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SunTrust corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
SunTrust Banks, Inc.
303 Peachtree St. Ne
Atlanta, GA 30308
United States

Phone: 404-588-7711
Fax: 404-332-3875

SunTrust Corporate Office Comments

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I lived in Boston, for over 25 years. When I retired from Massachusetts General Hospital approximately 8 years ago, I sold both of my properties and relocated to "New Port Richey" Florida. Being new to the area, and not knowing anyone, I opened two checking accounts. One of these accounts is in a SUNTRUST BANK near my home in New Port Richey, FL. Here's the thing? In a City with several million people. I CANNOT find one Suntrust Bank that is opened for business on a Saturday? It's baffling? I am retired, and each time I have to go to a Suntrust Bank in New Port Richey, I have to drive several miles to the nearest Suntrust Bank in the City of Holiday,Fl. It's ludicrous , almost laughable that the President & CEO of Suntrust Bank in Georgia, don't have a clue as to what is happening in the banking community in fast growing New Port Richey, Fl. Several other smaller banks have seen a major breakthrough here, and are doing a thriving business on Saturdays. While I like the people at Suntrust, I really hope that they will do something about opening for business on Saturday's like many of the other banks are doing, otherwise I'll probably be removing my funds from Suntrust.

RM 1/18/14 2:19PM

wonderful!!! please read all of it. it was valentine's day weekend and i was out enjoying myself. it was the actual day, and i was coming home late. i knew that i needed to deposit some money into my account, plus i didn't want to carry around that much cash. so i went to the ATM to make a deposit. it was after hours, but i had used the new cash deposit feature before. i couldn't totally remember when the deposit would actually take place, but i knew i didnt want to get up early either. well i deposit the $200 cash and it accepts it, but i had more money to put in. so i hit the more cash button and place the money inside. it gives me an error message and says that the money i just added could not be accepted, and gives the money back. no problem, i'll just try it again. well...the machine times out and never goes back to any of the options. i get no reciept and the orginal $200 was never credited. WHAT ONE DA** MINUTE!! so i say to myself, maybe it takes a while to credit, so i deposit the remaining money that it just rejected. well it accepts it as i thought it would, but now theres an immediate credit. i'm like da**!! now i have to be up here 1st thing in the morning anyway to straiten this out. so i come up to the bank and speak with the teller. she tells me that she doesn't see the deposit and that i have to call the 800 #. i was pissed about that, but ok. i call the number and she tells me that she cant help me and that the bank should have handled it. so of coarse, im still sitting in the parking lot because i need my money! so i keep her on hold and walk back into the bank so she could speak with the teller. they talk and get me to speaking to whom i need to speak with. after explaining to the woman with the heavy accent what was going on, she tells me that she can do a credit for me. i say ok, kool. but she goes on to say that it wont take affect until the next business day. that's on tuesday. today is friday, some holiday on monday so yall will be closed, and i wont see this until TUESDAY!! no and maam! i need my money today!! i have the ballet tonight at the fox, and a stage play tomorrow. my girl just had my first child and i've planned this long special weekend for us. I NEED MY MONEY TODAY LADY!!! u dont take your girl to the historic fox theatre for the ballet and then to fu**ing mcdonalds for dinner!! she says thats all she can do. i say well fine, i need to speak with your supervisor. she places me on hold, and comes back and says my supervisor says it SHOULD be there tomorrow. i say "should"...what is your supervisors name? she refuses to give it to me and says why do i need it? i say because when this money doesn't show up tomorrow, i need a name to attach to the phone call im GOING to place. she says it should be there. i say i NEED A NAME!!! she says i can let you speak with my supervisor. and i say that was who you were suppose to be putting on the phone the first time you placed me on hold. so she places me on hold again. this time, i actaully get her supervisor. ms. mary, God bless her heart, tells me that she can save my LIFE!!! she explains that what she can do is give me a credit of the missing $200 until the other credit can post. this way the money is available for me to use. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! it took some work, but THANK YOU for saving a very VERY important weekend for me!! it was very frustrating knowing that the machine messed up and stole my money. but they were able to fix the issue and save my weekend!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

just me 3/4/13 8:13AM

I would like to no why I can't get to my fathers safety deposit box and I power ATT and also on account bank branch in St. Cloud giving me hard time because woman in charge.had words about pot not saying box was on form so I had it revised and notarized and she still won't talk to me or explain way

Anonymous 12/30/12 1:46PM

Hello First I would like to say my name is Derick Adams. I would also like to give kudos to a Ms. Jennifer Geiger.Ms.Geiger is the perfect example of a dedicated,caring employee. Jennifer cares about people and tries to help them to the best of her ability. Jennifer works at the south Daytona Florida branch. On the other hand you have a Vice President named Shelly Randazzo at the same branch who should not be in the position she currently holds. She has no compassion for the people who enter her branch. Two weeks ago i had a bad experience with Ms.Randazzo I entered the bank already stressed because I am trying to make ends meet for my family due to the fact that I was layed off my job in July. I came to ask if she could wave a fee of 104.00 so that I can by food for my family,and she told me no that is not her problem. When I left the bank I felt worse than when I entered. This happened two weeks ago and it still bothered me so much that I could not forget it. My wife and I have been with Suntrust Bank about 3 or 4 years. I know that my account has been in the red more often as of late,but I always clear it up. I am currently in the red,but my 550.00 unemployment check will be in there in the A.M. Last year this time things were different for my self and my family I keep my faith in God and try to just keep it moving. I am 56 years old and have never contacted a corporate office of any kind,but this incident really wore on me for two weeks. I Understand policy and procedure,but a bank vice president should be able to communicate much better than Ms. Randazzo.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. Please give Jennifer a pat on the back.

Anonymous 11/8/12 10:22AM

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