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Taco Bell corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Taco Bell

Yum! Brands, Inc.
17901 Von Karman Avenue Irvine
Irvine, CA 92614
United States

Phone: 949-863-4500

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Hello, I am accessing the internet through a new taco bell wifi hot spot at Norwalk/Wardlow, Long Beach, CA. is BLOCKED! So are other sites like I can't believe it!!! Could you free up the restrictions? It's ridiculous.

I used to have coffee and a breakfast snack at Starbucks every morning, but opted for Taco Bell because the people who work there are phenomenally nice!! But I can walk down the street in either direction to a Starbucks and acess whatever I please online.

This is bad business for the Bell. I doubt that this free wifi will increase business and that is most probably the end goal.

I'd rather have freedom of choice and engage in the pursuit of my personal happiness instead of being stifled in such a trite manner. The cost is comparatively the same and the extra walking is enjoyable.

Please free the internet for your customers!
Thank you for your time....

Anonymous 8/16/14 9:32AM

I work at taco bell,we receive paper checks. My bank charges me 12 dollars a month because taco bell doesn't offer direct deposit. I was curious if that is something they could look into doing.

Rachel 7/31/14 11:46AM

The manager on ballager rd needs to go she roud and recommended me to Mcdonald because she got my order rong she literally said shell refund my money and I can go to Mcdonalds to eat mcmuffins which I have no problem with now because ill never shop with taco bell again till shes fired her attitude sucks!!!

Anonymous 7/19/14 4:24AM

Don't be mad at the employee"s ,their is way to many products to remember.They didnt set up the menu items. I mean taco bell has over 18 different typrd of tscos ,16 different burritos,4 types of Taco salads,their is so much to remember, I mean come on taco bell.It should be quality over quanity.Some taco bells treat their employees really badly and the place id disgusting,and they do not train their new employees at all. I just started working their and I dont think I want to be subjected to this kind of management.Not to mention I was let oit of work at 2:00 in the morning and I was stranded at work b/c my battery died and I had to sleep in the parking lot,not onr prrson askef me if zi needed help,not until 7:00 in the morning.Then they asked if I wanted to come in, not a good place to work. I do not think I want to go back.

Shelly 5/5/14 1:33PM

On March 18 we went to the taco bell at 1717 south pueblo blvd in Pueblo,Co. We went for the nuggets special which is buy a large drink and get 4 tacos for $1.00 from 4-6pm. However the drink machine was not working? The manager said we still had to pay for the drinks in order to get the tacos? Why should I pay for something I'm not going to get? The manager should have said due to the drink machine not working they couldn't offer the special at that time? Or they could have made an exception for that time period of two hours, and let us have the tacos at 4 for a $1.00. They expected me to pay for the drinks and not get them, so we went across the street to Carls Jr. I'll think twice before I go back to taco bell.

corvette man 3/20/14 4:19PM

The Taco Bell in Paw Paw Michigan has many rude employees who like to argue with you when you point out mistakes in your order. They mess up orders on at least every other visit. The managers are usually texting on their phones and never even paying attention to what is going on. It is very disappointing.

Msfriend 1/7/14 12:55PM

Went To Toco Bell In Ozark Al, Love The Toco Salad But The Last Time I Was Thier The Food Was Bad Couldn't Eat It.. This Weekend Decided To Try Again And Boy Was I Thier One The Right Day The Cook Was Great And The Cashier Was Just As Good, The Food Was Out Standing For Those That Have Had A Bad Day At Toco Bell Give Them A Try Again And Let People Know When The Food Is Good,not Just When It Is Bad. My Cook Charlene B And The Cashier Teyana Need A Medal The Both Are Great.. Thanks Girl's Good Job

bill 11/4/13 11:08AM

I and my husband went to Taco Bell ordered the 12 count crunchy tacos from the drive thru off fairview in Boise Idaho!
We got home and settled ready to eat our tacos for dinner I had eaten 1 1/2 tacos same as my husband and something tasted bad, we lost our appitite and put the rest in the refrigerator! We had upset stomachs the the rest of the night and today 10/13/13! Finally tried to eat something around noon that was light but still have real upset stomach!
I think it is a touch of food poisioning! Tossed out the rest of the Tacos! Wont eat their again! would like a refund sent to us! 13.99 plus tax dont sent coupons!!!!

Gram 10/13/13 12:45PM

Taco bell is my favorite fast food i would really love to see a nacho dish made with doritos that would be awesome

metalburner 10/5/13 10:19AM

Taco Bell in mattoon Illinois 61938 .I am 57 years old but I am not dumb . I was served by a young man that was high on drugs he couldn't even hold his head up when he was talking to me . And then when he handed me my food he did so with his eyes closed.i felt very offended and will never spend my hard earned money there again . I turned to go back and c if I could speak to a manager about how I was treated and what I had observed because I happened to get the young mans name ( his name was Rick S.) That's when I decided to go ahead and come home and call corporate because I feel someone that is that intoxicated should have either been sent home already or something should have been done by the manager and was not.This is supose 2 b a family restaurant for gods sakes and I would feel alot better if this young man was drug tested b4 he was allowed to return to work!

Concerned about his safety 9/21/13 11:58AM

I would love to know what happened to taco bell food. Every time I order from a taco bell in my vicinity I have to ask for it to be fixed. The chalupas are always hard and cold, the nachos taste like cinnamon, the beans are hard, and forget asking for something made special. Tonight I ordered a bean burrito with extra onion and red sauce. My burrito had more onions than bean and a tsp of red sauce. I literally laughed and asked who in the world is working in these stores. This is honestly ridiculous. Great way to create a negative effect for your future. The worst was the hard shell taco with a drop of meat, plenty of lettuce, and no cheese. Can you say food cost issue? Won't matter when your customer count becomes non-existant. Time to focus on what's important if you don't mind.

LINDSEY in Acworth GA 8/23/13 8:31PM

my name is cathy let me start out saying me and my family eat at taco bell twice a week sometimes three times great food and we love goin there but on 7-27-13 me and my daughter went to taco bell thru the drive thru I was asking an employee questions about a product that was not listed on the menu or at least I didn't see it anyway I was askin about the variety boxes what comes in each one and I think she was getting frustrated I wasn't tryin to be complicated but any way after the 2nd question I ask she paused and then I heard her say idiot softly so I ask did u just call me an idiot she said no that she was calling herself that I got offended so I did not order anything and I left so I call the manager to tell what had happen and he said the girl at the drive thru has torets which may or may not be true but with someone with that kind of disability usually yells out words like that but she said it softly and it just so happen to be the word idiot not any other word it was like I didn't no what I wanted to order so it sounds like he was just tryin to cover it up for her I dnt think she meant for me to hear that but I did like I said she didn't yell it like someone with tourets would and if by chance she does have tourets she should not be working the drive thru she needs to be working where people could see her and realize she has tourets cause if this happen to me it can surely happen to someone else u could lose customers like u did with me but like I said I really believe she called me an idiot the timing was right on key down to the word idiot so im very disappointed with the employees there the address if u would talk with them so im not sure if me and my family will be going back again.

cathy 7/28/13 9:34PM

I am a long time Taco Bell Customer (24yrs) and my wife and I eat Taco Bell At least twice a week. I don't have a resturant complaint, I have a compliment about my favorite Taco Bell ( Martha Layne Collins Blvd, Cold Springs Ky.) and the General Manager (Nick Tharp)and his crew. The reason I'm writing is I have a MAJOR complaint about the Taco Bell Corporation. The Corporation apparently don't recognize HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. Mr. Tharp took over this Taco Bell location several years ago, and it wasn't much to talk about,unclean, very poor service and accuracy and long wait times, and with his hard work and professionalism in management and finding excellent crew members has turned this resturant into a clean, efficent well oiled machine, as well as a Training store. However Corporate has bypassed him the last 2yrs. to become a Regional Manager. Now Mr. Tharp is leaving for another job elsewhere. You have made a MAJOR ERROR in your not recognizing what you have in this man and his crew. I suggest that you look into this matter and reconsider your decision as time is very very short. I just can't believe that you would rather see him go somewhere else and let him get away from you, as people like him and his crew should be awarded not overlooked. I can only say that this store will go back in the toilet where it once was, and WE WILL NO LONGER BE A TACO BELL CUSTOMER not just at this store but ANYWHERE and I'm sure that we won't be the only ones as he has many regulars that will be VERY UPSET when they find out he's leaving.In 24yrs we've eaten at Taco Bell stores in 3 states and NONE compare to this store. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beanman 6/18/13 9:58PM

Not only is it a pain in the rear to find this sight it wont send pics. I actually took pics of the piddly tacos I received. Store 024597. 5704 NW Expressway in Oklahoma. My husband & I go there almost every night after work. Every time we go something isnt right. We usually order 6 tacos & 2 sides of salsa, sometimes a couple bean burritos. On June 4, 2013 we received half tacos. Meaning one side of the tacos had little meat, 2 of them had no lettuce, all of them had 3-4 sprinkles of cheese. They were wrapped with the paper inside the taco so when I opened it what little inside came flying out. The salsas were half full. I paid for 3 oz. Only got 1. We ordered 6 items this night and got 2 napkins. I have complained on one other occassion. I called the store & someone on the other end picked the phone up then quickly hung up. If I had gotten through to a manger I would not have got on this sight to fuss. Will not be going back to that store and will be posting my pics to my Facebook page for all my friends &family to see.

Carla Ann 6/5/13 12:11AM

Let me start by saying if you truly cared about the quality of service you should have a link for customer feedback on the taco bell website. I had to google complaint corm to get to this page. Your taco bell locateded at 8520 Warmsprings Rd. Las Vegas, Nv. 89148 is completely falling apart. Service and accuracy on orders have hit an all time low. Here is the other amazing part to the puzzle. How in the world can you have a business and never answer the phone. You call there and just rings forever???? If one of your employees was needed for a family emergency how could they get through? Whom ever is responsible for that Taco Bell is doing a poor job and for corporate to allow a place of business to never answer their phone is unreal. If you know or dont know about these areas of concern EITHER WAY ITS YOUR FAULT. You would jeopardise an possible emergency situation for any one of your employees because you cant figure out how to get someone to be responsible to answer a phone. Your website doesnt allow you to contact corpoate and your branch in Las Vegas doesnt answer the phone, and I mean NEVER!

Anonymous 5/16/13 9:36PM

Yes I did not injoy myself at taco bell in Cabot Ar, yesterday at 8 pm. The Manager was being completely rude to the employees and I don't think that's right.

anonymous 4/4/13 3:20PM

We have tried several ties to patronize the Taco Bell on Geyer Springs Road in Little Rock, AR. They always mess up our order. We have called and complained several times, with no results. Tonight, we were in line with one car ahead of us. They asked us to repeat the order 4-5 times and then asked us to pull up in front and wait for our food. After a long wait, we finally got it and counted the items and thought it was correct. When we got home, we found that the steak burrito did not have one piece of meat in it! Not one! What a rip-off! Completely dissatified and will not be back!

[email protected] 2/2/13 5:16PM

my husband and I go to the taco bell often in Pontoon Beach Ill. The staff is always courteous and helpful. thanks for such a good store!!!

Anonymous 11/16/12 3:07PM

OK, i actually used to work at taco bell in west lafayette IN, thank god i don't now. I go there till this day once a week or more. i know how they or i was supposed to treat customers... i go and order the same food every time i visit. it used to be so good, hot and fresh. on the days for months now or longer, i have been served COLD food inside a FREEZING tortilla. i never used to call and complain or ask for money back or even a replacement order... but within the last few weeks i have. i don't wanna be a nag, but every time i go there now im served the same nasty cold food and Ive started asking for a replacement order. this has only been twice now. i got told she has replaced this order a few weeks ago and she didn't want to replace it, and she remembers making it. well i stated that that was a few weeks ago and i bought nasty food since then and have received a new receipt. i got the same answer. her name was Clair. And was also asked what the managers name that i talked to about the replacement order and i said i don't know it was over a week ago. VERY RUDE...DISRESPECTFUL, AND CHEAP...I WANT MONEY BACK ON ALL THE TIMES I BEEN THERE AND SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN REPLACEMENT ORDERS AND MONEY BACK...(EVERY TIME I WENT)....I'D HAVE MONEY TO GO TO SUBWAY INSTEAD. I WANT MY MONEY BACK STILL.. LIKE $500

jessicah1 11/10/12 6:11PM

I think a Taco Bell will be a great addition. We have been hoping one would go up around here for years. The area should really benefit from it and we can finally have a booming business instead of a dormant closed down gas station that made the neighborhood look run down on that corner. Welcome Taco Bell. You will have many patrons....

Techgrl 10/19/12 7:09AM

I love taco bell. Honestly the customer service the food and its a wonderful experience to have a decent place to go and hang with friends but the way that the managers treat the employees is ridiculous. Maybe not all of them but the new Taco bell location on Clear creek rd. In Killeen, TX specifically. I have a friend that works there and she informed me that the manager Karen issued her a write up for not coming in on her off day to work a 16 hr shift on a very short notice. Maybe its just me but that does not sound reasonable. I would like to negotiate the matter on my friends behalf before it is taken completely out of hand.

E 10/14/12 3:04PM

They are building a new Taco Bell on Holland Rd. & Plaza Trail in Va. Beach Va. My neighbors and I are concerned as our townhouses back up to where this is being built. There is a hill there that would be a nice buffer, but they are planning to take that down and make it a large parking lot with lots of dumpsters. This will devalue our neighborhood (if they don't plant some trees as a buffer} and will draw rats which are already there from the Domino's next store. Please help us keep our neighborhood .

Anonymous 10/2/12 8:44AM

It took me over 20 minutes to get 4 taco's and a cheese roll up at Taco Bell in Portage, IN. tonight. The place was so messed up that orders were going out wrong. They tried to give me 3 orders that weren't mine. We should have walked out when we saw 4 people waiting for their orders. Finally after 20 minutes and us being the only people left, they asked us for our receipt to find our order. We finally got to eat but they shorted us a taco so we took it back up and it was corrected. They were nice enough to refund our money and give us cinnamon twist for free but that place is totally messed up. We will not be back or recommend it to anyone. You need to get an adult manager that knows what they are doing.

Anonymous 9/14/12 5:55PM

One of your stores in Philadelphia Pennsylvania @499 Franklin mills the most courtesies taco bells I've have ever been to.Those workers there are so friendly and thats why I keep going can br early in the day I've visited the store or late @ nite ...I've have never been to a fast food restaurant like this one that everyone is sooooo plight. I love going there because I know I will be treated with respect from your employee's....My hats off to those great workers ......

lisavh3 9/8/12 8:52PM

I'm writing in concern with the free IPAD promotion through taco bell. The sweepstakes require that you complete a survey with your receipt info and you're then entered to win a IPAD. I have entered three times so far and each time I get this message as soon as I send the entry form

"Thank you for your feedback!
Unfortunately, you are not a finalist for this week's sweepstakes drawing.
For a complete list of Winners and Official Rules, please click on the links provided on this page.

Your opinion matters, so please try again in two weeks!
Click here to sign up and receive Taco Bell® news, offers and information".
Am I the only one to get this or is this some kind of false advertising to attempt to get people to complete the online surveys?

concerned customer 8/18/12 7:09PM

The taco bell at 215 E lake st in Minneapolis Minnesota is great !

Jacob 8/9/12 9:31PM

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