me would LOVE THEM!!!!

I would not want a "cafeteria" style experience. I want a lovely atmosphere, quiet music, decorated elegantly, etc. Make me feel special.

I dare you to respond to my idea.

Anonymous 3/5/13 10:15AM

I see all the actors that are jumping on the Weight Watchers bandwagon but, i would love to see an average middle class 40 hour a week hard working woman that does not have a gym in her house or the chefs coming in to cook fancy,healthy snacks/foods "like myself" given the same lime light that these actors are getting and see if the program still works. Perhaps, the million of dollars help as well... Just saying - how about giving someone like me(the average person) money to lose weight for all the world to see. I believe i would be more convincing to the program then JUST actors/singers.

Charleston SC 11/23/12 10:41PM

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