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AT&T Wireless corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the AT&T Wireless corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the AT&T Wireless corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
AT&T Mobility LLC

AT&T Inc.
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202
United States

Phone: 210-821-4105

AT&T Wireless Corporate Office Comments

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I am on the phone with customer relations his name is Elmer, this is one of the rudest people I have ever talked with. I called because my phone won't work in my house and was looking for some answers. I have talked with you tech people and they they have not been able to come up with a solution. All this person named Elmer wanted to know is why I upgraded with your company if I don't like your service. I have been with your company since you where Cingular and have always had great service. When you changed to LTE I lost service in my house I have been to your store and have made several calls withy no luck. At your corporate store in Olympia Wa. Your worker was so rude
I walked into your store and waited for a half hour waiting for some help only to be told that there was no help unless I spend more money. They have a microcell that I can have a $100.00 dollars off then spend $99.99. I am already paying for cell service and should not have to pay more to make your service work.
I don't think this e-mail will make any difference and will fall on deaf eared but I will keep trying.

Had enough 11/24/13 5:17PM

Have been a customer for about 30 years from NH to florida live in largo florida now love the people at my store all fantastic but my phoneclip off of my otta clip came apart yesterday went to the store today thye where fine got put on a phone to special services Im guessing put on hold lost contact had to explain again got asked to hold agin for a manager after 45 minutes told them to cancelle my contract been paying for insurance but cant get the .99 cent deal till a year why would I be paing for that if it does nothing for me want a refund want my contract deleted going to verison after all this time cant get a phone unless I pay and that's not gonna happen after a melfuction with a product u all sell so thanbkj me for the 20,000 I have spent for u all Jeremy Johnson but don't call I have no phone I will pass this on to myh friends as I have sent u many over the years

Jer 10/5/13 2:25PM

I ordered phones on line and according to AT&T cancellation policy, all I had to do to cancel was refuse the phones unopened which I did. The phones were delivered to the shipping facility on 8/9/13. However I get a bill stating that my service (which I never had)has been cancelled and my account turned over to collection. Bill is dated 9/15/13.

I have sent the tracking info to billing department and sent emails to customer service stating that phones were returned.

If not resolved, my only other option is to report to the Consumer Protection Agency the shady return/cancellation policy of this company.

Anonymous 9/20/13 7:38AM

Went to local store today to get my sister a simple phone.No big deal right,she is already a att customer of landline phone. Was unable to get cell phone.It was such a joke. It is so sad,but it is easier to cross the border from Mexico than it is to get one of your phones.What is wrong with you people? and also not everyone has a debit card.How many people leave the house with all that crap they asked for.Needless to say I was enraged,Iwas going to get me a new phone but I was afraid I wouldn't pass the test either.Some changes need to be made.

Anonymous 9/12/13 8:02PM

worst customer service period. WAs told that have to put a 600.00 deposit so that my wife's I phone which is less then 1 yr old could be repaired. asked about a phone she can use in the mean time told me I can upgrade a phone for a cost plus pay all the fees for upgrading. they can kiss my ass. but they really want my service and want me to be happy and recommend them

lmjesseph 8/15/13 8:40PM

I have had an account with ATT for a few months. I had to ask for an extension on my last bill due to illness. I was not able to meet the commitment date. I had to have emergency surgery due to the lose of my left leg from knee down. I have Cancer and it is eating at my bones. I was out due to phantom pain. I would sleep and be awake for 2 hours in a 12 hour time period.

When I reached the point where I was able to communicate with others I called ATT because they suspended my phone. I asked for the rep name but was told me that they could not tell me. I had to call from a nurses phone to reach collections. When I reached them I was told (Sorry but they would have to have total amount) I tried to tell them what happened. The rep told me sorry.

He said I would have to pay the full amount of $408.00 before they would restore service. I told him I could pay the past due now and the rest in 2 weeks. This would put me paid in full before my next bill came out. He once again said he could not help.

I asked to speak with a supervisor. The rep told me that his supervisor would tell me the same. He transferred me and I waited for 9 minutes before he picked up. I once again explained my situation. I told him the same thing. He said he would look and see if he could help me. He came back and told me the same thing. I felt like no one cared and just wanted all the money the could get out of a customer and did not want to listen to a customer.

I was upset to the point I went in to a depression state. I cried as I gave them my checking account number. I only had enough to pay the bill in my account. I asked for his name and he said George. I am very disappointed in the care your company gives to another customer.

I wonder if you treat others with the same attitude. I would disconnect my service but I do not have the money over the next 5-7 months to pay the early disconnect fee.

I know you will not contact me but I felt I had to ask you the question of DO YOU REALLY CARE ?

Linda Baxter

ilovesoaps12 7/8/13 11:45AM

When you walk into the AT@T store at Alamance Crossing, you are politely welcomed at the door. What can we do for you? If you say you have a problem, you get ignored completely until the store is almost empty (I was there 3 hrs yesterday). Buyers get Red Carpet service. On June I went to the store to tell them that I could no longer get service at my home and was told that they were working on the tower and it was temporary. So, I put money on my account and then learned I had been told a lie. I used the cell phone once and drove about a mile to get service. Yesterday was end of month so I knew I would lose my balance and asked them what I could do when I finally was spoken to. After about an hour or more I put $10 on my account as was suggested only to be told later that was stupid and they would not return my money. The young man helping me said my phone was cheap and that was why I could not get service and he would go beyond customer service and give me his personal cell phone and a charger. He could not find a charger for that phone so after 3 hours I went to Wal Mart and they did not have a charger. I went to Best Buy and they said the phone he gave me was a dud and they no longer had chargers for that phone. He checked the phone and there was no sim card in it and I had him check mine and it was removed also. Do I have to tell you I will never step one foot in that store again? And, I will post my experience on the Internet. The supposedly manager was telling me the employee had gone above his duty to help a customer. They are cheaters and liars. Best Buy could not believe I had been cheated that way. I am 80 years old and use the phone only for emergencies. You might think this one incident won't matter, but I assure you it will eventually.

glendadawn 7/1/13 11:57AM

Very bad service changed my account to my wife's name I was charged twice for month of February called customer service no help called corporate office number but you get connected to collection department what a fraud,. Shame on you AT & T I thought you were the finest but shame on you

Anonymous 4/16/13 10:10AM

Everyone talks a good game, but when it comes to doing something it never gets done. I order U-verse service and was given a time to be there for instalation. I wanted 4 hours and never heard a word from them and they never showed up. I missed a day's pay in the process. When I called to find out what happened I had to talk to someone in the Phillipians that could only respond to my problem but by looking on a computer screen. After I got the run around for another 30 minutes he told me that they did not come because they overbooked. In the mean time my DSL would not work so after waitng 45 minutes on the phone. They told me they had turned it off because I ordered U-VEse and I will not have internet for 8 days until they come out to install the U-Verse if they come then. I hope you people who read this will be aware of no response to problem people at ATT. Good Luck!

wrapala 3/18/13 3:19PM

I have be jacked around by At&t since Jan./2013. For some reason they are not able to transfer my wireless back to my landlin, I would like to know what the problem is.

Linda Burgoyne

N/A 3/5/13 9:52AM

Phone number is incorrect. It does not get you to the corporate office like it states. At&t is a joke. I read several revies that said they had horrible customer service. Now I see firsthand how true that is. Verizon here I come

Anonymous 12/11/12 4:20PM

I've recently discovered AT&T contributed to Richard Mourdock and Tea Party candidates who are opposed to women's rights to make decisions about their own bodies. At the end of our contract we will switch to another company like CREDO Mobile.

Anonymous 12/3/12 3:07PM

Wow nothing but complaint's on this site and I will have to add to it,A few weeks ago my"device" stopped working so I called for a cheap basic replacement phone (nothing elaborate)after speaking to one of your representative's he sold me a phone for $20 saying nothing about signing a new 2 year deal so i waited 3 day's for a phone that was supposed to be overnight ed, when it arrived I put my sim card in and everything was fine or so I thought,A week later my service was shut off and my bill is up to date,so I called and received the big run around for 12 hours i was told by 7 different people tough basically. I have been a customer for 4 or 5 years now and the customer service you provide are inept and combative seeming more interested in sale's only, and some have been argumentative and combative.This message is directed directly to chairman/ c.e.o. Mr. Randall McPherson this is a direct reflection on not only YOUR leadership but the corporate mentality of screw the little guy.How do I use your service(that I pay for) without a device(phone) very disappointed with your service, and considering another carrier!

Mr. Pete Padalino 11/20/12 8:39AM

I am very disappointed with you company since 2004 I have 5 lines pay over $300.00 dollars a month. On 10/15/2012 I spoke with Jasmine Stewart was checking on what phones were gonna be up from contact she told me my mothers line was off contract. So I said I would befalling back cause my mom is 79 years old and I'm gonna take her off contract so she can get thejitterbug phone its better for her. I called back on 11/04/2012 Poranessa. Id# and she told me I was under contract till Feb and I would have to pay $125.00 to get out of contract. I was furious because I was told my mom was off contract I purchased the jitterbug phone for her I was told there was nothing she could do I was on the phone or two hours.Spoke with Steve Backer its to Bradford me.

Anonymous 11/4/12 8:20PM

I would like to complain about your store on markey place in cumming ,ga I went in there friday to find out more about the zag sparg charger I justdon had a question about it and trying to locate adnotherd item not only did I wait an hour no one there knew anything about the items you are sellingd I ore then he did and this overweight guy there stood around the whole time I was there and he made rude comments reffering to me he didn't know I waso slowly walking up to him I am disabled and I really don't like to be treated that way because your employees are apparently juvenile and I have never been so disgusted I have been a lifelong customer you guys have been my only cell co. well cingular and bellsouth never changed I am pissed i almost wished I could get out of my contravt cause I do not like bring treated like that to say I am pissed is an understatement

Anonymous 11/4/12 5:24PM

I would like to acknowledge the good customer services that one of your representative had with me her name is Jonafaye. Ausan she was so helpfull and calmed me down I was mad because I reviewed a message
AT&T Free Msg: Your subscription purchase was successful. PlayCredits for $9.99 will auto-renew on 10/23/12. Need help? Visit I did not made this transaction I was mad because one could not help me before I spoke to your representative (Jonafaye Ausan) like I said before she calmed me down and removed the non-authorize purchase she explain in a calm and profesional way . I really want to congratulate mrs Jonafaye for her hard work,good attitude and excellent customer service. Thank you AT&T for having helpfull customer service agent like her.


Carlos hernandez

Carloshernandez 9/23/12 5:05PM

I would like to acknowledge one of your employees that was extremely helpful to me on Sept 5, 2012. Due to my error, I was unable to get cellular data on my ipad - she had a great attitude and solved my problem.
Kimberly Geritano
Retail Sales Consultant
Scranton Siniawa Plaza
809 Scranton Carbondale Highway
Scranton, PA 18508

Sarah Clancy 9/4/12 9:05PM

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