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Uniden corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Uniden corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Uniden corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Uniden Corporation
2-12-7 Hatchobori
Tokyo, 104-8512

Phone: +81 3-5543-2800
Fax: +81 3-5543-2921

Uniden Corporate Office Comments

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Nothing Has Changed. Do Not Purchase Any Uniden Product. Zero Support.

rc 6/18/14 12:36PM

Tried calling all I got was telling me about a improved automated system.NO BODy EVER ANSWERED. Will never again buy uniden CRAP will tell many many not to buy product.WHat I wish for company not printable. And the same for there answering system if the people are like this system it won't be long and they won't be around.Glad to see Costco stopped carrying uniden security systems.

Anonymous 6/16/14 5:31PM

Don't think this comment will help -- tried several times
to reach a live person -- but this never happens. Only
automated, they offer no technical help, so just buy a phone and get no help when needed. NEVER AGAIN A PHONE
Uniden is a total ripoff. Very disappointed. American=made
here I come!!!
jb - New York 1/29/14

Anonymous 1/29/14 3:18PM

not having any luck getting a response to anything!!! phone number is always "too busy to take calls". online doesn't help either. i just have a simple question. what is the deal with
this company, OOPS!! it is headquartered in Japan. i think I will try and buy American!!!!

poll 1/27/14 12:42PM

I have sent in for a product to be fixed back 6 months ago and everytime I call I am on hold forever and send emails I get no wheres and I do not know where the scanner is. And on top of all that 2 months after sent out for repairs they could not find it and were to send me a new one and have not even got that one either.

tmmys 12/30/13 9:05AM

Uniden parts department never answers the phone. Useless.

anaonymous 10/21/13 7:58AM

there is no customer service! as this persists there will be no customers, and uniden will no longer exist.....customers: ignore them and you will go away.

Anonymous 10/17/13 10:35AM

I have two uniden model # D1780 they are about a year or so old the battery will last about 15 to 20 min on each phone,Call Uniden and they did not care about my problem this is poor customer service.I too will no longer buy uniden products.Remember word of mouth.When I work for Sears I took care of my customer even if it was a little out of warranty unlike Uniden.

unhappy 8/12/13 8:49AM

Is this company for real.
I too have been trying to get a live person on the phone to ask a few questions...after holding a total of 65 minutes for two different tries, I have given up!

Anonymous 3/21/13 10:54AM

I Have Been Trying For Days!!!!!! To Get Through On Their Customer Service Number.....totally Impossible, Have Never Experienced Anything Like This With Any Company, Ever!!! Will Never, I Repeat, Never Buy Another Uniden Product.

ElleKay 3/19/13 11:23AM

My Uniden phone has not worked for the past 3 weeks. The information on their website is no help to me. I have tried calling customer service numerous times, but after being on hold for 50 minutes or more I have hung up. I have the # for a supervisor, but have never been able to connect with that person. Her voice mail states she will call you back in 24 hrs, but it never happens. I will never again buy another Uniden product and strongly urge anyone that is considering to do so to rethink their choice. Uniden offers NO customer service.

Sandy 2/4/13 12:54PM

Don't try to "talk to a live person....." all you get is a list of menu choices. If a person doesn't want to reveal other information setting up an online account, they seem to be s___ out of luck! Last time I buy these products.

Anonymous 9/20/12 7:58AM

I have been trying to contact U niden for over a month now .I had purchased UNIDEN CORDLESS PHONE DECT 1480 WITH Total of 5 handsets .About a month ago they all started saying SEARCHING AND THEY STOPPED WORKONG.I had purchased the unidenDECT 1480 From Staples and the receipt is dated 08/13/2011.I had sent 2emails to customer service NO ONE SEEMS TO ANSWER BACK .I treied to csll the 800 -297-1023 number it says due to difficulties we can not answerand to use the INTERNET TO REACH UNIDEN!!WOW WHAT A CUSTOMER SERVICE .i HAVE NEVER SEEN OR HEARD A COMPANY OPERATE LIKE THIS THEY DO NOT RETURN EMAILS AND THEIR PHONES DO NOT WORK!PLEASE SOMEONE WITH A MARKETTING DEGRE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JAMNGREG1 8/27/12 3:33PM

Same as Joyce, above.

angryagain 8/21/12 1:27PM

I called uniden for help and all I got was crummy music and a wait time of more than 25 minutes,is this normal and when I did get through all I got was I will connect you to our tech,and again I got please hold hold hold and more holds.I like my phone and just want a simple question answered,is that so hard,well I finally got to talk to someone and was told they no longer have that battery and for me to get a new phone even tho the one that I have is still working very very good. I hope that I get something of a response regarding this matter thank you Joyce Anderson

aplantris 8/15/12 1:56PM

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