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Pioneer Corporate Office

Pioneer corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Pioneer Corporation
2265 E. 220th Street
Long Beach, CA 90810
United States

Phone: 310-952-2000
Fax: 310-952-2199

Pioneer Corporate Office Comments

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When I reached the long beach office i was told that i will not be able to speak to anyone in their office regarding marketing and public relations matters. I asked for a supervisor who would be able to help me only to have the Pioneer representative hang up the phone on me.

Anonymous 8/21/14 2:25PM

The worst customer support i know of... my reciever had problems since day one and they did not even act like they could help.. i sell receivers daily and i promise my whole store will not sell their products. Hundreds of customers will not buy now, that i promise!!

mv82 5/12/14 9:50AM

I purchased a tablet from pioneer and it quit working after 20 days and call cutomer service and they told me they could not help me so they gave me a number to call and it rings and give me a message that some one will v=call me before the end of the day still waiting walmart refuse to help me also and they are the only company thar sell the tablet

jjay 5/1/14 3:18PM

I can't believe that i was talked into purchasing a pioneer stereo unit for my truck . I had the unit for 1 year and 5 weeks and its not working . I called customer service and after 2 hours was told that there is nothing they could do.I spent over 7 hundred and can't afford to purchase a new one. Very very very disappointed.

Sony 4/8/14 3:30PM

I bought a New Chevy Cruz with the premium stereo system in June 2012, since then I have taken it back to the dealer four time for blown speakers I call the support and they said it was the amp in the car, the speakers are not the problem. Yea right! I found a Chevy cruse form with people with the same issues. Are you aware of your defective product, or do you chose to ignore it. Disappointed in pioneer speakers!

Mr. Disappointed 10/17/13 9:58AM

I bought a DEH-5500HD. The DIMMER does not work. I had to go several from dealer, online help to phoning help, to get a answer The problem is, it is not wired. You do not tell customers that this option is not available. This shows how much YOU CARE about consumers. Their should be in the owners manual or somewhere else, that this option is not available at this time. The engineers seem to not care about all the functions working before releasing new products

Doug 8/15/13 9:37PM

I couldn't agree more with the above comment. Not only does your Customer Support absolutely suck (from my dealings with them) but your DJay support system absolutely blows!

After searching Google and seeing all the frustrated users outside of your DJ line of products, I will make an oath to myself and my friends/family to never recommend or purchase anything from your company until your company files for bankruptcy and all the senior executives are fired and you are forced to rethink and restructure your absent minded business model. You might have gotten my money over the years but no more!

PioneerCanBlowMe 6/7/13 8:23AM

To put it in a couple of words, your support team's attitude really sucks. They are condescending and rude.They are not very helpful. One gets the feeling they are being kept from doing something more important. I am bringing the products back to Bestbuy and buying a competitive brand. One that is not just interested in making a onetime sale, but is interested in return business. To reiterate, your support team's atitude sucks.

lc65tr4 3/15/13 12:36PM

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