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Corporate Office Address:
Kia Motors
231 Yangjae-Dong
Seoul, 137-938
Korea, Republic Of

Phone: +82 2-3464-1114
Fax: +82 2-3464-6800

Kia Corporate Office Comments

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Purchased a 2011 KIA SOUL brand new. The battery and tires were replaced due to problems before 8 months of owning the KIA SOUL.I am at 94,600 miles (within the 100,000 mile warranty)and having valve problems. You do not get up to 94,000 miles if you DO NOT change oil in your vehicle. My car has been taken care of and pretty much Babied even with the highway miles my job helped with putting on my KIA SOUL. KIA needs a central computer to keep track of consumers information so we don't have to call and wait for replies of service done out of state. I have been without my KIA for almost 4 weeks with NO work done due to waiting for receipts. 100,000 mile warranty, I'm within it, HONOR YOUR BACKING!!! contact your rep and have him call South Hills KIA to Authorize the work so I may continue to boast on how great KIA is; "You can have this, or You can have that!" (just like your 2011 commercial)

Thank You!

Kagle2one 7/7/14 11:58AM

Greetings, I am Oscar H. Padua, Jr. , CS No. : EC-7970 which I purchased last Nov. 16,2011, through the assistance of sales representative Mr. Jomar Planas of KIA Manila Bay, Philippines. After 1 year and 4 months of proper use of the Carens, the running performance of the said unit suddenly deteriorated in such a way that it had no power in running specially in going uphill. The accelerator was not proportionate to the running condition. So I had it checked up in the KIA , Dasmarinas, Cavite branch on March 9,2012. The attending personnel said it was probably due to a fuel line stuck up. The Carens was discharged on the same day, however when I drove it on my way home, I noticed that the problem was still there and there was no improvement on the running condition. So I immediately returned to the Dasmarinas Kia service center to have it checked up again. The attending personnel told me that it was more on a clutch problem and even rudely accused me of being a clutch driver. So I had to leave the Carens again for them to be able to look closer into the problem. As days went by , they discovered that the defect was on a defective part which was the 'FLY WHEEL', they told me that they still had to import the said defective part in Korea so it would take time. And so true , I was able to get back my Carens after 1 month and eleven days on April 20, 2012. It was a good thing , I had another car of another brand which I was able to use. Then, shockingly after 8 months of proper use, the same problem of loss of running power recurred again. This time I brought the Carens to the Manila Bay Service Center last Dec. 11,2012 where it stayed there for 2 days. Then more shockingly again, after 18 days of proper use, on January 1, 2014, while I was on an outing in Batangas with my family, the same old problem recurred. Immediatly , I reported the problem to the manila Bay Service advisor by the name of Cleo on January 2,2013. I informed Sir Cleo that I won't be able to bring in the Carens because my other unit is also under repair during that time, which would be available after 2 weeks.

You can just imagine the inconvenience , waste of time and effort that me and my family has experienced due to the inferiority of the Carens. I am a Doctor and I can not afford to loose a car because of the nature of my profession. Incidences like this may cause loss of human lives. I usually attend to extreme emergencies at any time of the day, so you can imagine what can happen if my unit breaks down in a middle of an emergency.

Because of this I have lossed confidence in Kia. Aside from that, whenever I get behind the wheel of my Carens, I have this extreme fear and phobia and loss of peace of mind while driving, as well as my family.

In the light of this , I would like to request your good office to please help me with my problem. I beg of you to please help me, for the sake of my family and my patients specially during emergencies. I will be patiently awaiting your response. Thank you very much and God Bless.


Oscar H. Padua, Jr.

Anonymous 1/6/14 8:27PM

Dear Kia, writing this letter in urgency have a 2014 Candenza with only 5700 miles with a bubble in tire. Was told by Joe Rizza Kia. Its my resposibility to replace the tire. Would like your response ASAP. Have never experienced this in any of my car purchases.

Anonymous 12/17/13 6:20AM

I had recently purchased a 2013 Kia Soul. (They called me and said that I was approved; I filled an application online.)

The salesman said it would be better to lease. I saw a commercial on the TV. It said that I could purchase the Kia for $99/month with no down payment. If this is true, then why do I have to pay over $250?

Anonymous 12/5/13 4:14PM

HI!I WENT TO COBB KIA in Marietta GA. I had purchase a use car and the sales person told me to put down $2000.00, I told him I did not have all of it at once, so he told me to put down $500.00 and the rest when I get paid. The day I got paid was in the afternoon I call the financial department let them know not to deposit the check until Monday. they did listen to me and deposit on Friday so the check bounce, I had to pay $37.00 for the bounce check. I had called KIA several times and they never return my calls. but! instead they call and made threat that they would put out an warrant for me, because I had stolen $1500.00, and I should bring in the money certify right away. I though they would have put the check back through or even let me know. I am so upset of the way that financial person talked to me. I have to money to give , but! sales people behavior, I will never do nor send any one to this KIA. oh! and the worst part of it! they were suppose the fix the window and something else, but! they refused to see me. they get their commission and that's that

oilagetlove 11/11/13 10:21PM

I'm from Ukraine and I've now KIA SORENTO 2.5 CRDI car, but has plan to change and by new car KIA MOHAVE, but on Ukraine market this model not exist any more. 3.0 diesel engine and 8 AT. Official dealer only inform me about last news, we are waiting nex delivery of this model only on 2015.
Why nobody did not care abour KIA customers.

Valeriy Lysenko 10/29/13 12:06AM

Love my 2013 Kia Soul except for one thing. I hate that all the doors unlock as soon as the car is placed in park. Is there a way to disable this feature? Please let me know and inform your dealer service departments as well. Thanks

sqdancer48 9/24/13 1:53PM

we bought a 2012 soul 18 months ago. we have 42,000 miles on the car. I took it in for service yesterday and asked them to check the rear brakes as the pads were and are tearing up the rotors. they came back and said that the rear brakes are good.. wow, rotors in the rear are scored really bad and they say they are good... Of course it's not a warranty item,, but their book in the glove box says that a warranty is supposed to cover manufactured defects. I told them it didn't take a college education to see that the front rotors are in excellent shape, but the rear pads were eating the rotors up. The pads were damaging the rear rotors the moment we drove it off the lot. But it isn't a warranty item... I will never, never, ever buy another kia car again. I believe in honesty, but this one takes the cake. I believe if I was selling cars and something was messing up something else, I would do all I could to keep the customer happy. I would replace the rotors because the manufactured pads were tearing them up, and replace the pads to keep the new rotors good. It would probably cost kia around 100.00 to fix the problem that their new car caused in the first place, and then guess what ?? customer happy because they stood by their product, and now the customer would come back later and buy another car in the future because the dealer saw it wasn't the customers fault.. But no way,, it's not a warranty item,,,,, so they lose around 10,000,,,,,because they didn't want to fix a 100.00 item..... Listen,,,,,you want some real good advice ????? Don't buy a KIA,,,,,,,,,,,They don't care about you...........This is a simple problem that is clearly their fault.. What problem will you encounter if you buy their car ?? I wish I would have read these before I bought their have that chance.....What goes around,,,comes around.......they will have their day.......feel free to contact me anytime,, or just look for my KIA with the magnets on the side of my car saying something like SHAME ON YOU KIA FOR NOT HONORING YOUR WARRANTY........

Anonymous 8/23/13 11:12PM

My daughter recently bought a car from Central Kia of Irving Texas. This was the most dishonest transaction I have ever seen. The salesman and manager agreed to a price. However, when it came time to do the paper work they told my daughter their computer system would not accept the price so they needed to raise it by over $400 so the system would work properly. My daughter offer to pay the $400 in Exchange for 8 free oil changes over 2 years. The sales manager smugly responded no. After some further haggling my daughter agreed to pay an additional $200. Amazingly their system accepted the new price. They lied! I would strongly advise anyone doing business with the dealership to be careful. They have no integrity it honesty.

Jp 8/22/13 2:31PM

hi i would like to give ALLSTAR KIA in POMONA in calif.a GREAT REVIEW my hat is off to RALPH MCGUIRE service director,EARL SCALISE,parts&service advisor.and to there GREAT thech's DAVID CHOI the owner of allstare.i have a 2011 sportage kia suv.i bought my car at a dealership in the high desert when they could not fix my car allstare took on the task for them these guys know there stuff they come from ole school they are not only knowledgeable but they have wisdom and go that last mile to make sure they stay true to there name of kia when the other dealer would not even honor my warranty and treated me disrespectful i was treated with respect and dignity at ALLSTAR they called every day to make sure i know what they were doing and made sure that they would not give me back my car untill it was right.they have such integrity.when they were done they wash and detail my car and all with a smile if YOU EVER HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ANY KIA CAR and you live in calif. PLEASE bring your car to them I LOVE YOU ALLSTARE KIA you have a customer for as long as i have this car and i am telling all my friend and anyone that has kia or not what they did for me i will always remember these wonderful men and allstar kia your in my prayers........barbara

customerservice scoreboard 4/18/13 3:11PM

i had a very bad exsperiance with valley hi kia with m 2011 kia sportage suv. it started to not start on me in sept.2012 it was a random thin i could go a short distance or a short one get out do whatever foe a short tie or so.come back and the car would not start for 20-45 mint. i took it back to valley kia 5 times and they said they could not duplicate my problem so they give me my car back and never ever tried to duplicate my problem.even though my car was still under warranty and the sales person was vey rude to me and treated me very badly they would not help me i will never take my car back to them again........anonymous

Anonymous 4/18/13 2:06PM

I had been looking for a car for about 2 months. I did all the research. So I went to Team Kia because I felt they would be one of the better ones in this area. Well I guess they seen I women walking in the door and figuered I didnt know what I was doing. I took the car for a test drive and I said to the salesman that when I put the brakes on the car shook like the rotors or brakes were bad. He said he would get them check and I could pick the car up the next day. I should let you know that it is a used car. A 2010. Only three years old. Well I picked up the car and I was driving it home and it did the same thing. I called them about it and was told that the saleman only told them that it was sqeaking and didnt look at anything more. They did come the next day and pick it up to fix it. After I had called them I found 2 othere problems, when they came and picked up the car I had told them about it. One of the problems was my back tail light had water in it. This is the BIG kicker. When I called about when they were bringing my car back and asked about what they did to my back light i was told, get ready for this, that the FILTER needed to be cleaned and that everything was ok now. FILTER in the back light get freakn real. What they did was drill two holes in the bottom of the light. It's amazing how stupid they think women are. I will NEVER buy another car off of this dealership and I will tell everone I know about this dealship and I work next door to a company that employees over 300 people. I will post on Facebook and tell everyone from my bowling league. I guess they thought that just because I am a women and blond that I must be stupid and would just go with what they told me no matter how asinine it was. I am VERY disappointed with this Kia dealership.

Cathy Malzi

Cathy 4/12/13 6:55AM

My wife and I have a 2007 Kia Sedona that is bought and paid for. It is a part of our family.Sadly , the key fobs that we have are not as reliable structure wise. The part that loops around our key rings broke off. It is made to be used in connection with your car keys. But , we are just frustrated that we can just get a replacement part or piece.We were told that we would have to pay 86.00 a piece for the two of them. We don't have that kind of money.I have called the dealership and looked around and can't get any help.The fobs work but without the fob ring one can easily lose them. Please help .

hendogg9 4/12/13 1:09AM

Have a sedona 2009 van had trouble with remote from the time we got it ,we 57000 miles on it and have been working with Kia dealer and California but the will not do the repair.
Mark White the reginal person had the problem hapen to him and said it might be the program but nothing has happen. Jose in California wont do much ither eccept to call that they can gif us a good deal on a new van. HA HA would not buy again.

Hellmuth 3/26/13 1:30PM

I went to Kia of Gastonia to buy a car I was approved and drive off the lot with a Kia sorento. Told them everything about my credit history and the amount I get paid. I then started getting phone calls for the entire week they called me a lier and so called the Kia dealership it took several days to get answers only after I went back and demanded them to give me my money and my trade back. They then locked me in a small office and told me I had to buy the car then labeled me a thief I never in my life been call a thief!!! I said my wife has the other key to the car and will drop off the next day at 6:30 in the morning they said no then I ask can I have the keys to my car they said no leaving me stranded in the office I made a personal phone call and was walking out of the office and into the lot I was followed and was unable to make my call then they would not give me part of my money that I put down in cash I spent 16 hours in that place in a few days I asked to speak to the owner of the store the told me hell no the general manager talked down to me he needs to be reported and fired!!! I will report to the news channel if nothing is done and will tell my family and friends never to buy a Kia ever again

Emanuel 2/26/13 1:52PM

I'm a Sedona owner, My 2012 is my third one. I really enjoy this vehicle. I talked my brother into leasing a 2013 RIO. Itis a nice car. He asked me to go for a ride with him the other day. I opened the passenger side door and went to set down and I fell into the seat! the seat is four inches lower then the drivers side, what the hells with that? KIA should have some kind of a fix for this. Try this and see what I mean. Thanks.

Kenneth 2/8/13 7:37AM

I purchased the Kia rio in 2008 for my daughter and we are sorry for ever dealing with your company. I purchased car in Brooklyn Ny. My daughter actually was hired so she could pay for car. 1st time car trbl dealing with manger at brooklyn he was RUDE oh my goodness. And didn't fix trbl. Daughter lived in Bronx Ny so nxt time took to bx. A diff time trbl to battery two times. 2nd time she had to pay. Ridiculous in 1 year aft purchasing car. My daughters dept after 1year. Rehired 2010 for 6 months. After complaint of continue car trbl again with rude mgr again in svc dept. We went over his head and they harassed my daugh, so unprofessional then they let her go. Now 2012 request for mgr from car svc to call back name al since 1/29/30. Nothing. Iris car svc spk with dec 2012 req call back tv me info that caller on 1/28/13 says wrong. According to the woman I spk with on 1/28/13 everybody I hv spoken to from nov 2012 to Jan 2013 tv me wrong inform. So in other wise they allnlied to me. What! I can't get satisfaction. I am ready to get rid of your car. Professionalism, courtesy, honesty is lost with many of your employees I have had the displeasure of dealing with.

Anonymous 1/30/13 1:09PM

My Kia Sorrento now has 6000 miles on it and showing 17 miles per gallon. I know how to drive and I drive both expressway and city. It is drinking gas! I purchased for the gas mileage and cannot afford a car that only gets 17 miles per gallon..

Marilyn 9/18/12 6:16AM

My name is Susan Byrd and I live in Charlotte, NC. Yesterday afternoon 7/7/2012 I was involved in a rollover accident in my 2006 Kia Sorento. I walked away with only minor bruises and scratches because my car's seat belt held me in place until I was able to release the connector and crawl out of the car. I just want to say thank you for designing such a reliable system to keep drivers safe. I hope to own another Kia because I have loved this one so much. It has always been a very reliable and efficient car. Thank you again Kia for helping me to walk away from an accident that could have been a disaster.

Anonymous 7/8/12 10:38AM

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