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Geico corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Government Employees Insurance Company

Berkshire Hathaway
1 Geico Plaza
Washington, DC 20076
United States

Phone: 301-986-3000

Geico Corporate Office Comments

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It would take 2 pages to explain the atrocities which have occurred at the hand of the Geico San Diego Claims managers and adjusters.

In a word- corrupt best describes their actions. I have solid proof with pictures and emails that they outright lie to avoid paying valid claims.

Richard Hoyt is the worst and most manipulative offender, with his boss Craig Hampton and Margi Rogers, running close behind. They will truly say or do anything to save Geico money or avoid being caught. They play silly high school type games and threaten customers with wasting their time to answer questions in a formal Examination, in an attempt to harass customers and make the claim disappear. They abuse the use of their on staff counsel to obtain their political goals to cover up their fraud of hiding evidence which would result in claims payment. If anyone needs a witness to misrepresentation,

Consumer Fighter 1/10/14 1:12PM

I too was the victim of auto payment scam with GEICO. My bank card was stolen so when I was issued a new one with new number ,I was unaware that my premium auto payment was declined. GEICO says they sent me an e mail I never saw that policy was being cancelled. Now I will have to pay double the amount for insurance for the next year all because my bank card was stolen and they consider me high risk? Marl I R

marli R 1/3/14 5:20PM

I must admit that I've been impressed with the level of customer service for years. However, being unemployed this summer forced me to make payment arrangements for my bills. GEICO drafted the payment 10 days before the agreed upon date, causing me to incur overdraft fees in my checking account. That was 10 days ago, and it's still not resolved. The bank has already added another fee, and will add still another any day now. I've been told that "the check is in the mail," but that was days ago, and they say that there's nothing they can do. Now, my paycheck will be automatically deposited to my account with a negative balance in excess of $200, which will cause me further difficulties. Time to get new auto insurance, for sure, and never again will I allow any company to auto-draft from my account!

freestyle 9/13/12 9:42AM

Words can't descibe the unethics and unprofessionalism with GEICO handling my claim. I filed a theft/fire claim on June 20th 2012 and still have not been settled. I had to get an attorney, thabk GOD he is a collegue and not charging me, but this is getting out of control. I am contacting the corporate office Monday to file a complaint and hopefully this will be settled. What upsets me the most is I am an INSURANCE AGENT for the State of Ohio and know the rules of the fair claims act and to add injury to insult, I worked for GEICO at the VA Beach location and recommend alot of people to GEICO, but if I can not get my claim settled ASAP my opinion will change...claim#40943330101022

What happen to my claim 9/8/12 3:05PM

On 7/18 I called geico to lower my deductible to $250 and remove my Jeep and they only remove coverage from my Jeep and did NOT lower my deductible...on 7/30 I had to submit a claim thinking I was fine with a $250 deductible, come to find out the rep did not lower my deductible and I am stuck with a $500 deductible and they refuse to honor my $250 deductible which was a GEICO REP ERROR and they told me tough luck. THIS IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY

Shay 8/1/12 1:02PM

I am extremely displeased with how my son's claim has been handled through you. My son's car was hit by one of your subscribers 7/2/12,he was cited by the police officer on the scene-not my son,and my son's car has not been fixed,or even looked at yet! This is absolutely ridiculous! He just started a new job and is going to school also and now does not have a vehicle. A rental car was given to him for 6 days only after I pitched a fit. He was told he had to turn it in today,and he still has not vehicle. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB because this is horrible business practices. And I saw on the BBB website that the office I am dealing with has had 1319 complaints in the last 3 years!! Pretty awful. I will never ever recommend your insurance company to anyone. I expect this to be resolved immediately. And my son has given permission for me to contact Geico, the case worker he has been assigned to is Kendra Cane,phone #: 800-841-9160,ext 5604.
Stephanie Fillingim

Stephanie 7/18/12 8:51PM

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