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Cigna corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Cigna Corporation
900 Cottage Grove Road
Bloomfield, CT 06002
United States

Phone: 860-226-6000
Fax: 860-226-6741

Cigna Corporate Office Comments

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I too am frustrated beyond words with Cigna. Customer Service is told what to say to appease you, but nothing gets done. I have given them my draft info 5 times now, and then keep getting late notices, and once was canceled.
4 people in my office use the same account to draft from and the same routing #, 2 out of the 4 have gone smooth, where mine and another's has been hellish. To top it off, they are fining me $50 because I have to be re-instated. I have written a letter, and called, and yelled. The drones know NOTHING!!!You can't even request to speak with the same drone you spoke with before.

Anonymous 7/3/14 11:22AM

It took CIGNA Tel-Drug exactly 45 days to "partially" fulfill my prescriptions. I have in the interim called their customer service line incessantly and come away with the impression of a workforce arrayed in green acetate visors and red clown noses, feverishly running around in circles.

This corporation immediately comes to mind, as I vomit when hearing a hack politician praise the virtues and efficiencies of the private business versus government sectors.

Geno 4/24/14 6:14AM

get this I cannot get Cigna to process a legitimate medical claim four months ago. They state the tax id is not on the doctors bill when it is. And then they come up with another excuse that they are missing information when it right on the bill.
I am told by a senior customer service member the claim will be processed in 2-5 days and it has been a month later.
I did not authorize Cigna to pay the doctor and they accidently sent the check to the doctor this is the second time they have done this.

I am reporting this to the GA Insurance Commissioner

dodikim 2/19/14 10:27PM

Have had nothing but problems with this company, the latest is cant seem to get a w-2 form for taxes. Left two messages but on return call yet. Surprised ? No!

Krackers 2/10/14 4:46PM

I have read the other comments about cigna and my horrow story is as follows,They lie about everything and promise you the world,I ahve made a dozen calls aboout getting my wife inrolled annd each time I get the run around always somme excuse,but they can not wait to get my money for the premion
If they had rating of 0- 5 -0 would not be low enough.

double k 1/4/14 1:51PM

Its sad that this company is Robbing hard working people. My Dr put me off work for 90 day for treatment for depression. the company said that they will need my med. records, after getting them, they stated that they need more info. So my Dr wrote a letter stating to them that I need to be off work and that I couldn't concentrate and was tired and that it was dangerous for me to work right now. and after all this they still needed more information. And after that they denied my claim. What does it take. Do I have to go to work and lose a finger or hand or get a co-worker in danger before they approve it. and maybe then they would say it was my fault and still not pay. I think everyone that has cigna should drop them and go to some other company. As hard working people we can not let this go on. I will do my part by putting this company on blast on every website and facebook until something is done, not with just my claim but how the company run their business.

Lamont 9/4/13 10:57AM

Cigna ins. is the biggest scam and bunch of idiots I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Wife got pregnant , Toyota told her to claim short term disability and now, when she is short for 10 weeks of pay plus, cigna has denied her claim based on their NURSES opinion instead of that of 3 DOCTORS who are specialists in their field of high risk pregnancies.

John husband of Lynda 6/26/13 10:16AM

Try to contact Cigna corporate office no one is returning -mails Voice Mail or telephone calls. We pay high insurance high fees,deductables,and get this type service why?

Mark L. McOnie . 6/21/13 4:36PM

what kind of a buisnes are you people running.I get a bill from 12-7-11 on 2-21-13 stating cigna well pay nothing have wasted 111 min calling only to find out some desk jocky sat on this for over a year and did not forward to my hra account but cigna well still not pay and blames this on mayo health also the letter from cigna stated i used 1375 of my hra when i called them they said i had 107 left in my acount i had 1600 to start with who had the piza party

mark 3/24/13 3:46PM

Once again I am missing my chemo because of payment filed wrong. All I get is excuses. Some idiot cant read the computer screne at cigna. In 2010 eleven payments out of twelve was late or short changed! I dont pay cigna and expect this service!How is cigna going to fix this? My chemo has been pre approved by cigna every four weeks not every six weeks.

Mr. Mark L.McOnie 3/22/13 11:54AM

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