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JetBlue Airlines corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the JetBlue Airlines corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the JetBlue Airlines corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
JetBlue Airways Corporation
118-29 Queens Blvd.
Forest Hills, NY 11375
United States

Phone: 718-286-7900
Fax: 718-709-3621

JetBlue Airlines Corporate Office Comments

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Jet Blue is the worse airlines in history! They stopped all flights out of New York because they were cold and tired on Jan, 6, 2014. No airline in history has shut down and left thousands of people stranded! My 2 children were left without a flight for 2 days! Its all over the news if someone doubts me. I will never fly with them again. They make me sick. I'll bet our great CEO and Board Members got to fly on their private jets any where they wanted to go!

Linda 1/6/14 6:50PM

Our situation at JFK on Saturday, January 4 was horrific. We were booked on Flt. 653 to West Palm. First email Sid on time next email said delayed and third said cancelled. We received the cancelled one on way to airport. Jet Blue put us on a late evening flight the next day, which would not work for us.
Since there was no room in the terminal wall to wall people, we stood outside in six degree weather until we reached Agent's desk to try and get another flight. Agent told us to go to a kiosk to get a boarding pass, but I already had one plus so much confusion in the terminal and no room even to walk plus no PSA to help passengers,no personnel to speak to except security who knew nothing.
Jet Blue was overwhelmed and unprepared. You need to get your act together.
I have always said you are the best airline to fly but no more.
Took us twenty-four hours to thaw out. Fortunately, we live in NY and could get home. $120 for cab fares and we were back home.

Anonymous 1/6/14 8:46AM

Jet Blue has shown extreme unprofessionalism when it comes to the emergency weather problems in New York City at JFK airport. My son flew on Egypt Air from Cairo , Egypt to JFK on January 5, 2014. Not only was his flight to Orlando cancelled but he waited in line 4 hours to get help to get home and Jet Blue offered him nothing but a refund of his ticket price. How ridiculous is that? No offer of a hotel to stay in until the next flight was available and then after waiting 4 hours was told he couldn't get a flight home for 4 days--REALLY so you gave away all the hotel vouchers but your corporation couldn't call a hotel in NY and make arrangement to pay for peoples room when it is not their fault they are stranded. My son knows no one in NYC so no option there and to top it off he was scheduled to work on January 6, 2014. No offer of any help whatsoever from your company, your people at the desk in JFK, no suggestions and no ability to put more flights in the air to help the people stranded due to weather. So now he is on a bus, he couldn't afford to take an American Airlines flight for $360.00 because Jet Blue would take 7 days to refund his money. Nice job for a company as big as this, knowing they would have an emergency situation due to weather conditions, and your people couldn't figure out a way to help people on cancelled flights get home in a timely manner. This is about as unprofessional as it gets and to think up until now I spoke highly of Jet Blue and told people I know not to hesitate to book with Jet Blue. I personally will never fly your airline again, and though I am only one person, I know many other people who fly regularly who I will now ask to boycott your airline. I am writing this because after calling from Cairo, Egypt, no one could even connect me to a person. They could connect me to a corporate voice mail who would supposedly call me back ( I am using a Magic Jack, I can make calls but would never know if I received a call) r the 1-800 Jet Blue number that gave me no options of speaking to a person other than making a reservation. So I pushed 2 for reservations and was told that it was more than a 60 minute wait for me to speak to someone. Now on top of the fact that you did nothing to help your stranded customers, but you couldn't provide phone lines for people to call to discuss the horrible customer service you provided and make amends for your unprofessional handling of such an emergency weather situationn. So how can you remedy this situation, I would hope you would ask? In this case not only should you provide my son and others with a refund of their ticket price, but you should also pay for the bus, plane or rented car expenses that your stranded customers have incurred due to your inept handling of this problem. On top of that, people who have missed work should be reimbursed the money they lost if they worked in a situation where they made no money because they could not get to work when scheduled. Believe me I don't plan on letting you off with just this letter, I am contacting the BBB to file a complaint against your company and I will continue to call until I get through to a person that can guarantee me compensation for your ineptness. You may contact my son,, James B Weekley by cell phone at 386 405-1064 to offer him reimbursement for his plane ticket, his bus ticket and the money he failed to make when scheduled to work on January 6, 2014. I do hope I hear from him to tell me he has been contacted and oompensated for your mishandling of this situation, if not I will continue to write letters to you, call you, report you to the BBB and go on all on line travel sites to tell this story about how unprofessional Jet Blue Airlines is in handling emergency weather problems. Thank you for your time though speaking to a person would have been much more satisfying and made this event much less difficult for both of us. Danae A Weekley PS I am contacting you instead of my son because he is on a bus for the next 12 hours trying to get home to Orlando, Florida

Danae Weekley Teacher in Cairo E 1/6/14 8:05AM

After booking my flight 2 weeks ago, I just checked and saw my return flight for myself and my Son went down $15 each. I called to get the difference credited and was told I paid the same amount. .... OVER and OVER. I kept saying, do the math, it is $30 less. It was like talking to someone in the twilight zone. Finally a supervisor gets on and says she will separate the reservation, there is maybe 1 flight left at this price, so I say I want the difference of at least the one flight. She tells me she is crediting me $10. That is the difference. I ask her to recalculate the 140 I paid from the 125 it is now and she insists it will just be 10. I asked her to look at the one way ticket returning home because I don't want to pay "more - $5" for the other ticket going out and she says she will not argue with me and all she will do is credit $10. I have always used Jet Blue and will NEVER again, that's right over $5 difference!!!!! In addition I will make sure I share my experience with eeeeveryone !

sheri 11/12/13 7:41AM

On July 22nd,I arrived at JFK 2hrs. before my 10:29 flight with Jet Blue for Miami, Fl. where I had a connecting flight on Caribbean Airlines for 5:15pm that evening to Kingston Jamaica. I stood in line for approximately 35 min. to get my baggage checked in. On walking over to security I was faced again with extremely long lines to have my carry on etc. checked. I spent over 45 min in security and by the time I got to the Jet Blue gate I was
informed I would not be able to get on the flight but my luggage would arrive to Miami on the flight without me, and they would try to put me on the 2:00pm flight. Unfortunately I did not get on the 2:00pm flight because the flight was full. I was later put on the 4:00pm flight,which was further delayed and did not depart until 6:00pm instead.

Needless to say, I missed my connecting flight on Caribbean
Airway, and by the time I got to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida the Caribbean Airway counter was closed at 9:40pm. I travel every year to Jamaica on your airline and I have seen in the past where an agent would come to the security and inquire if there is anyone that needs to get on a flight that was about to leave, especially if they checked and realized that the baggage has been checked in long ago. I was not the only passenger that was left behind there were three other passengers that got caught up in the long lines in security. Although I complained in security I was told that everyone has a flight to catch.

I had to purchase another ticket on Caribbean Airways for
Wednesday because they would not honor the ticket I had for
July 22nd. I would appreciate if customer service would look into this matter because this has caused me extreme duress and expense to stay overnight in Ft. Lauderdale.

Anonymous 7/24/13 3:07PM

See my previous message concerning "a lost quilt" that could never be replaced. GREAT NEWS!! IT WAS FOUND BY THE GOOD FOLKS AT JETBLUE AND DELIVERED TO ME LATE LAST NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the sweeter was that the suitcase also had all the cards I had given to my Mom over the years, family photos, and newspaper articles/photos on my Dad that were in the Hartford Courant some 30+ years ago. THANK YOU to everyone!! Ernie Sadosky

ERNIE SADOSKY 6/12/13 3:58AM

This is not your ordinary lost baggage notification. I am asking, NEED your help so, so much. I returned to Orlando June 6 after being delayed for an hour or two at Bradley (BDO)-- due to mechanical problems. (( was 8am direct flight to MCO)) To Jet Blue's credit they changed equipment and moved us and the luggage to a plane at gate 5 (from 4). Upon arrival at Orlando (MCO) I located one of my two bags. The second bag has yet to be found. I AM NOT/NOT AFTER ANY SPECIAL COMPENSATION etc. THIS 2nd BAG INCLUDED A QUILT MY SISTER MADE AND WE HAD IT DRAPED OVER MY MOM'S CASKET at the funeral...HAVING LOST MY MOM ON APRIL 16th. To date no luck from baggage service and now I am VERY concerned. I cannot express to you how important it is to get this quilt back. I was in Connecticut helping to get her house ready to go on the real estate market. The quilt was what I selected to be the item I would take back to Florida with me and always have. PLEASE - PLEASE can all of JetBlue search for this "priceless" item. Losing my Mom has been difficult enough but I thought I would always have the quilt to remind me of her, forever. Your baggage claim dept at Orlando has all my information but it is now June 9th and I am really concerned. Is there some way this could get to your senior management?? I believe given the circumstances they would have the organization "turned upside down" to locate/return this lost item. I hope, pray so. I can be reached anytime at do not hesitate. ....My last plea...I cannot find the words to tell you how much I need your help, how much this item means to me. Thank you.


Yesterday I was on a Jet Blue flight from Tampa to JFK at the Tampa Airport I left my credit card at the check in kiosk.I was all the way to the gate .One of the Jet Blue employee's found my credit card and looked up my info to get my phone number and called me . After she found out I have already pass customs and I was at the gate . If I had to go back I would had to take a train to the check in area and go through customs again and maybe missing my flight.I was told to stay at the gate and she would bring it to me.She did I had a great flight and a good meeting with the Shriners in Tampa. Thank you to Kimmie for doing your best Get Blue is lucky to have you as an emplyee.Robert

wallsatin 1/14/13 9:45AM

The address listed has long been obsolete. The offices are in Long Island City.

Anonymous 10/30/12 6:46AM

I have sent a letter to the Forest Hills N Y. Address and
it came back no such address Please give me the correct address.
It is a complaint. Is there a different address for the complaint
department? Thank You, Florence

Florence 9/3/12 8:47AM

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