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United Healthcare corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the United Healthcare corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the United Healthcare corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
UnitedHealth Group Inc.
Unitedhealth Group Center
9900 Bren Rd. East
Minnetonka, MN 55343
United States

Phone: 952-936-1300
Fax: 952-936-1819

United Healthcare Corporate Office Comments

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United Healthcare has a contract with the State of IL retirees. The deductible for prescription drugs for this plan is $100. There is some sort of glitch in UH system, that is assessing a $310 deductible for prescriptions. My mother who is elderly and in very poor health was overcharged for her prescriptions because of this. I talked to a supervisor at United Healthcare who would only give her name as Summer. Very rude, very high and mighty, not in the least helpful, and the worst customer service I have ever experienced! UH knows there is a problem with the State of IL retirees, but does not seem to be interested in fixing the problem.

Maggie May 4/9/14 11:32AM

When I got my flu shot on Nov. 5th, 2013, I was shocked that Walgreens said that my UHC policy did not cover it! Both my husband and I are Medicare members; he presented his Medicare card and I gave them my UHC Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) card. His shot was free, and mine cost $39.95. What happened? I sent a letter to UHC in Hot Springs, AR (the only address on statements I get), with my story and copies of the Walgreens transaction. This was sent on November 11th, but no reply was received....What happened with this? I don't want your $39.95, I want my $39.95. Noleen Casey Member

Flu Shot 1/3/14 6:29PM

My husband and I just received the "2013 Year-End Update for our United Healthcare AARP Medicare Supplement Plans. There was nothing specific to either of us in the enclosed mailings. They included a brief generic cover letter that was signed by Barbara McClatchy, VP, Member Experience, and a brochure entitled "Your 2013 Year-end Update" which informed us that: (1) we do not need to re-enroll; (2) our plan is not affected by the ACA; and (3) we can always trust United Healthcare. The mailing also contained a complimentary AARP bookmark. All of these materials were on heavy, glossy stock, and mailed at to us via the USPS. This is a completely useless mailing, made by UnitedHealthcare at considerable expense, particularly when you multiply the cost of each package times the number of covered members. Ms. McClatchy, experiencing such obvious waste first-hand does not enhance our Member Experiences. In the future, please keep the bookmark and the brochure, and do your part to bend the healthcare cost curve by reducing our premiums.

Grace B. 1/2/14 1:29PM

I have been an in-network provider for United Healthcare for 2 years in the Washington, D.C. metro area. All of my claims were denied for payment from July 2013 to present. I have a small physical therapy private practice and have called both OPTUM Health and United Healthcare numerous time without help. Unfortunately, if I do not receive payments for the many patients that I successfully treated since July 2013, I will have no choice than to have my attorney bring this matter to court. Please have your legal department call me or speak with my attorney to settle this matter soon so I may receive payment and not have to begin litigation proceedings.

Thank you!

Lori 12/27/13 5:50PM

i am writing this with great respect i work for a primary care physician i just have one small issue which i have been trying to resolve since 2010 but i cannot seem to get someone to help me, this is not a complaint ,maybe my way of phrasing the question is wrong all i am looking for is a report on the checks that were issued to us. Thank god now we have eft . i am hoping that someone from the finance dept that issues payments to scottsdale arizona family practice contact me thank you

goldie 12/7/13 8:36PM

After being a member for a year, I called several times to change my husband and I Plan. I was expending a lot of my time doing it and to my surprise, they didn't do anything that I have requested. They didn't change my plan, I received the wrong information at home, they supposed to change the Plan as of 11/1/2013 and when I went to the Dr., I still had the same Plan. Their customer service people skills are very bad. Nobody pay attention and they don't sound professionals. Unfortunately, the AARPUnitedHealthCare mistakes will make me to shop for a better no Benefits Plan only but good Customer Service.

MAGUCHA 11/5/13 8:12AM

This comment pertains to what I am told is a corporate affiliate or subsidiary of United Healthcare, OptumRx. It is also written as a warning to unsuspecting, potential OptumRx customers and patients.

My wife has severe rheumatoid arthritis. She suffered a brain-stem aneurysm, then a left-hemispheric stroke. She was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. She has hypertension, and was recently found to have type II diabetes.

We responded to advertising from AARP and United Healthcare regarding mail-order medications from OptumRx. I obtained all prescriptions, sent them via certified mail. They were received on 1-7-13. I spoke with someone named Alicia on 1-16-13, provided our credit card information and discussed arrival time of my wife's meds to coincide with her remaining supply. Alicia told me that all 7 of my wife's medications were available, and that they would send then via UPS "overnight". Nothing arrived on Thursday or on Friday. I started making calls on Friday afternoon. I was lied to, told a supervisor would call me back (who did not), given an invalid UPS tracing number. In the meantime, my wife had run out of most of her medications. A partial order arrived on Monday afternoon, 1-21-13. More phone calls revealed that OptumRx had been out of the principal medication for RA (methotrexate) since well before my conversation with Alicia. No one called to advise that we should plan to get the methotrexate locally; no one called to advise that all of my wife's medicatons had not been shipped on 1-16, but rather at 9:00 p.m. on 1-18-13. I ended up in a conference call with an AARP supervisor and an OptumRx supervisor. I had decided that I did not want to place trust for this important aspect of my wife's medical care with the people at a place like OptumRx. I was told that a "call tag" would be sent out and arrive in 7-10 business days, however because of the difficulties we experienced, the call tag would be "expedited". Just as my wife's medications were "expedited", no call tag has been received. Now, United Healthcare is calling asking about the situation. If getting a refund ($425) is anything like getting my wife's medications, I am not optimistic. As a former IBM systems engineering and marketing manager, I believe I understand something about customer service. As a speech pathologist, I understand how to relate to patients and their families. The people with whom I spoke at OptumRx understand none of this. I won't go into the manner in which most of their "advocates" spoke to me.

I strongly urge you to learn as much as you can about a mail order pharmacy before getting involved with them. Perhaps its a sad reality of our country's current (and, likely, future) economic plight, but, as always and especially in this regard, it is definitely an example of the importance of the adage "buyer beware". Please be careful. This has been a nightmare.

OptumRX - Buyer Beware 1/28/13 2:53PM

United healthcare Senior supplement plan is a mess. Claims that are paid by Medicare and sent electronically to UHC Senior Supplement are getting denied because of a glitch in UHC electronic system..Medical providers are fed up with this problem and dropping the balance to the patients that have this Supplement. UHC will not correct itself. Untill this problem is corrected I would not recommend this product.

sdwyer 1/23/13 11:13AM

Subject: Paperwork

I don't know why United Health Care persists in sending sooooo much paperwork. A lot of duplications. It's computer generated stuff. I can't fully understand a good 50% of it. It doesn't say this bill has been totally paid. Then there are those poorly laid out provider directories that are as big a NYC phone book. Very annoying.

Annoyed 11/15/12 10:19AM

To whom it may concern, I work for a providers office in the United States. When I call for information on a patients policy, I do not want to speak to representative in India, Bombay or anyplace outside of the United States! Quality is poor,wait times can be long, often there are language barriers.
With the dire need of jobs in the United States, I strongly suggest that United Heatlh Care stop outsourcing jobs and focus on hiring individuals within the United States

Anonymous 11/7/12 7:41AM

First Name: Chardele

Last Name: Miller

Message: To Whom It May Concern:

This email comes to you with concern on a few issues, some more time sensitive than others.

When I signed up for United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan in then end of 2011 for the year of 2012 I was informed that I would be utilizing my primary doctor who would be able to refer me to ANY specialized in your plan.

Sometime in January 2012 I started receiving all these stickers to place on my card. It appears I then became a part of a QCIPA quality care organization. For the most part the specialist I needed to see were available and appointments were convenient provided I pay my $30.00 co-pay.

In the beginning of the year my family physician recommend I see a psychiatrist ASAP. I then thru the Quality Care IPA realized I had one company I could call so I called then and made an appointment. The therapist that I met with filled out a questionnaire and they insisted I pay $40.00 for my co-pay, of which I did. Then the therapist took it upon herself to tell the receptionist to book me for a return visit to see her. I did not return cause I felt uncomfortable with this whole dynamic. Today my family physician one again insist that I see a psychiatrist so I set out again to contact Harmony Health Care to get my $10.00 credit on bill and make an appointment with a psychiatrist not a therapist., Harmony Healthcare in my vicinity only has appointments after 5:45 pm during the weekdays and the earliest appointment is last week in November except for a 2:45pm appointment on Saturday, November 11, 2012. I then contact QCIPA and discuss with them and their recommendation is to go to the west side of town and according to Heather that is the same distance as the office on the eastside. So I guess she calculated the mileage for me - thank you. I will not be inconvenience any more than I absolutely have too. IN addition how am I to trust a psychiatrist from this organization when after my first visit was uncomfortable and they had no level of integrity.

Then I decided to call United Healthcare and forgive me for not remember the lady I spoke with initially who claims she was going to help me, however after approximately 15 minutes on hold I could no longer hold as my cellular battery was low and quite frankly I am exhausted and very emotionally upset. So, I calm down and charge my cellular battery and call back and ask the lady if I can talk to the woman that originally took my call - not possible. She claims that the original girl tried to call me back. Well I will be glad to provide you with my cellular call record to indicate NO call back from anyone at United Healthcare.

Sorry for the longevity of the email but please, please assist me in finding a psychiatrist other then under the Harmony Healthcare umbrella that I can go to, make an appointment, that will bill me correctly and that is in operation in the eastside of town. If you can help me with this I will be very appreciative and grateful.

Further, I have bill from UMC that I have tried to Quality Care IPA to pay and they keep saying they need an itemized statement. Of which, I call UMC and ask them to fax this over to Quality Care. As of date this bill is not paid and I keep getting bill.

I am exhausted from all these issues, bills and it appears I have to work full time to make sure my insurance does what they say or claim they are doing. In the meantime I'm suffering with back issues and sever depression.

Lastly, when I ask the United Healthcare representative for your web site address when gives me: So do you work under AARP? When I insist on another web site she gives me Then I request a supervisor of which I am told "there are no supervisors here" and when I question her and advise her I am documentation all this she then says "oh the supervisors are here you didn't hear me right and they are all unavailable". So I say how do you know they are all unavailable to which she stumbles on some answer I don't even understand.

In closing, my apologizes for this long drawn out email. I am disgusted, disappointed and quite frankly exhausted with United Healthcare and Quality Care.

At this point all I want is can I see a psychiatrist other than under the Harmony Healthcare umbrella? As it was my understanding from your account executive during enrollment time that I could see any specialist in the book, can I?

Anxiously awaiting your response, I remain.

Chardele A. Miller

Member Assistance Needed 10/17/12 7:03PM

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