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AVG corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the AVG corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the AVG corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
AVG Technologies
1 Executive Drive
3rd Floor
Chelmsford, MA 01824
United States

Phone: 978-319-4460

AVG Corporate Office Comments

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My AVG PC Tune Up program would not completely download a required up date.
I sent a email and was requested in the email to scan my computer and it was sent to them and there has been no reply
to date.
I tried to reach so called Support by Phone and both numbers
I called, told me they are no longer in service.
It could seem to me that there is no meaningful support at
all.I have more to do in a day than to search their Database.
I will not be renewing anything form AVG.
There support is none existent at any level.

Anonymous 5/29/14 11:39PM

I would have to agree with many of the comments about AVG. I contacted corporate customer no service about the rebate issue, and the lady hung up on me while I was trying to explain myself. I will buy another product to replace AVG.

Anonymous 2/24/14 11:51AM

Can't understand the tech--and they when I said I would like to cancel (since they had not been able to install it) I get the run around. Just try calling the office to get a refund!! Will never use they again--and I had it for two years and was just trying to "renew".

Anonymous 2/17/14 6:12PM

avg is no good it makes your computer crash also they bill your credit card without approval then u have to wait 2 weeks to get your money back I will not buy this product again

teyman 2/10/14 5:15PM

Beware! Takes your money... doesn't download and can't get any support...

Anonymous 2/7/14 9:16AM

Because of the business I own I have done a lot of research
about AVG. In my professional opinion AVG is a scam. AVG has
a history of changing default settings that change the search
engine and the ISP of those who have AVG without their prior
authorization. When their customers call their tech support
the tech support representatives attempt to sell the customers
products which supposedly solve the problem even though the
"new" product will not solve the problem. I recommend to my
clients that if they don't have AVG not to download AVG to their computer. With clients of mine who have come to me
because they are having problems with AVG I remove AVG from
their computer by using System Restore in Safe Mode and removing files which are imbedded in the registry. Removing
files in the registry can be done by going into Regedit. STAY
AWAY from AVG.

Hate AVG 12/11/13 10:23PM

I purchased the 2014 AVG produce. The system then asked me to run a system scan. When I did your program took all the existing programs off my laptop. I called the assistance line and was told they could take care of my problem for an additional $150.00. All I wanted was for them to put my laptop back where is was before attempting the scan. They wouldn't do it. I took my laptop to Office Max where I had to put new programs on my laptop for additional charges. YOUR PROGRAM DELETED ALL OF MY PROGRAMS. I want my money back for the AVG protection and an the money it cost me to buy the Windows program.

missy 12/4/13 4:20PM

AVG is an absolute joke! I had a problem with them billing me for something I did not order and it was an hour deal getting it fixed. Talking to folks in India is nice, but when you need to understand the conversation it is very annoying to say the least. I will NEVER deal with them again and I will tell everyone I know not to. It is a true scam when you have to search for a phone # forever and then when you find the right one you can't even understand what the person is telling you.

Joy 11/20/13 12:36PM

I got AVG + the tune-up two years ago every thing was fine until I went from 2013 to 2014. My comp. started slowing down, now I'm getting stoping,and stutters when I use my comp. phone (phone no longer works). Called TEC. suport, got Manila and was told to down load a maint. tool and send info. to them. The tool was not explainable in useing it (took serveral try's) and tech. support keeps saying they did not get the info. They keep telling me to send again. What happen to avg? Did they sell to a comp. in the Pilippines. MY COMP. IS NOT WORKING I CAN NOT RECOMEND THEM AT THIS TIME.

VERRY SAD 11/11/13 5:38PM

I never really thought of AVG being a scam or a virus until I had problems with my computer & went to an AVG tech support (In India!). I thought I was dealing with AVG so I paid the 200.00 to fix my computer & get 5 years of AVG Protection. They fixed my computer to work again & a few days later it started acting up again I called the tech # they gave me & nobody answered!!! A pop-up came up on my computer to clean your computer for top performance for a trial period & I downloaded it, All of a sudden I could barely use my computer, couldn't get online, very slow, worse than dial-up & I got a pop-up every time I tried to get online "Trial period ended" Optimize your computer now for $39.99...THEN IT GOT WORSE, I could barely do anything so I bought the PC cleaner, They took the money, but could not download the product, so now I'm not so sure about AVG & after reading all these comments I'm a little worried about the repercussions they could implement on my computer for this reply! Since they obviously have some sort of access to my computer! I can't imagine what may come next!! I really can't say I will be dealing with them again anytime soon, unfortunetly (sp) I can't afford to switch & have already paid them so I have to stick it out until it expires...

anonomys 10/11/13 2:32PM

you people are not honest....Being ripped ,off is something I WILL put on my facebook for all to see...since you don't choose to do right by people,

Anonymous 10/11/13 12:12PM

AVG Technologies AU
AVG downloaded software which took over my internet and changed my home page and who knows what else. It took me several hours to resolve the issue by deleting unauthorized programs and features. AVG service people would not fix the issue, but tried to sell me software to repair the damage created by their intrusion. In the process, I wrote down all the related companies and ads. I will be directing my displeasure to all the company's officers and board of directors. I have demanded an apology and compensation for the damages, with no reply from AVG.

adps1949 10/11/13 7:52AM

I downloaded the free 30 day trial. I got an email from AVG saying congrats and my trial period ends xxx. That was all good, but then on my credit card there was a $96.96 charge from someone named Software pros. this company is fraudulent and does not provide anything. you can not reach a person and they will not refund. As for AVG, well when ever I have tried to reach them, I get a call back from someone claiming to be AVG support. As far as I can tell, they are not AVG support and they are just trying to get into your computer - they will tell you to enter in your browser and they want money. When you tell them no thanks, they curse at you and hang up, then call you back pretending again to be a support co for AVG. when you ask the co name, you get lots of diff things. One was Tech sys today, a false name Im thinking since it does not exist. If AVG is in the business of warding off viruses and other computer attacks, they first need to clean up thier act. Why would anyone want a virus protection form a co who cant get away from scammers and allows their customers to be ripped off and harrassed? or maybe they are themselves a scam. We wont ever know cause AVG doesnt respond. Do you AVG?

Inspector12 8/27/13 12:07PM

AVG securesearch is now using invisible add-ons to prevent your removing it from your search engines. AVG is a virus.

HDCandela 7/5/13 7:18AM

AVG IS A VIRUS!!!! It is as bad as Macafee's pop up windows. It hijacks my search engines. I did not want it on my computer. Yahoo and AVG conspired to put it on my computer, and make it nearly impossible for someone like me to remove. The company should be investigated and prosecuted by the FBI.

HDCandela 7/1/13 7:18AM

On June 6, 2013, I noticed my PC was running slow. I opened my recently updated AVG PC Tune-up, ran it and nothing happened. I called AVG support and my contact ran a brief test. Shortly after, he informed me I had malware issues, and a Trojan virus, and there were many other problems that he could fix for $499.99. The red flag was I had been using AVG Internet Security and if a Trojan virus had snuck through, what good was this software? I told him to call me back in four hours.
I contacted a highly rated tech firm and got the job done for a little more than $100. They found no malware and no Trojan.

When the AVG support member called me back, I told him I had decided on another firm and everything was fixed; he blew up at me. I told him that one of the problems was the AVG PC Tune-Up software; he blew up again. I asked if I could have my money back and he got even angrier. I let him have his tirade for a few seconds, then told him to never call again. The next day he called again as if nothing had happened. I concluded the call reminding him for the last time not to call again, then I blocked his number. I took pictures of his movements and asked a professionals opinion; there was no question the support guy was setting me up. Of course, I am proceeding to the necessary agencies with this information. Beware!

ESC 6/19/13 3:55PM

(1) I went to AVG sight to download free AVG/2013. (2)The web sight looked like,so i thought it was safe to download free AVG/2013. (3)The next thing i knew msn and bing took over control of my computer. (4)I contacted AVG to remove msn and bing from my computer,the site said nothing about msn or bing only AVG/2013 free download. (5)I contacted AVG i told tech to remove msn and bing from my computer,rogers and were my servers not msn or bing. (6)I told the tech i had to go to a funeral,i gave her permission to remove msn and bing and reinstall rogers and (7)When i came home from the funeral,she had deleted rogers and and left msn and bing as my server (check the text you will see that i am telling the truth) (8)Contacted AVG again to resolve problem. (9)First tech could not solve problem,4 to 5 techs were involed. (10)Each time a tech tried to solve problem they made it worse. (11)One tech came on line,he said i cut him of ,i did not cut him of, i wrote in the box asking what he wanted me to do. (12)Tech removed msn and bing and reinstalled rogers and (13)I thought the problem was fixed until i tried going to google it was gone. (14)Called AVG again to have google reinstalled. (15)This (FIASCO) started at about 9am and ended at about 7pm (16)When i texted techs to tell them about problems they said they did not know what i was talking about. They forced me to call in many times.I repeated word for word what was on the text,then they knew what i was talking about. (17)The text was clear and to the point, what was needed to be done. (18)Fix the problem with your techs teach them how to read and to comprehend the text.They do what they want not what they are asked to do. (19)This problem should have been solved with one text, not the whole darn day. MURRAY HAIST P.S. I hope you fix this problem

Anonymous 4/20/13 6:35AM

AVG support used to be great. What happened. All you get now is the run around. That should fix it call back if you have the same trouble. Hoe many times must I call back to get another case number and the same B/S. If this is how they are going to treat there customers I will go some place else for my computer protection.

wolfen162 4/16/13 2:27PM

This has to be the worst Company I have ever had to deal with. about 3 months ago I received a msg. from AVG saying I could have a free upgrade to my AVG. Order # 35-115558 , which I did. Afterwards, all sorts of things started happining to my computer. So I contacted avg tech. support. to make a long story short,he said i had someone hack into my computer and I need to pay $200.00 for tech. support and they would fix my computer. I did that and I have not been able to use my computer hardly since. I don't understand half what they are saying. I am at a loss and there is no one to talk to.They said today my computer is fixed just turn it on. it wont come on. HELP !!!!!!!!

Anonymous 2/26/13 2:33PM

AVG Technical Support is horrible. I have had Bsecure product for 12 years and have never had a problem with support. Now that AVG owns them, it is the most frustrating experience ever. They keep escalating the problem and telling me that the Bsecure department will email me within 24 - 48 hours. It has never happened. They cannot call anyone. It is all by email. This is very sad, because the Bsecure product is wonderful. The technical support would prevent me from referring this product to anyone.

Anonymous 2/25/13 7:23AM

This firm is terrible, I would not suggest to anyone. I purchased a product and keep getting a message saying my trial will expire the next day. You call technical support and wait on the line for almost an hour. I called the no listed as the corporate office no disconnected. Called another no and got some guy who told me well you have to wait your turn and if there are people ahead of you you just have to wait. This firm is a joke and I will look else where. This was an terrible experience and I hope no one else has to experience this.

will go else where 1/30/13 3:56PM

AVG charged my credit card on Nov. 1, 2012 for $54.99, $84.99 and $109.99 They were suppose to credit the $54.99 and the $84.99 in 5 business days. Well here we are on December 6, 2012 and still no refund. I had requested on Nov. 16, 2012 to be refunded for all three amounts. I have recorder transcripts from then, I have case numbers fom the refund request and all I keep getting told is that it is in process. Well AVG is going to meet Louisiana and its backwards law. You can not keep peoples money. I have tried numerous times to talk to these people. I best advice is DO NOT EVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!!!

Anonymous 12/6/12 8:38AM

Ever since I installed AVG Im not able to access the internet.When I uninstall it everything works.It is clearly an AVG issue.I have spent hours ( not exaggerating)on the phone for 2 months and all I get is "for $159 we can fix it for you".I bought AVG so why do i have to pay to get it to work.Then I was told " we can give a discount and do it for $ 100". I wont my money back and now Im being told its past 30 days.This issue has been going on since day 1.I keep getting told try this try i have to go to BBB and get a lawyer ? I never complain about anything but this is insane to try and charge me for a product that never worked.

Not happy 10/17/12 11:36AM

Every phone number I have called to get the business or billing office of AVG, including the corporate office number, gives me a computerized program asking if I have either the free or bought version of AVG. I have called a total of 11+ numbers on your website and either get the computerized program again or actual techs who then try to give me an ostensible business office number which only gets me back to the computerized program again or angry techs who cant help and ask that I not call again.

AVG billed me twice for an order updating my free AVG. I then totally cancelled both orders and requested the return of my money after being notified by my credit card comp. AVG has yet to reimburse me for the second billing of $54.98. I would like that money back in my account. I am a 65 year old who, despite the fact that you have a good program, choose to go from frustrated to ludicrous to notifying the Better Business Bureau that you have an incredibly impossible way for an ordinary consumer to get help with non program problems.

Anonymous 7/31/12 9:08AM

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