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BevMo corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the BevMo corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the BevMo corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Bevmo Holdings LLC
1401 Willow Pass Road
Suite 900
Concord, CA 94520
United States

Phone: 925-609-6000

BevMo Corporate Office Comments

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I am a customer at BevMov and I am disappointed at the La Jolla division complete the manager is mean disrespectful to costumers and I thing that as a resident of La Jolla they should take an evaluation of her and her customer service because as a costumer I think she is terrible and need to be replace and there are more individuals in my around that believe the same. That mean some and I live at 939 Coast Blvd # 18 E. I'm very disappointed. I expect better. I also expect that on Friday and Saturday the tastings should be until 7:00pm. That's the only way to get the exposure to the new product. Thank you for you time.

Isooda 2/8/14 7:31PM

As a mature adult, and as a long term BevMo customer, WITH BEVMO card, I was stunned this morning when the clerk INSISTED on photocopying my driver's license. He grabbed my wallet and began removing it himself, amazingly . . .

When I challenged this, first on 'manager' came up to condescend in explanation, and when that did not work, yet another sneering manager arrived to add his unrequired presence.

In short, there is NO reason why anyone's driver's license MUST be photocopied when simply buying wine, NONE.
And, to boot, it is quite evident that a buyer well over 50 is NOT underaged, eh??? LOL

I walked away from the purchase, and will not return to BevMo. Not sure what sort of micro-idiocy is at work, if indeed the 'corporate' types are ordaining this further intrusion on customer's privacy, but it is not acceptable.
No other store requires anything further than to 'view' a driver's license to match photo with customer present in the store, and/or ascertain legal age.
Get with it BevMo . . . you've gone too far.

BTW, I tried to find corporate 'contact' to deal with this matter but none is available; the BevMo Web site refers us back to the local store 'manager', who has already failed miserably in both style and content ~~!!

BellevueBuyer 10/30/13 5:59PM

Well I shop at Bev Mo quite frequently but not anymore. I ordered on-line from the Glendale store and apparently the "secured" check out does not apply. Coincidentally the same card I used, that by the way had not been used in quite some time, was used for on-line shopping attempting thousands of dollars in purchases.


Anonymous 9/23/13 10:27AM

I bought my Kegerator and have been using it for quite some time enjoying my purchases from Bevmo. My last purchase I did not order it online I just walked in. The only keg in available that I liked was XX. I bought it and installed it. I noticed that the taste and color was different from normal. I dropped my temperature to try and get to ICE cold maybe it will taste better. Again the color and taste was not right. I took it back and the manager noticed that the keg was partially frozen. He imediately refused to take it back stating that the partialy frozen condition was causing the taste and color. I mentioned to him that I did not want to get sick or anyone else sick and if he could exchange with a good keg I would be happy. I would even consider an alternate brand of Less expense and call it even. He refused and said he will have a representative look at it and suggest what could have gone wrong. I really don't know why this was necessary but I respect the protocol and asked if he could give me something in writting to reflect I have left a keg at Bevmo. He did and this was 2 days ago. I called into today and asked if he had heard anything from his sales rep and he obviously probably forgot. I again did not get angry and asked that this is more of a safety issue than anything else and If he could not make the decision to please give me the contact info for someone who can. He mentioned that he is going to taste it tomorrow to see if it is acceptable. Now I am still not sure what this is going to do but I am sure not satisfied with the way this situation is being handled. This is not an acceptable way to handle any product consumed. If there is a concern with meat that is suspected or smells funny at a store, it is immediately handled in a proffesional manner with no questions asked. I find it disturbing that this manager is going to taste the product to determine if he can give me an exchange.

D CAT 8/29/13 3:35PM

I went in to your Fremont store today, and at the check out I was asked for my ID no problem. My wife was with me and the checker asked my wife for her ID, excuse me since when does every person standing with me and I was already carded and I am 53 years old to ask my wife for her ID, or any other person for that fact. What if I had brougt my kids with me who are under 21 are you going to card them too! and since they are under 21 are you going to tell me that you are not going to sell me, a person of legal age that you are not going yo sell me liquor. Your new policy is unacceptable and a further invasion of privacy. As a consumer I want the idiot in your corporate office who adopted this folish and excuse my language "STUPID" policy that they have gone to far I know I do not have to patronize your establishment but it makes no sense! You know the old saying if it's good we only tell 10 people if it's bad you tell everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Anonymous 6/22/13 8:21PM

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