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Please find details for the Target corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Target corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
United States

Phone: 612-304-6073

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recently had fraud purchases on my Visa debit /credit card at Target store in Pensacola Fl32514. Does Target require Identification such as driver's license and zip codes before allowing credit card purchases to curtail identity fraud etc.?

Anonymous 3/16/14 12:23PM

Target established inadequate security for credit card protection as a result in December I was notified my debit/banking information was compromised. I was issued a new card and PIN which is fine, but all my bills are set up as auto debit and I have been getting hammered by the creditors and utility companies for late payments because I was notified late and now am scrambling to get them all current with the new information. Target offered a credit monitoring service for one year plus an instore discount of 10% to those affected which I was unaware of until today (Its past)

Target....this is just a little to little. I have better than 4 hours of my time invested in this. Myself and my family have shopped at your stores since you came into existence. Each year you decay just a bit more...this just gave me the final reason to boycott you forever.

I have been online attempting to contact you directly but your complaint system is even more inadequate than your security of consumers information.

dougreed2001 1/23/14 2:14PM

I have just spent an hour trying to talk to someone about 2 specific issues with the email sent out by Target regarding their free credit check. The first person was nice, but could not help, gave me 2 additional numbers --neither of which were in the US and could not speak English, got another number which was not help - 3 of these people hung up on me. Got referred back to the first number I called, person could not help, gave me a regular (not 800) number to call, but of course now they are closed until Monday. For those of you using a MACINTOSH computer attempting to access the free credit reporting please know that you must begin with https:// or you will not be taken to the correct page. This is an issue that should have been taken care of by TARGET before they even sent out their email!!!!!!! Also when you receive your access code it will come to you in JUNK MAIL from Target news. com--in an unsecured format--I am not a happy customer at this time!!!!!! Basic technology knowledge would raise questions about both issues and should have been addressed before the original email was even sent out. They also need to bring all customer service back to the US am really tired of getting rude foreigners taking their calls.

Anonymous 1/17/14 4:36PM

I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to talk to a service representative and can not reach one every time the option to speak to a representative is provided I have pressed 0 and then it pauses for a little and then gets cut off. I do not like working with companies where you can not speak to a person. Very bad customer service makes me think you are not interested in my business so now I will shop at Walmart.

Anonymous 1/16/14 7:24AM

Have Shopped At Target Since It Moved From The Daytons Downtown Store Basement Many Years Ago. This Data Breach Problems Leads Me To Suggest Something You May Consider To Place Yourselves In An Advantagous Position Over Other Retailers, And Very Possibly Make A Big Impression On Your Customers. I Suggest Going To The Data Encryption Method Used In Europe. You Could Also Contact Some Banks(like My Usfecu) And See If They Could Add The Digital Chip To Their Cards In Addition To The Magnetic Strip..with Data On The Chip Encoded That Could Be Read By Chip Reader Or Older Methods

LYLE 1/12/14 11:18AM

I Have been a customer of target for some time since the store opened in my area and several times my bill has arrived and not been sealed at all. the envelope is open for any one to see and I.m not happy with this. the adhesive on the envelope was dry and not touched by machine or by hand would you look into this. I aM not going to use the card until I feel secure. thank you for your attention

blow1942 1/6/14 1:28PM

I Have been a customer of target for some time since the store opened in my area and several times my bill has arrived and not been sealed at all. the envelope is open for any one to see and I.m not happy with this. the adhesive on the envelope was dry and not touched by machine or by hand would you look into this. I and not going to use the card until I feel secure. thanky you for your attention

blow1942 1/6/14 1:26PM

I was trying to call late last night to find out some information on my credit card. I was outsourced to the Phillipines where the operator wanted to know my credit card number and social security card number. I declined to give her my SS number because of all the issues of identity theft. Why do they need this to answer questions and why are all calls outsourced to other countries?

Anonymous 12/28/13 11:54AM

After hearing about the credit card breach - from the media, not Target! - I cancelled my card online and requested confirmation which, of course, I did not get. Now, I cannot check to see what charges are on my account. I cannot log in with password and every phone number we are instructed to call finally is now answering with a nessage that the number is no longer in service or advisd me to "Hang up". I had planned to open a new Red Card account when things settled down. But, with the way Target has worked with their cardholders during this breach, I am disgusted and want to cancel. My dilemma is that I cannot "Manage Red Card" so have no idea what my balance is so I can pay off and/or check for any charges I did not make. My account is debited on my bank so I feel I have lost all control. Bottom line: I want to see my account on line so I can pay the bill and get out o this mess!!! How about showing a good customer some respect and responding to this with the information I need!

Virgnia Wade 12/26/13 11:29AM

Went to target today after the commercials stated "EVERYTHING WILL BE 10% OFF SATURDAY AND SUNDAY" only to find out many things are excluded. After going out in lousy icy weather, shopping for an hour at Target, standing in line to pay fot my merchandise the cashier told me " ALL YOUR THINGS ARE NOT 10% OFF!!!" She had a list in front of her of the things excluded from the 10% off. I stated that " the commercials said everything." She acknowledged that was correct and apologized. Target.......I'm done with you. You compromised my credit card along with 40 million others then lie on your commercials. Can't and will not trust you anymore. Shame on you. EFLW

Anonymous 12/21/13 6:32PM

I was at Target in Alhambra, CA. Yes, it was very crowded and I was carrying my 1 year old daughter, one of the fricken employees there had the nerve to push me while I was carrying my daughter, I asked her why she did that, she did it again and I nudged her back, she immediately called security and they said they looked at the video and that she did apologize, she never apologized and I got kicked out of the store. I called to ask to speak to the person in charge and come to find out, it was the same jerk who kicked me out of the store, I asked him for corporate number and he denied me such number, he did however provide me with two false numbers. None of the two he provided is corporate. I called him back and he thought it was funny. He giggled and said "I don't know what number you want because that is the number I have for corporate". He obviously knew he was giving me a bad number and he thought it was cute. THIS IS HOW THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT TARGETS!!!! Not only that, they number is nowhere to be found, the ones listed on the internet are bad numbers.

Anonymous 12/20/13 6:14PM

i find this very frustrating that no one is around to customer service. I ordered something online and realized I double ordered it. All I want to do is cancel one of my orders so I can get my money back into my account. I understand your situation you are in, but doesn't give you the right to not answer phone calls. Bad customer service and I may just go somewhere else where there is better customer service!

Rachhun 12/20/13 10:18AM

Why aren't your phone lines open, to help customers, since there has been a breech in security. This is very bad customer relations.

Anonymous 12/20/13 9:06AM

I have tried Target's hotline # given out on NBC news this am, number on back of RedCard-debit without success. Sometimes it sounds like the call has connected but immediately goes to "busy". I've also gone online but all sites I try to access my account, I eventually receive an error message. Please help us "dedicated" Target shoppers!!!
Thank you

MamawD 12/20/13 7:31AM

I have tried to no avail to reach anyone about canceling my credit card.Target are you going to be responsible for unauthorized charges!

Anonymous 12/20/13 6:52AM

First security is breeched - then insult to injury you state check your red card account - but you can't do that because the site is not working nor or any of the phone numbers. Thanks Target.

concerned customer 12/19/13 4:59PM

I went to target in novato ca. to look for Christmas lights. It was very busy however one of the workers I asked about Christmas lights was helpful courteios and went out of his way to assist me. I unfortunately did not get his name but was so impressed with the service and courtesy I needed to let you know.

[email protected] 12/7/13 6:24PM

I went to Target on Thanksgiving to stand in line for the 50in T.V. that was on sale for 229.00. I along with family members were about 50 people back in the line. We stood here for 2.5 hrs just for this great deal. The map showed us going to the back right side. Once the doors open I went to this area with no T.V. in sight. I asked where it was located and I was told on the other side of the store. Once i reached the T.V. there were about 15 of them setting there. I asked for my T.V. only to be told I NEED a ticket. This was not mentioned in the ad nore was it ever brought to our attention while standing in the cold for 2.5 hrs. Need I say I was very angry at this point. This is FALSE ADVERTISMENT..This was very wrong of Target. If a ticket was needed why wasn't it on your ad ? Limited Quanity is all that was on your Ad and I was standing in front of 15 of these T.V.'s in which one should have been mine. I can't believe how this was done. Milford, Oh location. I will NEVER shop Target again, I can't believe this and how awful customers were treated. Those TICKET holders I'm sure were from employee's!!

Nay 12/2/13 9:00AM

I tried to return an item to a target owned store in Raleigh, NC on the same day I purchased it from a Wake Forest target owned store. I was told that since the item was purchased the same day I would have to go back to the original store to return it. If I purchased thie item at K mart or Walmart I could take it back to any store on the same day for a refund. Their customer service people as well as corporate people don't care about us consumers. I tried to talk to executive office and was told they don't have phone numbers. It is odd. The owners of target make all this money and can't talk to the very people who supply them this money. The last time I checked if a company did not have customers they would be out of business see Two Guys, Caldors,etc. I would suggest shopping Walmart, or Kmart where you can talk to their executives because they care about their business.

Dissatisfied customer 12/2/13 8:32AM

Really upset that the Target in Huntsville, Tx. used to sell the Keurig Vue along with the cups (Vue.) So Huntsville, Tx is fairly small but now you don't provide the customers the Vue Cups for the machine bought in your store. Maybe the store needs a new manager or something. I drive 50 miles to other stores and bam they sell them.
Maybe I should just boycott your stores all together.

Kelly 11/28/13 12:21PM

I am very frustrated with the process to send an order to an APO AE address outside the US. Today I spent over an hour talking with 4 different people with different answers about this shipping. The TARGET site indicated to use the STATE drop down box and chose the Armed Forces--No option existed for this!!! ONLY US States. What???? Then was told they do not ship outside the US when site indicates they do. Called back again and was finally helped to get the items ordered only to tell me ordering TODAY the shipment is scheduled to arrive on or about 12/24 to 1/7/14. Really??? I can ship from my home and they receive in 7-10 days. US Post Office has date of 11/21/13 to mail and receive before Christmas EVE. When I asked about having it shipped to me, unable to tell me when I would receive the items to then turn around and ship to them. Correct information on the site would be a good start. Then educate the staff taking the calls. Those in the military deserve to receive mail timely, at least!!!!! THEY ARE OUR PROTECTION.

Anonymous 11/14/13 9:28AM

I am a very dissatisfied customer. I placed a preorder for a ps4 on 8-20. I placed it through my paypal account. Target did not inform me that this was not a good way of payment. I always work with paypal. I receive a cancellation email on 11-8. Target flat out cancelled my order and sold my preorder. They did not even have th decency to call, email to find out what happened or give me some time to figure out the situation. I called back that night after 4 NON ENGLISH SPEAKING representives. There was never insuff funds. PayPal won't hold an item for >30 days. Maybe target should inform customers about this. So I call today and speak to another NON ENGLISH speaking person. She hung up on me. I am upset because I DO NOT have a ps4 for Christmas now. And the rudeness and lack of understanding with customer service. The funds were NEVER an issue. They simply read of a piece of paper because of their lack of understanding. I feel that target should hold a ps4 console for me. If not , I will not shop their again and will not post a pleasant review on line! I did NOTHING WRONG and for them to flat put cancel me and sell my preorder is terrible business!!

Michelle 11/11/13 11:43AM

I am really annoyed and disappointed with Target. Here in Maryland, during the week of Aug 11th-17th, there is tax free week for back to school clothes. I went into my local Target here in Columbia, Md. I had bought 3 pairs of size 10 Cherokee school shorts and one pair of the same size 10 Cherokee pants for my son. I spent $40 dollars on these 4 items. My son, who has grown over the summer tried them on and they did not fit. I went back to the Columbia Target on this past Saturday, ( before the back to school tax free weekend was over) and returned ALL FOUR pairs. I did purchase an additional 2 pairs at a larger size. It wasn't until later that evening when doing my checkbook that I realized that I had only been credited back for 2 pairs, $20. I went back to Target this morning, (Sunday) and explained to the customer service and they then called security, who supposedly looked at video footage of my transaction the previous day and he stated that It looks as if I only returned 2 pairs. Sorry, I will not get my full refund. So, I ask, why would I keep 2 pairs of school shorts that do not fit my son, and then buy 2 more pairs in a larger size? What could I possibly want or do with the pairs that I supposedly kept at home? I returned ALL FOUR PAIRS. When the lady at the register had rung them up earlier in the week, she placed all 3 pairs of shorts and then the folded pair of pants all on top of each other. When I returned them Saturday, the three pairs were all on top of each other, along with the pants. The young girl that returned them, I guess only saw 2 pairs of anything. I hate that essentially I am being called a liar and I am somehow out to cheat Target. If this is so, why am I out $20 and I still have to go out and buy 2 more pairs of shorts. I still have to spend more money on school uniforms for my son! On top of this, the 2 pairs I had bought on Saturday I didn't realize that the huskie pair were not on sale at $10 but were $13. My husband went back to look at the sale display sign and came back to the register where I was at, and said in front of me and the lady at the register, that indeed they were $13 and not $10. I and my husband offered to return them and pay what was due. The lady at the register had said that it was okay and not to worry about it. So, here I am being truthful and offering to pay and not being a liar or cheat. It is my mistake for not checking my receipt when I left the store on Saturday. However, Target employees don't ever make mistakes? A simple mistake was made on everyone's part, I would like to be refunded and possibly an apology for Target 'assuming' that I am a liar/cheat. I will no longer buy my son's school clothing at Target. I should have gone online, and will do so in the future. My mistake cost me.

Lorraine 8/18/13 10:14AM

When Shnuck's grocery stores pulled out of the Memphis we were left with Kroger, Walmart and Super Target for stores with decent selections. I don't like Kroger or Walmart and found Super Target to fill most of my grocery needs, until recently in the last several months. The selection of many foods my family of 5 like are slowly disappearing. When you ask the people in the store what is happening, they tell you the items are no longer on their ordering sheets.

I work in the medical field and sing the praises of the meat department of Target. It is the best quality meat I have found in any grocery store other than Fresh Market or Whole Foods. But you make it hard when you quit carrying the affordable cuts of beef like Chuck-Eye steaks. Every Saturday I would be at my Super Target to buy all the Chuck-Eye steaks the butcher had in his case. My sons are grown and have large appetites. Also I have a daughter who has a fiancé with a big appetite. I can not afford to buy T-bones and Rib-Eyes for this group.

In the last couple of months I have tried to find Angel foods cakes in the bakery. The clerks tell me they order them but the warehouse never sends them. Three weeks ago I was trying to pick up pudding for a recipe. I looked high and low for the jello and pudding section. It was moved in "reorganizing" the store. It was also cut by 2/3 in the selections offered. They had 3 favors of pudding in regular and sugar free and about the same in the jello selections. I needed Oreo cookie crumbs and they didn't have them either.

We all work hard during the week and look forward to cooking out steaks on the weekend. I love to bake and make interesting desserts for my family. You want to get into the big league in the grocery market and compete but you don't get there by cutting what the buying public want to buy! My husband likes Smuckers All Fruit instead of jelly or preserves. His favorite flavor is blueberry. You don't carry it. I have to go to Walmart to get it for him. One more stop to take time out of my free time that is limited due to my work schedule and other family responsibilities.

What every woman wants is a grocery store she can go to and get everything in one trip!!! You are driving me more and more to your competitors where I can get everything I need in one trip but them I have do deal with rude and poorly trained associates and frequently moronic shoppers. If really want to compete with the big grocery chains I suggest you get back the items in the grocery side that women want to buy and not what you think they want to buy.

I am your best sales person in the lines for your red dot card also. When a customer declines the offer by the cashier, I will tell them how with the card and the 5% savings I can shop at Target and pay the same price for my groceries as Kroger and Walmart and have a lot more pleasant shopping experience.

One more thing, why have a "guest services" counter when they can't get things back on the shelves we want. Also, I called the 800 number and asked the young person what I need to do to vent my issues regarding the lack of selection and items disappearing from the meat case and shelves. She told me she had no control over that and I needed to talk to Guest Services at my local store! What a bunch of bull that is and a very large cop out. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was promptly told they could not help me either. They would just refer me to my local Guest Service counter.

Please start listening to your PAYING CUSTOMERS and not to egg head bean counters!

Unhappy Memphis shopper 8/18/13 6:39AM

I am very disappointed and frustrated with Target. Target use to be my favorite place to shop but now I will avoid it at all cost. I purchased on line for the exact same item by mistake and I had a redcard. My bank account closed so the funds were not available. the check got returned ( I expected that). On 07/26/13 I went in to Target and returned one item and paid cash for one item and returned the other. since then I have been getting calls and letters stating I have been reported to an agency so I can not write checks anymore. This makes me very mad that you can not communicate amongs each other to see this is taken care off and are screwing with my finances.I took care of this more than 2 weeks ago and this still keeps getting sent to investigation. REALLY????? it takes this long to investigate. I thought TArget was a corporation that was reputable and on top of things I see I was wrong. I need to talk to someone in person, because I am not a happy camper.

ehuerta 8/10/13 8:02AM

I am very disappointed to here that you dropped Paula Deen. I thought your corporation was new and up with the present and to the future. But this decision shows me you went way backward as any store could go. Comments were made years ago during the times when our country were working thru equal rights. Paula has grown since then just like the rest of us. If you dig back to any of your family history , I bet you would find relatives who spoke badly of other races. Double standards is how I see Target SAD! You put artists in your store that albums or maybe even books that have bad language and use lyrics etc that aren't good- but Pauls Deen cheers them eat better. I am a borderline diabetic and she has helped me learn how to change and improve my eating. I have always thought of Target as the store who helps schools, etc. But again double standard store and I can no longer support you. I can tell you that each one of you on the corporate board, or whoever decided to discontinue Paula Deen, Each one of you have done something in the past you want to be forgiven for...a mistake you said and wish you could take back. I bet even at some meetings currently you have made decisions or said something you wish you hadn't. You have all disappointed me. You have lost another customer and I would always shop at Target instead of Walmart.I still choose not to give my business at Walmart and i have another superstore in my town that I have chosen to support. Why can't you change your double standards? Please rethink and re-evaluate decisions in the future because this one was WRONG!

Anonymous 7/3/13 5:04PM

Target has the worse customer service I have ever expierenced. I have been in retailing my whole life and I have a promblem every time I go to one. My latest one is they rang up my money orders wrong and even though I have the stubs and reciept, they still say it is my problem and they have put the amount back on my bill. I will never shop there or use my card again.

Anonymous 7/2/13 10:39AM

I am very disappointed to hear you have dropped your sponsorship of Paula deen and her products but continue to sell music from artists that still degrade women , Jews, and gay people this is clearly a double standard and until you decide to bring Paula Deens products back I believe you have shown where the true prejudice
lies, and I will take my business elsewhere.

orlando95 7/1/13 5:38PM

I am very upset with Target Credit Card. I was in the store 7 June and went to use my card and was told it had expired. I was surprised and embarrassed since there was a line behind me. I called 800 number to try and find out what happened and after several menu options finally got a customer service rep. He told me he was sorry and that a card had been sent on 7 June and that of been because of my call. Why do I need to call you. I had to use a different card and lost the 5% cash back which I should not have lost. I would like to know what happened. How did I fall through the cracks and why I should continue to shop at target if this is the way they run business.

carol lacert

Carol 6/14/13 12:04PM

Please can you bring a Target store to , Live Oak, Fl 32060, We need you. Thank You
Ivera Tillis

ivera 6/7/13 12:34PM

There is something wrong with your website.
It is my grandson's birthday and he received a new iPhone for his birthday as he will start high school this Fall.
He loves Target so I thought it would be neat to send him a gift card to his iPhone.
I tried on and off for 6 hrs. The website keeps timing out.
I was finally able to do my task in customer service.
I suggest tho that you consider a number to contact Tech support in the event of a glich like this.
I am so frustrated and I am sure there are others who would be also.

Catherine 6/3/13 12:24PM

in march/april of 2013, my wife attempted to apply for the target debit card(i already have one) she was not(for whatever reason)given the choice of the debit or credit card,mshe was signed up for both!! without our consent, this generated the creation of an unwanted credit card which only she could cancel,i am her spouse and i am not allowed to do this!!?? yourasm nick at the west livonia,mich loaction at first eas very attentive as at that time i simply wanted an explanation for this . i waited and waited for a call ,2 weeks went by oops, no call. clearly i was being blown off i am in the business world as well , how many clients do you think i would keep if i blew them off in this manner?? my next step was to speak to the store mngr, john(jon) at this same location irepeated the above story to him with the additional question as to why HIS subordinate DID NOT FOLLOW THRU?? once again i was assured i would receive a response. well,what do think happened?? i the attempted to contact a district mgr thru the hotline number i was given on 5-1-2013 , iwas grilled as to the reason for mycall and was hung up on!!! in addition i reciveced a bill from the target credit card company for TEN CENTS!!! are you kidding!!! even though i am acting properly , clearly target places little value in treating people properly in moderate conflicts, what can i expect in any other scenario?? finally at this time i am also considering filing a complaint with my local BBB. thankyou.

na 5/1/13 10:36AM

Just curious why Targets new ads have the singer at the end singing in Spanish? I understand Targets demographics might be going after the Hispanic market, but this is still America, and we speak English here. As a Target shopper please don't go down this road.

Just like my ancestors did 3 generations ago, we learned English and never looked back. If immigrants want to come here and live/work, English should be your language. BTW the ad is touching and cute until the ending.

Anonymous 4/25/13 5:07AM

Ive been w target for some odd yrs. Ive been having problems w the l.o.d. In lowell plain st ..2480.. First off they only promiting female team members in right areas.i havent been promoted ..they hire new team members and cut our good workers rather then puttin members on n not 6 managers at once. Some hirls tesm members dress inappropriate.n im not to comfortable.i have assist managersdating team member members get dismissed 2 weeks notice n lod dont acknowledge the noticen take them back on same salary.tesms would change punch corrections n they not even there.those are some thing that are goin on .team memb just keep quitting im on of them

ateam member 3/23/13 9:09PM

Today I was shopping in one of your stores when I heard my description go out over an associate's walkie talkie. The girl rushed to it and turned it down and looked at me with a smirk. Within moments was stalked by what I assume was store security in the women's clothing. I found the situation intimidating and it scared me. I am a 45 year old white woman who makes well above the average income and even was carrying my Louis Vuitton purse. I am enraged that I was subjected to this type of harassment and complained to store management who denied the situation by telling me that no communications were made that day by anyone. I asked for the corporate address and she told me I could get a customer service phone number from the front. I hate the way I was made to feel today. I have never stolen anything in my life and I just can't stop thinking about how you made me feel.

Julianna.Turner 3/3/13 12:27AM

I forgot Target ripped me off. Since they do not how to process Megigap, I had to pay for my meds even though they are going to be paid twice

Anonymous 2/20/13 7:44PM

Target Pharmacies have no idea how to process medcare part B with secondary insurance which picks up what Medicare does not pay. It is calleg Medigap insurance and the companies who sell it say Target and Walmart are totally lost. It seems that Target works on cheap and does not or does not care how thing run

Anonymous 2/20/13 7:41PM

I love Target!!!! I love the product, team members-espicially when they get together each morning for their team meetings. I would like to suggest a few things. I can see on the corporate website that you participate in smoke-free month of November and actively help your employees and customers quit smoking. How about something a little more permanent such as removing the garbage cans with ashtrays on top away from the entrances showing that you care about your customers by not contributing to second hand smoke as they walk in to spend money in your stores??? Please move them away from the entrances-you are only enabling smoking and add a few signs to say No Smoking. If I ride my bike to your store(healthy choice for me as I try to lose weight) I lock it on your standing bike bars(I thank you for providing them) but where is it located??? Right next to 2 benches with ashtrays where your employees smoke....real nice-if I want to secure my bike I have to inhale dangerous second hand smoke which is proven to cause cancer among other health issues. These are simple fixes and you make enough money to find an area to accommodate your employees and customers who chose to harm themselves. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT PLEASE!!!!!

erin j 2/1/13 7:20AM

To whom it may concern. I have been a very happy customer of Target's for years. I will never shop there again. I placed an order online for a patio set. The order was lost. Their system requires that the order be refunded, and placed again(very time consuming and unnecessary). After three weeks, we finally receive the order. Now mind you, we placed the order 30days to 6weeks ago. We open up the boxes and the table is bent. Again, your robotic customer service people tell me it will take one week for pick up, and another 3 weeks before we receive the order. Again, it has be refunded and placed again, which is incredibly a waste of time. NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING. All I hear is what the policy is, but no one is able to override this. I have own business, and this operation is pathetic!!

Competetent owner 1/15/13 3:00PM

To whom it may concern.

I shop at Irvine Barranca Ca Target. I have never came accros someone such as this young Gentelman custmer service erea manger or in charge name John, He is an amazing well mamner n excellent in handling multiple task as well as customers well n professtional. We need more of this young Gentelman like john, i would assure Target Barranca CA will have the top rating. He dserves a good promotion.

Faye Tota

Faye 1/14/13 4:36PM

I just saw your new marketing campaign and I am angry. The ad is offensive and I will no longer shop at your store. I have always found your ads to show family values, be interesting, and leave me with a smile. Your most recent is far from tasteful. It is full of sexual inuend and degrading to women. Your corporate statment says "Our latest marketing campaign shines a tasteful and surprising light on food and other everyday items." It is nothing but the same old sell with sex. I am extremely dissapointed and have lost my respect for your company. I will encourage others to take their business elsewhere.

Anonymous 1/8/13 7:59PM

Not sure if you are aware of this controversy, but the Journal News in which you advertise has decided to map legal gun owners addresses in their newspapers. I find this totally unacceptable and will not be able to shop at your stores since you approve of this reckless behavior. Thank you.

mrtiffany 1/1/13 9:21AM

i shop at target in trumbull several times a week. i would like to let you know that there is a woman, early 40's, glasses, brown hair, white, not shure what her name is, who is always helpful, cheerful and is a pleasure everytime i check out. You need more employees like her

dallasdon 12/31/12 12:55AM

I was in target in cumming ga on 12-3 or 4 and purched an item i wantfor Christmas Iwas back in there 12=21 and the item was priced at 199.00 which i paid 249.99 if this item was worth 249.00 then that is what it should be worth now if it is worth 199.00that is what it should be worth when i paid 249.99 plus tax

Anonymous 12/22/12 9:04AM

I ordered an item online Dec 7 and figured it would be here by Christmas. After tracking the order I saw that it Disappeared in New Stanton UPS claimed they contacted Target. When I didn't hear from Target I called them. All they wanted to do was refund the money. I asked them to overnight the toy and they wanted to charge me extra. They are the only store I have dealt with that would not try and help. I asked them to work with me since it was not my fault and they would not. Even spoke with a manager. Worse customer service I have ever encountered. They could care less about their customers. Lesson learned... Don't order from this store. They really could care less about their customers. I will no longer be shopping here. Poor poor service

Anonymous 12/14/12 8:56AM

I ordered an item online Dec 7 and figured it would be here by Christmas. After tracking the order I saw that it Disappeared in New Stanton UPS claimed they contacted Target. When I didn't hear from Target I called them. All they wanted to do was refund the money. I asked them to overnight the toy and they wanted to charge me extra. They are the only store I have dealt with that would not try and help. I asked them to work with me since it was not my fault and they would not. Even spoke with a manager. Worse customer service I have ever encountered. They could care less about their customers. Lesson learned... Don't order from this store. They really could care less about their customers. I will no longer be shopping here. Poor poor service

Anonymous 12/14/12 8:52AM

I won't shop at Target again. Went the to store on ISB in Daytona, FL. Gave the cashier three $5 cards towards my purchase, two ran fine, the third didn't. She said this one isn't good. I said well I got it here. She said well it's no good, do you want it back? I asked why would I want it back if it doesn't work? Customer service motioned to her so she asked if I would like to see them. I went to CS, waited in line, a young man waited on me and said it's not a valid card. I again said, well I got it here when I bought two of an item as advertised. He said well it's not valid, do you have the receipt from when you got it? NO. Do you want it back? Really? Again, why do I want it back if it doesn't work! I asked what do I need to do in the future to insure that the card I'm given at the register will work. He said (of course NO ONE has told a customer this prior to their card not working), you need to compare the number on the card to the number on your register receipt. I said, so I hold up the line each time to insure the cashier scanned the $5 gift card? I won't shop Target again, what a rip off. What the cashier OR CS could/should have said, ma'am, it's obvious you shop the sales for the $5 gift cards since you were using three and received one tonight with your order. Our associate must have missed scanning one of the cards, we'll honor that but in the future you may want to check your card number to your receipt.....then I would have continued shopping there. They're not the only retail store in town. Horrible customer service skills and no loyalty to their regular customers.



I have been shopping at Target since their store came to the Nashville area in the early 1980s. After becoming disabled and home bound, I have been shopping with them online for years. Recently, on November 27, I placed an order for Christmas gifts which came in two shipments. Even though 2 items were listed on the shipping confirmation email and packing slip, they were missing. I called the contact number online and was told they would be shipped by December 19. After checking the USPS site, all priority mail must be sent by Dec. 15, which was too late for the items to be sent. I called back today, Dec. 8, to ask for a refund since I would not receive them in time. I was told I cannot have a refund as the items had already shipped and would actually be delivered by Dec. 12. The associate was not even able to tell me an invoice number of the shipment or date of shipment. The part that bugs me is this ... I have already been charged for the missing items which were listed in the last shipment even though they were not sent and also was refused a confirmation email stating that the missing items had been shipped and would be here by the time stated. I am being lied to. Every order I have ever placed came with a confirmation email the day it was sent. I am getting the run around for whatever reason and on top of it all, the items are marked down even further which really works up a lather in this situation. I will never go back into a Target store or shop with them online. I am sure they could care less because I will not break them, but eventually if this type of service is multiplied, they will lose money.

Goodbye Target 12/8/12 12:01PM

After being a Target customer for over 4 decades, my husband just cut up his Target credit card and vowed never to shop there again! I am on the verge of doing the same pending the outcome of my latest issue. We purchased the "Up and Up" (Target brand) of Sonicare toothbrush replacement heads several months ago. We didn't use them right away because we had just replaced them. When we opened the package several days ago and attempted to use them, they were defective. I attempted to exchange them yesterday and pay a lot more for the "real" Sonicare replacements, and was told since I didn't have the receipt, I would be given store credit for the lowest price in the last 90 days, which was considerably less than what I originally paid. The employees that handled the situation were very nice, but said their "hands were tied" and that this was corporate policy. If this were the first time, I'd let it go, but this has happened repeatedly each time we try to return something at Target. Months ago my husband bought a printer cartridge and was told by the sales person that if it didn't work out he could return it. When he tried to do it (with the receipt) he was told it was opened and couldn't be returned. Last year I bought some flip flops and the dye turned my feet hot pink, and when I tried to return them with the tags, they said they were out of season and not in the system and couldn't be returned. Obviously Target does not care about customer satisfaction, even though it says so on the Up and Up product I just tried to return. I just called the 800 number and got a representative who was struggling with English and said she would pass my comments along to management. I asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold for almost 15 minutes. My husband has the right idea--I think I'll cut up my card, as well, and shop somewhere else. FYI, if you own a Sonicare toothbrush, don't buy the Target brand--they don't work!!!

MrsCandy 12/6/12 8:17AM

I ordered a drop leaf table and 2 mission chairs on line Nov. 23rd for $239.99, I recieved it on 11/27/12. I noticed today on line the same set is now $199.99 My order number is . I called customer service and spoke to the superviser Donna. Employee # A524740 regarding getting a credit for the difference in price since it was now $40 less expensive. I was told since it was a "black Friday" deal they could not price match it. I would have to return it and reorder it at the new price and they would send me a shipping lable to return it, so I could rebuy it at he lower price and have it shipped back to me for free with charge over $50.. This makes no sense as your costs for shipping it back and forth would be greater than just refunding my credit card for the difference in price. you would also have a satisfied customer who would continue to shop at your stores . Otherwise you will be adding to your customer service complaints online and could lose customers d/t your unfair practices. If I found the same set at another on line store you would price match but you won't price match the difference on your own pricing. I am anticipating a speedy reply and a reconsideration of your policy, with a refund of the difference on my card.

Thankyou for your time and consideration in this matter

Anonymous 11/28/12 12:23PM

I placed an order on-line for a mini ipad on Black Friday, November 23,2012. The next day Saturday, November 24, 2012, I received an email informing me unfortunately the order was cancelled. No explanation was given as to why the order was cancelled. Before an order is cancelled, good customer service should call the customer when there is a problem. I will never order anything else online from Target.

Anonymous 11/25/12 4:48PM

I shop at Target all the time, but after watching the Christmas commercials, I have found myself actually avoiding shopping at Target. The singing "duo" are annoying and obnoxious! Why any company would want anything so off-putting as this, I don't understand it. Having annoying people "sing" certainly would not put a person in the Christmas shopping spirit. Why on earth would you have a commercials run like these? Target commercials are usually great. I live in the Atlanta, GA viewing area.

Anonymous 11/20/12 7:21PM

Why don't you honor a replacement plan? On the inside it says" no hidden cost-no hassles. I bought an irvier story hd on December 23,2011 for $99.99 and one of your replacement plans, on December 23,2011 for $17.00 the young man behind the counter said " if it breaks all you have to do is bring it back" I bought the one that covers electronics up to $200.00 an all I get from Target is one " I promise someone will be calling you back" that was on October 17,2012, I'm still waiting for that call. When I call Target today I was told that your replacement plan only covered batteries, electrical parts and shipping, that I river warranty was good for 1 year. Iriver says 90 days. So Why did I need to by a replacement plan? My daughter was with me and she remembers it well. My phone calls to you are 1.866.469.6356 on 10/17/2012 at 10:14 A/M and 11:44 A/m. Today 3:42 P/m. On the 17th Between calls to you I called Iriver a couple of times and got switched to a lot of different numbers.

Anonymous 10/22/12 7:07PM

8 Oct 2012 @ approx 1:40pm I was in your Oxford, AL location (entertainment section) looking for a particular movie but unable to find it. Loupe` the area clerk
asked another customer (only 2ft away from me) if he needed assistance (said no), Loupe` walked away. I continued my search. He later asked another customer (both were Caucasian males) if he needed assistance, he said no too. Loupe` then left the area as if I wasn't in the area (I was only a few feet from this customer). I knew then he was definitely ignoring so I chose a different movie, asked a clerk in a toy section as I was leaving his (Loupe`) name & headed for the front register unhappy with the service received. I am by the way, an African American female. I do not appreciate being treated this way in your store or any store for that matter. It's totally uncalled for & the clerk should be repremanded so that this does not happen to any other customer. I'm sure this is not the first time it has happened & won't be the last if it is not taken care of immediately. Being I am an outspoken person & will not stand for this type of treatment from anyone. I will not shop in your stores & will tell others not to if this happens again!
Thanks for your timely assistance with this matter.

UnHappy Cust 10/9/12 7:27AM

My name is Pat Phillips I live in Vancouver Washinton we live close to the Target store and enjoy shopping there.But I do think you need to change,or should I say offer something that at this time you do not offer. Your store is located about 1 to 2 miles from WASHINGTON STATE University,at your store you offer the U of Oregon,and OREGON STATE. items yes we live across the river from Portland Oregon.Do we have to remind you we have around 2,000 stdents that go to school in the same area as target. The U of WASH, AND WASH STATE are here target is here.WHY do you not respect the state you are in. Many friends have ask your managers why do you only sell Oregon THEY just say fill out a coment card.COULD THIS PLEASE BE SOMETHING YOU CAN DO FOR THE FANS AND STUDENTS OR MAYBE YOU DON'T CARE AND WE WILL STOP SHOPPING THERE AND THAT IS YOUR LOSS. thankyou,PAT

m57phillola 10/3/12 12:55PM

My Husband had a Target Red card but he passed away in June 2012 I have notified Target,sent them a copy of his death certificate but I am still receiving bills addressed to my husband every month. I keep sending these back to Target unopened with the words DECEASED on the envelope yet these notices keep coming. This only tends to keep reminding me that my husband is gone and is causing me great distress, what is wrong with these people at Target are they insensitive of just stupid. If anyone know how to get this harassment to stop please let me know.

Anonymous 9/24/12 1:29PM

After seeing the "Shops at Target" commercial several times. I think it is poor judgement by Target in how the influence that commercials showing women "rail" thin as this one does can have on young girls. This womans legs are as big around as a typical man arm. Young girls see this and are misconstrued into believing this is what they should emulate. Having personally witnessed a college age girl who weighed about 85 pounds because of her eating disorder, it bothers me to see this image passed on to future generations of girls. I hope you change this policy and put healthy models in your future commercials instead of adding to the plight of the impressionable young minds of tomorrow.

ralford 9/10/12 6:47PM

I ordered a product from Target on line and will never do so again. I spent 2 hours today going in circles between web sites and phone trying to track my shipment. I have not been able to do so and the last off shore who was going to track the status of the package "got disconnected". Customer service is non-existant. The only winner in this relationship is the outsourcing contractor. If my purchase ever gets here I am tempted to return it and buy the product from a company that does have customer service such as Amazon. They get it. In the short run Target saved some money by outsourcing support jobs but in the long run they have lost me as a customer. I will stay with Amazon.

Anonymous 9/5/12 11:59AM

Target in Newport, KY. management is absolutely terrible! They do nothing! I use to work there. I hardly ever miss work unless my kids are sick and I absolutely can't come (like never). There is a new manager there her name is Kim. She is by far the rudest, most snobby person I've ever met (and I'm not the only person who thinks that). I had to call off of work one time
I called Tuesday morning and talked to Kim and told her I would not be able to make it tuesday, wednesday, and thursday because my grandmother passed away and I needed to help with the arrangements, etc. Well I got to work that following Monday at 6am and when I went to go on my lunch break at 10am they fired me. Kim swore up and down I didn't call. The manager who was firing me said "let me go double check with her because I really don't wanna do this". Well...they fired me because Kim said she doesn't remember taking any call offs. Really? If you can't remember stuff like that how in the hello are you in management? I told them check the cameras they said they can't do that. I will be sore to give Target a bad name especially their management because they fired me because I had no call no shows 3 days in a row because their management is STUPID AND DON'T DO THEIR JOB WHAT SO EVER!! I was there a year, not to mention how much me and my family shop there but I guarantee they lose a lot of business ;)

Anonymous 9/5/12 5:32AM

Target has awful customer service and has mis representation of it's items.

I bought a gas grill,talking to a manager,Shane, at the Austell, Ga store.The display was sitting in front of the boxes available behind it. Shane talked to me about this grill and I purchased it with his help. I got this grill home and started to assemble it and realized this was not the grill I looked at on display!
I called the store and they said that it was just a mistake that that grill was sitting in front of a lower priced grill!? They said they would sell me that display instead at a higher price.

ON Monday,8/27/12,I called corporate office and finally talked to Shawn Chapman which is Malcombe Prichertts assistant. Malcombe,as I was told is the District Manager. Shawn told me she thought this was wrong and Mr Prichertt would call me about 12:00 but by 2:00. I never got a call. After 3 other attempts to cantact her and leaving messages I see what their customer service was like! NO customer service. No respect for customer complaints.
I returned the grill I bought and went looking for another one. I was in the Hiram store, not to buy a grill and seen that this store had the same set up. The higher priced grill displyed in front of the lower priced one. So was this a mistake also? I don't think so! Misrepresentation!!
I will stop shopping at Target and will pull all of my prescriptions from there for me and my wife! Yea between my and my insurance you will be loosing a chunk of money. I will also let all my friends know how you treat customers and your misrepresentation!!
By the way I did get a very nice grill at Wal-Mart. They know how to treat customers!!

Ken 9/3/12 6:48AM

I was in Target in Clifton Park NY 9/01/12 with my granddaughter. We were shopping for her and to pick up a wedding present for the next day. When we checked out I used a starter check from an account I opened for my granddaughter (which has plenty enough money in it) and our total was only $134.00. We were denied the purchase because Target does not accept starter checks.

We have shopped at Price chopper, Walmart & Kmart using the same checks with no problem. The items were bagged & in the cart & we had to leave them there! I had proper ID, my name,address & phone # was hand printed on the check, what is the big deal?

I will never shop at Target again.
My granddaughter spent an hour picking out axactly what she wanted, comparing prices etc. What a let down!

Dar 9/2/12 7:57AM

This afternoon I visited the Target on 225th street #50. I must say, that I have come here a lot before but today confirmed why I stopped shopping at this particular store. I was in the store for a total of 30 minutes, once I got to the register, the cashier was already mad which she was expressing to another cashier that was next to her. This young lady wasn't being polite, friendly, or respectful to me as a customer. When she was ringing up my items she was talking to the girl next to her. She never said my total, I had to look on the screen, then once I gave her the money she slammed my changed in my hand. I had to ask for my reciept. Please train your staff better. Customer service 101 is a must.. Rec#2-2243-1798-0074-2644-0 vcd-751-286-156

Anonymous 8/30/12 8:29PM

I went to Target to buythe weekender tapestry-print as promoted (as a fall essential)) in the Sept.issue of Oprah's magazine.No one knew anything about this item.Then I went to their web-site nothing there.Got on the phone wasted a half hour with a very nice employee who could not find the item.So he is filing a report and I asked for a copy.He also said the calls are all recorded. A company that has gotten a free message on a national mag. and no one know about it,is ill spending their money on Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing.The weekender cost $35.00 and they have two tapestrey backpacks and bags, but no Weekender.Pls. help

Senior gal in Frederick, Md. 8/15/12 2:35PM

I have 2 kitties and have been buying Target brand Boots & Barkley cat litter for over a year and have loved it. I was so happy to finally find a cat litter that wasn't dusty........until recently. When I picked up my supply, I noticed the packaging was different and my worst fears were soon realized. Your former wonderful litter is now no different that all the rest that are available. You changed the texture and a lot of dust went everywhere as I poured the litter into the cat box. I'm so disappointed - why did you have to change it.

Anonymous 8/6/12 4:10PM

I visited a new Citi Target in Westwood, CA...I am a devoted Target shopper, visiting many stores, on a regular for the past 10 years or more.

Todays shopping experience was most unpleasant & I will never return to that store again...

the isles are too narrow to accommodate their baskets...and isles had an unusual number of posts(columns) in the isles...1 basket at a time had to go around those posts...I became so frustrated that I left my basket in one place & walked the isles without it...being very inconvenient...customers could barely pass one another in the isles...

Anxious to leave this new Citi Target, we went to check out, where my husband had a problem with the machine working to process his debit car...3 attempts until it worked...he then put his parking card in the self validation machine...he put it in the slot he thought was correct & it turned out to go under the machine and could not be retrieved...several employees tried to get it out until one of them told us to go to the 2nd floor of the building to resolve the parking issue on our own...My husband felt that was an unacceptable answer...As he was speaking to the employees, I walked to the door, anxious to get to the 2nd floor & just be able to exit the parking lot...As I walked there was a hugh metal piece attached to the left front wheel of the basket...I had on sandals and it ripped out a piece of my toe causing a significant amount of bleeding and skin tearing...My husband spoke to security and explained the parking problem & the significant injury to my toe...she instructed us to go to the gate & tell the attendant that security said to let us out...we got in the car and proceeded to the exit, explaining to the attendant that security said to let us out...he then started asking questions about which aisle we were in when the parking card was husband told him to just open the gate...I was too agitated to pursue the injury on my toe...I needed to get out & away from that store where I will NEVER return...UNLESS I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH INFECTION ON MY TOE!!!!!

teg 8/5/12 8:27PM

I was shopping in Targets in florida on Dale Mabry and County Line RD. in Tampa. I just want you to know I will not shop in your stores no longer. I had a wagon full of merchandise 6 items being Hawain Tropic sun tan lotion each priced at $7.99 and I had $1.00 coupons. which I was not able to use 2 of them cause your policy states only 4 coupons. Then your manager stops my husband from buying the other 2 with another order saying that its 4 coupons per family per day. Targets should be happy they have customers nevermind trying to embarass and harass them. I will never shop in TARGETS AGAIN. Your NEW POLICIES are ridiculous. I spend a average of $300. a week in Targets. I am done. no more. I will shop at Walmart. They don't harass their customers and I can use whatever or however many coupons I want.

boycott Targets 8/2/12 5:07PM

I am very displeased with how myself and my daughter where talked to as faithful Target customers. Target Philadelphia Bridesburg Store, Saturday, July 28th, 2012, between 7:00pm - 7:30pm.

Jerry (Store Manager) spoke and handled our question very unprofessional. It was just a simply matter of having some items held for us until Sunday morning when their store would re-open. We respect policy - this wasn't nor isn't the issue. The issue is his again overrall unprofessional mannerism/attitude (pit bull); boorish; brash; crude; curt and rude person - even his walk spoke the above volume (Napoleon like). My purpose for emailing is the fact after speaking with several people in your corporate headquarters. Even though, the two young ladies I spoke with where not rude, however, I did not feel like this was taken seriously, and they came across very non-chalant and uncaring. Which leads me to not want to shop in your Target Store.

Lynn 7/30/12 12:47PM

I tried to resolve this matter with your toll free no. & was hung up on, as they were going to investigate further.My cell phone is on a DO NOT CALL list.I recieved a call from,442-312-9841, informing me I had recieved a $1000 gift card from target, with apparently an invalid e-mail address.
Please take care of this matter and stop any farther calls to my cell phone,as I have limited texting on my phone and live on a fixed income! Thank-you

Anonymous 7/30/12 6:29AM

Your pharmacy dept. is a farce. It like to over charge me for my meds. I was on fateo in 2010, my meds started out as
245.00, 358.00,528.00. I lasted 3 or 4 months. Then I had to quite, I couldn't afford them any more. I have proof of this.

janeland 7/28/12 12:51PM

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