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Volkswagen corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Volkswagen corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Volkswagen corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

Volkswagen Group
2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive
Herndon, VA 20171
United States

Phone: 703-364-7000

Volkswagen Corporate Office Comments

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Dear Sir/Madam

This is reference a purchase in the UK, however after almost 2 weeks of getting nowhere with VW in the UK, i thought i'd post this here to see whether VW world wide has any customer care.

VW Golf. BX59 TZB. Chassis No. (Previous Reg-

I am writing to complain about the problems I am experiencing with my VW Golf. This is car that is only just out of warranty and has only done 24000 miles and yet your dealer is telling us has serious mechanical problems. This is our family car and we bought a VW Golf believing that the vehicle would be reliable and give us trouble free motoring. However, this has not been the case and is now creating a lot of stress with the whole family.

Below is a short timeline of events.

Purchased on 6th August 2013 from Renault dealer in Birmingham. The car has a full VW service history carried out by VW in Sutton Coldfield.

January 2014, car failed to start. RAC were called out, carried out full checks, no other issues reported. New battery fitted.

Recently we noticed engine vibration when the car was stationary. Car booked into a local reputable garage, RBS as we don't have a VW dealership near where we live in Rugby. Vibration was reported to the service person who conducted a minor service and provided the following report:





Having checked on the internet, the garage told us that these faults were reported quite frequently with the 1.4 GT Tsi engine. We were advised to contact the VW main dealer to have a diagnostic check.

We sought a second opinion from a local garage. Checks were carried out by IAUTO UK in Coventry and they advised of the following.



We contacted VW Listers in Coventry to get their opinion. SEEN BY STEVE WATSON

They needed to conduct diagnostic tests for which they charged us £192.

We were called later that day and informed that there was an issue in the engine, cylinder 4 had low compression. Your VW dealer in Coventry charged us £192 for this same information we already had from IAUTO UK.

We were then informed that they would need to remove the head to further diagnose the problem for which they would charge us £1000 (just to remove the cylinder head....??) and then, and only then, can they advise of the solution which could mount up to £5000

We were horrified that a car so recently out of warranty might cost us up to £5000 to put right.

Hammie 4/23/14 9:44AM

I'm in Palm Desert CA I took my Saturn for an oil Change to Chachella Valley VW. When I got it back it was leaking oil. I called Service talked to George. Then I call Jack Service manager 5 times. He finally called me back and said that My car had a heilcoil in it and I surly knew that. George had told me the service guy just tapped the plug and it fell out. When I took my car in I had told them what the last man had told me. Which was that Sturns have an aluminum pan and to tell them to be careful not to torque the plug to hard or it would strip. So George told me the service guy just put in a bigger plug. Service Manager Jack said he wasn't going anything for free but would give me a discount. Now here Im 70 years old 333 miles from home. With a car I can not drive. Before i took my car in it never ever leaked oil. Can any one help me. Maggie Mc

Coachella Valley VW 2/13/14 6:53PM

Just Heard That V.w. Might Let The U.a.w. In Are You Crazy They Have Destroyed Every Company That They Have Forced Themselves Onto Wake Up People Will Stop Buying Vw's

RON LUND 2/13/14 5:39PM

I HAVE A 2013 PASSAT BASCICALLY A GOOD CAR (had 2009 jetta) have 4 complains about car design 2 major 2 minor 1)live in snow area-recessed wipers build snow up in well 2)sideview mirrors too small minor trunk light should be in top middle heater direction control should not turn in circle should stop at defrost requires eyes to look for setting

Anonymous 1/28/14 8:05PM

I am totally dissatisfied with the company as my car is in workshop under warranty for 7 days without the assurance from the company of its delivery date.The same problem has recurred three times in 6 months.

vivek 10/27/13 2:10AM

I will never buy another vw beetle again .I try two cars and again the problems.The older vw beetles were the best.

Anonymous 9/23/13 10:06AM

I have just read 12 reviews from people who have purchased VW's and received service, or in some cases no service, from the dealer.
From the content of the reviews I can only assume that they are either out of state (California) or outside the U.S.A.
Eleven of the 12 reviews were negative, so I will address this review to them. Have you ever heard the old saying "Shop Around"? I have--and I did. Check out dealerships before you purchase a vehicle. On Line, or in person. In person would be the best. From the first time you make contact with a salesperson, you should be able to get an idea of what to expect on down the line.
I live in an area about 40 miles east of San Francisco, CA., and there are numerous car dealers in the area.
My wife and I visited several dealerships. In person, I might add. After about three week-ends and walking out on high-pressure salespeople, we came upon a VW dealer in Walnut Creek, CA., about 20 miles from where we live. There is a VW dealer located less than half the distance from this dealer, but after you read my review, you can see why I drive the extra distance. The name of the dealer is Dirito Brothers of Walnut Creek.
While we were looking at the vehicles outside, a salesman approached us and said to let him know if we had any questions, and then excused himself and walked away. That astonished me! Generally, from my experience, they stick to you like a fly on honey and ask all kinds of questions.
A few minutes later we reluctantly walked inside to the show room where I expected to really be pounced upon. Quite the contrary. All the people smiled at us and went on with their business. And I must say, they appeared to be doing good business. I can understand why.
After looking around for awhile, we saw a beautiful Passat SE. We told the same salesperson that we really liked it, but we had a couple of other dealers we would like to visit. I thought at first this would trigger a real "high-pressure" sales pitch like "this car probably won't be here much longer" or, "I can really reduce the price if you buy it today", etc., etc. Not so....he said that would be fine, and if we would like to test drive it to give him a call.
Two weeks later we went back, test drove the car, and came back to the office. We sat down and negotiated a superb (and I do mean superb) deal and drove away
We have now had the car for 13 months, and are completely satisfied. I have just had one of three services on it, and all three are COMPLETELY FREE! The service includes oil and filter change, tire rotation, window wiper and exterior light bulb replacement if necessary, and about seven other items.
So to those of you with the negative reviews, I have this to say. As the saying goes...don't paint the picture with such a broad brush. As you well know, Volkswagen is a large company and covers many nations. All dealerships are not created equal. There are dealerships which shouldn't have a license to sell hot-dogs at a fair, much less automobiles. And then there are those who should be commended for the way they conduct business. For example, the dealer where I bought my VW and go back for service.
So shop person if possible. It's really convenient to sit at home and go to different web-sites, but you only see what the dealer wants you to see.

If nothing works in your area, come on out to where I live. I know an outstanding dealer!

rockrob 9/19/13 2:29PM

Customer care Delhi failed to address my complaint of Poor Quality car cover given with JETTA car I bought in Feb'13.The cover being sparingly used to protect when car is not in use .But in 2-3 mths the Cover is gettying torn from different places of Folds.CC Delhi says its because of usage! Can a Cover give way when used for hardly 2-3 mths?Its a shame for Volkswagen Brand and its people to react in such irresponsible manner.My other Car Cover is locally made and intact since last 2 yrs despite being extensively used.Nissan's Car Cover bought around same time is not only beautiful but much stronger !For Rs 2,000 VOLKSWAGEN behaves in most arrogant and irresponsible manner that I am determined to take Legal action besides spreading in Media for people to know of Volkswagen Quality
and how they behave after sales!

Jetta Car 8/23/13 4:14AM

I own a 2006 Passat (low mileage). Recall work on the air bag connectors was done in November 2011. The air bag failure light continues to go on but my local VW dealer won't look at it without charging diagnosis fee, repair fees, etc. VW tells me their recall work is only good for 1 year. The light has been going on quite a while but my fault that I did not contact VW within that one-year window (I didn't know). Too bad VW does not stand behind their recall work. The car has had multiple other issues that I have paid to have corrected. I probably won't buy another VW.

Anonymous 7/9/13 12:03PM

We recently purchased a 2011 Jetta TDI at the Murrieta Volkswagen dealership nearby. From the moment we walked on to the lot until several days later when we eventually closed the deal and drove off in our Jetta we were extremely satisfied with the professionalism and outstanding customer service we received from the sales consultant, Arman; the sales manager, Scott, and the finance manager, Sue. We have never experienced this level of customer service when purchasing an auto in our 40+ years of automobile shopping. I would highly recommend this dealership to others!

Wayne and Bev 6/18/13 7:52AM

I dropped my 2013 VW Golf off for service last Friday morning. I indicated to the service consultant (David Howell) that the center vents were not flowing air out properly and it was not occurring every time I used the AC, but periodically. I live 15 miles away from the dealership, but purchased the car at the FairFax VW dealership. When I tried to duplicate the incident--the air flow correctly so David told me that everything seem to be working correctly and VW would allow service parts to be order unless the problem can be duplicated or witnessed by a service person. I indicated to David that I have work around cars for several years and I knew when air circulation from the vents were not working correctly, however David response was if it can not be duplicated then they can not do anything about it. So I left the dealership drive back 15 miles to my homes, and the AC did not work the entire trip back. I called again and spoke with Pam Sanders--she suggested that I bring the car back to the deanship and she would be put into a loaner vehicle so her service guys could see if they can figure the problem. The vehicle is still being repaired, the AC switch had to be replaced, then a sensor light would not go off, so they needed to purchased another part due the sensor light. I am going back to VW Fairfax and discuss the horrible ordeal with their management but wanted to write you this note expressing my dis-appointment with your David's lack of customer service and VW dealerships lack of quality control on their brand new vehicles. This type of treatment to your customers does not speak well since you claim to have such great customer service. This will not be the only location you will see these comments. I am a service member and I expect greater customer service from this company and I will be addressing this lack of service to my fellow service members. This is 1 of 2 emails--I will be sending another regarding the lack of customer service at the VW FairFax Dealership

VW 5/16/13 6:07PM

BEWARE OF 2009 VW JETTA TDI!!!! My husband was driving our car going at 45mph when traffic suddenly stopped. The tire wheels locked on him and in order to avoid hitting the car in front of him, he veared off the road in a ditch. Took the car in to the local VW dealer and they determined that it was a FAULTY ABS MODULE SENSOR. The dealer or VW corporate would not fix the car because it is out of the standard 3yrs/36K miles. Car insurances do not cover mechanical failure!! So will have to pay for the ABS MODULE SENSOR repair of $1485.00.
Car is only 4 years old and this is a MAJOR SAFETY ISSUE. Filed a complaint with VW corporate and if enough people notify them of the same problem, the outcome will be a recall and they will have to reimburse people for damages.

rdaperez 4/2/13 4:14PM

Last news. I've just been informed by the local agent the spare part needed to repair the right curtain for my Golf VII in guaranty is going to be available behinning of April. Six weeks to get a part for a new car from Germany to Italy!!!: I think it's a new record for a wery bad customer sevice. Just few words to the VW management: Don't be surprised when you'll see the company result getting bad and worse. As your customer service is the worse of any other car makers I've ever meet, customers following my suggestions will buy corean cars that are defenetly better than yours.
any comment is welcome. Not excuses, just comments!
Attilio Cereda

Anonymous 3/1/13 4:08AM

Beginning of December I bought a new Golf VII. Since the beginning a problem was found ref the right door curtain that was non closing correctly. Upon a check at the local service agent, I was told spare parts are needed for repair but they are not able to give any commitment ref the arrival date of these spare part already ordered. I do believe this is not the right way to handle customers. A reliable company shouldn't have the car get out the production line with these problems. Advancing that I regret having bought a Vw car, I'm going to spread this opinion and my recommendation NOT to buy any Volkswagen group car because of the poor quality to all my friends and our internet community. Now I know why Corean cars have a better ranking than Vw.

Anonymous 2/28/13 10:38AM

Hello, I am a 65 year old woman on disablity. I bought the Warranty for $1700. I saved and saved for months. So when I needed two simple repairs on my 2008. The Window on the drivers side and the lock on the drivers side broke. They refused to fix it!!!! I have had nothing but problems with this car. They HAVE fixed a few problems which should never have broken on a two or three year old car. Bryan in the service department never returns calls. He was my best friend until the car started to fall apart then it was Judie who??? I have nothing but electrical trouble from this car. No one at the dealership would admit the car was a lemon or even offer to fix everything that was wrong with the car knowing they should. They knew I am on a fixed income. $1700 was a lot to come up with. What has happened with Volkswagen? Where did the integrity go?? If I had known how nasty they could be I would have never bought a Volkswagen.
Judie McCall-Atlanta

Judie McCall 2/16/13 2:11PM


There is big issue in repairing my polo for small dent on door. Job is only for 4 days. Repairing work took almost more than 14 days. I came to understand that car is on another persons name as per VW records and service people can not able to make job card hence they can not able to help for insurance and start repair work. I was struggling since last 14 days. Show room people tailing that, it is service people mistake and vice versa, only blame game is going on.

if my car theft out then what would happen. VW defiantly tail that car is not available in your name so I will loose such costly car.

Even I will face servicing at other agent service station and insurance claim for big accident. All this problem will come because in VW system indicates car on different name.

Refer enclosed mail. You will find all details. After six month, I came to know that car is registered on different name by sales people and they can not rectify the problem

We really required support from VW head office and action on the same. Response from KSM, Nerul, Navi Mumbai is also very poor. They are not taking care of the issues.

After sale support is very poor. I want action plan from VW head office. Almost I lost rental car money for 10 days. This has to be recovered by VW.

I could not able to trace the exact problem and finally I land up in issue where got car after 14 days but still name is not changed in VW records. If some body helps it out will be great full.

After sales support very poor 12/21/12 8:32AM

Last September, with great enthusiasm, we bought a Shadow Blue Vento Highline car from World Class Automobiles Pvt Ltd, in Delhi, India. After the car had run the stipulated 15,000 Kms, we got it serviced from World Class Automobiles on 30th September this year.
The car was parked in our Driveway since early hours of 21st september'2012. At around 5 AM of 26th September'2012, the car automatically caught fire & started burning. Local Police & Fire Services were immediately informed. By the time the Fire Brigade reached, the car almost fully burnt itself. Thank God that there was only minor damage to a portion of the house & the house did not get burnt, or no one was injured by the various blasts which took place. The pictures are so Horrifying that one trembles seeing them.
The thought that it could have been a Funeral Prye, had my family been inside the car & such a thing happened, sends shivers down the spine. It could even be the only Bread earner for the family. No insurance can get loved ones back.

AS 10/27/12 1:28PM


As i work for German MNC (Thyssenkrupp Uhde), I decided to purchase a german car because quality and safety asspects. Therfore i have purchased the VW polo highline on 30 June 2010. In just 2 years we droved 23000 km. As there was some noise comming from the engineside i took my vehicle for check up.

The service advisor took a test drive and said it will be resolved.

I left my car at the service station and after 4 hours i receaive a call from service station that the engine foundation and gear box foundation is worn out.

Then i checked like what type of foundations are this. they said this are hydraulic foundations. my reply to this was i dont see any oil leakage at the location near the foundations. then they said it is worn out and now you have to replace it. the cost of this 2 foundatiosn will be roughly about 15K INR.

boss in just 2 years time to spend such a big amount on spares is raly disgusting. Which i never did for my previous car in 5 years time.

Is this the quality of the parts used in the car. I am very disappointed with this situation.

Pl. help me out with a proper solution..

WAR 10/26/12 1:51AM

The ad showing the bulldog and your car is mean and makes light of the fact that a bulldog has become what he is due to cross and overbreeding. Humans did this. the same humans you are advertising to purchase. We share this planet with all animals and a lot of humans are not the best looking either. Remove it. I will not ever purchase your cars.ass this on to someone with a sense of fairness and decency in the advertising area.

millief 9/28/12 4:23AM

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