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British Airways corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the British Airways corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the British Airways corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
British Airways

International Airlines Group
Middlesex, UB7 0GA
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 844-493-0787

British Airways Corporate Office Comments

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I booked flights from Fresno, CA to Barcelona, Spain and was assigned seats on all airlines by my American Airline Rep BUT he told me I had to talk to British Airways for seat assignments from them. How the hell starts - They told me they don't assign seats until 24 hours before flight and then they said my wife and I may not even sit together (9 hour flight). Then this guy tells me your GREEDY and POORLY run airline wants 86 dollars to assign seats now so we can sit together. I am going to cancel ALL my flights and NEVER use British Airways EVER. Bye you Greedy AH's.

Wattshill 3/29/14 3:14PM

Good Morning British Airways,

I've been trying for hours to get someone on the line to book a flight from London to Baltimore. I have vacation time blocked in for the dates of February 8-February February 16. Hoping I would get a flight for me and my husband. Unfortunately, when the customer service representative got on the line she was not cordial at all. In fact, I asked for the rates of the flights she put me on hold and took about 15minutes to come back on the line. At that time, I asked for a supervisor which she did not want to connect me to. This is poor customer service etiquette. If this does not get resolved with customer relations ASAP. I will contact your CEO secretary. Thanks

emordi24 1/20/14 1:44AM

Hi British Airways,

We receive calls for your airlines Executive Club daily. On the British Airways website the contact information for your Executive Club phone number is incorrect., our office Paradise Park RV Park, Harlingen, . Please correct your website for your Executive Club members.

Thank you very much, Denise Dunlevy, Paradise Park RV Park, local #956-425-6881.

Anonymous 12/6/13 8:04AM

The following letter, which I haven't received any response to is self explanatory and obviously details considerable frustration with BA.:

Frank Van Der Post, Managing Director Brands and Customer Experience

Dear Mr. Van Der Post:

Please accept my intrusion knowing that it is undertaken only because of my considerable frustration with the Customer Relations response I received. It seems totally obvious to me that my legitimate and reasonable request for consideration was shrugged off and just given an almost scripted rejection. It is my hope that you will see and acknowledge from the following details the validity of my complaint and request.

On September 6th, we were booked on British Airways flight # BA288 from Phoenix, AZ, USA to London, United Kingdom, and the flight was delayed (cancelled and rescheduled for Sept. 7th), which cost us considerable inconvenience and expense for which British Airways Customer Relations now denies any liability / responsibility. I am hopeful that the following details will convince you of the reasonableness of my request and encourage you to reverse the Customer Relations denial.

Our flight reservations were made online and paid for months in advance.

At one point, still months before departure, we became upset with our inability to make favorable hotel reservations and attempted to cancel our flight reservations, with the request being denied without having significant / total loss of prepaid funds. This policy seems to apply to customers but not to liability for the airlines failure to preform as contracted - highly questionable.

On Sept. 6th we arrived at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix three hours before our flight and even before the incoming flight was due - the airport was fully functioning at that time. At departure time it was posted that our flight was delayed; this went on for three more hours as we sat at the airport waiting. After three hours we were advised that the flight would not be available until the next day, Sept. 7th. We were told during the delay that the flight was diverted to Las Vegas, due to weather, which was confusing as we were watching a full functioning airport in Phoenix. When we were told the delay would be until the next day, the reasoning was given that one of the pilots had exceeded his legitimate flying time and could not fly the plane to Phoenix from Las Vegas. This again was confusing as not only did we wonder why this contingency was not allowed for but also we realized that there were frequent flights going to Las Vegas from Phoenix that could provide for transfer of the new crew. I don't assume to know all of the facts or to be able to manage an airline but rather only point out our frustration.

This caused us the loss of one day of vacation, loss of one night at a prepaid, nonrefundable hotel, loss of and the necessity to rearrange booked tours and considerable general inconvenience and stress.

British Airways in Phoenix offered all passengers a hotel for the night, meals and transportation to the hotel and back to the airport the next day; we instead went home and took advantage of only vouchers for the taxis.

The October 1st, 2013, email from British Airways Customer Relations denied any liability and only offered a $160 USD e-voucher - which seems totally insensitive and ridiculous. Not only does that not recognize our actual losses due to British Airways not meeting their contractual commitment, but it also neglects any consideration of our inconvenience, of our stress and of our incidental expenses ... plus the e-voucher then requires us to spend several hundred more dollars with British Airways, ... as if a reward for their non-performance. That really doesn't seem appropriate to say the least.

British Airways set the price at $250 USD / ticket (2 x 250 = $500 USD) if we made any changes, and they would simply take that immediately, without having to go through all of the trouble we are, so I think it only reasonable for that to be the very minimum consideration due us.

I thank you for your time in considering this letter and all of the information provided. I sincerely hope you recognize the validity and reasonableness of our request. Your courtesy is greatly appreciated and I again apologize for bothering you but I really think it is understandable that we just can't accept the inadequate resolution offered.


Richard Giles

Dick frustrated w/ BA 10/27/13 9:32AM

on 12 May I traveled by British Airways from London to Dubai
togetherwith my wife . we faced alot of difficulties before the plane departure . I submit a complain & a case was opened by customer services Department & they promise to reply shortly but unfortunately they ignored our complain completely despite my 3 reminders . I was shocked because i didnt expect this from a reputed airline company like British airways . I keep the case Ref just to see if someone at top is caring & find out the standard of their customer services

Anonymous 6/16/13 4:01AM

I am so sorry for the lady with the sick child that was treated so appallingly! I spent over 15 hours booking a flight with BA. what a joke. they have double charged me, then told me that i need to spend 100 per leg per seat, if i want to book a seat in advance. This trip was for my parents anniversary, so it would cost us, with 3 legs each way an additional $600 per person or a total of $4,200 total that is more then 1/2 of what we paid for the flights!!! It has been a month since they double charged me and now i am filing a claim with my credit card company, as well as going to small claims court for the interest on the money, and for damages and time incurred to get this straightened out. At the very least BA will have to supply an expensive lawyer to represent them in my podunk town!!! Should be fun!! i will let you know how it works out, maybe we all can file in small claims and they can spend all the money they steal on lawyers!!

disgusted 4/10/13 7:22PM

I am extremely disappointed that in a booking yesterday via a travel agent that there is no notification that BA airways now charges for any seats reserved more than 24 hours in advance. Not seats with extra leg room or anything like that. JUST A SEAT!! Who can travel internationally like this. And then add over $100.00 to the price of the ticket.
There were other choices that I could have made if I knew the extra cost. Now the competitive price we got no longer seems that competitive.
There should be a requirement that this information be made known before the reservation is completed.

Anonymous 4/3/13 6:34AM

Here is my comments. I had a emergency and needed to fly home early just a few hours early. I am a single mom of four boys this is what i wrote. The reply was I am sorry but here is a 150.00 dollar vocher - really BA

Good Morning or Good Afternoon,

Let me begin by saying, I am in customer service as well, and I have been for 20 years. I have never had to written a letter like this before. You three are the first three emails I could find, however, everyone will hear from me as soon as I get all email addresses.

Let me explain what happened to me:

I arrived in London on a business trip, With American Institute of Foreign Study, or ACIS, whatever name you would like. In the interim of my business trip on Saturday evening, I was informed my son fell sick. I needed to get home to the states. I immediately went on line to your website, I saw you had flight 0117 leaving at 8:30 am. I immediately called our number for you which is 800-243-6822. I spoke to a lovely person, who said I should have no problem at check in just to let them know that I needed to go early. And that I had to be on this flight. I ask her if she needed a doctor's note or what have you and she said no.

I arrive at airport at 5:30 and proceed to I believe section E and speak with a gentleman. I was crying and explained the situation to him. I told him the old flight number what time I was supposed to take off, and that I had spoken to someone and they said no problem. He said there was nothing he could do, to "upgrade" my ticket to the BA 0117 I needed to pay, 1,053.79 pounds! Which translate into 1,600.00 about in American dollars. He said there was nothing I could do pay it or wait for the 12:30 original flight. This is now 5:30 in the morning and I needed to get home to one of my four sons. I asked to speak to a supervisor his answer was no one could help me.

I got back to our offices and I have now been on hold with BA for 72 minutes. I have come to find out that he never even looked at my other ticket for flight 1588, because it was left open My company just got a credit this morning after we called about this, and the credit was even a full one.

I have attached documents from the airport receipts and so on. I will tell you, whoever will hear me, I would like a full credit to my credit card immediately. I was in tears, treated poorly and the customer service representative never even looked at my other ticket.

I believe I am entitled to a full refund and to be honest I am demanding one. I will be honest this is one of many emails I will send, not only to British airways, but to any advocate, newspaper, people. I was treated unfairly, and Lied to I was completely taken advantage of in my emotional state, especially, that I was worried about my child.

I hope I hear back from you, in a timely manner,

Thank you

Jenn Vitti

Camp America

Account Representative

Anonymous 3/8/13 8:23AM

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