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HTC corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the HTC corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the HTC corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
HTC Corporation
23 Xinghua Rd.
Taoyuan, 330

Phone: +886 3-375-3252
Fax: +886 3-375-3251

HTC Corporate Office Comments

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This is regarding the hell lot of problem I have faced due to HTC's fault of miss handling my phone during the earlier repair (ticket number ) and it had got scratches on the screen but due to lack of time I couldn't inform u all, in due course of time but I called you on 16th April 2014 and the response I get is that the damage wont be repaired. A very worst customer service ever experienced from any product, hence forth would never take HTC as an option of phone and will never recommend the same to any one. Rather would put it on social blogs about making customer fool and harassing them, when a company cannot maintain the respect and goodwill of a flagship product then what it would do with other products. Using HTC ONE M7 the so called flagship phone, which reflects the company and they can't handle the same. Lol wat a shame.

Ankit (India) 4/16/14 9:48AM

Big issue with my HTC 8XT. I am unable to set my phone for the screeen to NOT rotate when I turn the phone. Though the message boards have people recommending I can do this in settings - there is- in fact - no such setting possible. I have brought the phone to my Sprint store where no less than TWO tech service staff spent over 40 minutes with the phone trying to locate a way to control rotate/do not rotate and they also were unable to find any way to do so. I would like some feedback. I would also like it if your engineers could create patch to repair this design flaw- and DO NOT tell me the feature is in settings - IT IS NOT! Is my phone the only one that is flawed?

Anonymous 1/26/14 1:27AM

Been looking for my first smartphone, have been reading hundreds of reviews and found that the phone seems to spend more time being in the repair shop more often than in use, also very negative customer service and rude phone attendants, that is enough for me, Big companies need to realize how much damage reviews can cause a company and sounds like , this company isn't any different, Well you lost a customer before being a customer, Sorry. looking elsewhere.

spitfire 1/20/14 5:13PM

First of all, let me be frank, I'm an HTC fan since 5 years. Since then I only buy HTC.
The main reason of this review is to express my gratitude to the engineers that designed HTC 8x. It's a piece of art, and I do really consider it a smart phone.
Since few month, I bought HTC one plus. I have both now, one personal and another for work. However, after using HTC 8x, I prefer it more than HTC one plus.
I'm happy with my loyalty to HTC, it deserves it :)

Iman Harfoush 10/6/13 12:26AM

Good day to you.

This is hard......I have been trying to contact your office without luck.

Lets see if this works.

My name is Joan Robinson

My contact number is

I have a HTC My Touch 4G that I received as a gift earlier this year.

Since May into June, I keep getting error messages and now the screen is as dark as black.

The only time I am able to see is if I am in a completely dark room....which makes no sense.

What do I do?

I need help

waiting to hear from you.

Disappointed and Frustrated

Joan Robinson

Joan 7/10/13 2:57PM

hello every one i will not recommend any one to buy htc mobile phones because the quality of hardware they are using and the service centers they are having both are in bad shape if by any chance you face the problem with the device that means you will not receive your mobile at its original performance .i have submitted my device 6 to 7 times and the great thing is that ,i still having a safety hazard issue as the battery heats up while talking and surfing web ,and the new thing also happened, every time my phone get repaired same time i got my sim card jacket (my device is one x) changed with the new or the same iemi number as of the mother board now they are not providing the iemi number on the jacket with the repaired hand set but they used to do that before that means you will not able to sale your device at its original shape because its your fault that you have purchased that company's device please cantact me i have further information i will highlight this and some more issues to public so that every one should be care full while buying htc mobiles thanks

anuhtcone 5/13/13 1:28AM

I hope the 48 hrs time as mentioned in you email is over
Its ridiculous as i have the valid warranty & warranty seal. When the liquid indicator & warranty void seal is intact& there is no breakage of device also your collection centre mentions in the receipt that device is in good condition then according to your warranty terms my device is in warranty, You can not simply blame the consumer as after delivery of device at service centre what happens or what you do is not known to the customer. after 3-4 days you call up to say customer induced damage, well costumer is not a fool, if customer damage had been there then service center would have mentioned it at the time of accepting the device, or on next day, anyone who hear this will not believe that its customers fault. i have faith in god and government & i have written complaint to consumer protection cell ( complaint filed on Date: 10 Mar 2013 complaint ID: 544**/2/2013) The only reason why i am still waiting before i send a judicial notice to your company is because i have been with HTC from the time HTC magician was launched and since than i have used most of HTC phones, & every one of my acquaintance call me that i am a hardcore htc fan

dr.piyush 3/13/13 5:05AM

I had preordered & purchased a HTC 8X in India, and on 5th march 2013 morning I found that my device was not getting on I attached it to my PC & it still did not start. Since the device was new and I had purchased it about a month or so I gave it to HTC service centre in Jaipur & I was told that it will take some time to get the warranty repair done
I have got the call from HTC centre in Jaipur and they have told me that my estimate is 16000/- Rs. But my device was within warranty and in good physical condition as mentioned in the receipt provided by HTC service centre, when it is just a month old, in good condition with all the warranty seals how can your service centre tell me that may be the company is not considering warranty, for reasons unknown to them, what does a the warranty mean, can you please check the reason as I have photographed the device with its warranty seal intact & no liquid damage, I think this is absurd, kindly explain to me if you are not considering warranty why i should not take a legal action against your company ? That too for a costumer loyal to HTC from the time HTC magician was launched and since than i have used most of HTC PDA & smart phone, the list of the previously used HTC devices are
1. O2 Mini aka HTC magacian
2. iMate k-jam aka HTC wizard
3. iMate Jas-Jam aka Htc herald
4. HTC Universal
5. HTC Diamond
6. HTC Diamond 2 aka Htc topaz
7. HTC HD2 aka HTC Leo
8. HTC Radar aka c110e ( i am still using to write this email)
9. HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 ( for which i am writing this mail)
I mean how can you people treat a loyal customer like this? Or shall i speak to my lawyer for consumer court. Please find attachment of job card with this email and if u wish I can provide the photograph of the device with problem at the time of handing over to your service centre

pinkjpr 3/11/13 6:28AM

I just purchased an htc one s about two weeks ago
I really like this phone...but is very annoying when you have to continuously keep charging the battery After about two hours of navigating.... the battery starts to go down...only Holds a full charge when not in use......a longer battery life would make this a very good phone...I've not put much on this phone because of the weak battery

bnanapudn513 12/16/12 2:37PM

I just purchased an htc one s about two weeks ago
I really like this phone...but is very annoying when you have to continuously keep charging the battery After about two hours of navigating.... the battery starts yo go down...only Hilda a full charge when not in use......a longer battery life would make this a very good phone...I've not put much on this phone because of the weak battery

bnanapudn513 12/16/12 2:27PM

Good evening again. Sorry I also wanted to add when trying to turn on the HTC Phone all I'm getting is black screening, and when I tried to turn it on it just vibrates.


Anonymous 11/24/12 6:40PM

Good evening. I one of your HTC PHONES in 3-2011. On 11-7-2012 I put my phone on the charger that evening to charge for the night and next morning. That next morning I notice the phone was not charged. The little orange light was not on at all. So tried to charge it in my car. Left it on for couple of hours. Same response. So later that day I went to best but & ask them if they could figure out what is wrong? All they could offer me is to buy a new phone or pay u go phone, because my contract was not up till 3-2013. That Saturday, I went to FIX PHONE LAND & U BREAK I FIX IN MILWAKEE, WI. Both places they could not find anything wrong with this phone.

I hope u can help. I don't want another phone I like this one. I thought a phone like this HTC phone was suppose to last some years, like my other flip phone. This is really a big inconvenice for me.


Anonymous 11/24/12 6:34PM

Having problem updating Zune in my HTC window phone 7...My phone did not support cable and it has been giving headache..I regret of buying HTC window phone 7...I can not install any application in my phone not less to collect from Bluetooth..Honestly I regret of having window phone 7...

victor 8/10/12 2:39PM

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