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John Hancock corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.

Manulife Financial
601 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02110
United States

Phone: 617-663-3000
Fax: 617-572-6015

John Hancock Corporate Office Comments

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My financial advisor recommended John Hancock for a hybrid policy. My criteria was QUALITY and reputation. After medical exams, etc., over 4 months, I was approved, I was a pilot and am not currently flying and do not plan to fly. Specifically I asked if there was an aviation premium or waiver. My advisor received an email from JH saying no. I was covered. I signed the forms and last week I was told that there were 2 emails from JH, one , we received and another we did not review stating there was an aviation exclusion. The 2nd email was never sent to us, and now when we are ready to execute the policy, JH has changed the policy. I call this bait and switch. I have called JH several times and no one has returned my call. The agent has no capability of answering thsi question as to why I was given the run around.

silvergreek 12/30/13 8:23AM

I wish I had looked at the comments below before filing for long term health care insurance with John Hancock. After being denied insurance because I have arthritis. (I'd like to seen anyone 60 years old who does not have arthritis), however, they did me a favor by saving me a lot of money on a company I no longer trust. You see, they sent my denial letter with a medical diagnosis to my financial adviser. My financial adviser......hmmmmm. Now why did they do that? Well it seems they think I would actually ask my financial adviser about anything regarding my medical history. Not my doctor, but my financial adviser???. The letter was addressed to me, but sent to him. I accused them of violating my HIPPA rights, and they said I signed a disclosure form allowing them to do this. Let me tell you, they will not proceed with your application without this form, because I tried, and got a letter saying that I HAD to sign and date it. This is a HIPPA violation as far as my doctor, hospital admitting staff, dentist and any other medical professional I asked about it is concerned. This is serious, and apparently John Hancock thinks they are justified to use unethical practices. At the very least, be very aware that they have absolutely no regard for your privacy, and because they are the giant they are, feel they can do whatever they want. Beware people. Go elsewhere for you insurance. I challenge John Hancock to contact me to address this situation. I'm betting they won't. The above statement "as always, your information is kept completely confidential" is a joke.

L Adams 10/30/13 3:24PM

we are infuriated with the circus clowns that have given us the absolute run around with trying to collect on our mothers life insurance policy. We've been told 4 times over the last two months that "the checks were being sent out", only to wait and wait and wait. My recent conversation with Vivian Steele, who claims to be a supervisor, was akin to speaking with a little child; I had to tell her how to do her job, to check to see if she could get an updated status, etc. etc. She has (this will be the 5th time) assured us that the "check would go out today/be received by Monday", which of course now is absolutely laughable. We've put a call through to Andrew Arnott, CEO (we'll see if he gives a damn about customer service), and are in the process of filing complaints with the BBB as well as the state insurance commission. This is NOT a customer service oriented company by any plausible definition. Anyone looking for life insurance should look elsewhere, and in fact, anywhere else.

Leealbrt 8/23/13 6:41AM

After 3 requests to track a life insurance policy held by my deceased mother, I was told they cannot locate any information even after extensive information provided. There are considerations which must be made with a CONVERSATION with someone rather to receive the general "corporate response". With my extensive years employed by 2 insurance companies over 31 years, I need your company to go deeper into locating her policy. A letter found by a sibling which names me as beneficiary and no other siblings know about the policy. I don't want to take too much time and words in this short message to go into detail and there is much detail to discuss. Can someone contact me at please? I would appreciate the time you take in resolving this problem. Thank you.

Anonymous 7/2/13 4:47PM

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