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National Grid corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the National Grid corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the National Grid corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
National Grid USA

National Grid plc
40 Sylvan Road
Waltham, MA 02451
United States

Phone: 781-907-1000

National Grid Corporate Office Comments

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The worst customer service ever. I have been waiting for a manager to call me for the last three days. Most ignorant people I have ever had to deal with. Everyone nakes up their own answers to your questions. This commet section is a joke. They dont even read them. Hope one day someone new comes in and knocjs tgem out of business.


Called national grid today supervisor extremely rude. Tech was supposed to come to house turn power on because breaker was on n that he had come to m y house at 9am we had been there since 7:30 watching out for truck.. Lie no one came when we called to find out y they were not here yet we find all this out. Then supervisor coming up with excuses never even listen to our facts. Left father n 2 kids without power due to a tech not doing its Job n lying about going to the house. Never even customers are not right.. People getting played for jobs not being done.I ask for corporate number n supervisor refused to give it. Not right

iLo 6/16/14 9:59AM

the billing is not wright estimated billing way out of control no help from nationalgrid. they keep sending it to the back room nobody there has a name. have two bills with different amounts. who is in charge of solving problems finished with the run a round.

Daniel McCarthy 4/22/14 1:40PM

Notify State public Commission Better business bureau & Consumer fraud about any problems.

Anonymous 4/7/14 9:23AM

This company has the worst customer service ever. Thy charge money because they cannot read the meter but nobody has ever tried in 12 years. You send in the readings & they tell you it is too low but when they finally do come your numbers were right. So you end up spending hours on the phone trying to correct their screw up.There is no phone # to corporate. All you get is local # thet is useless.I have been going through thi for 12 years. TOTALY REDICULOUS.DISCUSTING CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Anonymous 4/7/14 9:13AM

Since the change in ownership, I have received the worst customer service. I have spent over an hour on phone calls. I have gotten three differentt bills and am totally. They turned off my gas because I smelled gas and I left it off for 6 months (I do not use gas for heat & hot water). When I finally paid a plumber a lot of money to turn it back on, they insisted that pay for the months in which I did not use gas! There is just Noooooo getting thrrough with the company. Just a total mess!

Cece 1/23/14 9:53AM

Why would anyone voluntarily get National Grid? After they blew up the house in Lexington and didn't ever explain why, it defies logic to switch to gas.

Add to that the recent street construction where they didn't have plans and were running up and down our street asking the neighbors if they knew where to find the gas lines.

Or the National Grid bulldozer going backwards down our hilly street at quite a clip.

They are unsafe and don't care.


Anonymous 11/22/13 2:38PM

I will be calling the corporate office concerning this issue. ..they changed their procedures and thats not fair to the customers. If they turn your lights and gas off you don't have to be home but to turn it on you do? What about working people like me who can't stay home? Then you dont tell me you are turning it off after telling me that you are going give me a payment agreement because I have done everything I was supposed to do and I have children. because the guy came while I wasn't home i have to take off from my job and possibly not get paid because it's not your house so you don't care...

jj 10/23/13 2:37PM

I have been trying to get your Company to fix the problem you created. You cashed my Electric Bill. Stamped on the back of the check was National Grid-gas with my Gas account number. Your Customer service is truly horrible. The run around that you're company gives is amazing. How can you treat people like this. I am expected to repay the Electric bill and just go away. While you keep my payment under the Gas account. Shame on you. What is to prevent this from happening again. How many others have been ripped off by the National Grid Company. Their seems to be no accountability from you folks. Most people do not pay attention to their bills it comes in and they just pay it. Your Mailing address for the Electric is P.O.Box 11737 and for the Gas is P.O.Box 11735 in Newark, N.J. So this is happening to many people and they are not aware of it. National Grid needs to improve their Customer Service practices and to treat people with respect. National Grid made the mistake and they chose to make it the consumers responsibility.

Sonja Armstrong 9/6/13 9:02AM

You all have the worst service none to man kind. This company is a waste of Money you abuse your clients & you don't care what your putting them through. You make mistakes on our accounts and then don't even have the decency to fix them properly or at least apologize for the inconvenience you cause them. What kind of business doesn't have management if you came into my job you would want me to treat you with kindness & respect but you can't even do the same for others. One day it will be your families that are force to go through a hard times and I hope they receive the same customer service you give to your clients!

Tre24 8/9/13 1:26PM

This is the worst run company that I have every been involved with. There is no management!
They make an appointment and then do not show or call!
Who is running this company?

rob 8/9/13 8:26AM

my comment is how do you run your office if there is no one to answer calls from customers that are calling to complain about service. what type of company runs like that. you don't even have an operator there.

Anel Richardson 4/12/13 9:49AM

On October 29th,(before Sandy storm) I contacted your office here at New York City and reported a gas smell in the house. Yor technitian did not find anything wrong with the gas lines, but he found and installation error of the hot water heater. Your technitian locked the gas line and said it will be conected as soon as the error was corrected; and left us without heat and hot water. Sandy (hurracaine)came in the next day. We could not have the error repaired until the 1rst of November, that day I called National Grid. Up until now November 13th your service has not been restored. At first they gave us a date for Nov. 8th. On 8th. I found a message in my answering phone asking us to contact them the 13th for a new appointmentthe. I contacted the supervisor on the 8th. and I described my home situation, my mother of old age (81) and my grand children of ages 3 and 5 years and 3 more of us. I had to send my mother to a relative upstate New Jersey, but the rest of us remained at home. He responded that there were other emergencies and that we had to wait until the 16th. The lock of the gas supply to my home had nothing to do with the hurracaine. My family and I feel that what is happening to us is a total abuse from your company. Unfortunatelly there is no other provider that has that complete control as your company seems to have over the service you provide. We wish we could be able to change service provider but you are a MONOPOLY that is why you abuse your clients.

Mireya 11/14/12 3:35PM

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