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Dollar General corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Dollar General corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Dollar General corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Dollar General Corp.
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
United States

Phone: 615-855-4000
Fax: 615-855-5252

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The dollar general store in Wilson Ok is a disgrace!Wilson
Has waited for a store like yours for years and to have
It be managed like this is such a disappointment.
Patrons cannot go up and down the aisles for the large
Stocking containers lined up still unloaded. Stock is
Scattered in different areas- no consistency.Paying out is a nightmare!
The store is not clean and smells. Stores in surrounding
Areas are not like this as I and my family have shopped them. Can you
Do anything??

Anonymous 6/6/14 2:32PM

My name is peggy bickers. I worked in alamo tn store for 4 yrs then in Nov of 2013 i transferred to forest st store in Dyersburg. I was a very dedicated employee. I worked hard. I was on the smart team for kossi. I gave my all to my job. While I was at the forest st store i was told that sometimes they send the cashiers to the bank. Now although I knew that wasn't right (because in alamo the cashier only touched her drawer and no other money) i said umm ok. One monday I was scheduled from open 7:45 am till 4:00 pm and the money had to be in the bank by 2pm. I was the only MOD on duty. So I said well maybe this is one of those days that they send cashier to the bank. So I sent my cashier to the bank to get change and make the deposit. 2 weeks later i go in on a friday to close and I'm taken to the office where the manager Elaine Wilson told me I was fired. Now my question is this. If they can send cashiers to the bank then why did I get fired for doing the same thing. I'm not denying i went against company policy. I'm just saying i guess apparently whats good for the goose isnt always good for the gander? Elaine also said i falsified paper work??? I have no idea what she is talking about on that. I have never not would i ever falsify paper work. I'm just curious bout why I got fired after giving my all to Dollar General for doing what they were already doing at the Forest st store. Thank you

Peggy 2/24/14 7:29AM

Aggravated!!! went to the Dollar General in poplarville, ms, I saw a cashier when I came in,I got everything I came in for, and stood at the register for a while. couldn't get anyone to check me out. I left everything there and walked out. others walked out behind me

tmg22314 2/23/14 11:23AM

I am a regular Dollar General customer... I live in Wake Forest, N.C. I go to

That store frequently.( this store really needs to be straightened up, but

With some of the customers they have, it is hard to keep straight) I also

Go to Dollar a General in Rolesville, N.C. Spoke with the manager and

One employee store is always straight and they are very friendly.

Now for my complaint! Was in the D.G. In Franklinton, N.C.( my mother-

In-Law lives there) in conversation with the 2 employees they said they

Had a new manager and one of his rules, they were not suppose to talk

With customers, his reason, less conversation could get the customers

In and out faster....:( this is a small town everyone knows everyone

And I think this is the mist absurd rule I have ever heard.

I worked with the public for over 30 years and good customer service

Is what keeps people coming back.... If I am in that store again, I am

Going to talk with the manager ,if he is there, I will let him know how I

Feel about this... Thanks for my opinion......would like to hear from you..

Myra Parker

Tweety 2/20/14 10:20PM

i will never go to the store in Clyde NY, it is filthy and nasty, the managers are from grade school and some of the workers are no smarter. they stock the store when there are customers int here, leaving crap all over and having to juggle through the store and not trip over crap in the way. there are other stores to go to, and that's just what my family is going to do, maybe they need some real management int here,not stupid people who do not do anything but look stupid!

downer133 2/20/14 3:39PM

i have been to a couple of your stores in liverpool and north syracuse and the stores have been dirty and out of stock on a lot of items...the stores have gone very down hill...i am shocked..Ive never known the store to go so gravely down hill....its not just these two stores, but they are the ones i most frequent and will not be going back for a while...they were always cleaner than family dollar, but that is no longer true...i am shocked...especilly with the liverpool rd store.

joanne gkg 2/19/14 8:54AM

Although the store in Warsaw, NY is fairly new, you'd never know it. Not only is there debris on the floors, they rarely look swept or mopped. It always seems in disarray no matter when you go in there. There are randomly placed displays, bins with non related items just tossed in, shelves in disorder. It never looks neat and well cared for. They moved from a smaller location to expand their store, but it seems all that was expanded is the messy atmosphere. Although the employees are always friendly and helpful I can't understand why they are content to work in such a dirty environment. In general the place looks disorganized and unkempt.

fed up 2/17/14 1:25PM

Please look at Gwen Murphy's Facebook page I work for u and was fire because I found out she and another manager name mike bowling was see one other and I was told by other manager's to keep my mouth shut he is married and I did lose my job in staton,ky .I didn't think that the dollar general would ever allowed this am glad that I found another job but it just shows u what kind of people u hire .

tired 2/16/14 2:16PM

I went to Dollar General in Maple Hts. The Assistant Manager, Lakeeta raised her voice at me, and was very disrespectful. I had asked her not to continue, but she did. I did not like her professionalism and her customer relations. She needs to be dismissed from her job as Assistant Manager. She needs to be removed from this position.

Anonymous 2/5/14 1:18PM

This past wek the city and surrounding areas where blinsided by a winter storm that parylized the city. Children were left in school, people sleeping in cars and/or taking shelter where ever they could to stay warm and keep their family safe. The major consumers opened their doors to serve, feed and sheltet those in need. I however can tell you one was not the Dollar General on 9th Ave, SW in Bessemer, Al. The stor # 3289. In this very fast storm people were not informed by the weather forecast and it was declared a state of emergency. This store had 4 people at the door that had walked form their apartments across a mahor hwy and the lady inside locked the door with customers inside. She refused to unlock the dorr and let 4 people enter. This was ridiculous, a customer service nightmare not to have the compassion to help. It was 4 adults trying to get what they needed for the winter storm and they would not let them in. There is a Fred's down the Hwy and tgey walked toward it. Fred's did not close nor lock the door while people were still coming in. Walmart open the doors feed and sheltered people. The sad thing it was not expected for this store to do that much just let 4 people walk in and get food. I shop in this store a lot but I will never shop there again. I heard store #8252 did the same thing. This is disgraceful, it shows you have no compassion and foe sure those employees did'nt. This City was a mess for 3 days but Dollar Gener apparently did ot care. You should maybe worry about this type of nonsense in the future and have a plan for people in need.

Becky 1/30/14 1:56PM

I have experienced a situation on the 27th of January in St. Robert, Missouri. There store phone number is . The situation was having a rude, disrespectful cashier. This cashier was a new employee, the manager called this employee about 4 to 5 times, after about three minutes or so, the employee finally came but with an attitude and gave us a dirty look. Standing there looking at us, then finally picked up the items and started scanning. After the employee scanned our items, placed the items in the bag, then I had to look over and see the amount it cost because the employee was not saying a word. I gave him the amount, he returned the change, still not saying a word, he points at the bag, I reached over picked up the bag. He gave me a dirty look, walked away, then I left. I called the manager later on the phone telling her about the situation, she made an excuse for him, so I told I would contact the company.

Thank you for your time.

Niki 1/28/14 7:16PM

Had a bad experience in Caddo Valley, Arkansas at Dollar General on Saturday evening. My ten year old son and I had gone in to pick up a few things when the little cashier named Brittney and her friend ( not an employee) stood in the checkout cursing and discussing which alcohol they liked best and there was a male employee there but he didn't get in on their conversation. When we went up to check out the girl never greeted us never told us thank you just took my money and we left. This was all so rude and I'll not return to that store again. Very unprofessional.... bad business... bad behavior...

Anonymous 1/12/14 10:34PM

I am so disappointed in the $$ General in Comanche, Tx. For a long time, when Georgia was the manager, it was head and shoulders above any store in central Texas. Now the shelves never are stocked, it is dirty, the Mgr talking on the phone yesterday when I was in there, and cussing every other word. There is a new Family Dollar being built just a few blocks down the street, it will probably be getting my business when it is finished!! Please help!!!

Anonymous 1/10/14 1:33PM

We have a new Dollar General in our town of Salt Springs,Fl. It is clean,well stocked and polite and helpful staff. We are proud to shop there and appreciate some merchandise made in U.S.A.

Anonymous 1/5/14 7:06PM

I have been buying your mini plastic baskets with dimensions of 9 1/2"L X6 1/4W X2 1/2"D. I'm interested in buy 50 to 100 EA. in black and blue. Can not find these colors any more in large quantities. Please let me know if you are able to purchase this item for me.
Chuck Nolting/w Darien pharmacy in GA

Anonymous 1/5/14 2:51PM

Your store at Indianapolis, IN 46241 is not run honestly nor do their employees know how to do a refund. I bought a child's outfit on December 2, 20l3, for $10.00 and tried to return it with receipt on December 27, 2013. It was full price. I had also bought two other separate children's clothing on same date. Both of them were half-price. When I tried to return the lst outfit for $10.00, with receipt, two female employees tried to tell me I would only get $5.00 for the outfit. They argued with me for some time because I knew I had paid full price for the item and they wanted to give me l/2 of the amount even though the receipt clearly showed the transaction. I went to another store at 7222 Rockville road, Indianapolis, IN 46214, and showed the paperwork and the manager there agreed that they had done me wrong. She said there had been a lot of trouble at the 5411 W. Washington St. store. She gave me the correct refund money and I appreciate her for that. I believe her name was Katy. She was very nice and understood the receipt.

grrippy 12/27/13 6:20PM

I have a very main concern. About the store in Richmond. How is that employed mess with other mans that come in to the stores and it make it look bad as a whore running manager position. She ready need to be deal with. Makes ur store look bad.

tired 12/17/13 3:51PM

I was in the , Baker, LA on 12/11/2013 around 9:00 p.m. or so. "Rusty" the cashier who is always inappropirately playful said to me give me your money. I did not respond because I think he is inappropriate, he said I can stick you up for it, I responded I think you are on the wrong side of the counter for that and he said, not really and proceeded to pull out a toy gun (rifle type) and point at me. I did not say anything I just paid him and walked off, I even left my bag on the bag rack and my daughter had to pick it up. The more I think about this incident, the more inappropriate I think it is. I also considered what type of reaction he would get from someone who may not be as considerate as I was. I shop at this location practicuarly every day once or twice or even three times a day. It is on my route home, right outside of my subdivision and I find shopping there when he is there most times uncomfortable. I did call for a manager today around 3:05 p.m. and was told a manager was not in. I was given the name of Shaquell Williams and told Ms. Linda would be in at 3:30p.m. My daughter's shop at the store as well and find Mr. Rusty's unprofessionalism inappropriate. He seems to be a good hearted guy that doesn't know how to be appropriate and when. I have also witnessed him say things to other people like, "I hope you don't have "food stamps". In closing I am a Human Resource professional and think a training in customer service would be beneficial for a guy who seems to love his job, love people and appears to be very hard working. Pointing toy guns at customers is not appropriate just as a customer pointing a toy gun at a cashier could be perceived as robbery and lead to arrest.

Anonymous 12/12/13 2:39PM

I purchased a Vibe Axcess 5in1 remote control from dollar general and i've tried all the indtruvyions anf still can't get it to work. There sre no phone numbers to call for assistance and there's not even a way to email dollar general. I need to receive a refund. This remote is worthleds.

Anonymous 12/7/13 10:42PM

New Manager in the store on US 1 So. in St. Augustine, Fla. she is the worst, loud, doesn't care if people are in long line, I have seen times when there are 6 waiting in line and she walks away from her register, absolutely no customer service, I was soo happy shopping there when James was the manager now. I will most certainly not shop there and will let all my customers know!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe 12/5/13 1:43PM

the Dollar general in Liberty NY stinks every time we go in there you can get no help the mangers are out side smoking and talking away I had to go out to get them because I needed help .they have a 50 % sale on harvest things right now there is a big sign up on the shelf that says 50% off the canning jar lids are right under that sign .I ask the manger about them he said they are not included .the last time I knew canning lids and canning jars are part of harvest season .I told him that that is false advertisement he said no .I said to move then and I went back again and they are still there what is up with that.This place is so dirty inside and out I took photos of the out side the garbage was full and all over the place .you cant make you way in the store because the isles are so full of boxes dollys and crap .

mimi04261954 12/1/13 1:51PM

I need to file a complaint to the senath mo store.Who refuse to give me the district office or corprate office number or district manger number.I bought a toster that didnt work and coffee maker that didnt work and the manger at the time gave a dollar general card for refund which was fine and bought headphones that didnt work and the manger now refuses to give me a refund or in store credit and said i can exchange them for another pair which i dont want.I have shopped at that store since opening day everyday on a daily basis which now i will not shop there or my family either.if this is dollar stores policy not to stand by a product then i dont really wanna shop there anymore.and to add the service there is very slow becuse the workers are all the time outside smoking.i would like to hear back from corprate management not the so called store manager before i post on social media websites.

Rick parker 11/26/13 4:55PM

Got a flyer in the mail for your store. Went to your Lafayette NY store to get the glade freshner which was a $10 item with a $5 coupon attached. Went first thing on the sat morning of the sale and was told all totes were put out yet. I went back that afternoon same answer. Went back that evening same answer. Went sunday morning same answer. Called sun after and was told all totes were out so probably didn't get the item............then I went to your North Syracuse store and that store had 1 of the items left but someone had stole the coupon and the store wouldn't honor without it. Went to the Nedrow store and they had no idea what I was talking about and their flyer didn't have the same deal in it. I have never had such an issue with a store trying to buy an fact I had every intention of buying several. Poor work ethic as far as putting out totes, poor phone etiquette and poor customer service. Unbelevable!

shocked 11/4/13 12:49PM

I have tried To contact customer Service. Store located macon .ga.napIer ave has a clerk that is very rude.She has been reported several times but to no avail. Could someone Refresh her memory as how to address and respond to next response will be sent to address corporate.

Anonymous 10/29/13 1:20PM

Went to your store in Baker Very disappointed with the service. Worker complaining about workload did not make eye contact so I could ask a question
Waited at register for several minutes no one acknowledged my presence. Put products back on the shelve and left the store

Anonymous 10/22/13 12:02PM

The Dollar General in Homer City, PA is filty and unkept. Crap everywhere in the store and empty shelves. Trash all over the floor and the place is a mess. Better get someone that can organize the store and clean it up. It was disgusting and yes, I have gone to others and they aren't nearly as bad. Better get someone there to check the place since it is very heavily used and needed by the locals.

Anonymous 10/16/13 10:37AM

went to Dollar General todaymanager with cursing at her staffwhile there were shoppers in there.the lady at the register was upset so I told her not to put up with it to walk out she said she couldn't because she needed her job. I told her I hope she had a better day. Later on that evening went back into Dollar General I asked the lady at the register how she was doing. The lady replied that she could not talk to me about personal things because she got in trouble.this is no way for anybody to be treated especially by a manager. And as I was walking out with my bags the manager was outside on her cell phone smoking cursing. And they wonder why they can't keep help at this Dollar General. Last week me and my husband were in the Dollar General one lane was openpeople were backed up almost to the back of the store people and stuff done walking out. My husband with over in a manager is talking to one of her employees my husband ask manager are you going to open the other register the manager look at my husband and said can't you see I'm counting money. That manager was not counting money she was complaining about other employees and I could hear her.

anonymous 10/9/13 2:52PM

Lawton, Oklahoma. Dollar General Store on Sheridan. I would appreciate it if staff are trained properly on Good Customer Service. I did not appreciate going to this particular store and being singled out for having a big bag. I understand you have a high theft rate at this store, however, your staff needs to know how to approach someone without making them feel like they are being racially profiled.

I made a suggestion to the lady that if they are going to search the customers, some sign should be up. I could have refused her being able to look into my bag, as it is my right, however, I get she might be doing her job. Her tone needs to be addressed and the manner in how it was approached. I am never going to visit this particular store ever again.

Today is Sept 7th, 2013 and the time was about 3:40pm. Get your act together and STOP Racially profiling customers. One upset customer.

Mallen 9/7/13 3:44PM

This complaint is not about the store staff but about the air conditioning going out in the Homer, GA store. Apparently, the air has been out for almost a week and the district is making it stay open. So, the staff and customers are having to work and shop in a hot store. Very unpleasant and the situation looks to be indefinite.

Anonymous 9/2/13 11:38AM

I'm annoyed when I go into a Dollar General and they want me to leave my purse or bag up front, like I'm going to steal. It's bad enough they ask, but then they want to put it on the filty dirty floor. If they want people to leave things, they should have a proper, clean place to put the things -- not on the floor that probably never gets mopped. You know, at inside malls, people go from one store to another with bags all the time (from Macy's to Penny's to Sears) with bags all the time and no one insults them and asks them to leave their things up front, so what's with Dollar General that they do? They insult the very people who made them a success. I hope they do get stolen from and have to go out of business, from insulting customers as they do. I have no use for Dollar General because of this. I'm not a thief and don't want to have to leave my purse or bags up front and treated like I'm one. Shame on them. I hope they do get stolen from, from treating customers in a disrespectful way, as they do.

annoyed 9/1/13 12:08PM

Purchased a reload pak that I cannot transfer my funds to my debit card unless it's a dollar general or money network card and I could not find one at any dg location. I'm so upset that I''ve wasted my money and it was to pay what I owe for my business and its sad, that i cannot find the right card to load the money on. How stressful is that.

CassondraCole 8/30/13 10:54PM

I am very upset about the way our Dollar General in Blaine Tn. is being managed. I previous sent an e-mail in confidence, however the Area Manager, Brian, proceeded to call the manager of our store and read the email to her. This has caused lots of problems , and caused one of the best employees DG could hope to have to have to give up her job because of the rude treatment she was getting from our store management. The manager and asst. manager refused to communicate with the employee and told her to just go ahead and quit or whatever. The employee was as innocent as anyone could be. She did not know I had sent the email, however she was falsely accused of being the blame for the email. I truly thought DG would want to know some of the things that were going on in the local stores and trusted the confidence of the email. The manager of our store embarrassed the employee in front of customers and if that was not enough, when the employee reported to work on her next shift, she was informed by a young male employee who had just returned to work in the store after being gone for several weeks, that he was not her manager and she was no longer a key holder or manager and she would be cashier and do exactly what he ordered her to do.

The manager of the store did not have the courtesy to talk to this employee like a manager should act or even question of give her a change to discuss the problems. The employee was treated very badly and if she could afford counseling, she would definitely have a case. I would be glad to discuss this with the corporate office.

Anonymous 8/27/13 1:53PM

I am very interested in the new store you are opening in Garyville, La. I have over 25 years in senior level management and I know that I can lead this store in reference to sales and service to this community. I have submitted my application but-no response from anyone. I know that my experience and knowledge in management will make me the right person for this new store. Please contact me at so that we can discuss this opportunity.

mike 8/22/13 8:39AM

i went into dg today i go up to the register and no one is there .i said to the lady behind me they need a bell .the lady agreed with me here comes the lady that works there .she rings me up and another employee releavers her she said to him wish i could stand here .she never said thank u nothing.when i got home the more i thought about it the mader i got so ,i took all my stuff back asked for my money back .now i am talking to the manager she asked me was some thing wrong with my answer was no i will never spend any money here ur employee is rude .she never asked me what happened , sorry i felt that way nothing .she was just as bad as here employee .the manager is just as bad as her employee .

snowbird50 8/13/13 4:58PM

I hear you are going to build a new store in Clay City Il and I would like to let you know that I own the four city lots next to your proposed building location that appears to be under fire for being a historical location...I would like to offer my lots for purchase to you for 3/4 of what you are proposing to purchase the land from Mr Franklin

Anonymous 8/12/13 1:46PM

this company is a joke to work for, to buy from. I worked at a retail store before and even with the fewest of complaints, they were light years ahead of Dollar General. You can hardly blame the store personnel even though most I work with are lazy, dumb or both. In any retail hierachy it is when you make District Manager, who is the first in a series of fellatio experts up to the CEO/CIO of this corporation. I am a disabled veteran, IQ when I was tested by the NY schools I attended as a child as 105, average IQ. I am now working on my Masters in guess what? HR ! this company I have tried to get paystub information and either been put on hold 4x between 20-38 minutes on hold or voicemails that never get return calls from. The ONLY person to pickup the phone is the switchboard operator, for that IS HER JOB> sorry for her, she must get a hundred irate customers and employees calling each day.

pissedoffnc 8/2/13 11:34AM

Your store 6 in Greenville Texas is the worst store I have ever been in. There is never more than one cashier at any time with lines that are up to 10 people long. Stuff is always over the floor so you don't have walking room,(accident waiting to happen),. You can't any help from the other employees because they're about 3 brain cells short of being in the twilight zone. Don't know where anything is or even if they carry certain merchandise.This store really needs someone to check into it, PRONTO!

Disgrunted 7/9/13 1:49PM

i was just in the dollar general in holden,louisiana. the manager was very rude to me,and i am not happy. i asked her if she could take a request for a product i have seen in other local dg stores. she then proceeded to tell me i could request but it would do me no good as she had no control over what you send for her to sell. i can not believe that you do not listen to what your customers would like to see in the store. it wasn't only that, it was her attitude. it came off that the customer had to take what she had to sell and it didn't matter what we required. the product was gain lavender scented dish soap. i have seen and bought this in other area stores. she came off as seeming to care only about serving herself and not the customer.

mary kirk 7/5/13 12:16PM

I live in Pampa TX. There was a new Dollar General #1967 built a few years ago. That store is the worst store ever! You can not get to anything from all the crap everywhere! They never have anything on the shelf's, it is all on the carts in the middle of the isles or pushed up against the walls and you can not get to anything along the walls! There is stuff all over the floors. There so much stuff piled up everywhere. Instead of putting it on the shelf's they put it on the carts and roll it outside. I went to the Dollar General the other night because I needed dog food, at 7:30 that night and the store was closed with a hand written note on the door. Sometimes they open at 10 in the morning. I thought the store stays open till 10. That store is always closed and open when they want.
I needed something the other day. I went in and I could not get to what I needed, because of carts in the way, I could not get to it. It made me mad so I left.

I have pictures if you would like to see. Could you please look into this matter and get it resolved.

Thank You!

Texas Girl 7/5/13 8:36AM

Hello. We are a vendor for Innovations In Management, the company in charge of the maintenance services for these stores. We do not recommend any vendor working for this company. They are disorganized, dishonest and will cost you money to work for them. Case in point, we have not been paid. Second case point, I can submit and upload pics of stores that look like the city dump because IIM says there is no money for a complete service. IIM retains 50% of the allotment of funds from DG, wouldn't we all like to make a 50% profit! Beware contractors, IIM is not whom they say they are and will not do what they say they will. Thanks

BaurCorporation 6/20/13 3:41PM

This my comment for the Store, I love the store in our town it is a great store. How is my comment I drove past three dollar general today, and the one thing I seen with all of them is that you had soda and bottle water sitting outside in the sun. There is as many warning out there not to bye soda and bottle water that has been sitting out in the sun or in the sun in your car. Why do you do that for I will not buy bottle water or soda from your store because of this I buy a lot of bottle water so when I need it I go someplace else and get. I do feel that is it not good for you after it has sit in the water. I would not like to drink the soda after it has sit all day in the sun. Please try do something it about it and then I might buy my water there.

Cathy 6/12/13 2:16PM

I can only say this. If the store is nasty look who's working there. If they are rude look who's working there. I have heard DG would not put a store in a town where whites are minority. Every DG I have been in there has never been a white or any other color person working there except black. 9 out of 10 of the workers may not have graduated and don't have any social skills. Looks like DG needs to up their training programs.

boohoo 6/10/13 1:59PM

I was in the diollar general store in port orange florida on Clyde Morris blvd 3757 to get something for dinner and some coolers were broke ,i went to the counter to ask were the bathroom was and i was given a key when i returned i was tild to leave my back pack behind the counter i ask y soi told him to search my bag i had done nothing wrong the manager still wanted me to leave my bag there so wrong do they ask women to leave there pocketbooks or bags behind the counter? I think not!

Anonymous 6/6/13 8:43PM

I used to work as assistant manager for Dollar General,until I was outed by the store manager in front of customers and threw the store that I was gay.I also found out ,I could of had a Law suit on it.SO I quit what I loved doing.

Anoymous 5/21/13 4:54PM

Dollar General in Bernice, LA. This store needs to be shut down! Just about every employee they ever hired steals merchandise. This includes mgmt. The aisles are cluttered with stock carts and merchandise that haven't been put out. The one line that is open reaches from the front of store to the back. Employees refuse to open up a second register. Only one employee in store while others stand around front of store smoking. Don't know who is in charge but this store needs a serious makeover!

bernice resident 5/18/13 11:09AM

I work as a assistant manager at you store I Retreat Retreat VS. The management is horrible she has her niece working there and it causes friction among all employees.I have been in retail a very long time I've even owned my on business for many years.I would love to continue working for Dollar General but I think as management you should set an example and this person does not.I feel. You should always treat your employees with respect.This does not happen here.I've been there fora little more than four months and we have already went through like five people.This should set off a red flag.A lot of the problem is th niece she does what ever she wants to and nothing is said but if we get to busy to sweep the front rug then she those a fit on us.She tell all of us that it does no good for us or the costermers to call the number to complain because it comes straight to her and she can figure out who it is so it doesn't do any good.I have never worked in a place like this before.I have talked to others that have worked there and they said they just quiet I need my job and so did they.The niece always takes the same lunch with her aunt even this it is not what is on the schedule we have timed them and most of the time it's a lot over a hour I guess th manager just fixes it.She has carried the key done payroll and ran the register.She also can ware jeans and nothing is said.You can not expect your employees not to be affected by this.The last assistant said when she would mention anything about this niece the manager would say she was just jealous.Well I'm not jealous by no means but myself and the other employees should be treated the same.I would love to see this resolved and would love to be transferred if I could.Please contact me about this matter.My email is Thank you so very much.

joj 5/3/13 11:23AM

Yes I have a complaint.Your store in Rural retreat VS. Has the most rude manager I've. Ever seen she is rude to everyone.She treats her employees life crap.She has her niece working there witch I thought was against store policies.The niece gets to do what ever she wants we have to take lunches at the time that is on the schedule but not her she takes all of hers with the manager witch is her aunt does not have to be back on time.She never works evenings or weekends.When I first started there the niece was getting around 20 hours a week and was told that she was just a stock girl now she gets just as many hours as I do I'm full time she is supposed to be part time but that could had changed.She does all of her aunts work for her and now runs the register I think it is unfair we have lost a lot of good workers because of the management and her niece.Something needs to d
be done about this.The district manger has to know I'm sure.

ludog 5/1/13 9:24PM

My wife & I were recently at the Dollar General store in the wonderful town of Veedersburg , IN , home of where the bricks that made up the "Brickyard" race track & roughly 1200 people . I go in there myself at least twice a week to usually get something I don't need or something I do , just to try to help the store remain in business , for such a small community that we are . I decided to get a remnant rug , beings spring was here . I seen a stack of rugs that would be suffice for what I needed . Before I went to the register, I picked up a few more things. One of the items that I picked up had no price tag on it nor was it marked on the shelf . I like to know how much an item is before I purchase it . For the simple fact that I don't want to be ripped off nor do I want the store to be cut short on pricing of an item. I have been to make purchases before at different stores and the price be marked on the shelf, e.g. , $10.00 & it ring up on the register $5.00 . I'll tell the cashier that that is $10.00 & not $5.00 , the cashier looks at me in disbelief of what I just did. The item ended up being $12.00, well, that's not a bad price . When she ran the carpet across the scanner, came up to be $10.00, yet the price on the shelf showed up $10.00. I said ma'am , that was not the price on the carpet. I can show you if you come out here. There were like nine on the shelf where it was priced at . She seen the stack & also the price & proceeded to tell me that she cannot sell that to me at that price & that probably what happened was someone moved them & put them there. I asked, the whole stack ? She said, yes & I am not going to sell it to you at that price. Beings her having an attitude like that, I told her , by law, she has to sell that to me at that price, she said, no I don't . I didn't get her name, for one, she was a new gal, for two, she had no name tag. I asked to speak with her boss, which her name was Rebecca. It was the same scene, except with a worse attitude . Told her about being priced wrong at their negligence they have to sell that item to me at that price for which it is marked, by law. She said there is no such thing. Yes there is, it's called false advertisement / price marking. All she waned to do was argue. So I asked to see her boss. Oh, she's right back here, her name was Kasey. I explained to her the same thing. It was he same scenario . There is no such thing, she says at the same time as to removing them from the shelf. And I am NOT going to sell them to you at that price. What a really nice lady she was, full of bad attitude , rude & treating a customer the way she did. If she's like that at work, I would really hat to see her if someone "Peed" in her Wheaties. So I exited the store without buying a darn thing. These two gals need demoted to used toilet scrubbing & cleaning for 6 months with a toothbrush or just plain gotten rid of by way of "Out the door" . What a great way to start the weekend, huh ?

Crazy Horse 4/13/13 1:00AM

I heard that you are planning on closing the Dollar General Store in the Willow Brooke Mall here in Mason City, Iowa. I do believe this town can support 2 stores. The store on North Federal Ave. that you plan on leaving open is very poorly managed and the shelves are never properly stocked the help are not the most friendly people. I do most of my shopping in the Willow Brooke Mall Store and the Manage Steve and his crew are always polite and helpful. The shelves and always stocked and if you need something just ask and they will get it. In the store on No. Federal if you ask they tell you they are out and to lazy to even check. Just walk by there store room and it is full of things that should be on the shelves. If you really have to close the mall store I feel you should get rid of the help on No. Federal and move the mall help and they will clean up the mess and you would have a better store.

Anonymous 4/11/13 7:37PM

I was treated worse than I ever have at the Dollar General Store in Huntingburg. I am with a non profit organization named Mama Cindy's Animal Shelter and have been purchasing supplies at that store for years. I went there on Saturday, April 6th 2013 to be treated like dirt!! The new manager, Richie, was very rude and cocky. I was told that my tax exempt number was not in the computer. He did a bunch of typing like he knew what he was doing. I told him the ladies that work there type the info each time with only a few keys not a bunch of typing. I tried to be nice at first, but he really made me mad. He let out a big sigh and a smirk on his face and kept telling me I was not in the system. I then told him he wasn't entering the info as he should. I told him to just forget it cause it wasn't even worth the trouble, but that he'd better ask one of the girls that work there to show him how to correctly check for my organization. He said "I have been manager for 8 years".

Not only did that happen, but the store constantly doesn't have the sale items on the shelves. I had gone in to purchase several 8 packs of Sparkle that was on sale. The shelf was empty of those particular paper towels as most things are and there were several boxes of other items sitting in the way. They weren't busy and no one was stocking the shelves from those boxes. Why did they have them sitting there if they weren't going to put them away.

I am so disappointed in that store and refuse to go there again. If I happen to be in the Jasper area, I will shop at the store there. If I need anything in Huntingburg then I guess I will have to shop at Family Dollar.

Thank you for your time,
Cindy Leinenbach

Anonymous 4/8/13 6:50PM

Well here it comes up another holiday,and your employees will be working no doubt.This is terrible,it is not right that these people cannot have some decent hours,they sure work hard enough.More then likely you all in those offices will be at home. Would you work til 10pm at night when all around is killings and robberies? I know this store and others make enough to let their people off on special days and to close at decent hours. The store I am mainly concerned about is on hi-way 36 in Rosenberg,Tx. You have good people there take care of them.

aleita 3/23/13 7:12AM

u fired a good manager Pewitt today for no reason at fairview,Tenn because she hung a poster board up in the door saying now hiring.The D.M.& R.M.have been on her back for years about the way her store looks any of her costomers can tell u her store is the cleanest around,she has been there for 19yrs and opened 4 stores she loved her job at D.G.the past 3 D.M.& regional have been trying for yrs to make her leave.they envy over her because she new more then them,they would ask her questions and she had the answer and i think they hated that.we seen it coming for yrs they wanted her open&close that store and put out all the stock while only one more person ran the register,u tell me can that store or any store do that. do u corporate know how she is being treated.It broke her heart to get fired over something like that.But that was the only thing they could find.Me I'm glad it's over they have been mentally and verbally abusing her for so long she is going thru a lot of pain right now Dollar General was her life and they ruin it for her. U know the way she talked about that store ,it was like that was her husband instead of me ha ha please think about the person u let go THANK YOU:.. STAN

Anonymous 3/5/13 7:23PM

What has happened to the dollar generals in dublin georgia? Always unkept...loud music and never anyone to help you find anything or check you out at the register.I was in a dollar general yesterday and the checkout employee was just rude. I purchased 3-8packs of 12 ounce diet cokes. I ask the lady to please bag them and he insisted the products were too big for the bag. I told her a few days earlier I had made the same purchase at another store and they would fit in the bag. She actually threw the drinks in the bag sideways and I had to stand and straighten them out. I was appauled that someone could be SO rude. Regardless of what she thinks..the customer is always right. I refuse to ever be waited on this cashier ever again.

Elizabeth 3/3/13 9:35AM

I was appalled today by one of your employees at your Silver Creek, NY location. While I was in the store, music was playing loudly, & a man named "Don" as I later found out, was singing loudly. He was sniffing profusely, & wiping his nose. He appeared to be under the influence of cocaine. I will not visit this location in the future. He, along with the loud music, made me rather uncomfortable to shop.

Anonymous 2/3/13 12:23AM

I was in your Pottsboro Store yesterday and bought the Christmas that was left for .25. Went to some other stores in Denison and Sherman. Few things didn't ring up the .25 but they fixed it,and were very nice. Went to the Sherman, on 1417 and they had signs up that toys with yellow star were .25. When went to check out some rang up the sale price,and some others rang up full price. Told them there signs were still up. They called your corporate,and they told them that the certain toy I got was full price. But some others I had rang up a quarter,as they should. Was also told the signs should of been gone. Asked me if I saw signs up. Well duh...I wouldn't have got the merchandise if I hadn't have seen the sign. So I left the store,they were some what rude. When you go into any other retail store and they still have their ads up and should be down,they go ahead and give you that merchandise at the sale price. Pottsboro, is very rude when it comes to that. Plus when you buy something when it is on sale,and you buy more they will only let you buy 2 cause the other 2 want ring up sale price. They tell me it's because there is a limit. BUT it doesn't say that in,or on the AD..In that case I left and did not buy anything,and what I did have to buy was a large dollar amount that would have been spent there. As a retailer you are there to make your customers happy and that they will come back. I know cause I have worked in retail for over 20yrs. As mgt.or sales clerk you should not be rude to your customers and be tackie with them. So as far as I know now,my business will now go to others,and Family Dollar and not Dollar General.Customer sastification is what keeps yours customers coming back. But the Pottsboro, especially needs to have a little bit control on how tactful they are to their customers.

Very Upset 1/23/13 11:07AM

I am contacting you in regards to the Dollar general In Rochelle Ga, store #04194 I moved her last year from a BIG city and as you know this town is SMALL and the Dollar General heres is about as nasty of one store as I have ever seen, you would think the ones in a big city would be with all the customers and so fourth. The employees they have working there are like I said just there. You may have some one speak to you one day if there happy, there air out there laundry to each other between isles as they stock, at the register you may get a thank you, come again but that is VERY rare. It is like they all are there just for a pay check and not customer service. You cant even go down some isle for such a mess on the floors, alot of clutter. This is the only general store to shop in here in this town, but I will drive 20 miles to another if this isn't taken care of..

Thank you..

Georgia 1/21/13 10:29AM

Went to the Starke, Fl Store this morning on Walnut St. The cashier had a top on that was not suitable for a family store that children come to. Looked like something you would wear as a bar maid. Breast very exposed. Don't you think the manager should have made her purchase a shirt to cover up or sent her home for being dressed that way. I say shame on the manager.

squaw 1/17/13 9:51AM

I represent a company that has over 300 products that could integrate perfectly into your variety of items.
Please contact me or send me information of the purchase people for sending samples and pricing
Thanks a lot

Anonymous 1/16/13 7:14PM

I am a current employee in one of your stores. I have a complaint. While I am sure that nothing will be done about my complaint I think just getting it off of my chest will ease a huge amount of stress.

I Hate my job! I have never hated a job so much in my life. I get sick to my stomach knowing I have to go to that job. Why don't you quit and find another job you ask? I am trying.

Why do you hate your job so much, you ask? I work for the most incompetent woman I have ever had to call a boss.

First of all, to this day 9 months since I started this job I have not been properly trained. I have no idea how to do most of the things I am asked to do and when I try to tell my boss this I am told just do the best you can. However, when I mess up something because I had no idea what I was supposed to do I am told that "I am not going down for this, you are the one who screwed up." Also, this woman meddles in the personal lives of her employees, leaves write ups out for all to see, tells customers that her employees are awful, and reprimands her employees right in front of customers while they are out on the floor ringing at register or working on something.

I keep thinking go ahead and fire me, I really don't care any more. I would like to discuss this further however I have no who I should contact because I have no phone numbers for any management above my store manager. There is so much more I would like to say but I just don't want to rant for public viewing any longer.

By the way, our store does pretty well but I guarantee if many of our customers could easily and conveniently get to a different store they would. You can ask and probably 8 out of 10 customers will say that they can't stand the store manager but this is the most convenient store to them which is the only reason they will shop here.

grahamcracker14 1/7/13 1:32PM

I have been in and buy in a number of Dollar General Stores, The products are usually stocked well. I no that the employees and managers are very busy to keep the stores so well. I try to take this in consideration. These stores have good products. Most of the employees are wonderful interacting with customers considering......I go in Store #12359 a lot. I see the employees stocking often. They are busy. The stores moves a lot of merchandise. The Manager Ashley, and a Cashier Stacie, needs a lot of training dealing with customers. A basket was in the front of the Store with a 25% sale tag. None of the items were priced. When I asked for a price check entering the store, I finally got one after shopping, and using the restroom. I was continually told the same thing over and over by the cashier about the items being seasonal items, and blah blah blah. I told her I understood what she said the first time and not to repeat it. She wouldn't shut up, and said something about she was on camera. Ha, someone was with me in the store and she didn't know it. It's not that people don't have money to spend that puts stores out of business.....I found out that it's the people working there with bad customer skills. I won't go back in a Dollar General for a while, and especially not that one. The District Manager finally called to look into it. I was on my Computer and found out someone had done a back ground check on me.....I wonder.......I will go to Walmart....

L 12/31/12 12:05PM

on december 26, 2012 i went into dollar general to rent a rug doctor and my wallet got missing. when asked to see the video the manager on duty the next day said that she would review it and told me that she did not see anyone take my wallet. again i asked to see the video myself and she said that i should come back two hours later when the other manager and associate will be there so i did. with me i had my daughter, who was with me on yesterday and my husband. the manager had called the police so when we were about to view the video she said only one person could come back, me. before she started the video she said to me that she had received a letter from someone stating that i said i left my purse there and i didn't. she never let me see the paper even after asking to see the paper she didn't. she then started the video and said she would play it in slow motion . when it got to a certain area in the 8 minute range, she fast forwared it to the ten minute range not even showing a 9 minute range. after playing the video some more, she fast forwarded it again and then again. she never showed where i entered the store or exited the store or where my daughter and granddaughter came to the register and she didn't show what the guy did after i walked out to double check my truck or when i came back in looking for my wallet. after i couldn't find it, i told the guy that i was going to go check at my house and i would be back. when i got home, no wallet. so on my way to take my son to work, i called up there. the guy said he was reviewing the tape and he didn't see anyone go in my purse. so i got home and i continued to search, still no wallet. back tracked everywhere i went and the last place i remember seeing my wallet was in my purse before i entered dollar general. i really hate that it has come to this but it is what it is. i don't know what she said to the officers that were there and i don't know why she felt she had to lie and i don't know why she didn't show the entire video and i don't know why i was the only one allowed to come in to see the video when my daughter was there with me on yesterday. i feel its a lot more to this and i intend to get to the bottom of this. 1,300 is not a little bit of money and it's hard to come by these days. and plus all my childrens social security cards and health insurance cards were in that wallet. please someone show some kind of consideration to help me figure this out . again if this guy didn't do this i will apologize again. but there's a minute not showed, when i walked into dollar general wasn't showed, my daughter and grandaughter wasn't showed and me walking out to check my truck wasn't showed, me coming back into dollar general wasn't showed and me walking out for the second time wasn't showed and nothing the guy did after i left was showed. if i could see the video entirely, that will make me feel a lot better. again i don't know why the officers didn't catch all of this. the female manager had two hours to get that video where she wanted it to be. what i should have done before i left was tell her no i'm not going no where, you need to call him up here, that way i could have stayed there to make sure she didn't do anything that will not point him to the crime. i need to be releived from just the thought of these two people comspiring to make me look like a fool. why wasn't the entire video showed? please reply!!!

sunnycole74 12/27/12 4:33PM

I worked for Dollar General in 2002 - 2004 and I totally loved my job, until my manager cussed me out over scheduling in the middle of the store, extremely unprofessional so I walked out and she said I quit, this was NOT the fact. She had been letting her 13 yr. old daughter work in the store stocking and using a box cutter, using the register, and greeting customer's. I had complained numerous times to her about each incident, but nothing changed. All the other employee's were aware of the fact. I finally did complaint verbally to my District Manager Bill, I can't remember his last name and nothing was done then. She had some medical issues and I did also, I had surgery and then she had to have brain surgery. I had to come back 2 weeks too soon to relieve her and cover the management position, which I had been trained for in Manager Trainee Class and received my certificate for. I was responsible for all aspects of the job, I had no complaints from the employees as to the schedule or any other matters. When she came back she was mad about how I had done the schedule plus I had reported to the DM about her daughter so she began in the stock room loudly yelling and it proceeded to the floor of the store. I walked away and did not respond. She was very unprofessional in her Manigerical duties and mad because she had totally messed up. I did walk out not saying anything and she put down I quit. I tried to fight it, to no avail. I want to stress I loved my job, I am a people person it was the perfect job for me, I had ordered the whole store, had softlines, HB & A, and foods to stock, loved it. I would love to work there again and feel I would be a great person for the job vacancy currently available. I did apply and pass the test, but the current manager Leah Kirkpatrick had stated to another employee that the reason she would not hire me back was that I had missed an inventory day, that was her reason. I feel it was unfair due to the reason I did miss that day was a recorvery day from my surgery..

rubyred1964 12/27/12 2:55PM

I wonder if Dollar General realizes the kind of pressure they place on a store manager. I know store managers that get up at 3 am or 4am and work 60 to 100 hours per week; 6 DAYS per week due to the inadequate number of hours allocated to their stores. The store manager has to do the majority of the work because there are no hours for the regular associates...and if the store manager goes over those hours set by corporate, their job is actually threaten by the district and regional managers. DG preach "balance between work and family," yet the awful truth is that DG really doesnt care whether or not their "slaves" spend time with their families or not. DG's expectation is that they (DG) comes first. This is actually their quote.. "a store manager is like a doctor, on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year." Is it going to take store managers having mental breakdowns, health problems, and/or actual lawsuits before DG begin to treat the associates like humans? People in corporate office should be required to work in a field store for one week undercover in order to witness the REAL Dollar General.

TIRED123 12/15/12 2:46AM

I worked in store 1253 in West Plains, Missouri
I worked there the whole summer without air conditioning when it was reaching 100 degrees outside. I don't know how many times we called corporate, they never came to fix it. Well the last week of summer comes and it fineally gets fixed. On top of that I was the 3rd key (and never got my raise the whole time working that position) but we had no manager just an assistant manager and me. We ran that store and did the best we could. To top it off, She was in her last months of pregnancy. When we finally did get a manager he didn't do anything the way it was suppose to go and he treated all the employees like dirt. I had a line backed up one day and he was doing something in the back, people were getting impatient and asking if I had anyone else to come help. I told them he was in the back so one lady went and asked him to come help check out and he told her no. She came back to the front, threw all of her stuff down and cussed me out more than I have ever heard someone cuss. A few days later he left and went on an hour lunch break (when he wasn't suppose to leave in the first place) he was gone for 2 hour and left me to deal with a backed up line of customers who were yelling and cussing me out. I busted my butt for that job and got nothing in return. To top that off the assistant manager went on maternity leave and now they are saying they don't know if she can have her job back and have already put her job up for grabs! I have called corporate more than twice and cannot get help from anyone! Dollar General's whole operation is nothing but one big JOKE!

Horrible 12/14/12 1:20PM

I am a customer of your store "6922". It is convenient for me to stop here because it is practically in my neighborhood, and I do often. There have been at least three times that I can count where I have been unhappy while at this store. It seems like the Manager of the store, Tony Miramontez, enjoys having personal conversations on his cell phone as he works the cash register at the front of the store. Today's discussion involved cell phone usage and how his calls were going directly to voice mail when he called his "wife". He kept discussing this over and over with her. When customers would come to the register, he seemed to hang up and immediately call her right back as soon as he was done with the transaction, the whole time with an ear piece stuck to his ear. The conversation was so loud and volatile that it was heard through the whole store. I had to walk out and as I was walking out, a customer actually told him how rude and unprofessional he was. I also commented about it and she told me that she actually felt uncomfortable listening to his angry conversation. We looked for a number on the outside of the door to corporate office, but could not find it. As I walked to my car, over to the side of the store, was another store clerk. He was taking a smoke break. I asked him how to contact "ANYONE" about this and he referred me to this website. It seemed to me that this employee had heard complaints like this before. The culprit is his boss!!! Well I just hope that this can be addressed soon. I like your store, I don't like to have a bad experience when I visit it. Thank you for your help.

WHY ARE YOU SO RUDE???? 12/10/12 7:13PM

I just left dollar general in Star City Arkansas.
I bought captn crunch because the sign said $2.50 when I got to the register they were $3.25. I told the cashier and she said they were $3.25 I said ok went outside and thought about it I went back into the store and the sign was still on the captain crunch $2.50. I got back in line and told the same cashier that the sign said $2.50 for the cereal she called another lady to check it out the lady went down the aisle and she talked to another worker and then she told me there was no sign on the cereal I was shocked she lied I went back down the cereal aisle and the sign was gone I don't think that was right someone removed that sign because of .75 cents.

Anonymous 12/8/12 10:22AM

I was in your store located in Altus, Ok on Sunday, November 18, 2012 around 3:30pm. I was in the back of the store and there is a display of detergents on that back rack. Then on the other side is apparently storage and possibly an office/breakroom. There was a lady (which I would use loosely) complaining about an employee not being able to count her register. Well, I understand everyone gets annoyed by fellow employees or staff. But the language this woman was using wasn't much different than what you would expect out of a sailor. She also used the LORD'S name in vain. This disturd me severely, we are to praise our Lord not only on Sundays but every day.


Lana S. Fry

Anonymous 11/19/12 12:03PM

Good Morning Corporate
This is to inform you of your store located 8635 n 56th st Temple Terrace Fl 813-9880097 Mgr Crystal. Iam so extremely pleased when I walk into this store organized clean cashiers also friendly as well as helpful all employers to me in this store deserve you as corporate will be very pleased how your are represented through your employers. I had a problem I live In Sun City Center Fl also Ruskin Area as well as Wimauma fl area the product I need can only be found at your Temple Terrace location I have to drive from one town to another takes me 1 hr to get to TT location from my home 1 hr going and coming back so 2 hrs. I was told to go over to Ruskin Location ask mgr to order this product for me so that I would not have to drive so far I did go over to your location at 503 N Us Highway Ruskin Fl Ask to speak with a mgr individual came out gave informatin copy of product to order individual said he could not order but will give to who ever I also left my phone number to call me back if product could be ordered are not so that I would know if I need to continue to drive 2hr away from home no response from Ruskin location.On last evening I purchased 5 of the product need from Crystal at Temple Terrace store she held the product for me until I got to her store so that the drive would not be in vein for me Crystal told me that she will order the produce for me to keep in stock for me as needed pls give this store a raise or accomondation for their care and concern for customers my experience will be one that I will tell others about this store. The product I purchase was Dark and Lovely Softsheen-Carson Reviving Colors color 392 Ebone Brown if at all possible may I get a case from you of this product . thank you sincerely .

Anonymous 11/16/12 7:56AM

Store should give receipt when purchasing and when a customer asks for one. Dollar General Store at Indiana,PA. 15701 didn't give a receipt and when asked there wasn't any paper in the register. It was too late they couln't give a receipt. What kind of business is this? The store is located at North Fourth St., Indiana,PA. 15701. Needs investigated.

Anonymous 11/13/12 4:55PM

I always shop for a few items at the Dollar General in Waynesboro, PA, near Washington TWP BLVD close to Rouzerville (11/10/12). There is this fairly new employee, a few months on the job I guess. Me, as a customer, I like all items bagged possible so I don't have to make a dozen trips from the car to the house or I do it myself. Anyway, I take my items to the checkout, she is there on the phone (not a business call - RUDE). She puts the phone down, leaving the person on the other end waiting 'til she checks out my items. She asks me if I would like my 2-6 pks. of soda bagged. I said, "Yes, please". She then just slaps them in a bag. The worst part of this was that she was on the phone during working hrs. and customers waiting to be checked out. I almost said to her, "I'll wait 'til you finish your phone call", sarcastically. I don't talk on the phone when I'm conversing with people and I don't expect a business employee to do that either. RUDE, IGNORANT & LACK of RESPECT.

NOT SURPRISED 11/11/12 9:52AM

Can someone please come and help the store manager clean up the store ,it is a mess!!!!!
Fort Stockton Customers...

Annonyms 11/11/12 9:26AM

The phone # listed for Dollar General Corporate Hdg. is not in service - do you have a correct # for them?

Pat 10/22/12 12:28PM

I shop at the Dollar General in Bloomington Tx quite often. Today was the first time I had to speak with the manager who was on duty. I was very dissatisfied with my shopping experience today. When I got home I decided to call the store to find out the manager's name and the cashiers name. At first he refused to give me his name until I told him why I was calling and insisted on knowing my name. After I gave him my name he finally told me his name. This manager was very rude and unprofessional. I went on line and found the number to the corporate office and I will call them tomorrow.

Anonymous 10/11/12 4:19PM

I have had it with this store with the seriously bad management seriously rude and mean people. The stockton,ca store on Main st. Customers beware this store has like so many problems like they always don't have no grocery bags and there computers keep crashing everytime I go in there it's the debit/credit not working or the EBT food/cash not working. The managers give you attitude when you address to them about there bad rotten produce meat that is expired they don't check expiration dates. The managers who just sit in there office the whole time is Tracy, Silvia, Felicia like I can't believe they even get paid for doing absolutely nothing. And,if items are not 50% off in the 50% section then why the heck were they put there. And, if a item was put in the wrong place you need to have a talk with your reset people because they made the mistake and the price should still be honored.

Sarah 10/11/12 11:21AM

I would like to say something about the DG ON BLACK BERRY ROAD AN 64. A real good friend of mine has been there for over 5 years an works on days off an has survive breast cancer. AN goes in this morning an they fired her for movin a tote out the walkway as walkin back through the store so no one would fall an sue them .I WOULD LIKE TO NO IF THIS IS A RESON TO FIRE HER AN TO LET EVERYONE NO THAT SHIREY GILCRIST WAS A GREAT EMEPLOYEE AN SHOULD NOT OF BEEN FIRED FOR REASONS GIVIN ! I WOULD LIKE EVERY ONE THAT READS THIS TO GO TO STORE AN SEE HOW RUDE THE PEOPLE THERE R THE DG WILL NEVER GET MY TIME

ARAB 10/4/12 5:51AM

Dollar general Mines Road Laredo is supposed to close at 10pm , they turn lights off almost 30 min before closing time. The store is too dark to look for purchases. Is this acceptable procedure for a retail store? Even though customers claimed to associates that it is too dark to make purchases and it is not yet closing time, customer was ignored. This practice seems too be their regular routine ( this has happened to others on separate occasions)

Anonymous 9/28/12 8:14PM

I am a faithful dollar general customer and I shop at about all the locations in muncie indiana and most of the stores are wonderful but the one on wheeling and riggin. The manager and the assistant manager are very rude and short with all the customers and they refuse to open a second register even if there is ten people in line. Then the other day when I was in there I asked to use the restroom and the manager was in the stockroom smoking a cigarette! I was so shocked. Then I was telling other customers what I saw and one guy told me that both the assistant and manager smoke marijuana in the parking while on the clock. This is just crazy. Needless to say as long as them two are working there I will no longer shop there.

Anonymous 9/27/12 10:06AM

the dollar general in Reading Mi has become very dirty and messy,a bunch on yahoos working there and all summer there was no air conditioning and the coolers were warm ,melted candy bars ect.......Could you please look in to this or let me know who else4 to contact.

Pearl 9/19/12 3:48PM

My mother and I were shopping at Dollar General here in panama city beach last night off of hwy 98. And when we were ready to check out there was this african american girl working the counter, and did not ask us how we were doing or anything. She rang up all of my stuff, and then as i was swiping my debit card she was standing there playing on her cell phone. As i went to grab my bags ((because she did not hand them to me)) I told her that playing on her cell phone and being very rude was not very good customer service skills. She then proceeded to tell me that "it was fine that she was playing on her phone". And that she couldnt start ringing up the next person in line (my mother) because my bags were not moved. I'm sorry but I have NEVER gone to any type of grocery store, convenient store or anything where they do not hand me our bags. That is part of their job duties and obviously she was not aware of this. I then politely asked to speak to the manager, as I walked over to where the manager was and began to tell her how her cashier lacked customer service. She was very rude and not the least bit friendly. She even had a bad attitude with my mother, so my mother did not even purchase anything she had. (You lost about a $40.00 purchase) The manager did apologize and began to tell me that the young girl was not suppose to be playing on her cell phone and that she would have to check the cameras to see if she was, as if I was lying. I am not one to complain EVER, but this was very rude. I am a manager at a local business and if any one of my employess would have acted in this manner, they would have either gotten written up or possibly terminated. I believe that you guys should reconsider who you are hiring and if you dont want to continue loosing good paying customers.

Anonymous 8/24/12 8:24AM

My partner and i go to the dollar general store
e on s. presa street ,in sa n Antonio. This weekend had the worst customer service. and it was from a manager named Elle . i we need one. item. doubled bagged. and got treat rudely and got NO. So we form a complaint with district office . We where told that we would get a call back in two days, well we never got a call. So today we called backed and spoke to a mr. de la garza .He was loud and kept on talking over me and told me that i should disclose my disabilty just to get another bag ,thats not going to happen.

Anonymous 8/23/12 8:23AM

Hi, I was currently employed at Dollar General in Eustis, Florida as a cashier, my experience as a employee there was not good. There is no proper training as a cashier, there is no probation period for learning and training before mistakes are held against you. You can only have three mistakes in a 5 year period, which I think is unfair, Plus one of my write-ups was not my mistake, but a key holders mistake that was put on me to cover her butt. So anyone out there thinking of working for Dollar General, take my advice and always be present when your Cash Drawer is being counted down. Because Management and Key holders are always going to cover there own before you!!

Anonymous 8/22/12 5:27AM

I moved down from New Mexico to Corpus Christi Lake Mathis because I am working at the Army Depot. On July the 27th my mother which came in from New Mexico went to Dollar General to get a few last minute things for my sons birthday party. While we were there I had decided to get some school supplies for school. I usually carry a wrap around shoulder bag as my purse, I was told to leave it behind the counter by the manager Rose which said that she was sorry but they had a lot of kids come in and try to take stuff mind you Im 42 yrs old. I then replied its my purse with my military badge, wallet and personnel belonging Rose then replied" oh nothing will happen to it back here at the counter, mind you I managed retail for 15 years. She assumed that I was trying to take something because of my purse. I work for the federal government! I then told her I'll just take it to my car . I returned back in with my mom and we still needed to go to the grocery store in town so I asked an employee by the name of Ruby if she could hold the had basket with school supplies until I got back from the grocery store because I needed plastic folders with brads and if the didn't have them then I would buy more of the paper folder with beads Ruby looked straight at my mom and I rolled her eyes took a deep breath and said I GUESS JUST PUT IN ANYWHERE HERE! My mom and I looked at each other and I told Ruby Nevermind this has been the worse experience here I want your name, your managers name and your coorperate office number, Ruby then replied " I don't know what I did wrong but it's Ruby and my managers name is Rose, then she yelled across the store for her manager Rose and I asked her for the coorperate number and she said she didn't know it , I then told her that was fine I would get it off the Internet. This is not the first time I've had bad service there but this was the worse ever and my worse experience ever. I will never return to that store and if you cannot deal with your job and customer service maybe that's not the job for them. Customers make the business and without customer service the business won't be as successful. I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. The other time I was there they were doing inventory and the manager Rose was at the checkout throwing my products around into the bag I bought I asked if she was having a bad day she then replied I have been working a lot of hours and tired. I understand I replied I've been there but we have to do our best to treat customers like a normal day. We are not at fault. There had been more customer service issues which I will add on to my report with the Better Business Bureau. Your employees just can't assume by the purses customers carry or because of kids taking things so everyone else will too or because the employees or managers are having a bad day are having a bad day we all gave those but that's are job and what if I was a police officer or private investigator and they did that they would of been in a lot of trouble!

Squeakers 8/11/12 12:32PM

Bono,Arkansas is the worst dollar general I have shopped stuff in floor no friendly employees , stuff in wrong place ..etc

Liza 8/10/12 9:40AM

I have shopped at Dollar General Store for many years. It has been one of my favorite stores. I go there instead of WalMart a lot of the time. I have recommended Dollar General to my friends and family. I started ordering a few things online to save time and money. The first order was packed poorly but intact and one bottle of Purex had it's cap ajar and it leaked but as it was packaged in a plastic bag I was able to use it.
My second order has been a major disaster. The case of antibacterial hand soap and the case of antibacterial dish washing soap was not sent with the order. I contacted customer service and they kept telling me they had shipped the hand soap but they didn't. They had some sort of brain dysfunction (do they speak English?). They refused to understand that the antibacterial hand washing soap and the antibacterial dish washing soap were 2 different items.
They finally shipped the hand soap but charged me for it!!!
I still have not received the dish washing soap and doubt if I ever get it.
I suggest you stop selling online until someone in your shipping department learns how to pack merchandise to a home and knows how to tell if everything is in the package before it is mailed. You need to fire your customer service reps or hire someone from the USA that speaks and understands English.

pissedoffwoman 8/8/12 1:00PM

Hi, I live in Paducah, Kentucky, the store I use to go to is miutes from my home, but I have noticed over the course of the past year a decline in the store. First off, it is so dirty, inside and out, you have to kick your way into the building sometimes for trash in the parking lot, once in the treat is a jumbled arranged, nasty floor mess. It gets worse with each day. I was so disgusted at the spills on the floor i documented a few and they have remained there for over a week. Besides for the dirt, there is always boxes in the isles and you can never get through them. Please clean up this store. Its in an extremely nice area and its is just terrible. contact me and I will forward the pictures i have taken of the inside and out.

DG of Lone Oak, KY so dirty 8/5/12 2:37PM

I have been to the store off 103rd st. by my house and I have to say the parking lot is full of trash all the time and the store has boxes all in the floor and the shelfs have nothing on them. i have worked for Dollar General before and I'm sorry this in not how a store is ran. I have called and complained on this store everything i go. It is time for some one to do something. The employers just sit in the office every time im there. Theres a sign at the register that says ring bell for service. Now what kind of customer service is that. Then some Employers are so rude. I have been in there alot of times and don't understand why anything has not being done about it. Today is a 7/22/12. And again 3 employers in office and trash every where in parking lot. im at the point of just driveing down to the family dollar. It's time to get off you'll butts and do something about this store. It's poorly ran and dirty. Your losing customers do to this. Time to do some thing.

Bostjancicjay 7/22/12 6:08AM

I am a regular customer at the Dollar General located at 9156-103rd St, Jacksonville, FL. I am a disabled American veteran and have contacted the corporate office concerning able bodied customers blocking one of the handicapped spots. I have contacted them twice and was assured both times something would be done. Nothing has been done concerning this issue. I have parked in the spot close to the door and been blocked in by able bodied customers. These people have been rude and one of them even threatened me in front of Dollar General employees and customers. If something is not done soon to correct the problem, I will have to contact someone connected with protecting the rights of the disabled.

Patti Melton 7/18/12 7:55AM

dollar general in redgranite wi. has a little girl working there by the name of kera, shes a very rude girl. swearing at me also tellinng me not my business when i asked her about her yelling at my grandchild...i will not be shopping there any more i will go 10 miles to walmart...she yelled at my grandson and the managers are well aware of this and wont do anything. ur store sucks with those employies....very unhappy costomer...

Anonymous 7/17/12 3:25PM

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