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Wall Street Journal corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Wall Street Journal corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Wall Street Journal corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Dow Jones & Company Inc.

News Corporation
200 Liberty Street
New York, NY 10281
United States

Phone: 212-416-2000

Wall Street Journal Corporate Office Comments

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I have been a subscriber to the WSJ since 1955 when it was used in my Money & Banking class instead of a textbook. I stayed with the WSJ since then, in my business and now my retirement.
Your lack of reasonable subscription prices for old members and retired folk is a disgrace!
No wonder that USA Today has passed you in circulation, (but not in quality).
We will miss you every morning when our current subscription ends.

Amrabbi 12/30/13 1:34PM

I Have Had Similar Experience To Anonymous Of 3/26/13. The Only Hope To Improve Wsj Customer Service Is To Call Ms Victoria Chen At Or I Talked With Ashly Jacques Who Hung Up On Me.

DEERCREEK36 3/26/13 9:14AM

Calling the WSJ Customer Service is definitely an exercise in futility. I have had to call numerous times on behalf of the SVP I support for issues with: subscription not being delivered, no label on the paper (we work in a building with over 1800 employees so this causes a problem with delivery. But the most aggravating issue was paying for a 2 year subscription which included both print and on-line versions and then being told that the on-line issue was not included, when we have documentation that proves otherwise! Their customer service agents need to be "de-programmed" to realize that there ARE instances when an error is made and that they should do all possible to correct the error, rather than keep repeating that there is nothing they can do. If it were up to me, I would not renew the subscription when it comes due again in a few months.

Anonymous 3/26/13 8:56AM

I have had the same recurring problems with my WSJ subscription. Calling Customer Service is an exercise in futility. Half of them don't speak English and none of them really care. And what can they really do if they're a contract worker based in India or The Phillipines? In the past, I've gone directly to the head woman. Victoria Chin is the DowJones head of circulation. She has been helpful in the past. Telling her your problems may not get the paper on your porch, but it beats getting stonewalled by some nice young lady in Manila. She can be reached at the DowJones 1-800 number: 1-800-369-5663. You'll get the usual inane computerized voice prompts, but asking for Ms. Chin will get you to a real live person in her office. Perhaps if she gets enough phone calls about the disgraceful service DJ/WSJ now serves up to its customers, she might have an incentive to try and fix the system. Good Luck!!

1BN1SFGA 3/19/13 7:50AM

We are a Law Firm who has subscribed to the WSJ for many years. Recently, the service is so bad - we have not received our paper for over three weeks. We call or email daily reporting the missing paper(s). The customer service reps seem nice and willing but to no avail. Their promises of getting the delivery problem resolved falls through again and again. We don't pay the annual subscription in order to "receive credits" for missing papers. I've yet to see the credits or the paper. What a shame that a well-known paper has lost its good service and good business sense.

Smith & Smith Attorneys 1/24/13 1:33PM

I ordered 3 months in one promotion late Nov last year, but ended digital without print edition. I called the customer representative on the same day and he corrected the problem, as I though I was getting 3 months in one promotion. Guess what, I was charged 25.99 every month and 21.99 for digital. I found out after 1.5 months later because my credit card was charged twice for 1st month and one time for second month. I called Customer Reps for helped and always turned away by them, as they know what happened but refused to solve the problem. Thing was getting worst when I spoke with one of Customer Rep name Crystal. She said the price of "you pay only $25.99 total for the first three months..." was referring that I have to pay every month $25.99. I think she don't know in English. Finally, Zalk, customer rep came forward and explained to me the whole story. Therefore, I have two WSJ accounts with the same user ID. None of the customer reps(except Zalk)are helpful in customer care. I would like to speak with someone from HQ and give her/him more in details about what I was told by those customer reps. S/he may shocked if s/he found out. This is a serious business, but their employees are playing a fool within the company. Pity!

W.Brown 1/3/13 4:06PM

I am wondering whether or not it isn't the delivery end of the WSJ that is the problem. I get the paper weekdays, but I have only received about 3 Saturday issues.

I would sure like to know where the delivery office is located to alert them to their shoddy service.

Andie in Kenosha area 12/29/12 8:07AM

I have a complaint about your customer service department. I am a subscriber to the print edition. Since last Saturday, I have been complaining, either on line or by 1-800 number that my WSJ has not been delivered. Today (12/15/2012) I called customer service yet again. Remember, by this time I have been one week without the paper. I tried to get past the nice little girl, but she politely refused. I believe your customer service is broken. Would the president of the Wall Street Journal believe that a loyal subscriber should be treated this way after a week with no paper? There should be some kind of policy built in that will authorize the nice little brainwashed receptionist to elevate the issue so real resolution can be achieved. Jon Goodman, account # 051409454600

Anonymous 12/15/12 9:07PM

I have been taking the Wall Street Journal for approximately 3 years. I received a renewal letter raising my rate to over $400. I then received a call from Thomas L Cardella & Associates offering me the WSJ at $213.72. I then checked online and found another vendor offering it at $119.00. I called the subscription at 18005687625 and asked why the difference and why I could subscribe directly to WSJ at the $213.72 price. The answer was they could not do it. This seemed foolish to me, and therefore this Email. I have always trusted the WSJ, and find this confusion does not reflect well on the reputation of the WSJ I could have paid over $200.00 more for the WSJ if I had not been contacted by Cardella.

[email protected] 12/4/12 12:21PM

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