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Acer corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Acer corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Acer corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Acer Inc.
333 West San Carlos Street
Suite 1500
San Jose, CA 95110
United States

Phone: 408-533-7700
Fax: 408-533-4555

Acer Corporate Office Comments

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I have an ACER laptop, I had a fire that destroyed me mobil home and everything in it. When I was going through the rubble I came across this wonderful laptop,it was burned and melted around three sides from one hinge to the center of the front and on the top.It had been wet from the fire department putting out the fire I made sure it was dry and I pryed it open with a screw driver and turned it on.To my suprise it came on and worked perfictly. Oh my god this is the most amasing laptop I have ever seen I will in fact get a new ACER because if it can survive that punishment it is the BEST

chuckm61154 2/3/14 3:25PM

I purchased an Acer laptop in August 2013, by the end of September it had to be sent in for wifi repair. Acer's service department was unable to repair the problem, it was sent in again, still the problem was not solved, it was sent in, yes a Third time, sent back to me, and STILL NOT REPAIRED! Finally I was offered a replacement without all the options I originally had, I of course refused. I was offered a different replacement, still not with all the options. Now, "Lasonya" badge #25553 wants to alter an existing model to bring it up to "equal or greater" value. I told her I didn't want it altered, I was told the two replacements were all that was available. I offered to upgrade and pay the difference, i was told no. I asked for a supervisor, I was told NO! I asked for any one above her, I was told NO! I asked to have a supervisor call me, I was told NO! I am only able to speak to her or some one else from that department, not a supervisor, not a manager! I find the way I am being treated completely unacceptable. I would like and believe I deserve an audience with management but it appears Acer,'s policy is NOT customer satisfaction.

Bill Claus 1/2/14 3:49PM

I bought a Acer E1 / 571G / 73638G75 Laptop in September 13. It was a disaster from the very beginning. It halted it went in black / totally terrible. received it back from service 14th of December. Plugged it in and started but still the same problems. Two versions of reports from Acer service at Acer Computer GmbH Kornkramp 4 in Ahrensburg, so they send it tor Germany even I live in Norway, the reports told different story. Went back to the store an they just want to send it once more to service!!! I bought a brand new computer to use it. Acer should imidiately solve this by giving a new working one!!

BJOANAS 12/16/13 12:32PM

I bought this brand new Acer Aspire Z (23",6 GB, 1 TB, not touch screen but with Windows 8). It arrived without the dongle (supposed to be stashed into the battery compartment of the mouse) and the rather cheap-looking keyboard is not lighting up either after putting the batteries. In other words, I have to do with wire connections - not quite why I wanted an AIO - with another keyboard and mouse in my possession, it being impossible to use the wireless Acer tools. - Furthermore, after a day, the built-in camera light went off. The camera is not working any longer. - In the meantime I had registered the Acer and received confirmation thereof. Yet, when trying to call them, wasting several hours in the process, I was always cut off by that "machine person" who claims that "you're not registered. Goodbye!". End of story? No, I also emailed Acer, was given a case number but no call back as requested, to possibly explain how to "solve" the camera problem. As the "proud" owner of a brand-new computer for a full 2 days, do they really expect me to spend 50$ or so, close to 10% of its purchase price, to return the thing for repair? - Since they could obviously care less about customer satisfaction, not providing HUMAN service and HUMAN response in timely fashion, I'll return the computer to where I bought it from, and shall never ever again touch an Acer brand product. You have been warned!

heerich 4/10/13 11:59AM

I have had this laptop for 1 year at the end of this month. Called and complained numerous times. I had never had such a slow dragging computor. The only answer is to send in and wait about a month for turnaround. I dont know where else to turn...

Anonymous 10/21/12 4:59PM

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