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C Spire Wireless corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
C Spire Wireless

Telapex, Inc.
1018 Highland Colony Parkway
Suite 330
Ridgeland, MS 39157
United States

Phone: 601-355-1522

C Spire Wireless Corporate Office Comments

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Cspire sucks ass i have been with them for 2 yrs and when i joined them they said tey would pay my early termination fees with at&t i got called from a collection agency stating i still owed at&t called cspire spoke with angela which is a supervisor she said she was sorry i was told wrong but they do not pay early termination fees. I am very upset with cspire, i pay 250.00 a month to them but when my contract is up i will not be with them anymore...

1pissed off customer 8/21/14 8:37AM

I have been with your company for years. My I Phone4 volume button stopped working. So I upgraded to the I Phone 5s. I was told that I had 4g LTE service in my area. Well they lied to me. And I'm not happy with the situation.

Anonymous 7/29/14 11:40AM

C-Spire Sucks, Sorry, & the workers are unprofessional. On January 27, 2014. I purchase some Beats from the store,and the worker Makayla Hill told me that we can do installment every month for the beats. Just to find out I can't . Now they want me to pay a $285.00 bill, They must be crazy, I personally think she needs to get fired or attend more Training Sessions. I don't think I should have to pay the full amount, if she made the stupid mistake. They when I called to talk to her she hung the phone up in my face. Just plain SORRY & Unprofessional.

Anonymous 3/31/14 3:33PM

My name is Charlie Waggener, recently I got a new phone because my other one quit working. Well I got it and got home and everything was fine. One day later my daughter called me and said she was having trouble watching videos. I called c-spire business and the told me when I got the new phone they changed my contract. Well they did it without my knowledge but no-one will fix it. I need help.

Charlie Waggener

Charlie Waggener (Madison, Ms) 11/13/13 1:39PM

If I don't get my issues resolved by the end of October I will be taking my business elsewhere. I use to have such good cell phone service that I got rid of my house phone. All of a sudden this past summer, I started dropping calls. CSpire said it must be because I live "way out in the country". I live less than 5 miles outside the city limits and have excellent service until I get to within a mile of my house. I also have the wireless internet (hotspot). It constantly drops service as well. So my Halloween treat for CSpire will be to take my 4 phones and internet and find better service.

Anonymous 10/2/13 9:34AM

Hello, my name is Al Cotton in Starkville, ms. 39759. This is something I think you guys would be interested in. Here is my story, please read.....

C spire has BANNED my daughter for LIFE for using to much data. That's right BANNED for LIFE. She just got the s4 about a month ago with unlimited data, txt, music & video. When she changed to this plan, she also got a Netflix account so her 3yr. old child could watch Jake & the never land pirates + whatever, the child set on couch very calmly & watched these on the phone. Saturday came around & she had no data. Monday morning she carried it back & they gave her a new phone. Got home & no data. She had been on phone with c spire all weekend, no one new why no data & once again talking to cs. Now corporate office is open, they tell her that she has been banned for LIFE from any data(no 3g,4g nothing), needless to say we canceled the new 2yr. contract which we where both on right on the edge of being locked in. We have been with cellular south since late 90s, bag phone, brick & up. My wife called cooperate office & talked an executive named (Darell Starling) this man demeaned my wife, acted like she was stupid. She wanted to know how can they BAN HER (our daughter) FOR LIFE on a truly unlimited plan, video & all. This man had the guts to tell her CAUSE WE CAN, He then tried to get us on a shared data plan, but we have the Truly Unlimited Everything that's crazy. We have posted this in the Cs circle & it all responses got deleted. Now can't seem to get in the circle. PEOPLE PLEASE BEWARE OF THESE GORILLA TACTICS BY C SPIRE. I have also been informed by my wife that they treated my daughter as if she was a criminal + txt my daughter the meaning of permanent, as in Permanently Banned.

Anonymous 8/23/13 12:51PM

I've had nothing but trouble with Customer Service. Texting the 611 Customer Service is a joke. If they decide to get back to you it is in hours, and then they'll just give you their name and ask what the problem is when you already texted it. Then after responding you have to wait up to several hours to get another text. This goes on and on and finally you're told, "Oh, we can't help you. You will have to call Customer Service." OK, so why did I just waste hours of my time? This has happened frequently. Never again will I use it.

I've not been able to log in to the website to request new phone under my warranty for weeks. When I click on Username Help it tells me my email address and phone number are not linked to my account. Yet when I try to create a new account I'm told one exists and I can't do it!!!! I called and spoke to lady who texted me temporary password. It didn't work! I call two days later when I get the chance and find the website shut down for maintenance, and the rep has no answers for why my account can't be accessed by me, even though I was using the correct username and password, including their password! This is incompetent and uncaring service! Then the guy has no answer for me when I state I want to know how to contack C-Spire corporate offices. Says I can text 611 or talk to supervisor. What is that going to do?

Also, the employees in the store in Brandon by the Piggly Wiggly are rude and also incompetent. Whenever I bring my phone in for a problem (which it has many!) their only solution is to reset it to factory settings or update (which solves nothing.) One lady even argued with my about iphones saying you never have to use iTunes to update the phone. Apple Store says you do.

And the phone insurance? Never get it. It's worthless and employee at store told me it was worthless. With insurance it costs just as much to get new phone as it does BUYING one! How does that make sense?

After my contract expires I'm getting service elsewhere.

cmenz69 4/13/13 10:22PM

c spire sucks---- I was a customer for over a year with wireless internet service. I had to have a piece replaced for no-working issues. Then the service didn't work proper so I canceled the contract. I have been put on collection status as of 2013 and this was ended in 2008. Am in the process of filing with the Consumer Protection Agency to investigate.

Anonymous 4/12/13 6:27AM

My husband passed away in December 2012. I called CSpire and got a new plan. My monthly bill on the new plan would be under 40 a month. In January it was under 40. The next month it went up to 62.00. I went to the Magee, MS office and was treated like I was a criminal and ordered out of the office. I called the corporate office and was assured that my bill would be lowered and they would review the videos taken at the Magee office. I got my bill this month and it has NOT been lowered at all. Evidently no one in CSpire can keep their word. I'm looking for a different phone company!!

JessicaM 3/12/13 8:00AM

I WAS a customer. Had been for many years. Had multiple problems with my phone not receiving calls or texts. They verified this. They could not find the problem over two years time. I was easy going about the whole thing. Got new phone, warranties, informed them, kept logs,...everything they said. Terminated my contract, they voided the early termination fee but insist I pay for service....service I never received.

angry 1/28/13 9:21AM

Yes im a cspire customer.I owed 236 on my bill and all i could pay was 200.00.Yall shut me off over 36.00.I called cspire to get it back on until i could pay the 36.00.The manager told me no. I have been a customer for 5 years and to cut me off over 36.00.
That is a insult.People do strugle in this world with paying bills some times. AT LEAST I PAYED 200.00 THAT I DIDNT HAVE.That manager Crystal I TALKED TO COULD HAVE HAD A HEART RITE HERE AT CHRISTMAS.SHE WOULD NOT GIVE ME HER LAST NAME.I borrowed the 36.00 to get my service back on.I WILL HAVE ALL 3 OF MY PHONES SHUT OFF WITH YALL AT THE END OF THE CONTRACTS OVER 36.00.PLEASE WRITE BACK WILL LOVE TO HERE A RESPONSE

Anonymous 12/22/12 9:36AM

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