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Sallie Mae corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Sallie Mae corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Sallie Mae corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
SLM Corporation
12061 Bluemont Way
Reston, VA 20190
United States

Phone: 703-810-3000

Sallie Mae Corporate Office Comments

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SallieMae does not send income tax information, they send an e-mail telling you the statement is sent and then try as you may you are unable to open much less print it. When I call the phone keeps going from one stupid message to another. I cannot get any information about the status of my student loan. This is not right but I just found the address of the corporate office so now I will start an action by going to the office all it takes is people to start making their voices heard when there is unfairness and company are being disloyal to the people. This is unfair to the people who place their trust in them. But we all know there are laws that can deal with this situation. Dept of education sends tax returns, I send emails to SalieMae informing them that I am unable to open or print the documents and no one replies with any information

Anonymous 2/12/14 5:04PM

Sallie Mae is a mothers name was forged as a co can they allow computerized signatures without verifying or getting approval from a co needless to say after 6years of fighting with these delinquents my mother had to pay out $4000 to get her name taken off as a cosigner. She is 84 years old and lives off medicare. They need to get their act together.

pissed off daughter 1/3/14 9:24AM

I have been with Sallie Mae for only 3 months. I have mailed the payments out and kept my receipts that say they do not have them. I faxed the receipts. They send threatening letter and called me constantly. I am a full time student and they will not send me deferment papers to give to my counselor and they went into my account without permission to take out funds I already sent them. Not they want to increase my monthly payment. I now have to close my account at my bank because of them

Val 11/16/13 12:27PM

My daughter was 17 when attending college I had to borrow 12,000 in my name cosigned for three years. Paid the interest on one of the loans I signed for. daughter graduated May 2013 in October I sent the payment as usual..they applied it to the department of education where the loan was in my name. called me daily for the interest payment didnt want to hear me tell them what they did wanted me to poop out money and the payment of the first loan was due in November! ignorant and constantly threatning me when they messed it up

angry 11/13/13 7:00AM

This institution is the worst one I have had to deal with. A "supervisor by the name of April" was supposed to send me a letter confirming our conversation since I never get the same answer twice from the customer service reps, one month later and I have not received it. When I call they won't transfer me to a "supervisor" or they keep me on hold forever. I will lodge a complaint.

Co-signer 10/28/13 10:33AM

Sallie Mae is a rip off! I contacted Sallie Mae a few weeks ago to request a forberance on my loans. The rep that I talked to put my loans in forberance and I paid my fee to do so and it was all good. A week later I received a phone call from Sallie Mae asking me to contact them to go over the options available to me concerning my loans. I called Sallie Mae and they verbally told me that I didn't have any forberance time left for my loan. Now, they took my money, didn't notify me in correspondance that my forberance was denied. The agent that i talked to was going to help me, or so I thought. I haven't heard back from that person yet. In the mean time I have received phone calls from Sallie Mae. Some of they had left messages, others did not. I called Sallie Mae today and talked to a manager and he more or less threatened me by saying that I do have serveral options, which I didn't know that 2 minus 1 option was several and that the manager would take me off my current payment plan. He did offer me to put my payment for the forberance against what I owe. You know I went to Sallie Mae cause I am currently unable to make payments and Sallie Mae is telling me that it is my fault for not being able to make payments and that I when I signed my contract I knew everything. However, Sallie Mae has changed my loans (or I think they did) and my options have never changed. And they are not willing to work with me on payments, my outstanding debt to them will just keep growing. And I was against with using Sallie Mae for a lender, I just didn't have a choice. Where I went to school, they had a contract with the school that they could be the only non-stafford loan lender!

Anonymous 10/11/13 3:55PM

I am at my wit's end in trying to resolve issues with Sallie Mae. I have a multitude of issues. For starters, I do not understand how they can legally compound interest the way they do, thus charging interest on interest. I am a co-signer on two loans, and have been paying via auto-debit for quite some time. It is my intent to pay the loans off early but it is literally impossible to do at Sallie Mae. I sent in two "extra" payments to see how they applied. All but pennies were taken to interest, and just reduced the amount of the next auto-debits. In follow-up, I was told that the only way to make additional principal reductions in order to pay off early is to get them to Sallie Mae on the 1st day of the month. A one-day window. Finally, after getting no help at all, I made the decision to move the debt to another financial institution from which I received and attractive offer. I have since gotten the money from that financial institution, obtained a payoff quote from Sallie Mae, and spent $20 to overnight-mail the payoff to the remittance center. Three business days later, they have not processed the payment. I keep getting assurances that the payoff will post, but no one can find it, or tell me when it will post. I have instructed them to stop the auto-debits, but I will likely have to pay a fee to my bank to do this. Additionally, I may have to pay a fee to stop payment on the payoff check. I sincerely hope there is someone at Sallie Mae who can tell me HOW to pay off a loan because I am not paying them another dime until they do. I am proceeding with formal complaints to the CFPB, FDIC, and OCC.

A Co-Signer 10/1/13 7:59AM

Ever since I graduated, I have had difficulty paying Sallie Mae because they charged exorbitant rates that exceeded the monthly and yearly gross income that I earned. I would send what I could afford because I made an executive decision to pay the rent and help relatives that had no viable options for help otherwise. However, not one single dime of anything I have sent has ever been credited to my account. Yes, they have a record, but they have never credited what I have paid in over 15 years. I recently sent them a check for $3200 and had the company that issued the check on conference call and they blatantly lied and said that they never received the check. After I lost my temper and screamed and shouted, the representative finally acknowledged receipt of the check. This constant bickering has sent me to the emergency room on numerous occasions throughout the years. They do not set payment standards according to your income, and if you make a four or five figure income that is exceptionally low, they expect you to pay what you would earn if your salary was six figures. I do not even know of ANYONE who can afford over $2000 per month even with six figures! What do you do if your rent is $1600, your medication is $678 per month and your healthcare/hospice is $500 per month? They seem to think you can wave a wand and make money appear when there isn't any money coming in! And if you make an honest and concerted effort to send whatever you can when you can, even if you wind up eating out of the dumpsters for dinner, they refuse to acknowledge it. SOMEONE NEEDS TO INVESTIGATE THIS COMPANY.

No Respect for the Financially D 9/9/13 3:44PM

NEVER cosign for,or borrow from Sallie Mae. Ive been paying for 4 yrs a month ahead of due date. The dysfunctional, inept, negligent dumbasses still screw it up. They lose payments, misapply payments constantly and then call and want $. I despise them! it is as if Sallie Mae does everything they can to keep you from paying. Ive called corporate office twice to get things fixed. I have to call them again now. I REPEAT, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SALLIE MAE. You will be sorry you did.

HAO 8/26/13 9:11AM

On July 15th i called Sallie Mae to request a payment scheduled for the 24th be changed to the 2nd of August. i was on the phone with the representative over 45minutes and was given the confirmation number for the canceled payment as well as for the new payment. On the 24th Sallie mae withdrew the money from my account causing 6 checks to go into overdraft at $35.00/ea. ($210.00). I immediately called and was given to a supervisor who called my bank with me (because they didt' see the paymetn anywhere in their system)...after speaking an confirming with the bank i sent the appropriate proof of the payments to them via email and was assured the monies would be back in my account 24 -72 hours later. Today, $210.00 was refunded (the overdraft amount), not the payment or the additional overdraft fee that came in yesterday. I have been given the runaround since 8am this morning, with "managers" saying they were taking care of it and would call me back in 1/2 hour. Well it is now 6 1/2 hours and numerous phone calls later and i have yet to speak to anyone who can tell me anything. When a payment is late i get phone calls non stop and many many threatening letters. This is th worst company to deal with, i agree, we need to get a class action suit together to stop these people. This is not the first or second time this has happened; anytime you call to make a change you can rest assured you have to make at least 3 or 4 follow up calls to be certain it was done correctly. Biggest mistake i have ever made dealing with them.

anblls 7/26/13 11:33AM

As an educated professional who has dealt with the public and customers for over 30 years, I can only say that these people are the most incompetent and untrained I have ever encountered. I am responsible for payment of co-signed loans and have taken over the Federal loan repayments for my children. I faithfully send my payments in on time. Over 8 years, these people have lost my payments, misapplied loan payments, and have harassed my with round the clock telephone calls when they screw up. I have spent hours on the phone over the years with their "customer service" reps. correcting their mistakes. I have never received an apology. I have also filed a complaint with the attorney general of the state where I had sent my loan payments. I think it is time to get people together and file a class action suit against these low class thieves and expose them to any student out there who might be thinking of getting a salliemae loan. In the alternative, we need to write to our congressmen and senators and expose this company. We should also write to the attorney general, consumer fraud, in the state you live. I don't know what else to do to get out the word of unsuspecting students applying for salliemae loans. Please give me some hope.

Murphyjoed 7/26/13 10:50AM

Do not take out a loan with this company. These people treat you like you always owe them something instead of helping you. The managers have an excuse for everything the one i talked to was Megan. I suggest that anyone looking for a student loan should go somewhere else.

me 6/17/13 7:11AM

Worst customer service and collectors, the verbal I have had to go through with these people is out of this world.

D 5/28/13 5:38PM

Under no certain terms should you EVER get a loan from Sallie Mae. The person that said "screw Sallie Mae" is absolutely right they do just what he said in his comment above. They are ridiculous and horrible to deal with. They should be against the law and shut down.

pinkslppr 5/23/13 3:55PM

WHAT EVER YOU DO DON'T GET A LOAN FROM SALLIE MAE!!! They are the worst company ever to deal with. They tell you one thing then they change things around with out tell you and then they blame you for not making your payments (example) payment due date is the 28th of every month and is set up with automatic withdraw. They take a payment on the 28th of one month then on the 15th of the next month they change your due date to the 5th and because it is past the 5th they say you are late on your payments. It's BS AND SO ARE THEY!!!!


My name is Yordan Tello, and I apply for a new student loan together with a cosigner. However, my cosigner is a Spanish speaking person, and could not communicate properly with a sallie mae representative while speaking by phone. As a result, my application was not approved because the representative got upset with my Spanish speaking cosigner. Please, does anybody can help me find a solution? Or is there any corporate office phone number? Sincerely, Yordan Tello

Yordan 7/23/12 6:07PM

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