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Aflac corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Aflac Incorporated
1932 Wynton Rd
Columbus, GA 31999
United States

Phone: 706-596-3264
Fax: 706-324-6330

Aflac Corporate Office Comments

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The ONLY comment I have is this company isn't worth the paper your policy is written on. RUN, run as fast as you can and keep your money clenched tight in YOUR hands because if yoy let the duck get, you will NEVER see any of it again...

Not Ashamed 12/10/13 10:37AM

I've made several phone calls to submit a claim. Spoke to several agents and finally got a supervisor who's name is Cynthia. she assured me if I faxed her the papers one last time that it would be taken care of and I would be called back within the hour. Well that did not happened called back again and was told she was not avail and she was the only supervisor on staff. Really big company like that hard to believe. They like taking your money but that's about it. No wonder why the ducks still hurt, they wont pay him either......

Anonymous 8/6/13 2:11PM

I received I.V antibiotics after being dissmissed from the hospital from 12/17/12-12/26/12.These treatments were 2 1/2 hours each.My wife who is an R.N at Baptist Desoto Hospital,performed the service twice a day,she did this because I was very sick and weak,and it would cause less stress on me.There were charges for the meds and equipment used every day.Twice a nurse came from the agency to draw blood only. the policy says 50.00 per day when a charge is incured for home health care or supportive services.I think the meds given twice a day every day at my home would be considered health care.The fact that my wife performed the service free should not be a factor.She infact saved Aetna several thousand dollars.The fact that your company would use a play on words to try and cheat a policy holder out of a few hundred dollars,does not speak very well of your company or your policies.or practices.Up untill now I considered your company very favorable,and reputable.After this incident,1,st I was told you wouldnt pay because you needed proof my wife was an R.N..We provided that.2ND I was told you wouldnt pay because she was a family member.I showed the rep that the policy does not mention anything about a family member.3RD I was told you wouldnt pay because she saved Aetna several thousand dollars and didnt charge for her services.I wonder if your BILLION dollar company will go to these limits to cheat a policy holder out of a few hundred dollars,what would your company do if given the chance to cheat a policy holder out of a few thousand dollars.Policy No.

Humbert C. Robinson 3/26/13 4:40PM

Tried to reach spmeone to ask a question, waited over 20 minutes on your 800 no, Been paying for policies almost 20 years, need help please ,If the goose is too busy, a human person is OK Betty J. Babicz

Anonymous 1/7/13 6:32PM

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