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Brighthouse corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Bright House Networks, LLC
5000 Campuswood Drive
East Syracuse, NY 13057
United States

Phone: 315-463-7675

Brighthouse Corporate Office Comments

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Bright house is by far the worst cable company there is. Waiting on a tech to come service my home and never shows up. Call them and they keep giving me the run around. Rescheduled and 2hrs after scheduled time no one shows up, call again requested supervisor and must be most unprofessional sup ever. His name is Jay and could only say sorry would u like to reschedule for the 3rd time. They should be ashame of themselves!

[email protected] 7/1/14 6:53PM

I recently moved returned my brighthouse equipment and paid my balance, they turned my account over for collections and said I did not pay it. They want more proof , I sent them a fax copy and mail them a copy of my original receipt how much more proof do they want. Next step my attorney if they cant get this fix, I recommend everyone in the us stays away from brighthouse networks

brighthouse hater 12/1/13 8:01AM

Anyone looking for a cable service my advice is to STAY AWAY from Bright house Network. They are a absolutely incompetent network. I have had them for a month now and had them at my place 2ce in 2 weeks, once today, just to have them at my house again later today when they get around to it. Their equipment is junk that continuously malfunctions. MY DVR has been replaced 2ce now which means i need to now reschedule my recordings again. Their internet continuously drops so for gaming purposes is out of the question. On top of all when i call them for the 8th time completely fed up to the point that their Technicians even say its ridiculous, their customer service tells me they cant do anything for me but waist more of my time to fix it. Their customer service is nothing but "plain" spoken people who continuously show they dont give a damn and are unwilling to keep you with the company. I gave three options in which they told me they will do none of. Those options where to 1 refund this month and get their equipment out of my house, 2 cut my bill down for equipment that is malfunctioning and can only be used as a paper weight, or 3 fix it and give me more bang for my buck and waisted time (more channels) as a thank you for being patient. In less words i was pretty much told to go. Iv never seen such incompetence in a company and so much "i dont give a damn" attitude to NOT do whats right. STAY AWAY FROM BRIGHTHOUSE NETWORK! Ill be posting this wherever i possibly can. My problems have STILL not been resolved

Dross9201 11/25/13 9:58AM

We have nothing but problems with the BH in Auburndale Florida. Trap and trace was to be on 10 days not years. Also our phone number has been given to someone else. Our number is on someone elses credit card and we have had numerous calls about a man at a local hospital. The team has been to our house over 33 times. Problems daily.

upset 11/12/13 5:15PM

I'm about as unhappy with Bright House as I can get short of 'dropping them' for the second time. It concerns service that was interrupted last night at 10:20 and has finally been restored at 11:50 this morning, thirteen and one-half hours later. Not the first time I've been unhappy with Bright House, though, which last time I got this unhappy they 'went'. One problem after another with service since we've 'had them back' for not quite two months. Promise, promises, promises, until they get into your house and then it's like they don't care. Typical Florida Bright House.

[email protected] 10/18/13 9:16AM

If Brighthouse does not start monitoring there service complaints they will see a lot of customer canceling their service.The local customer service can not do anything but sent a tech to see the problems. Customer service and the techs are great people. The problem is with the Corporation. They hide behind customer service. When it is something customer service can not fix locally nothing get done. This is the second problem that has gone on for over a year with no results.

Puzzled 8/13/13 8:14AM

I have double paid my bill accidentely. after being told I would get my refun within 5 bussiness days. I called back after 11 days and was told they had not submitted the paperwork. opps o their part. Now it would take another 7 to 10 days!Not only did they not offer us even a free movie for our troubles, but before speaking to a supervisor I was told that I might not get my refund as by that time a new bill would be coming up! Hey the last time I checked when someone is taking my money and using it without my knowledge or consent, it was called stealing! That is so wrong on so many leavels. Needles to say I will be waiting on that refund because I will be discontinueing this service. I like to do business with reputable companies. The customer service staff is extreamly unprofessional, and you will be told there is no one else you can talk to to resolve the matter.

Anonymous 7/8/13 10:50AM

I tried the polite business approach. Now, I filed with the FCC Complaint Dept. Will be calling the Florida State House tomorrow. If they want to steal money from older disabled people, who are dying. They may want to wait till I am dead, because at this point, every breath I have, will go to letting everyone know what kind of Service you will get. None, but they will get your money & talk sweet to you, till you go away. I am from Boston, I do not go away & you will remember my name.

Anonymous 1/8/13 2:36PM

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