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Navy Federal Credit Union Corporate Office

Navy Federal Credit Union corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Navy Federal Credit Union corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Navy Federal Credit Union corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Navy Federal Credit Union
820 Follin Lane
Vienna, VA 22180
United States

Phone: 703-255-8000
Fax: 703-255-8741

Navy Federal Credit Union Corporate Office Comments

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Hello. I am Mark Barnes, retired disabled veteran and a member of Navy Federal Credit Union for over 35 years. I have had several auto loans with NFCU and paid each and every one of them off. I have gone through some very tough times due to a failed business. In turn my credit score has suffered dramatically. I recently bought a car through Carmax and I was very happy because I was turned down everywhere. My credit score is in the mid 500's. The bad thing is, my interest rate is very high and the lender is known for what is called a rule of 72 or something like that . That means that all my payments go to interest and at the end of the term I will still owe the same balance on my car.

I recently went into NFCU to get the car refinanced. I bought the car very well. What I mean is, the car is worth more than I paid for it. So that means there is no risk to lend me the money because the lender would be able to re-sell the car to retrieve what is owed. I am an Auto salesman as well.

I was turned down by NFCU and I was very upset. After 35 years of deposits, paid off loans and faithful membership, all I get in return is "NO! you credit is to bad!" Other banks are willing to finance me but NFCU won't. This is the kind of Thank You! go away we don't need your business anymore, or we don't car that you need help attitude. If the numbers don't work then take a walk! I asked the loan officer to ask for special assistance and to see if they would take this on a case by case basis to help me. When she called, all she did wan accept the rejection by the loan department.

Cutler Dawson
President/CEO - I would like you to personally get this message. I would like you to look at your paycheck and think about where it comes from. Membership! loyal Membership. Where is the loyalty to the member?. Would the 1000's of members that belong to NFCU agree with your practices? When is it not a good risk when there simply are not risk?

I hope that my fellow members that have also fallen on bad times read this and send letters as well. All I can say in closing is BAD FORM! Thank you for making me feel like I am a worthless person and for not taking a risk on me when others will. Shame on you and the rest of the board members !

mcb542 8/14/14 11:38AM

OMG! I agree with all of these comments on this page and more. So here is my horrible scenario with this obtrusive bank. Ok I had an incident were I transferred money from my savings to checking to cover my electric bill and cell phone. I was getting a direct deposit to. So a month goes by I'm thinking all my bills were paid everything is good until I open the mail and guess what! I got a disconnection notice from reliant saying they didn't receive payment. so of course I'm TICKED OFF I go online which is a illusion, because I found out that they don't have a feature to check on any ach or written checks that you have made to see if they cleared or not. The only thing that you can investigate is that you don't see the transaction at all! crazy right!so I call there stupid MORONS and went up to the nearest branch to get an answer to this mismanagement of our money thinking I'm going to get a resolution to the problem. Big red flag nope. both the branch manager and a supervisor on the phone couldn't explain CRAP, then they come to this bogus conclusion that it was the merchants fault and they tried to process the transaction on a later date. All bullCRAP! I got all the exact time dates from the merchants and they came up with another bogus claim well at that time you only had this amount so we refused it. So I go in and try to check it again online and I can't even balance my stuff because there's nothing it was only ... on the money side to balance my check book. So now I see there's altering or ghost gaps so you can't verify what they are telling you. So once again another greedy bank deliberately making you late on payments and making your transactions bounce like crazy so you pay them more fees. I only got back the bounce check fees after I complained on there Integrity problem. So now I pay close attention to our account and they did it again, this time I wrote down the exact amount that was in there when I wrote this check for only $45.00 dollars. They returned it stating at the time I only had 41.00 dollars the same trick they pulled the first time when I called customer service and asked her how did she calculated that amount and she didn't have an answer. Also a big huge red flag they don't tell you or send you any notice when your checking account has a returned checkS or when your ach transactions don't go through. Legally they are suppose to notify you immediately about those transactions not clearing since there's NO feature online or automated to check. So my husband is the military he got tricked into there bogus logo saying they support military families and soldiers yeah they will give you a loan and all that crap but now you just gave them the opportunity and permission to just play with your money. So I'm going to send a wonderful letter to there corporate office with all the late receipts and extra money I had to pay because of there incompetence. so let me warn you guys there are more banks that do these tricks so you can pay them. Let me give you a list: USAA, Harris bank, TCF, ExtraCo bank, First Hawaiian national bank, Bank of America, National city/Pinn and the list goes on so please get a full resume before you bank again with any bank or investor. This is getting ridiculous and it needs to stop.

Tulips 7/27/14 7:03AM

Please explain to me the right you have to make an unauthorized payment from my other personal account, then tell me you will not return my funds until the amount you took is paid back in a week. Not late on any payments, 2 weeks ago when bill was due we had to make a partial payment, a more than 50% partial seriously have some nerve and a report will be filed the FTC immediately.

klmoore 6/10/14 2:04PM

We have been a Navy Federal Credit Union Members and Share Holders for over 20 years. Our experience with this company and credit union has been getting worst and worst every year. They have very RUDE customer service people. This company does not care about their members at all. They only care about one thing is making money and their own employees only. If you have an issue and you let them know on how you feel about the problem, if you don't like what the out come is, or they don't like what you say to them, they will ban you from calling into their call center. Yes they will do that. If you don't like it, too bad. Again these so called people that run this Navy Federal Credit Union are a bunch of morons. I had my credit card stolen, and my check book stolen, these idiots did not want to stop my credit card or checks. They said it was my problem to deal with. We have filed complaints with NFCU and they won't do anything. They won't allow you to get in touch with the president and CEO of NFCU. I think there is no CEO and they have people there that have no clue on what they are doing, because any legit bank or credit union would have direct access to the president and CEO office or assistance. Also any legit bank or credit union would allow their members or customers to call the actual credit union or back branch. Navy Credit Union does not allow their members, customers or share holders to call the branch directly. What do they have to hide? EVERYTHING. I suggest anyone and everyone, think twice before you do any business with this unorganized company. Just google Navy Federal Credit Union Customer Complaints. You will see for yourself on what a courpt company that Navy Federal Credit Union is. I am going to STOP doing business with this unorganized company. Every customer and member that has had an issue with Navy Federal Credit Union, needs to all file complaints with the Better Business Buera, National Credit Union Association and probably a BIG Class Action Lawsuit against Navy Federal Credit Union. Any member, shareholder past or present who has had an issue with Navy Credit Union need to email your complaint at [email protected]

Anonymous 1/4/14 8:57PM

I came to Navy Federal Credit Union because I thought I would get excellent rates on my car loans (in which I did). However, the stipulations that are behind the loans are what is "mind-boggling". Navy Federal will temporarily suspend your bank access and your debit card activity if you are late. I have never encountered this during all of my years of owning multiple vehicles and dealing with multiple institutions. The puzzling part is, what purpose is it serving or what is Navy Federal trying to accomplish by doing this? They have a ten day grace period from the date your auto loan is due. After the ten day grace period and a payment still hasn't been made, they tack on a late fee. Uusual!! However, how can you penalize a person a day after the loan is supposed to be paid by temporarily suspending FULL online banking activity. My personal money doesn't have any merit when it comes to my car loan. Eight days of non-payment, Navy Federal shuts off your debit card. Really? This is impractible behavior. I think this is over kill. I can halfway understand if there isn't a payment made after the ten day period,going the lengths they go but to shut down bank access the day after the payment wasn't made is bizarre. Also, why shut your card off the day after the eighth day? What is the reaon behind that? At least wait until after the day ten to do that. I do not know who came up with this process. Whomever decided to, clearly didn't really think things through. Not all customers are going to be able to pay their loan on the EXACT date. It's inevitable! Customers have other important bills to pay first such as mortgage or rent, debts, etc. So therefore, they may have to wait until the next payday, which is another ten or more days out depending on what day the initial payment was due. This will definitely cause a person to be late. There are already penalities for being late, such as a late fee after the ten days and after thirty days, it goes on to your credit report. Why more punishment! You shut my card off, okay! I have a Navy Federal right up the street from me. I can just go to the bank and get money. To me it really doesn't do anything to shut my card off. To those customers, who have children and are not able to get to a Navy Federal Credit Union, it is a hardship to feed their kids if this was to happen to them. Someone can be on a vacation abroad, at the gas station with their gas tank on empty without any money, at a grocery store buying their children food (in line paying) etc. and they will be stuck. This process just makes it much more of a pain for customers. This is a great way for customers to leave the institution.

Hatchett 11/19/13 7:27AM

I have been with this organization 29 years. Of course when there are no issues everything is fine. The problem is that when something goes wrong NFCU is horrible. The staff is incompetent, managers are no where to be found! It is appalling! You bank here, you bank at your own risk!

Anonymous 10/24/13 12:09PM

due to lack of urgency,and poor customer service nfcu is allowing a disabled vet,his pregnant wife and 2 children to be homeless. the vet didn't receive his payment due to shut down, and even with his steady work history they would help with even a small loan,or a credit for a paycheck a few days away. i hope the board members are proud they really care about us vets.

disabledvet 10/19/13 2:10PM

can anyone in the corporated office help me with this issue on this account information that I need ......if it was closed or never exist pleased send the information ....I been waiting to long already have talked to many people on phone and on the banks branch, I also requested on corporated office last thursday they said they would send me a letter now how long is it going to take to have this information...pleased help

lorrainelsr 10/2/13 8:34PM

my question was to the banks that i visit about a account, if it was closed and wen was it open .....I have asked 20 people by phone to pleased send me the information by mail or e-mail I have not gotten a answer so I wen to the bank on brookhurst i oranhge county talk to the manager which he stated that they will send me a letter about the account never got it after he said it only will take 2-3 days as I express need the letter for my worker so I can get medical never got the letter so I wen to another navy bank on moreno valley spoke to bianca and the supervisor and manager after 2 days they said I need to requested to the corporated affice after I told them need the information as soon as possible nothing my medical might get denied cause of this letter that I need that can give me the information wen wasit open and wen was closed the I have asked this information to be send to me about a month ago now I spoke to hillary and kim they said the same thing account does not exist or has been closed but not a single letter of information that i requested to give it to my worker has been send....what happen I am still waiting if my medical be denied will be based on not getting the information that was requested again why the bank can give this information to me

lorrainelsr 10/2/13 8:27PM

I am a business owner and I have a personal account. In the business account it appears that checks are held until the account is too low and then I am charged a return check fee. For example, I have spoken to a vendor on several occasions whereas they too believe this is what is happening at Navy Federal. They sent a check back on Monday and as of today Friday the check has not posted. Right now there is money in the account to cover the check, but I am quit sure that Navy Federal will wait until the account is somewhat low and charge my account a return check fee. It is sad that they work like this....I have been a member for over 2 years. It is time for a change. Also, I have a direct deposit for my personal account that is deposited one day and I am not able to touch my money until the next day.....

What Is Really Up? 9/20/13 1:50PM

I recently joined Navy Fed and decided to make them my one stop financial center. Everything and everyone is great except for one area, trying to bring my home mortgage over to Navy Fed.
I would like to discuss my concerns with someone from the Corporate Office.

KF 9/18/13 2:14AM

I did not get the warm and fuzzy....I was declined a loan because someone got lazy. I was told that I lived in a high crime zipe code (red lining) and was give a letter saying due to extenuating factors exhist regarding your navy federal account (please note that they just gave me a unsecured line of credit for $10,000.00. ) I want to refinance my car. They then told me to bring in my bank statement and my paycheck stubs. I just had surgery and had to be driven there. The statements were the same as the one sent to "operator1" email address.The manager (charles Moon)did not ask any questions and then placed in the file that the documents were fraud....I am an honest person and feel that I was discriminated due to my income (not believing me) and red lining of my zip code...In addition they ran my credit each time for every product that I wanted (dropping my credit score)....I have a bad taste in my mouth and world not recommend this institution....I am stuck with 3 inq on my credit report for the next 2 years because someone was lazy and black balled my file. PS my daughter worked for Navy Federal and I was a former Bank Manager with my 6 and 63, with 25 years..I was looking for a small bank and got the big bank treatment!!!!!

So not Happy 9/4/13 7:06AM

Ive been in credit unions for 50 years and our move to Panama City and to the Navy FCU was made great, fast and without any problems, buy the wonderful Asst Mgr. She Knows everything and helped others do the right thing. Happpiest I have been in life with a credit union.

bc 8/23/13 11:55AM

This bank is very ill mannerd to things that members have issues with my concern is that if I have things pending that I did not authorize I should be able to dispute I should not have to wait 3-4 days for it to clear the reps are rude you s/w sup oon floor and they state you can not speak to a person higher then them if you have my money I should be able to s/w who I want to instead of always visiting the over crowded facilities they have this is a bunch of B/S THAT NAVY IS FEEDING PEOPLEIS SISTUATIONS LIKE THIS .

JERKS 8/13/13 10:41AM

I do not like the policy that holds my money an extra day. A direct deposit is just that, why does Navy Federal choose to use my money an extra day?

Same on you.

Anonymous 2/12/13 10:01AM

I've been a member for 18 + yrs. No serious issues with the Credit Union until now. The new ATMs are not built for safety with this one at a time check inserting process. My hours do not allow me to walk into a branch. So I tried the app... Way to many restrictions, that doesn't even work for me. Just want to be a deposit all at once . So irritated.....

Anonymous 10/8/12 10:46PM

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