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DIRECTV corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the DIRECTV corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the DIRECTV corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
2230 E. Imperial Hwy.
El Segundo, CA 90245
United States

Phone: 310-964-5000
Fax: 310-535-5225

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I am writing to complain and ask why a valued customer cannot get some kind of promotion or a deal when it comes to continuing direct tv. I have been with direct tv for 2 years and want to continue but representatives tell me no more promotions are left. I am on a limited budget and have been getting a reasonable price for direct tv. Now, they say no more. I will be switching to another cable company because my bill went higher than what I was getting and cannot afford it no more. Please help me, a nice representative gave me a deal and great movies to boot but no longer will be getting that. What happen to keeping good customers?

Anonymous 2/17/14 1:53PM

We have had Direct TV for over 15 years and had previously been happy. Now we are not as you violated our contract by doing away with the weather channel. Weather Nation is a joke. Boring as ever and does not give much information as to storms etc. We used the weather channel for current conditions before traveling. We may be moving soon and will not have Direct TV if you continue to cut channels and increase the price. All you have on Direct TV is junk and reality shows that are stupid.

Diann 2/12/14 4:24PM

Did CEO Mike White think he showed the real side of himself
when he went on undercover boss ?? He made like he really
cared about his employees & his customers.
He's got a great house & life and could care less about his customers.
They take away weather channel and we get hit w/ a rate increase. As for weathernation WHAT AN INSULT!!!!!!!!!!!

kniko 2/12/14 9:35AM

If you drop Channel 12 ABC I will drop Direct TV and switch to another tv service. Not happy with the wasted channels that we have to begin with. Only watch about 25% of them but have to have the rest to get the ones I want. So if you take away one of the main ones I watch I will be forced to go back to cable or to dish. Sorry but you have messed with the channels too much over the years and I'm tired of the hassle for the price.

Anonymous 2/10/14 6:52AM

Iam vary dissatisfied with Direct TV may have to change to DISH I liked the SPEED channel a lot.My wife liked SOAP channel. WE both liked the WEATHER channel ALL GONE!This is not right! Sell you one thing and then drop the channels you like the most. Im realy POed about this. Its my money and I don't have to have Direct tv.

gadget 2/5/14 8:41AM

I am very disappointed you have removed INSP from your list of channels 364
We watched this channel at least 40% of time so wonder why we should stay with Direct TV?
Allen Clary

Anonymous 2/1/14 2:34PM

I switched from Dish Network to Direct TV because of the run around and total confusion I had with Dish. I switched with the understanding that I would be able to get the Weather Channel on Direct TV. This is probably the channel I watch the most and it is very important since I live in a very rural area in the Northeast and travel a lot to get to my job. WeatherNation is a complete waste of my time and not anywhere close to the quality and professionalism of the Weather Channel. It was my understanding that the Weather Channel wanted a penny more per viewer. I will pay a $1 a month more to have this channel returned. I didn't appreciate the CEO's comments that the viewers just want to view the weather and not reality tv. WHAT ABOUT THE EXPERTS? WeatherNation doesn't have any and the local forecast is crap. I feel Direct TV is giving me the same BS that DISH did. They have violated their agreement as to what they were going to provide for the package I paid for. I am assuming you will let us get out of our contracts since you violated it.

Anonymous 1/22/14 9:58AM

Obviously, DirectTV doesn't value it's customers but it's bottom line!! We all should drop DirectTV in masse!!

revenge 1/20/14 4:55PM

Really mad at DirectV for cancelling the Weather Channel. Weather Nation is a poor substitute. It has a low tech format with no on scene coverage of weather events. Just someone in a studio standing in front of a greenscreen. Also there is no local weather coverage. DirectV's explanations for the change are lame and hypocritical. The comments on their website seem phony and likely produced by DirectV itself. Considering changing our TV provider,

Steve 1/15/14 1:22PM

we have been so pleased with direct tv until NOW! we both watch the weather channel several times daily. hate weather nations format! please change back to the weather channel. please the loyal customers that you have!! listen! why dont people in higher up postions ever poll their customers before making decisions that affect their profits. reconsidering takes courage but customers will appreciate your putting them first! C&J

c&J 1/15/14 6:20AM

I'am not happy with the weather change Direct T V has instituted on channel 362, we living in the north of wi need to be able to go to the weather and see what is happening where, now you can't. We plan our days, trips, outings at night on the minute up to date we had before, for local weather at a moments notice. It may not be of importance to you in a leather chair but try freezing to death on some back road because you we're not informed of your immediate areas weather lol. The music is hedious seeing that we're country here not what your irritating us with. We buy and pay for excellent service, not this that you proport to be an excellent replacement. sadly I am wondering if you feel what ever your small monetary gain by changing is worth the life of a person who relies on up to date information as we had and now have lost. You ought to rethink your decision or carry both, for your current efforts have truly failed.

FMPV 1/14/14 9:40AM

Poorest Customer Service In The Business World. Go Days Without Service, And Lied To About Support Team Coming To Fix It. Days Taken Off Work Early To Be Home , And No One Shows And No One Calls. I Suspect The Three Stooges Would Have More Common Sense And Tact Than Some Of The Personnel You Have Hired There. I Finally Could Not Deal With Any More The Bunk They Were Handing Out. I Stopped My Service. Spoke With Family And Several Friends Who Are Having Same Issues With You. They Are Going To Leave Your Business Too.

rebecca hughey 1/9/14 12:57AM

DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY unless you want to become frustrated; overcharged; not listened to; financially ripped off; told inaccurate information; given channels you didn't want then are forced to pay for them!! You will get NO RESOLUTION to what was their error, not yours, even after many telephone calls and letters to their head office. We just purchased this service not even 3 months ago and are completely appalled by their ethics; practices; lack of integrity. But hey, that's big business...right? They can rob you blind and you have no recourse!!

Unsatisfied 1/7/14 9:32AM

Your direct tv most recent commercial shows an old man getting beaten and robbed for a can of SOUP! Are you all idiots or what in your advertising department? Isn't there enough violence on the streets without your ridiculous commercial showing more at the expense of an innocent old man.. I don't get your advertising strategy, it is worthless and you all need to start over with a better plan. Maybe hiring some better marketing personnel would help... Cc

Anonymous 1/2/14 7:34PM

I have had the worse encounter with Direct TV, the service guys came out to do my cable, which i explained I wante the cable fished due it being a brand new home, the serviceman drilled wholes throughout my brand new home and then stated if I had fished the home it would have cost you, I have been on the phone for a month trying to get my home done, the supervisor came out and stated that the tech had no respect for my home and approved my damage claim then stated I would not have to pay for the fish to my home, well that was 2 weeks ago and when a new tech came out he informed me that the supervisor has to send someone from his team to do the repair since he will not get paid, this is an insult to me, my home has 5 holes and the back of my home has 9 holes and look like a railroad track. Everytime I call I get the run around and they told me there is no number to corporate office, and they have not offered any compensation for me. I just want the entire direct tv out of my home and repairs fixed, i will never recommend direct tv and they can stop sending the referral incentive in my bill.

Carolyn 1/2/14 7:19AM

Well on DDecember 4,2013 my bill was due and when i called she said i could pay my bill of $78.97 by December 13,2013 and i called to make payment on bill at 9:52 pm on December13 and the man told me that i had a credit ONE for $30.00 and another for $47.00 which equaled $77.00 which gave a credit of $9.31 afterwards. So he told me dont pay my bill cuz of the credit so December 28,2013 i get a bill for $147.87 so i call and explain what i told by one of them on December 13 and supervisor named arnold told me i was misinformed and i gotta pay the $78.97 how is that when i told not topay on December13 when i tryed were is the justice i feel we shouldnt have to pay if yall misinformed me please help thank you

mskilgore25 12/28/13 7:37PM

I was a costumer of direct tv since 2003, I switch to another company. Two months later I receive a bill from direct tv charging 3 movies from 2003, movies that since 10 years ago I already paid. I call to direct tv to get help I spoke with more than 10 people no body can help, the last person was Julio and he was really nasty, he let me on the phone talking alone and he told me that he can't not do anything to help me. I just want a copy of the bills of 2003 to prove me that I did not paid that movies. It is not about the 18.08 dollars is about the true. I will never going back to direct tv is sad that a company do this. I know that nobody is going to help me. but thank you anyway. I hope that somebody that work in direct tv corporate office can read this and help me with information.

S 12/10/13 9:38AM

To whom this may concern,

I have been a loyal customer for almost 7 years. I understand that your company has invested $500 plus dollars in credits over the past years however; I have recently called wanting to cancel my service due to my husband loosing his job after 13 years. My bill normal runs $85.00 a month with credits applied. The customer service representative informed that she could apply an additional $30 credit for 12 months to my account bringing my bill down to $55.00 a month in order for me to stay. This credit was to be applied with no contract. I was in tears of joy at this time. This took a load off my back. Even though I need to cancel to save the whole $85.00 a month, the representative showed compassion so therefore I did too. I agreed to having the bill brought down to $55.00 with the hopes that my husband would have at least 1 year to find employment and then we would have no worries of paying the bill or staying as a loyal customer. I have not had a contract for several years. Not having a contract allows me to completely shut down the package when times a rough such as now. Television is a WANT not a MUST! I later received and email that is forwarded to you below that the conversation we had was not reflecting on the bill and that I now have a contract. So I called in to help my family find monthly savings, instead I got the same bill and a 12 month contract. This puts me and my family in a worse situation now than before when I called to cancel.

My understanding is that since I listened to the recording that I agreed to the agreement. Your company is a billion dollar industry and I know that you get petty emails like this all time. Well your millions are not petty to you but my 35K income is. Honesty and better communication is the key to success. I feel that I have been manipulated and my intelligence insulated. Your representative are saying one thing on the phone and then your recording says another. Tell me how this ok? I am asking that the agreement needs to be removed from my account so that I may cancel and move on. I can not afford this bill. I do not need to put it on hold, I need it cancelled. Putting it on hold just pushes the problem farther down the road; it doesn't fix the issue. Your company seems to be loosing a lot of faith from your loyal customers. What will you do to make this better?

Thank You,

Jenny Lawson

Jenny25802580 11/25/13 8:58AM

We have three separate accounts with Direct TV; for years now. Due to loss of programing during your recent agreement talks, many of our BEST shows were out for quite sometime. Dissappointed and upset, we complained and received several discounts on our accounts and an upgrade. Yesterday, was the appointment that was set up for the upgrade to take place.

Our complaint is a big one. Initially, years ago, when we decided to rid our ourselves of cable and get Direct TV installed, we called Direct TV (of course) and installation was complete; in (3) different places. A couple years ago, we wanted/& paid for upgrades in our primary residence. Again, for this we called Direct TV service. The technician that came out at that time, stated whoever initially installed the service did it all wrong and he needed to REWIRE for us to get the upgrades we requested. He was a very nice man and spent most of the day here rewiring what the initial installer had done. Upgrade complete. Happy customers.

We now were promised an upgrade of the Geneie, due to our loss of programming during your contract talks. Two technicians came out yesterday (well past their appointment commitment)late in the day; they were here 30 minutes and informed us our wiring was wrong and they could not touch or do any work for us, or they would be fired! No upgrade. Nothing! And I guess, we will never ever be able to contact Direct TV for service problems if this is the case?! According to these recent technicians, the wiring is all wrong and WHOEVER DID IT is responsible to rewire. WHAT? We have ONLY had Direct TV Technicians working on our wires for the (one) upgrade we received two years ago. They went on to tell us, a Direct TV CEO moved to our area and fired everyone and is very strict now regarding the "type" of wiring that is in place.

As we see it, this is not OUR PROBLEM. Direct TV is responsible. If our wiring was wrong at the very first installation years ago, we should have been told then they are unable to install service, due to the wires! No one said anything.

What do we do now? Close all our accounts, because according to these service techs the new CEO will not allow them to touch any thing without correct wiring? We told them to REWIRE it then. They can NOT TOUCH it, or they will be FIRED. OMG! It was as our house could explode at any time, these wires are so horrible. We've had no problems at all with the reception; but according to them, this in itself is amazing we have any reception at all?

We need assistance, or we will have to go elsewhere. If no Direct TV techician can ever work on our system again, because of WIRING originally done by Direct TV, our satelite experience with you is shortened for sure.

We have always been pleased with the customer service through the years; but this is crazy! Please contact us, so we will know how to proceed hence forth ...

Jennifer 10/29/13 11:23AM

I have been trying to find a way to contact Customer Service by telephone. Oh, yes, I have tried the 1-800 number and always get a recording saying the number is not in service. This may be because I am calling from Canada about my installation that is in New York State. Oh yes, I have tried the email service, however while they say you will get a response in 24 hours, I haven't received a response in 5 days.

Questioning Canadian 10/21/13 4:32PM

I am contacting Directv Corporate Office because I was trying to make the payment for 10/05/2013, $65.80 by automated teller and I made a mistake and made the payment of 137, for 11/04. I tried to stop the payment by speaking to someone at my bank and was told that wasn't possible that the payment was made by debit had to post and then I should contact Directv. David with Directv explained that I would have to wait 7-10 days to receive a credit for the difference in the payments. I am an elderly person and I really need to get the difference in the payments. I have not received the bill for the double payment. Had I known that the 10/5 bill had been carried forward to 11/4, I would have called to make the 10/5 payment. I have to buy groceries and this is hurting my budget. Can something be done to sooner than a week to 10 days to reimburse me the 11/04 payment? I will pay that bill in November when I receive my November check.

Anonymous 10/18/13 10:10AM

I am retired on a fixed income. I was tired of Charter's lying to me so I cancelled and chose DirecTV. Now less than a year into my contract I lose quality of picture and frequent loss of signal. I contact customer service which are very nice and a service man is sent out to find the problem. Lose set screws on my dish was the problem. TV service back to good. POW! I get a 49.95 bill for them to come and fix what they did not do correctly the first time. Just got off the phone with Joe in costumer service and he tells me I did not purchase the service agreement with my service. Is this how you people make your money? Faulty installation and then you charge to come back and fix it? I don't need DirecTV. DirecTV needs me. I will research other options and you can have your service back when I find something I can afford.

William Aaron 10/7/13 10:58AM

I cant get anyone to help me. I am a less than one week customer and am having problems with my direct tv and have had terrible customer service. I need to talk to someone that can help me. This has been terrible

Anonymous 10/1/13 7:47AM

direct tv are the biggest crooks I have every dealt with wont honor there own contracts give one price and charge another one direct take whatever they want I guess they hope you don't catch on

joe 9/28/13 7:01PM

Cannotget connected toyour 800#,new service installed in 6i713should have installed a high def. monitor. Have wasted too much time trying to contact you. please send us an installer with a hihg def. monitor so we can have a better picture on our TV. We never wanted the free movies but they installed it anyway. Sent you a letter, and called a local agent to cancel the movie channels . We will not pay for them on 9-17-13 when you plan to bill us for them.Call the 800# yourself and see how very bad your sevice is.Have someone call

dlthayer 9/11/13 11:32AM

My daughter is a full time college student. One of the reasons I got her Direct TV is so she could be set up with the internet to do online classes. She was moving on 7/15/13. She called Direct TV on 7/12/13 to request they discontinue service on "7/15/13" thinking she was giving them advance notice of the discontinuation. Well, they discontinued her service right then and she had an online exam scheduled later in the day on 7/12/13 so she called them back and said they should not have turned it off on the 12th that she requested the 15th. They turned it back on on the 12th and then, unknown to us, implemented a contract for another year of service (was previously going monthly as it was past the original contract expiration date)and we now have to pay for another year and at a higer monthly rate. Called after getting a bill and was told what they did and now have to pay an extremly large fee to discontinue service because of the new contract they implemented without our knowledge plus one month of service since a month has passed now since the date they were to discontinue the service. I had the charges directly billed to a credit card so I will dispute the charges through my credit card company at this point. Come on now!!!! What kind of business practices are these.

Anonymous 9/10/13 1:49PM

My name is Kathy Kirk. Our account number is listed under my husband's name, Ryan Kirk. We are long-time, loyal customers of DIRECTV. I spoke with a wonderful, extremely friendly woman by the name of Marsha on September 6, 2013. I have had my share of conversations with customer service representatives over the years; some pleasant, some not so pleasant and some just simply average. I would have to say my conversation with Marsha was by far the most pleasant and enjoyable conversation I have EVER had with any company representative. After speaking with Marsha, I was left feeling extremely satisfied and amazed with her friendliness and kindness. Thank you, Marsha. May you be treated by your employer, DIRECTV, with the same courtesy you have shown to me.

Ryan and Kathy kirk 9/8/13 11:32AM

I called Directv today, talked to Jennifer, she has to be one of your best customer service people there is. She was very helpful, polite, and pleasant.

She deserves recognition. Maybe a raise

Ruth 9/3/13 12:04PM

Dear Sir My Name Is Donald I Am A 100% Disabled Vetern Of Two Wars T I Spend Most Of My Time At Home I Have Had Direct Tv For Some Time Now We Have Most Ever Thing You Offer On Tv I Watch Tv Most Of My Wakind Hours And A Lot Of Times All Night When I Can`t Sleep. Sometimes I Am A Littloe Late With Paying My Bill. I Have A Problen Now I Made A Payment Through My Bank Direct Cut Of My Service They Said The Bank Said It Was The Wrong Account # When I Called Them They Had The Right Account I Dont Know What Happened. Today Is The 27th I Asked Them To Give Me Three Days My Disibilty Check Comes On The 30th Of Aug. I Dont Think That Is To Much To Ask For Do You? I Need Help. Donald Hartman


Anonymous 8/27/13 11:15AM

I am writing to tell you of my total discust at your decision to carry Al Jazerra as a programming option. You actually think that they went from the terrorist news outlet we saw right after 9/11, to some kind of fair and serious news outlet? They are just using America's hard fought freedoms against us. This network is one thing, re-packaged for American's and quite another in the Arab world. They air programs advocating wiping Israel off the map and the beheading of Christians and all those who are not Muslim. I will not ask for a boycott of Direct TV, or even Al Jazerra. You both have first amendment rights( at least in America). I will ask you to let me have a choice to watch the Blaze Network. I Demand the Blaze, if you carry Al Jazerra. America can then get both perspectives on the news of the day. If this does not happen I, and millions of others will go elsewhere to get a decent entertainment venue.
George P. Mulry
Webster, Massachusetts

Gmulry4 8/21/13 7:40PM

Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Encountered, They Double Bill, Double Talk You About The Bills, Make You Feel As If Youare Stupid. My Contract Is Up Thank Goodness, Will Pay Final Bill Then Cancel. Maybe They Should Be Government Regulated Since They Steal Your Money And Give You Horrible Horrible Service.........sorry I Ever Left Comcast.

Anonymous 8/10/13 9:34AM

Time and again we are blacked out from Giants games. We are five+ hours from San Francisco and the team has around 160 straight sell outs and yet you do not televise for example a Baltimore v. Giants game. You almost always black out the Dodgers games. We've heard all of the excuses but none of them make sense. Why not try to satisfy as many customers as possible with your present packages. We pay for the Bay Area games but are often blacked out for no apparent reason.

Anonymous 8/9/13 7:16PM

Dear Sir/Madam
l spent a very very frustrating 55 minutes on the telephone to your so called "customer service"each time being transfered 3times and being hung up on twice.l had scheduled 7/27/13 to have my satalite dish upgraded.The tech came out and was very professional,but he later informed me that my dish had been incorrectly installed (in 2008) and there are holes in my roof,which makes sense as in the past l have noticed damp in my attic ,but not thinking it was from the dish on my roof,and would still be none the wiser had this tech not spotted the holes from the bothched job from the install in 2008.the tech informed me that he would'nt install the upgrade because it would come back on him if the leaks got worst,which l completely understood and agreed with him.l started the calls this morning 7/29/13 and got every thing from "you need to climb on the roof and take pictures"l am a 65 year old woman so l found that laughable,Then l spoke to another person and all she said was "you better not scream at me,l am a very nice person"l kid you not,this coming from her mouth befor l even introduced myself.l worked in customer service for a very large builders in the USA for 27 years so l understand that keeping calm matters,and got several awards doing just that.Your customer service is a joke and its sad that a large company such as yourselves don't value taking care of customer complaints.l await a reply from direct TV,and if not then l will regretably hand this matter over to my lawyers. Jennifer Moore

Anonymous 7/29/13 5:11PM

Service and company an utter joke,disgraceful to say the least.switched service from bright house because we were promised a 40$ a month savings plus more channels and would not lose signal in rain.boy did we get took.we are paying 40$ more a month,have lost signal every time it storms,and have less channels.on top of that we have had service less than 30 days but cannot cancel unless we pay a 480$ penalty. looks like I will change bank acct.number cancel service so they cannot debit acct and file a lawsuit along w a lot of other victims of there fraud.

Anonymous 7/25/13 7:54PM

I recently moved from Pa. to Ca. I have derectv. My sister had a death in the family so we decided to get a house together in Ca. She also has directv. Now we have one house with two directv contracts. you would thing they would drop one of the two contracts. NO! This big corporation wants use two either pay on both contracts or pay a big penalty. Now they threaten to take money out of my bank for payments. They have a number of law suites going on now and they will have another if they touch my banking. WHY do they not see the logic in this. In closing I would mention they would drop a double contract if my sister was my spouse??? I want to hear from corporate!!! This company keeps getting smaller and smaller in my eyes....

Anonymous 7/24/13 5:02PM

This customer has contacted customer service reguarding the original placement of my satalite dish via telephone, and online, due to the fact that the satalite tech that placed the dish in the line of trees that block this customer from receiving any signal. Customer service advised that it would cost $50.00 to have the dish relocated to a more condusive location, in order to receive a signal. This customer should not have to pay for the actions of a directv employee/contractor. I have received a robo call reguarding directv service on a 1 to 10 scale, and give directv a "0". This customer does not care to be getting robo calls about their service, but wants a phone call letting me know when a satalite tech is on their way to relocate the dish. Again, customers should not have to pay for the lack of fore-sight that the satalite tech does not have when he/she installs a dish. The accnt I will hope to be hearing from a satalite tech soon

Anonymous 7/24/13 9:27AM

About 6 months ago a friend of mine ask me to pay a balance of $21 I agreed. When I made the payment I explained this is a one time charge I am not on this account. They agreed. Well July 19th Direct TV debt $319.95 from my bank account, which means that lied and kept my card on file. I called and explain the situation. I was informed since I'm not on the account they couldn't give me information, but you took my money.... Exactly I'm not on the account so why did you debt my account??????? (IM NOT EVEN A CUSTOMER OF DIRECT TV). Well I was took I will get a refund but it may take 10 or more business days... Really.... I feel like Direct TV stole my money

Tee 7/22/13 2:24PM

I had been a subscriber to Directv for 16 years. After repeated calls asking for The Blaze programing to be added to Directs line-up and not getting any real answers I dropped my subscription and signed up with Dish. I had always had good service with Direct and until I could not get what I wanted (The Blaze program)I had been happy with Direct. When I called to discontinue service with Direct I was told I could get free channels. I told the person that I was talking to that the channel that I was most interested in was The Blaze programing channel. I was told that Direct still did not carry this programing so I said cancel my subscription and I signed up with Dish which carry's The Blaze.

I have had a couple of calls from Direct with offers to return but Direct still refuses to carry The Blaze so the offers were of no interest to me. Today July 17 at about 10:30 Pacific Time I received a call from Direct and a man by the name of Lenard said that he wanted to offer me new serviced and I told him the only offer I was interested in was The Blaze program He said that with Directs new type of equipment that I could now watch computer programs on the TV. I told him that all I wanted was The Blaze as part of the programing line up. He said that The Blaze was not available as part of the regular programing. I told him that Dish had it and several cable channels had also picked it up as part of their programing at which point his began to argue with me and began to say that Dish was the only service available. I told him that that was a lie and that there were other cable services that offered The Blaze programing at which point he said that was not true and he implied that Glenn Beck has made some special out of the ordinary deal to get The Blaze carried. At this point I was getting so angry with your representative I hung up. I am really up set that your representatives are not telling the truth and making statements that imply that Glenn Beck is anything other that professional and honest.

Anonymous 7/17/13 12:27PM

This company has no customer support and does not care about its customers. I have been without service for 6 days. I have called on 4 different occasions. I have not been contacted to schedule a service call by the local office because the order was not submitted to them by Direct TV. Yet, Direct TV kept claiming I had a repair order. It was not until I tracked down the subcontractor and verified that they were unaware of my service issues. Direct TV has no problem charging me $160.00 per month but cannot submit a service order and tell the truth about it. Shame on them!!

Anonymous 7/3/13 11:19AM

This company is bs run the other way I wish I would have read all this before I even picked up my phone this company will take your money and run with it and wont give it back take your bissness some where else not worth the headache there prices are fake customer just hangs up on u someone needs to step in and take this company down how can they take your money and keep it I saw lawsuit!!! And I seen u on undercover boss fake!!! Be a real company and ripping people off!!!

madashell 6/12/13 2:12PM

I ordered Direct TV a couple months ago but I had to cancel due to I couldn't get it where I live but I found that out after I already wired the money to Direct TV so I called to get reimbursed for the $130.00 I sent them. I talked to serveral different people in customer service because I was getting transferred because everyone I talked to couldn't find me in their system. Then finally I spoke to someone who found me. So I asked for the reimbursement he said it would take 4-6 weeks to receive it which I think it's ridiculous because they received my money immediately but they couldn't send it back to me immediately. I have written them letters and I still haven't gotten a response or my money. So I think they're a rip off and an irresponsible company. There's no reason why they can't reimburse me.
And if I ever move to a place where I can only have Direct TV as my cable then I'd rather go without cable at all than to get Direct TV service.

Anonymous 6/7/13 9:36AM

I have tried for several days to get a package sent from Directtv to my winter home in Florida. It need to be dropped off and left because my son was there and would send my receiver back. Instead of sending the box to my Florida home, it arrived at my Indiana home yesterday. I have called 7 times this morning and it keeps dropping the line. HELP

Anonymous 6/6/13 6:16AM

At Direct TV every EVERY person we spoke with for account information gave different DIFFERENT answers as to TV packages. One sez oh yes that is part of a $100 pkg the next sez No it's not! So in order to save money ~ bill was $180 a month!!! good god!!!! I thought we had one thing and got another, then had it up dated to still be missing our request, but don't want to pay that much so am letting it go!
Also, requested "geni"/ wireless only to learn even though they advertised it ~ it was not available here!
Then when the installers came out the first had a chip on his shoulder, and installed it exactly as I requested not to ! We have cows that rub so I told him not to put things low! So when I turn around that's exactly what he did! He littered, it's not like it's organized here yet ~ but I don't need his garbage too! I picked it up and opened the door to his van and stuck it in the side pocket! I just had him leave instead of argue with him how and why I wanted it! The next kid that came out had head phones and was rude from the get go, spending more time on his head phones than a professional conversation.

Trish 5/29/13 3:57PM

direct tv customer service sucks I was promised. a lot.of crap and. and. when it came the. due date. they ment. and.when itry calling back. finding out what happen. they. say. bs. like. well they never put it records. so. not their fault. I regreat ever. signin up with this tv service I will neva. tell ppl to get this crappy. tv and will spread the word.and this isnt. the only.issue I have.

deadsilenz 5/26/13 10:11AM

Your Phone System Is Lousey. Four Times I Repeated My Phone# & Each Time They Got It Wrong. I Have No Signal,and Need Help. Where Do We Go For Help. I Think An Attorney Should Look Into You People. You Give Us No Service, But Want Our Monthly Payment. Do Something Instead Of Indunating Us With Ads Constantly.>>>>>>>>>>>>>e. Forsyth>>>pensacola, Fl

Anonymous 5/20/13 3:59PM

Dear Management- I am a judicial officer who works midnite to 8a.m. My problem is with your computer generated call system. I recieved a new phone number 804-895-4456 and apparently the previous subscriber had not been paying your account with them. For the past 8 to 15 weeks every morning at 9:15 A.M. I get a call to contact direct tv about my account. Several attempts through the call center and I get reasons from "We can not verify who you are, to we have nothing to do with the computer generated call back system." This customer service is unacceptable.I am confident that no one in your organization would like a phone call in the middle of the night over this matter. I am at the point where I can not go to sleep in the morning until after I receive an unwanted call from direct tv. I have an account with direct tv and pay faithfully. I am asking that my number be removed from the computer call back system. This is a small request and for months can not get this fixed.Please feel free to contact me and let me know that as a dedicated customer you have fixed this matter.Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Magistrate 4/26/13 8:48PM

I am trying to reach a human being so they can check my account and find out I am up-to-date- on my payments. For some reason my account has been turned over to a debt collector. I checked with the collector and the other account is over two hundred miles from us. We are the only people in the St.Louis, Mo area with our name. I pay by debit card and can prove our account is up to date-IF I COULD SPEAK TO A HUMAN!

Anonymous 4/23/13 5:24PM

Wow, what a fool I am. I failed to read these comments before I signed up for direct TV. The system was installed on Monday and has yet to work as promised. I was told installation was free. The "technician" had me write him a check for $189.00 because he had to drill a hole in the wall when my brand new house was pre-wired for cable, internet etc. He drilled the hole right next to the cable outlet. I have called customer assistance twice and been lied to and have emailed customer service twice and been told to call customer assistance. What a run around. Based on what I have read I need to cancel my credit cards that the bill is attached to and then cancel my service.

Anonymous 4/18/13 1:58PM

I Would Like To Know The Exact Reason Why I Am Blacked Out On All Baseball Games From Cincinnati Reds. I Live 336 Miles From There And Do Not Feel That I Am Being Treated Fairly On This Matter. If Someone Would Look At An Map They Would Realize That I Am Being Pentalized. Both Mlb And Espn Block Them, So This Week I Will Not Be Able To Watch 3 Games. They Even Block Games With The Reds At Other Towns. I Thought Baseball Needed Fans. When I Had Dish I Recd The Reds On My Tv From Fox. I Was Told When We Switched That I Would Get Them, But No One Can Explain Why I Don't Get Them. All You Do Is Lie And Say Dish Is Inferior. Wrong They Are Far Better And Offer More For The Money. When My Two Year Contract Is Up I Am Gone!!!

Anonymous 4/15/13 5:07PM

all of you people that post all of of these lies about direct tv being sooooo bad well wake up and smell the roses people because direct tv is a hell of a lot better than all of the other crap that u have so stop feeding direct tv crap and shut up

directvisawesone1 4/13/13 4:12PM

I like the tv channels I get. However when there is a malfunction with the equipment through no fault of my own, I get lied to as to a receiver being overnighted to me. I call and find out that the unit hasn't even been sent out!!?? And the person to whom I am talking tells me that the company doesn't do overnight service??? What am I to believe?? Direct TV certainly wants its money when the bill comes due!! Or I will be cut off. I live alone and the tv is a lot of compoany to me when I am home. And a whole weekend without any service doesn't set well with me espceially when I was lied to by a Direct TV employee. I am irate to say the least, not because the equipment malfunctions, but because I was led to believe I would be able to have tv over the weekend!! Since I was plainly told the receiver would be overnighted by way of FeDex. This is totally unacceptable , but all I can get is "I'm sorry" from the Driect TV employee When I ask why can't a service man who installs locally bring me a unit I am told that doesn't happen.I realize I am just one person and this company is a large company to say the least, but I will be looking for other companies, and will tell everyone I know about this fiasco with Direct TV.

dougb1009 4/5/13 3:35PM

My name is Jeannette Anderson McKee. Your operators are great fast talking workers. They neglect to be honest and forthcoming in giving information. She told me my bill would be $58.monthly. That has been been a lie. Your company is dishonest. Your company is preying on the consumer. What a shame how you use your customers. You have had a great opportunity to make a positive impact and dishonesty will be your downfall.

Anonymous 4/3/13 1:28PM

I Bonnie Jones have been a directtv customer for over thirty years and I have spent three days and eight hours of my time and your techincians time trying to fix my TV. I have spent 15 dollars of my retirement money to get a new remote control and quess what it still does not work right...... I will say that all of your help were more than willing to help but you must realize I am 77 years old and there telling me things that I do not reconize or never have heard of..... then they tell me that i need a techinican to come to my home and that will cost money.... well you need to help a customer with more than just phone help specially the elderly.... I am looking locally to fine tv service that does not cost money and they come to my home to fix my problems..... it is a real shame that direct tv has got so impersonal.....

[email protected] 3/28/13 12:07PM

Today - March 27, 2013, a repair technician representing DIRECTV threatened my physical well-being. He became irate that I would dare question his ability or willingness to properly resolve issues with my one week old installation of NEW service.

He removed his badge from his shirt - threw it on the couch and said he would "take care of this crap right now" - implying he would give me a whipping! I removed myself from the room, however could easily hear him inside repeated telling my wife that I was a fool and he did not tolerate fools! Hey folks - FOOL or NOT - I am the customer and when he repeatedly blamed issues with my system on CENTURY LINK DSL SERVICE I DID BECOME IRATE! I stated, "ALWAYS BLAMING THE OTHER GUY" ...... and he could not understand why I was indeed IRATE!

SO again -- the repair technician THREATENED MY PHYSICAL WELL BEING ! I want to make this VERY CLEAR! Care to contact me? Name is JOHN and I can be reached at 505-918-0891 AND I AM VERY WILLING TO SPEAK TO ANYONE ABOUT THIS MATTER! YES I AM TICKED!

SmokeJumper 3/27/13 10:09PM

I Have Been With Direct T.v For The Last Eight Years. My Bill Is Continuing To Go Up . Called At&t Got A Bundle Deal Would Not Let Me Have New Customer Deal Because I Was Already A Customer. And Would Have A New Commitment 12 Months To 24 Months. I Refused They Can Keep There T.v We All Need To Tell Our Friends And Neighbors To Switch And Get Streaming Boxes For All T.v . Direct T.v No Longer Is Willing To Keep Our Bills Down . This Will Not Be The Last Place I Post About This Company. Eight Years With Theme I Also Have Dish Sat On My Roof As Well. Have Not Used It As Of Yet .

UP SET 3/20/13 12:41PM

OMG this is the worst ever I just had 450.00 dollars taken out of my checking account I called Customer Service they don.t care one minute called the Office in El Segundo I wante to talk to Michael White CEO not gonna happen the Colorado Office Head quarters they call it its a call center you can not get to the CEO they steal money from your accounts I cancelled my ATM/Credit card since they told me and we will do that again they did not even wait 15 days I am filing a claim with consumer affairs right now

chris831 3/19/13 11:53AM

as like others.. we also are not happy with direct tv.. we are seniors on a pension.. are bill went up & we called them to see what could be done.. we were told that if we dropped half of our channels our bill would go down.. our bill went down for 1 month & then was raised back up.. i have talked to people with the company & they say there is nothing they can do. I can't wait for the time to run out so i can cancel.. to pay their bill i have to make a choice on either food or wifes meds.. i am putting my name on this in hopes they will contact me which i doubt.. Robert c. Earle Sr.

Anonymous 3/12/13 12:23PM

Worst customer service ever!!! Lied to me about when my billing would be do, now it's being automatically taken out the same week my mortgage is paid which means I will overdraw my account every month! Refuse to fix THEIR mistake or let me out of my contract!

soccermom 3/8/13 11:32AM

I was recently roped into a 2 year contract with Direct TV. Sales person promised as good as or better service then Timewarner.
So far I have experienced tileing, delayed response to remote control, losing picture completly, and sometimes display on screen will freeze. Overall experience with Direct TV has been unsatisfaction at best. Now, I have no confidence with Direct TV after my first month of terrible service, and I'm sure I will get no where trying to discontinue any agreement with I have, without paying a $480.00 penalty. I guess I just live with the worst TV service provider I've experienced in more then 15 years. I feel I was completely lied to by the original sales person, and I just waisted 48 minutes of time trying to resolve things with customer service. I will be sharing my experience with friends who reffered me to Direct TV. Thanks for the agrivation. Its unfortunate that I was fooled so easy...

Anonymous 3/6/13 11:43AM

We signed up for the 2 year bundle plan with home phone internet and the choice extra package, we moved a year later and didn't get internet or phone with our new address and had to sign up separately with Charter Communications and we are still paying the same for just TV as if we had all 3 services still plus an added bill for home phone and internet. Direct Tv never told us this when we called them to move and the deceptive ways has caused them to lose a customer with a possible lawsuit to follow!!

Me 3/2/13 8:49AM

To: the CEO of Direct TV

Wish all my respect Sir:
Why your Corporations increase the monthly bill when you cancel the most important CHANEL for us in Asheville, NC?
In top of all these the disregard you have for your customers, I call yesterday to one of your office and the response was you know that we will increase your bill as many time we need to
For many years I suggesting your corporation to include more chancels from Spain, we have too many from Mexico why not Spain?
And the last but no less important, why are so many junks Chanel that nobody see but is include in all package run your company I think is time you respect a little more the person that pay your Chanel.

Meira 2/26/13 1:17PM

My Name Is Dennis Applegate I Have An Account With Direct Tv I Had A Special At 39.99 A Month For 24 Months Which I Never Got They Have Charged Me 68 Dollars A Month Since Day One I Tell Them About It And Its Always Ill Check In To It ,they Never Do Its One Lie After Another So I Have Been Putting Up With It Now My Bill Is Raiseing Every Month It Was $103 , Than It Went To $111 A Month Nothing Has Changed Now This Month Its $115. This Is A Bunch Of S And A Long Ways From $39.99 .when My Contract Is Up I Will Be Going To Dish Are A Better One .i Also Got A $100 Refer A Friend Card So I Refered My Daughter Who Has Always Had Cable But She Moved Out Here By Us And We Gave Her A Refer Card She Called, They Said She Didnt Have Enough Credit So They Want $298. To Hook Her Up She Is On A Fixed Income And Can Not Pay That ,they Only Charged Us$99. That She Could Pay Why Send Anyone Referal Cards And Then Tell The Person No If This Is The Way You All Treat People And There Familes I Would Perfer To Go To A Better Company And Would Do It Now If You All Will Release Us From Your Contract Your Prices Are Awful And Raise Every Month And I Will Be Telling Everyone That Moves Out Here

Anonymous 2/18/13 10:23AM

My Name is Patricia Moore

I Paid on a account and the service were disconnected. I tried to contact Direct tv and all I can get is the recording saying that I must pay the bill and my service will be turned back on.

The account was paid in full with my check card from Suntrust back on February 5th. I would very gratefully appreciate if you or someone from direct would call me so that we can discuss this matter and let me know what happen to the pay made through my bank. My contact number is I need customer service to contact me.

directtv 2/13/13 6:15PM

I use to recommend Direct TV to all my friends and relatives and I have a lot of them. Now I am telling all of them that Direct TV took 411.00 from my bank account without authorization and left me 88 for more than half the month to feed my kids and grandkids. I had to terminate my service because I am losing my house and I cannot afford 90/month for Direct TV. I was a very loyal customer since 2002. I planned on making payments for the early termination even though the installer told me it would not tie me into another contract when I received a new receiver last fall.
I have already contacted the BBB, the Attorney General is sending me complaint forms, filed a disagreement with my bank, spoke with the city prosecuting attorney for possible theft due to removal of money without authorization and possibly considering small claims. I paid you for over ten years regularly and reliably and this is how I am treated? Shame on you. I will also be contacting the local TV stations who have community messages on their nightly news.

Cynda Herrick 2/13/13 5:45PM

I was offered a package if I tried several channels (HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax and NFLSUNDAY TICKET on October 10, 2012 by a salesperson. I was told that all of these can be canceled by January 28, 2013 without an additional charge. I could return to my CHOICE ULTIMATE PACKAGE after that date without being billed. However, on my February bill
I was charged $49.99 for the NFL portion. Your representatives were misleading because I called back several times to get this charge removed because I was told that there would be no charge. Now, your representatives say that this is impossible to remove. If I can't get this resolved I will not recommend your service to any one ever and I will go to Time Warner for service. I am disappointed to I have to resort to using a computer to talk to you about this service. SO MUCH FOR PROMPT AND EFFICIENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

dL 2/8/13 11:13AM

I was offered a package if I tried several channels (HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax and NFLSUNDAY TICKET on October 10, 2012 by a salesperson. I was told that all of these can be canceled by January 28, 2013 without an additional charge. I could return to my CHOICE ULTIMATE PACKAGE after that date without being billed. However, on my February bill
I was charged $49.99 for the NFL portion. Your representatives were misleading because I called back several times to get this charge removed because I was told that there would be no charge. Now, your representatives say that this is impossible to remove. If I can't get this resolved I will not recommend your service to any one ever and I will go to Time Warner for service. I am disappointed to I have to resort to using a computer to talk to you about this service. SO MUCH FOR PROMPT AND EFFICIENT CUSTOMER.

[email protected] 2/8/13 11:03AM

Apparently when you cancel Direct TV they still have the right to directly debit your account on file even if you have not agreed to it. I understand that I had a balance, and when I cancelled my service, because at the time it was cheaper to bundle internet with another provider, the customer service rep told me that I would be able to make two payments as long as I was making them....Well, looking today Direct TV just took money from my bank account even though I had cancelled my auto bill pay and not authorized them to do so! I am very upset and the agents I spoke to did not care to help or even want me resolve my issue. They could not give me a date to which I would be directly debited! They take your money whenever they want to! According to Direct TV you have to have a card on file to have the service, and when you cancel they have the right to take money still from that card whether you agree or not! They really need to get everyone on the same page and provide their customers with dates that money will be taken instead of just taking money!!! I do not recommend this company to anyone! All I wanted was a date they would be taking payment and they would not provide one to me..

upsetcustomer2013 2/4/13 8:41AM

I, too, am so sick of Direct TV. I informed them I was closing my account. I received the return authorization for the return of their equipment. I had already acquired new cable service with another provider. I mistakenly put one piece of equipment belonging to someone else in the same box, and didn't realize it until it clicked the next day. I notified Direct TV immediately and followed up everyday. When I check on the 4th day, I was informed all of the equipment had arrived and they also threw away the equipment that was not theirs even though it was a new piece of equipment. They had ignored my calls and note on my account to return the equipment to me and I would pay for the postage. I am sure because of great mistake, they were laughing the whole time.

They later called me trying to get me to "come back." I told them to remove my name from everyone of their lists, and that I would never come back.

As you said, we should all complain.

gjf 1/26/13 3:41PM

Don't end it here, write to your paper, tell your neighbors, tell anyone who will listen....seems Melissa says they have millions of customers so loosing an account is no big deal, what a supervisor any company wants to have....a happy one that thinks it is no big deal to loose a customer of some 15 years.....way to go moron

Jake 1/22/13 3:43PM

Direct TV and the people they call supervisors are morons. I have just closed my last account for good. An extention with for summer place for parents now Direct wants $30 a month to keep their service, this is not going to happen, pay for nothing. I have now closed 4 accounts with them that I have had over 15 years plus my parents account. Never again, I along with others, tens of thousands will not be back and are hurting Direct and the "profit line" having TV is not worth a hundred dollars a month, think about it...Keep closing the accounts then they can lay off Melissa..some supervisor

Jake 1/22/13 3:41PM

Reading all the negative experiences here about DirecTV makes me feel right at home -- I feel your frustrations first hand. I just went through an awful week with DirecTV, but -- after several phone calls and a "not in the least great" service guy that came out yesterday, I (perhaps foolishly) feel hope. I may well be writing back after Friday (my next service call) with some not so kind words for them. But, assumiing all goes well Friday, here's what I have to say.

I ended up speaking with six or so reps and all but one were putting real effort into handling my problem. They were friendly and I felt like they really wanted to save my business. Only one rep, the guy I spoke with last night (and he was friendly enough), made me feel like he didn't care if I left or stayed.

IF ALL WORKS OUT FRIDAY, I feel like they did a good job and really do want to take care of their customers.

I think it pretty much depends on who is on the other end of the phone when you call, like most places. They have folks that really care and some (or at least one that I know of) who decided working there beats working somewhere else and just wants the paycheck.

Gotta tell you for sure though. I have, over the years, had Dish, Cable and DirecTV. DirecTV, hands down, beats the others for value and customer service. (Of course, I may eat those words Friday.)

Satellite Chick 1/13/13 3:21PM

After I cancelled by Direct TV service after 6 years of service and paid my bill I received a bill form 6 years in the past for almost $100.00 for movies that I never ordered.
I did receive offers in the mail for a free movie and the only time I ordered one I was billed and paid for that movie. I think it's really weird that after I cancel my service I am billed for movies watched supposedly 6 years ago that when I called I was told they weren't able to bill me for but then the one time really ordered a movie that was supposed to be free ...they were able to bill me!

helen 1/4/13 5:54PM

I am a new customer I was givin a fradgulant account no I was notin system. The lady I was dealing with ran my credit3 times . I was told I could get the Jeannie for my hd tv free. When I called back I was not in system and she took my credit card info I have 200 dollars just floating out there. The manager John said call color pâté because she lied and the info she gave me they couldnot honor it. And I have two hd television and getting two standard reviewers. She needs to be fired. I called 12-27-12 ans12-28-12 at 8:15 please pull up our calls .

Anonymous 1/2/13 7:50AM

I and highly disapointed that you do not have the News Mix capability any more. Strange as it may seem not everyone wants to watch Sport Mix. I know that Direct was mainly started as a Sports affiliation but there is life before, during and after sports.

Please don't make me go to another vendor.

21 Stacy 12/14/12 12:03PM

My DVR lost connection with the antenna on Tuesday, December 4. After going through all the possible resets and reboots with Direct TV's Tech Support, they said they would have to send a technician to my home. The date given was for the 2nd - as it was already the 4th I asked him he could possibly do that, to which he replied "I mean January 2." After six or seven phone calls over a five day period to try to get an earlier date for repairing my problem, I was offered the opportunity to have parts shipped to my home via FEDEX to see if I could fix the problem myself. I think the recommendation has great merit for a new Direct TV business model - having all customers perform their own maintenance would do wonders for the bottom line. If the CEO is paying attention, Supervisor Nathan came up with this idea at 8:30 CST Saturday night! Anyway, with the Loony Toons actions Direct TV Tech Support provides, I highly recommend everyone do as I have just done - switch to DISH.

BobCowher 12/8/12 8:11PM

On Dec.5, 2012 I applied for Direct TV service and was given an acct. and order number as well as an installation appt. for 6 Dec. I was notified that due to my son having an outstanding acct. I could not receive any service from Direct TV untill that acct. was satisfied. There is an outstanding acct. but the amount my son is being charged is incorrect. I have tried unsuccessfully numerous times to contact someone to try to resolve this matter and I keep getting the run around, i.e., promises to return my calls and not doing anything to help me. Also, my bank account has been debited $21.40, however, I have been informed I cannot receive any service. I want that money to be immediately returned to my account. I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income with excellent credit and cannot believe that Direct TV is so hard up, they will steal money from me. Will appreciate an immediate answer to some of my frustrations.

Anonymous 12/7/12 8:38AM

There customer service is in the Phillipines. The first time I called they could not help because of uploading/updating information. Another call and I was given the wrong information on when my 3 months of HBO etc was over and I would have to pay a higher fee..The next time I had an increase in bill and was told it would be corrected. A month later I call because I did not have a reimbursement and was hung up on after I stated the problem and person said I would be reimbursed....but that ended the conversation so I am not sure it will be taken care of due to the person not ending the call. We a need for jobs in the US why are they in the Phillipines. I am ready to leave this service. Had left Charter for Direct TV but considering another change.

DSC 12/6/12 5:37PM

My reciever goes out and Direct TV is going to send me a new on, however they use Fed-ex and they can't find my address that's been used for years.
Direct TV said one of their trucks can't drop on by it has to be shipped by Fed-ex.
Direct TV is a scam along with Fed-ex.
And Direct TV CEO doesn't have time to talk to anyone. Guess he's too busy hiding his money.

coyoteehinds 12/4/12 12:07PM

Promised by sales representative that all promotional items available when service ordered on 07/16/12 for temporary housing, while premanant home being built on same land.
Now all promotional promises declined. Now, I need to pay for moving equipment, and setting up additional rooms. New cost over $500.00 or pay my cancellation of $390.00.
Customer Service suggested that I call coorporate.

Maryhcen 11/27/12 4:42PM


HKWY 11/16/12 2:08PM


HKWY 11/16/12 2:05PM

This is all about greed, especially the Lakers, first they sold out to the mother ship, then they sold out to time Warner, and we have to pay for it, but Waite no we don't, seems to me that DirrectTV has broken its contract with it's customers, if we did this to you you would take legal action. And where is the rebate for thousands of customers, oh that's right you are too arrogant to offer one because you think we are idiots. Well you DirrectTV YOU OWE ALL OF US AND WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU TO ACT LIKE A RESPONSIBLE CORPORATION. Hope you fold

Me, customer 11/14/12 12:26PM

Direct TV is pathetic!! Run the other way if you want to change providers of your TV as the only thing you can rely on is thast they will play the bait and switch game. This morning I had planned on installation only to find they brought boxes that were no HD. I called "Customer Service" and the supervisors were of no help. When I signed on they also offered a $10 referral discount as I was referred and that had not been applied either . So basically I was overcharged and cancelled the installation. I plan to take this further on the commission who regulates these crooks. They demand a 24 month contract but it only works in their facor as they will screw you everyway they can not to mention I am sure service after the sale and install is even worse!!

Catherine 11/14/12 8:13AM

Been a loyal customer for a very long time but been a laker fan for even longer bye bye crappy tv this is what you guys want

erick4929 11/13/12 9:44PM

Do SOMETHING ASAP. I've had hope but this is NOT working out. Get your act together and bite the bullet. You already make millions! One more night and I'm DONE. Late fees or not I will push family and friends alike to dump DTV. In reality you don't care but at least ill watch my Lakers and that's all that matters to all of us right now.

Dp76 11/13/12 9:37PM

Unfortunately, another night without the Lakers. I will go back to my old provider. I never wanted it anyway. I was much happier with dishnet when I had it. Direct Tv has the nerve to play the commercial about how so many people are choosing them over Dishnet. If they don't get their act together, they will lose a lot of customers. What are the thinking? This is Laker Nation and everyone I know is a fan. You are about to lose. We left Dishnet for the very same reason. I'm really upset about this, not afraid to change!

chynaboo 11/13/12 9:05PM

I will also be canceling my DirecTV service because there is still no deal with the Lakers. Missing my Lakers and listening to my team on the radio because your company won't make a deal really sucks. It truly is sad how you are treating your customers. All the other providers realized that the way to keep customers is to give them what they want. Goodbye DirecTV!

Shirlgirl 11/13/12 8:57PM

Please don't offer me 3 months of Starz which will AUTOMATICALLY be included in my bill in exchange for DirecTV's failure to secure a deal for the Lakers game. This is pathetic.

donnyjohnsonthebest 11/13/12 5:26PM

I cancelled our account with Directv on Oct. 08, 2012 & was told that I would be recieving boxes to ship back equipment. After recieving a billing stating that I had a credit on our account. I called & was told that I needed to send back equipment & a shipping label would be sent to me. When the account was looked at again I was told that I didn't need to send anything back because it was outdated. My name is Lynn Estep, the account was #14412795. All I want from you is the $21.26 that I overpaid on the account. What does a person do to get thier own money back from your company? You can see from my account that I always tried to pay my bill in a timely manner, I am hoping you will also. As it is now, I find it very hard to think of using your company again or even recommending it to any of my friends....give me a reason to change my mind....Lynn Estep

Anonymous 11/12/12 5:08PM

Not having the Laker games while paying $130 a month is horrible. Not having a Directv rep call or email an apology and explanation is even more disappointing. CUSTOMER SERVICE, please. Directv business problems with the Lakers is their problem and shouldn't be ours. We pay a boat load of money to DIrectv monthly and deserve better consideration. If this problem isn't solved in a few days, I'm taking my business to TWC.

brentwood 11/11/12 8:12PM

I was so disappointed the way your customer service handled the technical problems we have had for the service you are providing at 5412 Kiernan Ave., Salida,Ca. I personally spoke with 5 of your representatives and finally with Cris (supervisor) but got so frustrated with their attitude and inconsistency relevant to the issue.I have been your loyal customer for quite sometimes and never encountered this very poor accommodation from Direct TV. It feels like that you don't care so much about your customers at this point.

Ray-RMC Homes Inc. 11/11/12 7:52PM

Directv sucks! I used to brag about them and I hate I ever did. I thought no one could be worse than Comcast, but apparently I was wrong, because I am back with Comcastand I do not have a contract either! Directv had me in a 2 yr contract which I stayed in for a little past the two years. When I cancelled, they charged me $240 for an early cancellation fee. When asked why, they said it was because I had a box activated during my second year, which started my contract over. I told them the box was a replacement box and that I had the same amount of boxes from the time I came on to the time I left. They put what they want in the notes or just tell you lies. You have know way of knowing if your account was noted correctly, or at all. They know u can't prove it, so they tell u anything instead of doing the right thing and providing quality customer service. The manager, Miguel 100505695 said he did not care if I wrote blogs or put a video onYoutube saying negative (yet truthful) things about the company. Wow! How would the President of the company respond to that? Although, after reading the negative blogs, maybe the President does not care about the customers either. I will soon find out, as my nexy letter will go to Corporate. As much as I did not want Comcast, I have to admit, I will advise anyone to do business with them before I advise them to go to Directv. To eveyone out there, we all have issues with companies from time to time, but if Directv was your only choice....You are better off without television. They are that bad! As for Manager Miguel, what a way to represent your company. I am certain you arw one of the reasons people are leavong!

Shakin'MyHead 11/8/12 10:18PM

I'm a long time DirecTV subscriber and a long time Laker Fan, but those days are coming to an end very soon if you guys don't come to agreement with TWC to provide us with sportsnet tv. I'm seriously considering going over to TWC or Verizon. My brother has already made the move to TWC after being with you guys for 10 years. Wake up before it's too late. The sports bar I go to just switched over to TWC. They were losing customers and got tired of waiting.

Boxman 11/7/12 5:40PM

I am a brand new customer with DIRECTV. I have to say using this company was the biggest mistake I have made in a long time. it has taken all most a month to get my account together with AT&T in a bundled package. These 2 companies are a joke. They had even access my bank account for auto pay without my consent. The corporate office for direct tv insures me that they are sorry, but there is nothing they can do to resolve all the problems they have caused. I would not recomend these two companies to my worst enamies if I had one.

Anonymous 11/7/12 1:57PM

I am tired of direct TV's crap! You have terrible customer service and now you are one of last providers to buy the Lakers channel. I know it will cost me $300 to cancel my subcription, but for the sake of not having to deal with your crappy customer service and me being able to watch my Lakers, i dont care about the price and WILL CANCEL!

Steve 11/6/12 3:01PM

Directv management please do the right thing and give us the loyal Lakers fans the chance to see our team win of lose we still want them back on our Directv programming.. As one of your loyal subscribers please honor our loyalty to your Company and give us our Lakers back!!!!

Bigfino 11/5/12 8:49PM

Upgraded in 2008 ,directv installation tech took my self owned receivers Dec16, 2008that I purchased in 1997 at circuit city.He took them and Directv refuses to Compensate us for them.I was told to email about them and was told the tech would be contacted about returning them ...Guess what never received a response ,suspended my account in july 2012,Cancelled in late july or early August ,not only do they want the receivers back they charged a credit card without authorization and in case you didnt know Can't delete your financial information from the website. I told them that they can Purchase them back since they STOLE MINE...IN MY EYES THE RECEIVERS BELONG TO ME !!!! DID I MENTION WE WERE CUSTOMERS FOR 14 YEARS.....GREAT WAY TO TREAT LONG TERM CUSTOMERS. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE OPERATORS REFUSE TO GIVE YOU A CORPORATE ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER.... OK DIRECTV COUGH UP THE $ FOR MY RECEIVERS ,THEN YOU CAN HAVE YOURS WITH A BOTTLE OF OIL AND DIRECTIONS OF WHERE TO PUT THEM . i WILL BE CONTACTING THE LOCAL NEWS STATIONS IN CHICAGO THEY JUST HAD A STORY OF HOW YOU SCREW YOUR CUSTOMERS AS WELL AS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND BBB . I KNOW ABOUT YOUR 14 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT FOR DECEPTIVE PRACTICES AND OTHER CHARGES.

[email protected] 11/4/12 10:35PM

I'm totally stunned that I can't see the Lakers in LA. I'm so sick of this crap with you people at DirecTV. Money money money. I'm done with this. If this isn't settled by this time next week, I don't care how much it costs, I'm switching over so I can see the team. I'm disgusted - I don't care if it's not your fault. The Lakers mean more to me than DirecTV.

kadyceela 11/3/12 8:15PM

Direct T.V. sucks--when the change was made by engineering I lost the ability to program a favorites list or channels i get on any of my televisions--many calls and attempts to program with various call centers to no avail--finally got to management people--yet a much bigger waste of time--cannot wait until my contract is up so i can go to another source

Mr. Happy 11/3/12 10:37AM

direct tv MAKE the deal stop being so cheap SCREWING THE CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!

steve 11/2/12 11:47PM


OSCAR 11/2/12 9:54AM

I'm thinking about switching to other carriers if direct tv can't take out their wallets and get the fans our laker games.

Anonymous 11/1/12 10:08PM

Been with dtv over 10 years laker fan for 33 years if you don't get the deal done I'm switching to twc

Laker fan 10/31/12 3:10PM

I'm going to be forced to Terminate my contract with direct TV if a laker deal isn't done I've never missed a Laker game I won't now. Please get a deal done its unfair I'm right here in Los Angeles and can't watch my team play.

Anonymous 10/31/12 12:02PM


JHOTT 10/31/12 11:36AM

Directv I know you already know this but no Lakers no SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.. You guys honestly want to lose all that money? Everyone I know is switching if we even miss one game.

Louisx 10/30/12 7:31PM

I want my LAKERS NOW, Please make the deal now.

OSCAR 10/30/12 12:19PM

I want my LAKERS NOW, or I will switch over to TWC. Please make the deal now.

al 10/30/12 7:46AM

I'm going to cancel my directv if you are not broadcasting LA LAKERS games. I work to hard... And I look foward to watching lakers games. My family, freinds, and I are all willing to switch to timewarner cable. We are that committed. So if directv is not carrying the lakers directv will lose a lot of customers. So do yourself a favor and make a deal. Or else.....!

Cesar 10/29/12 3:54PM

I have been a DIRECTV customer for over 2 years. This note to you is to tell you that unless DIRECTV acquires the new Comcast Sports Network Houston channel that I and all of my friends in Houston will be moving to Comcast cable or Dish or whomever has the foresight to understand that Houston is a sports town and we all have DIRECTV because of this. I have not been able to get a clear response on this from anyone that I contact at DIRECTV. The season starts tomorrow! Please tell me what your intentions are on this matter.

lou caplan 10/29/12 8:53AM

OK, 10 years and yes Direct TV Sucks not some times but ALL THE TIME! It is a bastadized monopoly and they have great political allies both in all 50 states and washington dc. check it out fcc, HUH?

Bill101 10/25/12 4:32PM

I will be canceling my service. No Lakers-no directtv. Over it anyway.

Caligirl32 10/25/12 10:54AM

I need my Lakers or else I am cancelling and subscribe to time Warner! I have been patient enough@!

Dave 10/24/12 12:26PM

No Lakers, No Direct TV for me. I will cancel and go to Times Warner Cable. Make the deal... I would be willing to pay more if Direct TV gets the Lakers.

BQBob 10/22/12 6:49PM

As of today, I no longer am a DirecTV subscriber! DirecTV is guilty of false advertising! It claims "99% Worry-Free Signal Reliability" and "#1 in Customer Satisfaction." (Just examine this Web site.) At the hint of a sprinkle--or a thunderstorm a hundred miles away, all I can get on my screens is "Searching For Signal" or total blackness. Calls to Customer Service entail wasting an hour of my time, being disconnected and/or being told to "push the little red button" etc. After multiple complaints, a credit is sometimes issued. In June-July: 2 wks. constant on-again-off-again (mostly off) + no 17 Viacom Stns for nearly 2 wks. Aug, Sept, Oct: intermittent blank screens, so my on-time payments have reflected the missing service with a note each time explaining my deductions, which were very modest considering the lack of transmission. Today my service was terminated, and I was informed that I owe for service through Nov. 7--18 days from now. I am such a long-time subscriber that I have no contract. Not required when I became a customer. "Customer service" was very unpleasant last week. Today, the woman in "Cancellation" was very kind and sympathetic but helpless. On 8/3/12, Brian Stelter reported in the NYTimes that DirecTV had lost 52,000 subscribers in the U.S. in the 2nd quarter of 2012 but that CEO Michael White "has said that the company wants to focus on making more money from current subscribers in the U.S., rather than recruiting new ones." Not from me! Check out the complete article.

Vigillant 10/21/12 6:09PM


Anonymous 10/21/12 9:56AM

I have been a customer with direct tv for longer than 12 years. This morning my service is cut off. I made a promise to pay my bill in full for oct,but when I received my disability check it was short because they took money out for my medicine that I didnt know that they were going to do. I paid $99.04 on my bill that was the past bill amount. Buy you still cut off my service. I couldnt get anyone on the phone to talk about this problem.Everyday situations come up that cant be helped on peoples parts like my did.If I didnt like direct tv I wouldnt still be with you all.So that must count for something.Do I need to find a new provider? I pay my bill every month.I will pay my bill in full on nov.1 I will have the money than. can you please turn my service back on now. thank you.

poopooroo 10/20/12 10:05AM

DirecTV has until the first Lakers regular season home game. On that day, if the Lakers are not a part of the channel lineup, I will cancel my DirecTV service and return to Time Warner Cable. In the long run DirecTV, you will lose more money from customers canceling service than you will if you just pony up the $3.95 per person now; which, in the end, I am sure you will find some way to pass that fee onto customers anyway!

NL 10/18/12 11:11AM

this is absurd. I cant't believe directv does this to the customers, i dont care if they blame someone else, i blame directv for not pulling through with the lakers home games. No lakers No customer pretty soon, better hurry, i urge all to pull the plug if no contract is taken care of

Anonymous 10/17/12 4:46PM

Please, please, please come to an agreement for the lakers. You have many loyal customers who will not remain if something doesn't happen soon. Look at how many people wanted out with the viacom situation! Please directv, if you truly value your customers you will bring the lakers back. Andrea Ybarra

Anonymous 10/17/12 11:46AM

I just saw the corporate address is in El Segundo. How can a company headquartered in LA not make carrying the Lakers a priority. You are going to lose so many customers if the deal is not made...

Anonymous 10/13/12 6:15PM

I am a directv customer and my husband was laid off I made a 5 day payment arrangements with a representative and the next day my services were cut off. Poor customer service if you are not going to take payment arrangements then don't call customer. I know there are alot more cable choices out there that I can choose from and I am thankful my contract will be up in a month because direct tv will be dish

hr 10/13/12 5:37AM

no Lakers no customer. just cancelled my service after two plus years.

Anonymous 10/12/12 6:59PM

I had direct tv at my house. My daughter moved in and had it taken out of my dead husbands name and into her name. They d/c my direct tv and connected hers. There are a number of wires that are dangling from my house. When contacted the company they said it was my problem and for me to remove them. Tack tacky tacky. I will bad mouth direct tv to every one I know. POOR business practice. Kathy Powell not anonymous.

HLRZ 10/10/12 8:55AM

show laker games or changing cable company...

Anonymous 10/9/12 6:30PM

get the laker games please. or i will cancel my service

Anonymous 10/9/12 3:55PM

I want my lakers NOW! Make the deal.

Anonymous 10/8/12 4:11PM

Make the Laker deal! While billion dollar companies play politics and haggle over pennies, the fans are left out in the cold and are suddenly unable to watch the team they've followed for 25 years??! You guys take a LOT for granted...

Anon 10/7/12 9:16AM

I am going to be mad by paying $150.99 a month to Drect TV with no Lakers game in the upcoming season.I am considering to terminate the service if DTV doesn't add it when the NBA season starts. Hurry up to make a deal with the provider, or you will lose a lot of customers soon.

Anonymous 10/7/12 3:23AM

I signed up for Direct TV 1 year ago and have had issues with them ever since. After anything that was "free" for a trial period ended those items ended up being added to my bill with out my authorization. I would call to cancel it and they said it was on my bill. Now they have signed me up for NFL ticket...again I didn't authorize it. They can cancel it but cannot refund the $65.98 already taken out of my checking account. I think they should have to have verbal authorization BEFORE adding something to your bill. This is shady business practice. After my contract is up I will be canceling!

Shawn 10/4/12 10:54AM

I am a 12-year Directv customer. They restricted my online payments and shut off my services, even though I faxed them a copy of my bank statement, showing my bank account was hacked. I am disabled froma car accident and can't go and make moneygram payments. I love my Sunday Ticket and I feel I was mistreated by Directv!!

Skillet 10/3/12 11:37PM

I am disappointed that the lakers are not ganna be on directv and i am hoping that they make a deal to get the lakers back on directv.

Anonymous 10/3/12 7:21PM

As big and bad as DirecTV wants to be they can't put up a fight for Lakers games vs. horrible Time Warner Cable. I can't tell you how many people tell me that Time Warner Cable sucks. Come on direcTV !!!!! It's time to step up to the plate for your customers and fight for this for your loyal customers.

TheDerwood69 10/3/12 3:39PM

I have been a loyal DirecTV customer for over 10 years and I believe it's a travesty that DirecTV cares little about its customers by not adding the PAC 12 network and now the Lakers network! Also, it's ridiculous to force loyal customers into signing a new 2 year contract just for updated equipment, and then not provide the programming we want to see! You say you have the best interest in your customers and you're trying to assure us that you will only add these channel if the price is right...that is complete BS, because I already pay over $120 a month for programming I don't want, like the Big 10 network to name one, and I don't even have any premium channels! I will soon be switching providers and I hope millions more will follow!

Hami87 10/3/12 10:31AM

direct tv took over $600.00 out of my bank account that was entirely too much for my current bill. contact me concerning returning my money asap that was my rent money, if any late fees acure i will contact my lawyer concerning this matter.504 667 8090 my name is joe wallace i await your call thanking u in advance

[email protected] 10/2/12 8:35PM

direct tv took over $600.00 out of my bank account that was entirely too much for my current bill. contact me concerning returning my money asap that was my rent money, if any late fees acure i will contact my lawyer concerning this matter.504 667 8090 my name is joe wallace i await your call thanking u in advance

[email protected] 10/2/12 8:30PM

I have never been so irrated with your customer services
people...than any other company that I have ever deltb with! Everyone had a different price for the exact bundled package whethwer it wasw from Ohio..... Florida....Texas
or where ever. Promised too call me back if we got........ disconnected and never did! I will be filling a report with
the AG's office in all those states as well as mine! I have
contacted my attorney has advised me as too my legal rights! I'm a retired Marine who served in Vietnam
and honorally discharged! I have a friend with a radio statio here and he told me that he is willing to put me on the air!!!!!! I also have a friend who works for a major TV Station here and is will to interview on there news

JARHEAD 10/2/12 6:12PM

to whom maybe concern:
i been a loyal customer for directv but I'm a bigger Lakers fan and if directv
does not carry Lakers games. i will go to another cable company that care about what the Customer wants.

thank you
loyal Customer for 15 years

Anonymous 9/28/12 4:55PM

Id have Direct tv and it has been one big headace since i have moved and was to receive the movers special. My Bill has been messed up and I cannot get anyone on the phone who cares enough to get the problem straight. I don't know why they have to make things so complicated I wish I had never gotten Direct Tv. They have messed my account up so bad now and I cannot get anyone to talk to about my problems that seems to know how to do anything correct.

Michelle 9/24/12 7:35PM

Account # 69388736, I terminated on 7/12 for "Breach of Contract". Afer 3 plus years, I changed promgrams ( 10/12) and entered into 12 month contract for a set dollar amount. For 5 months after that I called to correct mis-billings. Directv raised rates, added taxes, droped programing. I terminated acount on 7/12. Thereafter you "stole $319.00 from my credit card for cancellation fees. Is I sent certified letter to Colorado office stating if you do not refund $319.00 to my credit card , I will presue to sue you for "Breach of Contract, and Deceptive Trade Practice". I hope you take this serious because I will proceed. So, respond to this E-mail or call 512 229 7826 to see if you will be an honorable company or a greedy company. Thank you

larry 9/14/12 9:51AM

2 years ago someone opened an account with my social without my approval and I reported it fraud on their hotline. now i am receiving letters from collection agencies and it went on my credit and directv does not want to help my situation.

Anonymous 9/12/12 4:25PM

Dear Sir, I hope you are working on buying the rignts to show your customers Laker home & away game. I know that I plan to change to a another carrier in October if Directv is not carrying the games buy them. It might seem that waiting until the last minute is a good negociating move but I know several people that have already moved to Media One to make sure they will get laker games. Please move quickly to purchase the rights to Laker games. Thanks

paparick 9/12/12 3:09PM

direct tv took a large amount of money out of my checking with out my permission and they took it not for my direct tv but my son in law i know this illegealy they cause me to have over drafts now i cant pay my bills cant used my card because dont have any money in my checking i call they admit they was not suppose to take it out of my checking so they said it will take up to ten days to put it back that is unacceppteable they took it out in one day why cant they put it back in one day plus they need to pay all the over drafts i have got every one told me to talk to a lawyer because they just stole my money i am all stressed out over this because they have me in a bind not being able to buy any thing gas food pay my bills everythingthat i need money for i mean really i have direct tv and this is not my account that they are using my money to pay someone else bill i guess i will have to talk to a lawyer and probably go toanother salelite company .

[email protected] 9/7/12 12:37PM

I would like to thank ID# 100602321..she saved me as a customer. As I went through several customer service people it finally came down to the box was broken, they would send me a new one 3-5 days! And I would have to pay shipping plus another charge. I told him to come pick up your equipment, he passed me over to the department to cancel my service. The lady I spoke to was VERY nice, she wanted to know why I was canceling my service, then proceeded to do every thing in her power to help solve the problem. She had a technician out Sunday and no charge for any of it. The technician was awesome his #450566. He was very helpful in many ways, showing me shortcuts, fixing any and everything that could happen. I wanted to praise these two employees for everything they did for me, it's nice to know that these two went far above what was expected of them. I have to say that instead of the way I felt about the other "customer service" these two made a wonderful impression for your company.

Rita 9/6/12 10:28AM

Good afternoon, to whom this may concern.
I have been a customer of directv for a while now, I have recently moved and would like to cancel my service.... the problem is I have tried several phone numbers and even looked for an email address, there is not one that appears anywhere, not online or answer center, huh??? And the numbers are all automated voices, that get you know where, They do however take your money as fast and promptly as possible..... This is not great customer service, this is DIREVTC only looking out for themselves! I will find a way, I do believe I am writing to the corporate office, I would hope to shout they know something, and can help me cancel my service, which I will NOT use again! I will go without cable, before I use DIRECTV!!!! Thank you! Or NOT!!!

Anonymous 9/5/12 9:54AM


The failure to negotiate an agreement with the PAC-12 conference is a huge disservice to the multitude of football fans who receive your signal and live on the West Coast. I am amazed at the willingness to force West Coast fans to move to other options.

LudwickA 8/31/12 9:42PM

basicaly i just wanted to note again that your customer service sucks something rotten .. and if your representatives talked to me in person the way they did on the phone which by the way was for over 3 hours and still nothing resolved .. they would have found them selves laying face first in my front yard with your satalite shoved so hard it would have taken 4 techs to remove it .. just note the people you have working for you behind those phones the big bad asses that they are, not only shows us customers just how your company operates but also puts the lives of your techs in danger. not everyone in this world is calm and collective and not everyone enjoys getting walked on and talked down too. and remember We are what pays your bills so start thinking about whats good not only for the cause of your company but what is good for the cause of human relations .. Thank you and have a nice day ..

deadennd 8/29/12 5:42PM

today i had trouble with my DVR i called Direct tv and got great help from Robert Price... of course after complaining... but he was great.

Teresa 8/19/12 2:11PM

On Friday, August 10th I called Direct TV customer service with a question about my bill. The first rep I spoke with had limited English skills and got my account mixed up with someone else's. I was on the phone for ten minutes trying to explain why I called. When I asked to speak with another rep, they hung up on me. Not one to give up, I called back and got another rep. His name was Gabriel and he went out of his way, without knowledge of my prior call, to answer my questions and help clarify my statement. Please be aware of how much it means to have someone like Gabriel to smooth the way and make this type of call a pleasant experience. Thank you!

Anonymous 8/10/12 9:36PM

Direct TV sent a Technician to fix a problem your phone service could not handle.
First: The Technician was Greg Eldreth from
Hickory, NC. He arrived at the appointed time, calling me first telling me he was on the way. A very competent young man. He fixed the problem immediately and showed me how to fix it if necessary. He, also, gave me his phone No. in case it reappeared. He was very diplomatic when I asked him why the phone people could not have solved it, I only spent over an hour until they gave up.. I had a box that apparently was damaged by lightning and I was sent a new (HD) box. The box was from my home in Florida which HD. The dish in NC was for the non HD picture. It was extremely simple to fix. Why would your telephone people not know to send me a replacement box that matched the dish since I have been using this dish for 17 years. OH, Well, your technician was great.

Anonymous 8/1/12 8:52AM

My wife and I have been your customers for many years, maybe 20 or so and for the most part we never had any serious issues that were not resolved in a timely manner. We recently transferred our account from Southern Calif to Raleigh, NC.

I suggest you take a serious look at the competence of some of your technicians serving the North Raleigh area. I believe better training is needed. Also its seems impossible to get a promised callback from the local supervisor(s.

Simons 7/26/12 5:54PM

after waiting for installer all day that never showed, I called direct tv and complained. Installer calls and is running approx 3 hrs behind. Had to rescheduled. Get a call later in evening from a someone saying he is a supervisor with Direct Tv and would come out and personally take care of the installation next wed between 7:30-8 am.(today) He didn't show so I called him at number he gave me. He said he had forgotten and why I should have CALLED TO REMIND HIM. OMG, this is way too shady. I called Direct Tvs customer service and after explaining what just happened, I was told this all doesn't make any sense because this so called supervisor who had CALLED me to "take care of installation" would not be using a cell phone number, and people with direct tv would not ask for the customer to call them to remind of appt. YOU THINK??? Tried over 5 times to talk to someone else in authority at Direct Tv because this is ALL VERY SUSPECT. Got: "no supervisor is available", "we can not call you direct", "you can email cust serv" BUT BEST is so called supervisor Shakina from Direct TV telling me if uncomfortable then probably best not to go ahead with Direct Tv especially if SAFTY is a concern!!!! wow, I agree 100% with that last one!

Anonymous 7/25/12 11:42AM

DIRECTV was to install at my home between the hours of noon and 4PM, I took off from work early to be at home for the installation that never happened. Called DIRECTV at 4:10 and asked where there installer was and was told they would call them and have them call me, 4:25 PM the installer calls and tells me the tech is running late and will call when he's on the way. 6:30 PM I call DIRECTV back still a no show; they offer me a 50 dollar credit. DIRECTV contacts the installer again and they call me about 10 minutes later and advise me that the tech they assigned no longer works for them (spoke with Troy), they offer to give me an early next day appointment but I already lost 4 hours from work for the first appointment. I call DIRECTV back and ask to speak to a supervisor and they kept telling me for about 15 to 20 minutes that the supervisor is on the telephone with another customer. The service rep asks if they can help by offering a credit of 9 months of show time a 70 dollar value. I again asked for a supervisor but she tells me that the supervisor is still on the phone, I told her that my time cost more than that. She then offers to reschedule the installation and I advised her I would not be taking any more time off of work to wait for another no show. I am switching from Dish TV as I wanted AMC back I guess itâ??s just not meant to be.

Golfer58 7/23/12 5:30PM

On March 5th I became a Direct TV Customer; although the installations process took over 8 hours I still gave an excellent customer service survey. Basically, it was not the installerâ??s problem that the Direct TV Equipment was defective. They must have switch out the equipment 4 times. In April 2012, I was without service due to a card reader issue. However, my rebate of $29 was not credited to my bill. Direct TV Representative had to manually implement the credit. During May of 2012; I kept receiving 771 a card reader error message. The Direct TV Technical Representative told me to remove the card reader in an out; so I did for the entire month. This process for ridiculous and made me more furious on the level of service I was receiving from Direct TV. On June 5th I finally received a qualified Direct TV Technician to remove the Satellite Dish to the back of the house due to obstruction of the trees in front of the house. He said â??The previous Direct TV Technician did not take in consideration that the leaves on the trees would grow in the month of May 2012. However, everyone knows that there are rarely any leaves in March. The only month I received great service was the month of June 2012. In the July 2012 I have to endure the war between Viacom and Direct TV; this is another unsatisfied month. I spent almost two hours on the phone with a customer service representative that was clueless. No Customer should have to endure such pain; therefore I recommend â??Customer Satisfactions Training Course for all Direct TV Representatives. I provide each of my new hires with this level of training to benefit our consumers. Direct TV level of service at this point is a bit to be desire. I guess my worst complaint would be how a customer is treated when the product they are receiving is not up to standard. I know from working in the IT Department that we can detect when a customer ATM System is down and we immediately as a proactive Corporations notifies our processors (customers) of a poor system or system failures. Thereâ??s not a doubt in my mind that Direct TV has dropped the ball with my installations, level of service as well as customer satisfaction requirements. I am requesting for a credit for the month of May 2012; in which I received â??0â?? signals according to the Service Technician during my June re-install of Direct TV Satellite Dish. The Direct TV Technician showed me that my receivers were at â??94â?? prior to him leaving my house. The finally straw was when my home service was cut off for $15.25 which is ridiculous. I was told it will cost $380 to cancel my Direct TV Service. I am also requesting for that fee to be waived due to the level of incompetence I had to endure while being a Direct TV Customer.

Shelley Surrett 7/20/12 8:46AM

I am very unhappy with your service.I have not even been a customer for a year yet. You have poor customer service. The only reason I continue with you, is because of the 2 year agreement I
i have with you.You do not take care of your customers. But, you have no problems in deducting my bill from my account. But, I continue to pay for bad service.No,I will not recommend your company to anyone that I care about.Again, my service is down and again I have to loose time from my job to have this problem corrected. On top of that, the problem is not inside of the home and you are charging me because I've went through your routine of unplugging & pushing the reset button several times. I am not the technician.Since, that don't work you offer me a way of paying for you to come out and fix the problem.So,now I can make another agreement for five more dollars to be added to my bill or pay the forty plus dollars for the service charge.On top of that I have to wait 2days for you to come out.I am so so very tired of this company,but you have heard all of this before.I'm not even complaining about the loss of channels ,I just want to be able to use the channels that are left.

Anonymous 7/18/12 8:52PM

as a "LOYAL Customer" for at least 10 years, we recently have had issues ,which Direct TV has not resolved. Water got into THEIR Lines at OUR house , they replaced their lines, we replaced ours( at our cost ) nothing but trouble since.
Today was the icing on the cake, when we asked to speak to a Supervisor, we were told "Supervisors and Managers dont take calls, they are here fo r Administrative purposes only ". Absolutley Amazing and disgusting ...

jpomp 7/18/12 9:43AM

We should call and demand a discount! I'm finished with all cable networks when my contract is up, I'm out of here!!!

Anonymous 7/11/12 6:53PM

I had a appointment today and directtv cancelled it and did not tell me. I dropped dishtv and paid 400.00 to get direct tv. I can't get anyone to do anything until next sat. This is bull crap! I'm very disappointed with direct tv and the company! If I could get another company I would!

Anonymous 7/7/12 10:14AM

Two years ago I received a free receiver as an upgrade, however, it doesn't work. I recentlty receieved an email from Ellen Filipiak offering me another free upgrade receiver. When I called, I was told that the one I received two year ago was never activated so they "customer service" says that they can NOT replace it. I am getting a technical run around. Can anyone help?

Wayne 7/3/12 1:42PM

During a call today (7/2/12) your rep named Steven was very rude to me and hung up. This is not the way for any company especially a "service" oriented company to talk to a potential customer.

Unless we were apply for a home loan we do not give our social security number out to anyone.

Don 7/2/12 9:59AM

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