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Duane Reade Corporate Office

Duane Reade corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Duane Reade Inc.
440 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
United States

Phone: 212-273-5700
Fax: 847-914-2804

Duane Reade Corporate Office Comments

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You have so many stores in the city but none on West End Ave between 70th and 60th. In fact there are NO drug stores in this area With thousands of high end apartments why no store.

Daylilly 2/5/14 3:16PM

there are not enough employees in any of the east harlem locations. i had recently went to the stores on 116th street and on 106th street both on third avenue and there was no one to help me. i think more hiring should be done for the new year.

Anonymous 12/28/13 7:45PM

Dear Concern;
Good day! This is Amanda. I am a usual shopper at Duanereade in Port authority terminal, Manhattan. I was so heart with an employee's attitude. On 3rd of October Thursday 2013 at around 2:20 pm I have purchased so many items from a lady cashier. I was in uncertainty with my payment. I thought it may be charge twice due to void transaction. The lady cashier called manager for a sound solution for my favor but a lady name TANIA came and without listening my opinion she argued with me and have an unexpected attitude. Management should verify the camera and take a proper training for this type of employees for giving proper customer service. Her attitude should be changed and as a manager she need to know some additional management strategies for customer service. I will have a best command through social media if management take proper decision against this attitude.
Thanking you

Complain against an Employee/Man 10/6/13 11:57PM

On Thursday, July 24, 2013, I brought in a prescription late afternoon for Nucynta (50 mg) which I need for pain
(severe arthritis). Neither Vicodin nor Celebrex works for me. I am 70. I am not a "prescription junkie." I am just looking for pain relief as prescribed by my physician. As of 12 Noon, today, July 30, 2013, I still do not have my prescription because the Duane Reade at 75th Street and Columbus Ave does not have it in yet. On 7/24, the only DR that had this was on 110th Street. After just coming to 75th Street from having epidural injections at my physician, I could not go to 110th Street. None of the Duane Reades in the 70s on Broadway had it. I was told the LAW FORBIDS A DR EMPLOYEE/RUNNER/MESSENGER from bringing Nucynta from 110th St. to 75th St. I do not understand why I have to suffer in excruciating pain, when, perhaps, I could have had relief for a week already. It seems the "prescription junkies" have no problem getting meds, while I do. Also, what takes DR in Manhattan, so far 7 days to try to obtain a legal drug?

Anonymous 7/30/13 9:11AM

Store # 413-1235 lexington Ave. Day 2- yesterday I contacted the executive office questioning the moronic necessity for two trips for medications for cataract surgery. I was told that the drugs were not in stock so that the voice messages
were required each time a drug was delivered. Hello! When all the drugs are delivered call the client so that two trips are not required One message for all the drugs would have sufficed. Today, the final insult.I was ignored waiting on line and an individual standing next to me was taken in front of me. The gentleman apologized the clerk didn't. CVS here I come

Anonymous 6/20/13 3:28PM

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