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Avast corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Avast corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Avast corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
AVAST Software a.s.
Trianon building
Budejovicka 1518/13a
Prague, 140 00
Czech Republic

Phone: 00 420 274 005 777
Fax: 00 420 274 005 888

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I paid for GrimeFighter but it does not run. I have activated it but each time I select Optimise My PC to run starts and then comes up with window to pay (more)...again. I contacted tech support multiple times (and have multiple tickets) leaving email address and phone number for couple months. BUT STILL NO COMMUNICATION!! Ive given up. I WISH TO HAVE REFUND IMMEDIATELY...THANKYOU

Phil 8/3/14 10:16PM

I also am a victim of this company. Please anyone out there looking for antivirus protection, don't trust this company. RIPOFF, RUDE, NOBODY IN AUTHORITY, TECHNICIANS UNINSTALLED MY WIFI ON ME. (NO KIDDING)

DIANE 7/9/14 9:34AM

Yes, it's another rip off. I paid my $19.95 in February 2014. Nice uhh? But
Just this week in May if 2014, I receive a message that I have been automatically renewed and my credit card company billed $34.95. Two months later and I'm being billed again. I have called numerous times to receive an e-mail that my complaint was received and I would be contacted by a tech.

I want off that automatic renewal and it says click here if you want off of it. And brother that's it. It's impossible to get out of it. If I don't hear soon I will contact my credit card company to cancel any transaction with that company, report them as fraudulent. Never again. When it was free it was good, now, a ripoff in renewal charges.

Disgusted 5/9/14 11:39AM

Avast is just another foreign based ripoff. I used the Avast free anti virus protection on the advise of a friend and it seemed to be OK so when my computer had an issue I called them. I was sold a one year computer support program with the guarantee that if they could not fix the problem I would be refunded the money. Well the Joke is on me. They could not fix the problem and recommended that I take the computer to a shop because it could not be fixed over the phone or by direct connect. Needless to say when on called them for my refund it was promptly denied by someone named Chris who refused to give me his full name and refused to let me talk to his supervisor. He said he did not have one and he was the final decision maker on these issues. To top it off he hung up on me. I will never use them again and I am going to challenge the charge on my credit care immediately. I do give this warning, stay away from any overseas company and do not believe or purchase anything until you see the guarantee in writing.

Anonymous 4/28/14 10:49AM

At this point in time, I would just like a refund on my $19.95 for the 1 year of Internet Security. Every since that fateful day of me allowing the jack a ninny access to my computer to supposedly help me install Avast, I have since been trying to get rid of all of the popups and Malware on my comp, and I continue to work on this issue. I never had an ounce of trouble with my comp till your tech showed me I suddenly had some program called "Coupons" on my comp that was going to be the issue of y'all charging me $185.00 to clean it off my comp. SCAM at it's finest. I asked to speak to his Supervisor when I suddenly realized his dumb butt had just placed that program on my comp and he told me " No , I could not talk to his Supervisor, that was not possible". Then I told him to either transfer me to billing or give me the phone number as I wanted my money back...and once again was told "No that is not possible either". So I got even more upset and told him "You've now told me everything you can not do for me, please tell me one thing you can do for me besides charge me $185.00 to "Fix" my comp..... I got so mad after yelling at him for 3 or 4 minutes as he just kept trying to sell me the service he could provide, I hung up.

All I want at this point and time is my stupid money back. That was the biggest mistake I have made in quiet some time. I'll never trust your service techs again...and I've been using your products for years now. I don't know what happened, and right now do not even care as I just want my money back and to get my comp back up and running properly again. I will also be including a copy of my complaint I am lodging today to all of those "experts that certify and award you" to let them know you guys have changed and are not the good business people you once were. This is unacceptable, scammers.

Anonymous 4/9/14 6:16AM

I am so disgusted with myself being 'conned' into buying avast total support for $299.99 which has been completely unworkable and un friendly to use. Avast has a no refund beware! Also conned into buying avast total internet security for $29.99 which was nothing but some freakish program too inconvenient and difficult to activate. I am very much suckered by avast for $330.

countvoo 4/1/14 11:59AM

It was a terrible oversight on my part when I fell for their mobile anti-theft system on purchasing a new smart mobile phone.In fact I tried to uninstall the software but had problems removing it's app.The worst happened when I was overseas and changed to the local SIM card.The mobile got blocked and the screen indicated that a recovery pin had been sent to my partner's mobile.Something was terribly wrong coz we just failed to receive that pin.I've sent half a dozen ticket to their tech support but never received a single response.

Charanjeet 3/11/14 3:36PM

I have been waiting for about three weeks for a refund. The program I bought does not work in my computer at all, everytime I speak to customer service thet keep giving me new ticket numbers. This is a poor way to treat a person who has been with you for five years. Grine fighter does not work, please refund my 29.99 back to me. Thank you bear

Anonymous 2/18/14 2:24PM

They did the same to me..I NEVER GET THEM TO Reply..I was told I would Get all my Money back..they took the program off my PC..and the Conttect Button was still there.So I pushed the Tab a couple of times and It responded. I don't have it..anymore than one other time when I pressed it..some Tech Wipe My PC Clean..lost everything...They will tell me to send a Ticket..then say send an Email,,Avast is a Total Rip Off

Anonymous 2/12/14 7:13AM

I had to call support about avast easy pass. Nine.....NINE. 9 tech support people did not know hoe to use it or to help me get it installed properly. They were the first to tell me that they had not been trained to use it. I had used their support team for the internet security and they were fine. But n
For easy pass not so. And funny thing......within a few days someone tried to get into my Facebook acct. I have not signed in there for months.
It is disappointing, because the product seemed to be so good. Tech support must cost the company a lot when they don't know what they are doing

Betsey 2/10/14 7:18AM

I bought AVAST last July, and picked up so many debilitating viruses since then that I just had to have my computer "deep-cleaned" to the tune of $200. I wanted to send AVAST the bill; but instead just called to get my money back (still under warranty). The technician tried to sell me more software! He directed me to a website (me getting angry now) where I could request money-back.
The website is prohibitive of personal communication. Still, I somehow wormed my way in to sending my simple request for my money back. Instead, I was sent instructions on how to re-install AVAST.
I will now post this warning on every possible consumer advocacy website I can find, as well as report AVAST to the Better Business Bureau. I warned them I would do this. They don't care.

screw 2/3/14 6:16PM

I have order avast for my computer it will not down load I spent 19.99 for it a speceil for the protection I have not been able to down load my comp tells me its unconpatable to it so I have requested 3 times with the tickits stuff on here and no response I want it canceal and my money back I have not used it I would like a reply soon been a few weeks now, my name is Theresa Pereira account

[email protected] 2/3/14 7:40AM

I also ran into the same problem as Karen. I bought the GrimeFighter product and it caused my system to hang during the GrimeFighter load operation. I was told that my computer had virus issues and that I better get it fixed. They said they could fix my computer for $194 support package. After paying for the support, I worked with their support team (7 different people) who could not find anything wrong with my computer. I called and said I want my $20 back for GrimeFighter and my money back for the Support package that I bought solely to get Their product to work. I was told I bought the support and basically "tough luck". Their support people tied me and my compter up for about 10 hours with no chnage in the original problem.

Is this any way to promote loyalty to your company and products ? I don't think so.

I have trusted Avast for about 5 years now. I can no longer
trust them. They have lost a good customer and I will be sure
to let all my friends and acquaintances on social media all about this.

Larry 1/28/14 10:24AM

I also was scammed by Avast. I was sold the 119.00 technical fix and told the techs could repair my computer. They did not and refused to refund my money. Cannot speak to a supervisor even though I repeatedly asked for one. When I asked what the company policy was they told me all the techs had to do was try to fix the problem and I had to pay that there was no guarantee of any kind. Dell however does guarantee there work and if they are unable to provide the service you paid for they will refund you the entire amount.Avast technical support is nothing but a scam who ever heard of a best try policy

Karen 1/20/14 12:27PM

I contacted the merchant, AVAST, because I had a problem with their program. They told me that the problem was a problem with the software in my computer and charged me to repair the problem. After they repaired my computer the problem with their software still existed. I was told at the end it was a know problem and they were working on it. My issue is that this issue was known prior to my authorizing the repair which was not done successfully. I did not receive the service that I paid for in this case.

waltert43 1/2/14 4:12PM

Twice I filled out and paid for Avast services for 1 year. The service was not peovided. When I called Avast regarding this problem, I was told that one of the deductions would be restored to my account. A few days later, I called about a certain pop up that kept showing up on my computer. All I did was ask if it had something to do with Avast. The next thing I knew, the technician had taken over my cursor. He never told me that avast would be deducting !79.99 from my checking account. The next thing I knew, I was receiving overdraft notices from my bank. Out of my $917 pension check, there was less than $300 left. I had to use the money for my excise tax and car registration to pay my rent.
6 weeks later, when Avast finally deigned to return my phone call, the man apologized for my "inconvenience", but refused to replace my money. For $600, I now have Avast coverage for 4 years! I was told that they had reviewed the "tape" of that interaction with Avast, and I had agreed to allow the deduction. When I told them I wanted to hear that tape, I was told that that was not possible.
It wasn't possible because it never happened. These people are liars and thieves, and I intend to make that fact known to every agency and official in my state, and anywhere and everywhere on the internet that I can.

zyggy602 12/13/13 2:51PM

Dear Sir, In short, I am at my wits end today.I paid $179.99 to have Avast tech support clean up my computer on Tuesday, November 26th. There was a problem with the work which I didn't discover until Wednesday morning, November 27th. The remedy from Avast tech support has resulted in the loss of everything on my hard drive.
Since then, God only knows how much time I have spent on hold, or how many times I have waited for phone calls that came hours late,from techs who were unintelligible, rude and poorly trained. Or how many times I heard customer service agents promise to "expedite" my request for help, only to have nothing happen. Surely there is someone in your organization that can serve as a case manager- one person who I deal with repeatedly, someone I can call, someone whose goal is a mutually agreeable resolution to this nightmare. Is that possible? Please consider my request.

Frances S. Peters

Anonymous 12/2/13 4:33PM

I had a very similar experience as the anonymous customer. Your customer service is abysmal. I was also pressured to buy a year of Avast support but no one seems to agree on whether my security was renewed for a year. If you talk to the guys in tech, they'll tell you that it is. If you talk to customer service, they'll say it isn't. My computer says I'm protected. So who's right? I'm done with Avast after this year. You have too many associates who can't communicate clearly in English either over the phone or in writing. If my security is compromised, I'll take decisive action. Please clean up your act. You're prime fodder for the BBB as it stands.

mkb 11/21/13 8:27PM

I WAS PRESSURED BY AN AVAST EMPLOYEE TO BUY SOMETHING I DID NOT NEED. I have been an Avast customer for a few years. Yesterday, my Avast icon was on my computer. Today, my Avast icon disappeared. I checked my hardware to see if the program was still installed. It was. I called Avast Tech Support and spoke to Jessica. (Jessica's code # is jg2425.) Jessica prompted me to do this and open that. When I couldn't run whatever program Jessica prompted me to run, she then told me I needed to purchase the Avast $179.00 "full repair" service. Without diagnosing my computer, she then told me "your platform is at risk", "applications in your computer aren't being allowed to run", and that "Windows registry needs to be cleaned." When I asked her to e-mail me a contract/information on the "full repair" program so that I could take a look at exactly what I was buying before I bought it, she said they had nothing in writing. She then proceeded to attempt to get me to buy the "repair service" by instilling fear into me. Meaning, all kinds of things would go wrong with my computer if I did not buy the "repair service." I told her that I did not like scare tactics and that if she continued pressuring me, I would report her. Then I told her I would check with my computer guy regarding all the crap she was telling me unless she could produce - in writing - a contract. She then ramped up her scare tactics. I asked her one more time for a contract in writing, and then hung up on her. I called my computer guy. He said Avast was the worst. Meaning, that they pressure customers mercilessly. Regarding my computer, my computer guy said that I could - or he could - back up my files and reload the operating system (for $129.00). After I got off the phone with him, I turned on my computer and - miracle of miracles - my Avast icon was back! Question: is Avast making their icon disappear on purpose to get Avast customers to purchase their "full repair" service? Someone needs to look into this. Also, report Avast to the BBB if you are not satisfied with them. Lastly, NEVER buy anything unless you get something in writing first. No doubt, I will have to think about renewing my Avast subscription. At this time, I DEFINITELY will not be recommeding Avast to friends. How could I after Jessica's lack of help and her scare tactics?

Anonymous 11/1/13 12:14PM

pre ordered the avast for 2014 internet security..could not install it...tried contacting the phone numbers but just hung up ....tried mailing and they send the same email content asking for details and not doing the refund i asked for...the sales number should you get it are no help either...THIS ONE IS NOW BEING REFERRED TO THE BANK TO DO THE RECLAIM

serpico 9/11/13 10:28AM

Add me to the list of taken customers. When I was told by an HP tech that my machine was infested with infections and my Avast was not compatible with my Windows 7 system, thereby causing a lot of Windows errors that would lead to a crash if I didn't hve them fixed, I spoke with Avast. I, too, was scammed into the $169.99 12-month fix and support. I asked them to email me a receipt before I hung up and they took over remotely to fix my computer.

When I didn't get a receipt and saw they charged me $184.65, I called and was told they COULD send me a receipt but only for the $169.99. I said that was illegal. Either give me the difference back or send me a receipt for the $184.65. Hold again, got back on saying they can't. Asked for a supervisor, none can be had - there was none. Then proceeded to tell me they DID send the receipt, at which point I stopped him, said it wasn't true and if they did it would only be for the $169.99, which is not acceptable. Got nowhere. Hung up on him.

DO NOT USE AVAST! They are based out of the Czech Republic and are scamming the USA citizens out of their money. Where is the US authorities on this one?

LoriMand 8/7/13 1:08PM

Totally the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. Do not purchase their waste of time lame support product!

saga127 7/25/13 5:23AM

I see I was lied too also. I paid $29.99 then $119.99 then $120.00 to local guy to fix my computer. LIES, LIES, LIES. Cannot get a straight answer from AVAST. No refunds and computer still not right. They have my money but as a legitimate corporation they should satisfy the customer. I say SHUT THEM DOWN.

Computer 6/3/13 6:33AM

I see I am not alone. I was lied to, promised a refund, lied to again , promised a refund and lied to again. Still don't have my refund nor any services either. I used to sing praises for this company but never again. Instead, now I am telling anyone who will listen that AVAST is a scam. They are doomed to ultimate failure and will discover that you can only lie so much then people will find out and you will sink.Hopefully they will send the thieves to jail. Good riddance.

Anonymous 4/25/13 6:35PM

I agree with the message sent on 3/7/13. Tech rep was impossible to understand. My last resort was to find a phone # to renew for two more years. The tech rep and I finally communicated enough to give me a number to call which turned out to be a black hole. The message was "this number is no longer in service" and a hang up. I give up! the software is good and reliable but customer service is poor to nonexistent.

Anonymous 4/19/13 11:44AM

I also was talked into a $169.99 fix and the tech tried to charge my card for 3 pc instead. When that would not go thru he did a 1 time 1 pc. When I got the mistake I called and they was very ready to take another card in then charged me for 3 pc for 1 year and should of been 1 pc 1 year. This all took place on 02/06/2013 and countless hours on the phone 5-7 times and all promises of e-mails and calls I still don't have my refund yet . I have been with this company for 4 years and will not be renewing . I have never had such poor and lying customer ever.

Anonymous 3/7/13 5:04PM

This company is a joke. I could not connect my renewal package. Avast took my money of about $40.00 but to contact them is nearly impossible. There is no phone number you can call except a Tech. support number. I get a large renewal pop-up in the middle of my screen everytime I log on to the internet. I will disconnect their software from my computer and write off my loss.

Anonymous 2/19/13 6:46PM

I used Avast for several years as my internet security company. Last November, I paid my 39.99 immmediately upon notice that it was time to renew. Then, in January, they arbitratily turned off my service. After I contacted them, they sent several emails about how to reconnect. I tried approximately six times, plus I had an it professional attempt the reconnection. Nothing worked. I requested a refund after switching to Norton. No luck. Guess I've lost my money!

Deanne 1/25/13 3:29PM

Over the past month I have spoken to five customer service
representatives about a $100. credit promised to me and all agreed it was due. To date, no credits have been issued
and no supervisor promised calls have been received. This
company clearly does not plan to stay in business or is
a total scam.

Anonymous 1/15/13 7:52AM

I agree just lost 99.99 to tech and they didnt resolve my problem. The tech claims that they can not put a supervisor on. What a joke!!! You know the supervisor is five feet away in his office. Plenty of legit virus software dont waste your #

Anonymous 12/10/12 3:06PM



TamarK 11/20/12 9:34PM

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