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TomTom corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the TomTom corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the TomTom corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Tomtom North America, Inc.

TomTom NV
11 Lafayette St
Lebanon, NH 03766
United States

Phone: 603-643-0330
Fax: 603-653-0249

TomTom Corporate Office Comments

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this Tom Tom was fine until I tried to update the map. after several calls to tech support and following their instructions I have nothing left on my Tom tom. I am making one last attempt. I believe Tomtom is screwing people over because downloading maps seems to be a common problem. I have spent countless hours trying to get a map, had a trip with all kinds of problems because I couldn't use my tomtom and to top it off my credit card has been charged for a map I didn't get.

Anonymous 8/5/14 2:38PM

This TOMTOM IQ is garbage. It is not worth the Chinese plastic it is made of; I am going to return it to your company's N. American CEO. I want him to have the damn sorry piece of trashy equipment - for FREE. I am giving it to him as a gift. He can also have my update subscription that doesn't work at all...that took the old map and wouldn't upload the new "paid for" maps I had bought. The unit itself is broken AND the update maps CANNOT be downloaded properly. What a TOTAL RIP OFF by a company!

JETJOCK767 3/24/14 1:42PM

I am trying to contact tomtom customer support i keep getting number has been disconnected please help

Anonymous 10/18/13 3:10PM

Att. Product Development.

Re a Niche Gift Market:

Now with the Ability of most auto GPS devices to provide a screen or notes on the Posted Speed Limit and the current speed of the auto with the device.

There should be the ability to program the device to give the driver voice and audible alarm warning about exceeding the speed limit.

I am thinking of the guy who has gotten himself to many speeding points and is paying penalties for them instead of learning to keep his foot off the pedal.

The niche or gift GPS would be Programed to remind the driver when approaching the posted speed limit verbally a couple of times, then sounding an alarm siren etc.

It would be a fun device to give or have when riding with some one with a heavy foot. Sort of like a wife or mother-in-law Back Seat Driver
If you program one send me one of them as a gift.

proyl 10/6/13 11:18AM

Dear Sir or Madam,

Product Level 1: Car navigation

Product Level 2: XL 340

Category Level 1: Troubleshooting

Category Level 2: Frozen or not starting

Hello I had wished to contact you on a more pleasant situation, but unfortunately that is not as I had wished.

Please allow me to start this situation @ 3years ago I received a new Tom Tom as a gift, until up to a week ago I started having problems with it ( my device was showing a circle with a Red line through it). I contacted Tom Tom technical support team in Mexico and explained my situation with them over the phone. I proceeded to follow their advice on how to rectify the problem, unfortunately numerous discussion's over the phone with tech support and a supervisor I was told that there was a problem with the Tom tom device which could not be fixed.

At this point I was told that the GPS Tom Tom device only had a life expectancy of 3yr to 5 years, but they would send me a 20% discount coupon on another Tom Tom device which I stated was unacceptable.

I like the Tom Tom product that I had, even willing to try it before a much bigger producer of GPS's on the world market. I suggested that I be sent a new Tom Tom to replace the defective one I had, I was told that could not be done.

I was a believer of the Tom Tom devise and more than willing to promote your item until now. I always thought that your company and staff faith in your products and what they would stand behind them, which you have shown that is not the case.

In closing I would like to believe that someone in head office has enough faith in their products by replacing my defective Tomm tom so I can say that I am pleased and happy to use a Tom Tom product.

I look forward to your reply concerning this issues.

Thank you

Brad Carleton

Brad 9/29/13 10:45AM

I purchased my tom tom just over two years ago and have hardly ever used it, maybe ten times. I had troubles updating it with the code provided and took multiple calls from customer service to have the updates available to me. I then recently updated it for the second time, and now my unit will not turn on. After the service dept went through their steps with my they tell me that there is nothing that they can do, and updating that maps has a risk of your unit not working. Nowhere did I ever see any notice of this and would have left the old programming in it if I had known so. They tell me there is nothing I can do besides purchase another unit at a small discount. Why would I spend over another 100 dollars when I can't even update my unit twice with out it being destroyed. I know people you have had garmins for many years with no issues. I recommend you go to another brand or company as Tom Tom does not take care of their customer and will not help you in replacing their cheap products they offer.

cruser 9/14/13 1:47PM

I have requested that the EXIT # for I-26 in the state of TN be corrected as they are backwards. The names are correct. The numbers start with 1 in the West not the East. I have talked to your employees and used your correction system to no avail. Also all the RR tracks in Carter County in TN. have been removed. When I spend a lot of effort to get corrections and get nothing I have little faith in your updates. Regards

dale 8/31/13 9:24AM

Your customer service is RUDE and very RUDE they are there only to get a pay check they don't show any care about your problem.
every year I have a problem with you live service is pathetic I brought on Saturday live service and is Monday I cant use it because is payment is on process but on Saturday it was debit from my account. if your guys have a approval way I have to wait. we are in year 2013 technology is very advance know

robert c 8/12/13 8:48AM

I am writing to file a formal complaint against TomTom Corporation, with specific reference to its Customer Support division in Sydney Australia.

I require that this communication be forwarded to higher management in the TomTom parent corporation and that I be informed of the name, position, address, and email address of the individual to whom this complaint has been forwarded.

I regard my complaint to be of sufficient seriousness to warrant the attention of higher management in TomTom. When I attempted to obtain an email address for TomTom Corporate Headquarters from Mark, Team Leader at the TomTom Customer Support Headquarters in Ryde NSW Australia, he declined to provide it to me (1-300-135-604). When I asked Customer Service representative to provide it to me, he hung up the phone.

My complaint is as follows:

This morning I purchased a TomTom Via 220 for $179.95 at North Sydney Beta Electronics.

I went to the website to register my product. I could not find the location on the website to register my product. I called to speak with a Customer Service Representative. He could not explain where on the website I could register the product. He then hung up on me.

I searched further on the website and found the location to register. I entered the information but the website would not accept the serial number. The serial number has a combination of zeros and letter O. It is impossible to distinguish which is which. So I called Australian Customer Support back and spoke with one Tulendra Sherchan. I explained my problem.

Mr Sherchanâ??s solution was that I turn on the GPS, enter my home location etc etc etc, and finally go to a screen that displayed the serial number. This was, of course, the exact same serial number as the one I had obtained from the back of the unit. All of this took approximately 10 minutes of my time. Mr Sherchan then indicated that he knew, all along, which of the digits were numerical and which were alphabeticâ??he could tell when I read out the number, so he knew this information all along and had simply wasted my time by having me search for this information on the unit itself.

I entered the serial number on the registration form, which now accepted the serial number. However, the registration form would not submit.

There followed approximately 20 minutes of one of the most pointless, frustrating, and incompetent encounters I have ever had with a corporation. Mr Sherchan wanted to know what browser I was using. Internet Explorer. He asked me to download Firefox. I explained that I was calling from my place of work and we are not allowed to download software. During this conversation on two occasions Mr Sherchan started laughing. I felt this was inappropriate and so indicated this to him. He became extremely defiant and denied laughing.

Mr Sherchan asked for my email address, so he could send me an email and I could reply to it, attaching a scanned copy of my receipt. I told him the email address. He read it back to me (correctly). He then stated he had sent me the email, but it had not arrived. I read it back to him. He had put in the wrong email address.

I sent him the receipt, and presumably he registered my purchase.

I asked to speak with his manager, Mark. Mark would not identify himself other than giving me his first name and position. I explained what had happened. He said that the TomTom website had integration issues with Internet Explorer, and these problems had been going on for approximately one week. He was distinctly unconcerned with my problem. He did not at any time apologise to me. He would not provide me with contact details for TomTom Corporate Headquarters. I had now spent 54 minutes on a simple problem.

Mr Sherchan and Mark were clearly aware of the fact that there were website integration issues but over a period of 54 minutes wasted my time, treated me with disdain, and showed utter contempt for TomTomâ??s customers.

After work today I spent approximately 30 minutes trying to find an email contact address for TomTom Corporate. It does not appear to exist. So I am posting this message on TomTom discussion boards and will forward it to as many TomTom email addresses as I can find. I expect a written response.

I can be reached at

Peter Heron

Peter Heron 10/16/12 11:30PM



Their customer service is pathetic.
Garmin is where I am buying my next GSP.

Gabbytony 9/19/12 10:52AM

[Incident: 120823-002638]
My wife and I travel for business extensively! So I upgraded our TomTom from a 3.5 inch to a new XXL 5.0 inch. After 2 months it developed a serious stutter, and it just gets stuck quickly repeating a portion of a word (in rapid fire mode! Sometimes we have to stop and reboot the GPS to continue using it! I worked with tech support for hours on the phone and on the computer to get our problem resolved. Finally I was told to return it at my cost of shipping $10 that as soon as I would email my tracking number to the Customer Service agent one would be sent out asap so we would have it for our next trip! I paid extra and I had to wait till you received my GPS before another was shipped to me! We received it yesterday! It stutters just like the one we sent you but this one was sent to use DIRTY and refurbished!!!! I was told I would receive a new replacement! Now Customer service said for me to pay again to send you FEDEX back the dirty used one and they will send me another refurbished on! I live in a small town where my closest FEDEX office is 90 miles away! We have trips coming up and I need a working GPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emil Liko 8/23/12 8:10AM

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