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Humana corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Humana corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Humana corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Humana Inc.
500 W. Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
United States

Phone: 502-580-1000
Fax: 502-580-3677

Humana Corporate Office Comments

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I have called Humana 5 times about a claim . Each time I have received a different answer for the same question. The last time I tried to talk to a supervisor and received a different answer then the one I received just 10 minutes before from claim rep. The supervisor put me on hold to fine out the proper answer , after 10 plus minutes I hung up the phone. She did not call me back , she does have my phone number.

larstick 7/18/14 8:10AM

Keep trying to get Humana their money. Looks like they don't want it. They can't get there IT people to fix the website so I can change from a coupon book to recurring payments once every month. I have been emailing the since November and no one seems to care.

ladybugbug 1/15/14 5:55PM

Why in this age and technology, do I have to wait two weeks for a proof of coverage letter to be sent out? I called back on Nov. 23 for this letter and have not received it yet on Dec.14. I called again and was old they would send another one out but it would take two weeks to get it. This letter has to be received by my employer by the first of Jan.2014 to be reimbursed for our premiums. Seems like another case of we have your money, now try to get it back.

Anonymous 12/13/13 1:15PM

My Husband is a member of Humana! Their customer service reps are the worst I have ever dealt with. I was on the phone with them yesterday for 4 hours! I was transferred, dropped and still did not get my problem resolved which has been an ongoing problem for a month. They do not know the answers to your questions and they pass the buck. I have been in customer service for over 25 yrs and would never treat a customer the way they have treated me...CUSOMERS BEWARE!

Trina 11/26/13 12:09PM

I Just Received An 800 Number From Humana Explaining My Enrollment. Adrian, Gave Me The Number For Claims And Reached A Third Party Filing A Claim.

I Thought That This Was To Inquire About My Enrollment.
Read From A Script. Asked Me Three Four Times How I Was Doing And Repeated His Name.

Then Transferred To Customer Care. Carla Was Just As Rude And Told Me That I Would Not Be Able To Do Anything With Mty Enrollment (changes Until Junuary 2014

Was Told That She Would Not Transfer Me To A Supervisor That They Would Tell Me The Same Thing.

Am Calling Bbb To Submit A Customer Service Complaint.
This Is Ridiculous

Anonymous 10/28/13 2:27PM

office should have moire than 1 operator. being major care facility should have more lines open for people across country trying to get answers no else in system will give. and should not hang up phone when someone is trying to call in. ;this is bad practice,

Anonymous 9/11/13 8:01AM

I am a member of Humana. I am a single parent working 2 jobs. My provider is an in-network Humana provider. I was sent to this provider by my PCP who is also in network with Humana. My Specialist notified Humana in August 2012 concerning her move to a new address and a new tax ID number. No one at Humana sent her a contract but kept telling her that she was in network not to worry everything was fine. This information was given to me by my provider and Humana customer service rep Betty. Because Humana did not follow through on the required documents I am going to be held responsible for hundreds of dollars of medical bills because Humana did not do their job. I am paying my premiums so I am not certain why this is happening. I am terrified by the lack of action on Humana's part. I am to say the least saddened by the lack of assistance, and concern, my provider and I have received. Is there anyone at Humana that cares enough, thinks enough, has good common sense and is willing to assist me in this matter? I am sickened and terrified at the thought of what will constitute finical ruin for me should Humana not follow through soon in correcting this error. Worry and sleep deprivation are now all that my life consists of due to this ongoing error and lack of action on Humana's part. Is there anyone that can tell me why?

csgoenne 2/4/13 2:37PM

My wife had Humana/RightSource prescription coverage. She passed away in Nov. 2012.
As of this morning 1-2-13 I am STILL getting phone calls that her prescriptions are ready for refill.
I contacted customer care three times to stop her coverage and stop the calls. They even have it documented that I called 11-12-12 in their computer that she passed away but I still get the calls.
I guess you just can't fix stupid.

SK 1/2/13 10:34AM

my name is Dibakar Ghosh.

MEMBER ID NUMBER:-0000020744007
CONFIRMATION NUMBER FOR A CALL DONE ON NOV 26TH 2012 --86584333(custimer service rep name-Marvelyn)

I want to share my terrible experience with Humana Customer service while requesting to have my policies discontinued as I am Moving OUT OF COUNTRY.

I called last week to have my Humana One dental policy cancelled as I am moving out of country and to my surprise the rep from the call center asks me to post a letter to some P.O box address( r we talking about 21st century and USA or some underdeveloped village in some underdeveloped country),i still sent the letter through express post on last week Wednesday and managed to get a fax too sent thru some insurance agent who though not dealing with humana still came forward to help us.Today i called again to check the status and your customer service rep is telling me wait for 30 business days to get a revert from the Grievance department ,Common hope you guys understand the meaning of grievance and customer service i kept on repeating that I am leaving the country tomorrow and ur rep kept on saying that she cannot do anything .on asking for a supervisor i got the reply that no supervisor is available i requested for a Sr. manger call back sa even the sr managers were not available sh mentioned that can happen in 24-48 hours in spite of me telling her 10 times that i am leaving the country tomorrow . i asked the rep to arrange for a call back in next two hours which has not happened yet.I believe you need to train your people for active listening .there was no update or record of the letter sent or fax received .

I have worked with customer service for 10 years now and i respect the job from my heart but it really hurts to see people making fun of this job like this and management doing nothing about it .

Just to put it once again in front of the management I would like to close my policies and no further payments hitting my credit card or bank account as i have moved out of country.

Hope the people at corporate office are sensible enough to understand the urgency of the situation and take necessary steps and skip processes to expedite the resolution and not wait for 30 business days .

Do you ever read ur customer complaints .97% of ur clients are frustrated with ur services .Hope u see where u r heading towards.

Please have my policies discontinued from next billing cycle with no further debits to my credit/debit card.

dibakar ghosh 11/27/12 1:56AM

Hello, My name is Anita Johnson, I have recently been applying at one of your subsidiaries; Concentra Health Care Dallas Texas. I have medical coding/billing certificates. I have have taken billing and payment posting courses, medical terminology. But, I have been told by HR MGR Dani Kendall, that I do not have the qualifications for the job, or any other job at Concentra. I have applied for Reconciliation specialist also, along with National Protocol, on more than one occasion. Dani Kendall, has mentioned to me that Kate Blackmon and Cristine Arrington have stated that I do not qualify for these positions. I have never been told that by neither one.

anita johnson 10/19/12 11:54AM

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