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Home Depot corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Home Depot corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Home Depot corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
The Home Depot, Inc.
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA 30339
United States

Phone: 770-433-8211
Fax: 770-384-2356

Home Depot Corporate Office Comments

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I had - emphasis on had a Home Depot Account for over 20 years - recently I made a small purchase while home on leave from Afghanistan $31.23 - I got my statement after returning back to Afghanistan and immediately sent in the full balance, only it got there 2 days late so $25.00 late fee. Then I had another charge 15 days later - that showed up on my bill (still not sure what that was) for $18.06, you guessed it another late charge only this time its $35.00, but again never got anything and the next month another $35.00 late fee - so for my purchases of just under $50.00 Home Depot gets an extra $150.00. Sound fair and of course I get 7 years of bad credit because they can't keep my mailing address straight - the temp post office here in Afghanistan zip code is not in their system. Well my bank sent them a check to pay in full another $118.29 so that I can finally close my account - never to step foot in the store again. Seems like I should be back in the states fighting the internal terrorist - then over here in a foreign country away from my family, sacrificing for them.

rj 1/31/14 12:22PM

Thanks so much for keeping your stores closed for Thanksgiving. It is a holiday for family & one we give thanks to God for His many many blessings. Just like Christmas, without Christ we wouldn't have CHRISTmas. God Bless

JC in CO 11/21/13 8:15AM

Home Depot East Main st Spartanburg s.c.I have been useing home depot for over 30 years.but of late I think its time to change an find someone that came answer the phone an answer questions about thier sale.I CALL HOME DEPOT FOR GUTTER SUPPLIES..I WAS ON HOLD 1 HOUR BRFORE ANYONE ANSWERED AN THEN thy put ME BACK ON HOLD AN I WAITED 20 MORE AN WAS DISCONNECTED..CALL BACK..ITS BEEN AN ANOTHER HOUR AN I STILL CANT TALK TO A PERSON i have been hung up on for the third time without any answers about gutter supplies..this is bad business

Anonymous 8/5/13 2:38PM

I called your Williamsburg Va store to ask a question about a part I needed for a window air conditioner I have...I understand that your employees are busy...but I was not expecting the answer I was given. I asked about the side panels that slide onto the side of the ac and attach to the window...and I have to admit I was shocked when the employee told me that they might have them but he was not sure and he did not have time to go look either...WOW!!!This is not my first problem with Home Depot, but it will certainly be my last...I work retail and would NEVER tell a customer that I did not have time to help them...Maybe, the employee should be reminded that it is people like me that give him his paycheck. By the way, Lowes is right around the corner and the young man I spoke to there was very helpful...

Anonymous 4/9/13 11:22AM

Hello my name is Kevin OToole. I purchased a special order 36 inch double door, meaning two doors 18 inches each , in a ready to install jam. The problem is I purchased the door in Feb 2012 and it was left in its packaging in my house until this week April 3rd when I finally got the chance to install it. I had been dealing with health issues with my mom and wasn't able to put it in. Well my mom passed away a couple of weeks ago and I'm trying to sell the house so I finally got the time to put the door in.I understand I purchased the door over a year ago. I unpacked the door from its original strapping and cardboard and went to install it like I have many of the doors I have purchased from your store before. The pre hung door of course again was two 18 inch doors hung in a jam side by side but the doors were not hung even. They are about an inch off from each other . When you go to hang it the panels won't line up. So I called the store in Olathe Kansas, store number 2201 I believe. I first talked to Russ in millworker and he had to go home so he said he would have the next individual coming on duty call me. Then about thirty minutes later he did. I didn't catch the employees name but he had looked up my order and told me it was over a year old and I told him I understood that but the door was defective and I explained the whole story. The employee in millworker told me he would have to ask his manager and call me back. Well he never did, so I called and asked for the manager on duty and Mike answered and I asked him if he was the manager. Mike said he was the assistant manager. I explained my story it was about 7:00 pm. Mike said he would see what he could do to order me a new door, but for a special order it has to usually be paid for first but he would try to get around the system to get me a new door. Mike never said he wouldn't exchange the door. Mike said he would call me back. Well it wasn't until about 8:30 pm Mike called back and told me he called his store manager Virginia and she said we couldn't give me a new door but she would give me a $ 50.00 dollar credit if I wanted to buy a new one. I tried to explain to Mike I'd been hanging these kinds of doors off and on my whole life and I had a door that couldn't be used, and all they would have to do is call the door company and tell them what was wrong with the door and they would take it back. Home Depot still orders from the same company. It's a very simple $ 192.00 white primed cheap panel door. Well he said The store manager Virginia said no. I understand I purchased the door over a year ago. The problem I have is this. If I had bought the door a week ago and it was defective it probably would have still been an issue because its too much trouble for you all to deal with the time it takes to deal with returning special orders. It seemed like Mike really didn't care anyway, and the employee gave me gruff about the whole thing like what a waste of his time to start with. It makes me wonder if Mike really called the store manager. Why should he need to. As a manager for that amount of money I wouldn't think he would need to bother the store manager at home. If he was a manager shouldn't he be able to make that decesion on his own. Well to say this in disappointment for my favorite place to shop. Shame on you. In the last few months I have purchased a French door, a storm door ,laminate flooring, loads of paint and supplies, a sander, heat gun, etc etc. If you don't believe me I will give you my Home Depot card number and your welcome took look. Oh Yes my fertilizer I got that there too. Well I need a power washer and flowers etc now that its spring. So I guess by the time you get this I will have installed my unevenly hung door and have to live with it. That's really going to suck, so Thanks . Kevin OToole.

Door complaint 4/4/13 6:48AM

I have gottin 4 call backs for a job from home depots around the EL Paso TX area so i go and listen to the whole phone thing then wait for a human to start talking ti me they tell me what store what shift pay rate then when they as me if I speck spanish they all of a sudden say all wait there is nothing open right now

jayde156 1/30/13 4:54PM

Greetings! It gives me great displeasure in writing this letter because I have always liked Home Depot and my shopping experience has been average throughout the years. In the last year or so I have done a tremondous amount of home remodeling and Home Depot has been my go to store for all my needs in materials, supplies and so forth. I have receipts totaling well over $10,000 dollars. Some reeipts I have lost so the figure could be a lot higher. I have used my credit card & on most purchases I have also paid cash.

The store I have used in the last year or so for my shopping needs is your store located on 1 Saw Mill River Road, Mt. Pleasant, NY.

A couple of months ago I had a horrible experience with one of your employees. His name as I found out later was Nick. I had the worst, most horrifying & humilating expereince with this gentleman that is eemployed at this location. I went to Home Depot on this day to get more supplies for my on going projects at home. My sister who was in from out of town and had accompanied me to the store. I checked out at the self check out and my sister was checking out some other things in Nick's line. I finished first and proceeded to join my sister on line. My sister got up for her turn to check out and I stood beside her. I had my purchase in a home depot bag and my receipt for the purchase in hand. Nick gave me a disgusting look with no greeting whatsoever and demanded to know what was in the bag I had in my hand. He then asked me if I paid for the stuff and to let him see it right now? I was so taken back and shocked that he would ask me such a thing and in the tone of voice he had used. There were customers behind us who were also so very taken back by his whole deameanor in questioning me. We came off the line very upset and spoke to a manager who said would address the issue. We really think this was really racially biased and I was questioned because of this. I would hate to think this was the case but there was no other reason that I could come up with that gives me an answer to why I was qwuestioned in the manner I was. No one should be subjected to such harsh treatment. There was absolutely no reason for Nick to question me in the manner he did. It was inappropriate and very uncalled for. Even the customers behind us thought it was unwarranted. Is this who you want representing Home Depot? He does not in any way exemplify what a Home Depot customer service technician should provide for its dedicated customers such as myself. This whole incident has forver left a scar and cannot forget the humilation Nick put me in. I have never been treated in such manner before. What was his motive? Why did he not approach me in a more professional & polite manner if he wanted to know what was in the bag and if I had paid for it or not. It boggles my mind why he put me in that situation. Was I being profiled for some reason? Was he having a bad day? Did I look like a criminal in his eyes? I guess I will never but I have concluded that he is a racially charged man who maybe doesn't like colored people. Maybe I am wrong but for the life in me I cannot figure out why I was treated the way I was?

Besides this particular incident, I hate to say that this particular store is very unorganizd and unhelpful. No one seems to want to help and there is not one ounce of pleasantry in anyone providing any kind of service at this location. Its just unfortunate that there is a huge breakdown in communication, organization, serive & product.

I was in this store again on Monday 1/14/13, spent about $308.00 and I could not find or get a single person to help me in the tile section. Everyone that went by just said that they did not work in this section. There was about 8 employees that walked past me, no greeting or even to offer assistance. I thought Home Depot was the "how may I help you" kind of attitude? Surely this was definitely not present at this location. I was able to figure out and find what I needed on my own. Not everything was a disappointment because I got to meet a wonderful & pleasant employee at check out. Her name is Chantel, a recent hire as she had indicated. She smiled and was very helpful. I was able to check out with a smile because I was at least given some priority at that level. I thank Chantel for her assistance and her pleasantry. Sometimes a smile goes a long way in leaving a good impression. Chantel is a great hire and I commend her service & enthuiasm very highly! Before I had left I had shared my experience with Chantel on my encounter with NIck. Suprisingly she had indicated that I was not the only one who had experienced issues with Nick. Apparently Nick has had issues with other customers as well.

I don't represent Home Depot and really don't know what criteria you use to hire individuals. Surely Nick is one that has slipped through the cracks in your hiring process. I am not the one to judge but my experience with Nick will never be forgotten and it has forever left a scar in the way I think about Home Depot. I have shared my experience with my family & friends and it has also upset them. My sister who was with me that day was very upset and does not ever want to return to this store again. I don't blame her.

Anyway, I appreciate you listening to what I have to say. I don't espect anyone to get fired or reprimanded. I am a business owner myself and as company CEO I want to make sure that every single client of mine is getting treaterd with the utmost respect & intregrity. After all my clients are what makes my business go. Without them I have no business. I value them and I want them back so I will do everything in my power to make an effort to provide the greatest customer service possible. I can only speak for myself and not others, I would just have to hope that someone will treat me just as nice.

Will I shop at Home Depot agin, I probably will but very little. I will probably look look for alternative stores like loews and local hardware stores to fulfill my shopping needs.

I thank you in advance for any comments you would like to leave me. I have left my email and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, J. Sheriff

Jsheriff 1/16/13 11:56AM

I went to the home depot at princess ann and lynn haven parkway to get heelp to do a project. A young man named AJ went above and beyond helping me. He said he use to be a contractor and wa able to give me not only help but some very good information for my project. He showed me all the tools and material I needed. I have always had great service but this young man wa so proud to be doing his job. iI will be going back for more help from this young man and hope you will hire more retire contractors to work for you. I thought I would just let you know you have a valued and dedicated employee with this gentlemen.

Thank You Fred Coleman

fred 12/15/12 3:45PM

I have a problem with the home depot in lacey wa..
Your store moved into a residential neighborhood and should try harder to be a good neighbor... The midnight pressure washing, the 2AM vacuum truck cleaning the lot..etc.. has to stop..
Thanks for any help you can give me.

craig 12/12/12 12:34AM

Why is home depot spokesman telling us how to vote in presidential election?

John 10/8/12 7:42AM

We are very unhappy with US Remodelers which say they are with Home Depot, they have been calling us about our cabinets. We are very unhappy with their tactics and this may cause you to lose our account. Please stop these calls.

Anonymous 8/15/12 8:48AM

I just had a great experience with a chat person (Michelle).I have been trying to order a kitchen & get pricing on items in Puerto Rico to little or No avail. Michelle came across on the screen & 10+ points for her she definitely is a miracle worker. I got my questions answered professionally, politely & timely. I was getting frustrated & ready to give up Home Depot for this major project & she saved the day. Thank You home depot. You need more workers like her especially in Puerto Rico where they do not answer the phone, act like they do not speak English or do not get the answers. Not all. There are many good one but extremely frustrating. If I have an issue I now know who to call. & Thank Her immensely for me.

Audrey 7/27/12 4:20PM

I need to report a incident that happen to me in your Vista, Ca. store that could of been very serious and depending still maybe a expense to your company...Pls. respond ASP

BBS 7/21/12 7:00PM

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