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Ashley Furniture corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.
1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI 54612
United States

Phone: 608-323-3377
Fax: 608-323-6008

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Never buy furniture from here. They dont even tell you that the sofa is delicate. All there doing is trying to sell it.

Sumsum 7/18/14 11:31AM

As an first time Ashley furniture shopper, I am truly disappointed with their service. I purchased an bed couple of weeks ago and when it was time for them to deliver, they gave me three hour window, which was okay but since I had an earlier delivery with Haverty's who gave me two hours window, plus you can track where the delivery truck is, it was little disappointing to see how be hide Ashley's is with their technology. This is not the problem, they came at the last min possible with the wrong hardware and could not even put the bed together. They told me that they will return with the hardware and the company will call me with the time. I did get an update and once again, they gave me three hour window but this time they did not show up and I called Ashely's several times and all I got was the run around. They keep blaming the delivery distribution. After 8 hours of waiting they informed me that the crew is enroute to my location to set up the bed. Once again, the hardware was wrong, and come to realized that I was missing parts for the frame! When I called Ashely's once again to complaint, they could not give me a straight answer. Now, I have no bed, and who knows when they will be able to assemble my furniture. This is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with. Charging $140 and can't even get the delivery correct is unacceptable. I would never recommend nor, purchase Ashely's furniture again.
I expect compression and resolve this issue immediately!

Anonymous 7/6/14 8:36PM

Bought a couch at Ashley's Springfield, Ohio. I liked it because it was sold as a better quality couch, better than the ones where the cushions can't be turn, etc. I had just made my first payment and found the frame was broke. I phone in for repair. Repair came out. When repair opened up the bottom I was appaled to see that the supports were made of press board. My family went in to Ashley's talked to the manager. I explained what was happening and asked if I could choose a different couch. Oh yes he said of course! Not true I am stuck with this couch. The manager denied saying I could switch the couch(remember my family was with me)I only have 7 days. Funny I was told by the manager that he would have corp. office call me...still waiting! If you are a single GRANDMOTHER raising two older grandchildren on a limited income, PLEASE DO NOT THINK YOU WILL GET THE BEST AT ASHLEY'S...THEY WILL GET THE BEST OF YOU!!! If I were a salesman at Ashley's I would be ashamed!

TAKEN!!! 6/6/14 11:44AM

I understand Ashley is going to get rid of the big waterfalls at the entrance of your stores. I will take down the one in college station and remove it, No charge Contact me if and when u r ready. Thank you. JPGallagher

Jpg916 5/18/14 11:16AM

Bought a leather couch from Ashley F, and i need warranty service on it only to find out that the warranty does not cover quote normal wear and tear. as they called it. leather chipping off is normal wear and tear? according to the manager at ashley f.( now all of sudden she is making assessment of whats wear and tear them manufacture defect) What ever happened to manufacture defect warranty or quality control? We paid over $3000 for the couches only to find out we cant be helped in our situation. so buyers beware. i will never buy from ashley furniture again...
overall i would have been better off putting a knife though the cushions to have it covered by warranty .

screwed by ashley furniture 3/30/14 8:26AM

I purchased a bed for my daughter since February 22 and I have not gotten the bed yet. It's been a month today it is now March 22. My husband was going to return the bed but the store manager called saying that our bed was there but we had to wait for the railings. He said that he would take someones railings and give it to us that's when we figured that is what happened to our railings.

unhappyparents 3/22/14 7:52AM

I've been trying to get my furniture for over three months. If you don't get disconnected, customer service lies and tells you what you want to hear just to get you off the phone.

mriver 3/11/14 3:09PM

This company will not let you return or cancel an order. Just a really important FYI. I ordered two kitchen tables. They are a week later for delivery. I called to cancel just one of them. The policy is a 30% restocking fee with the balance of the refund being spent in their store on their furniture. I am a Realtor, and I can assure you that my clients will be told of this policy. I called to talk with the manager about this. She told me "we have to stay in business". I told her this is a week late; she stated that it is on the truck. Why can't it stay on the truck and be returned? STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Traci 2/24/14 9:35AM

I purchased a table and chair set from the Midland store in November and deleivered 11/19/14. As of today 2/20/14 I have got nothing but a huge run around. I've went as far as calling the Lubbock, Texas store to get the disterct managers # and was put on hold for 20 mins. and thats when I hung up. It's really sad that a person goes into Ashley's to buy quality furniture and gets junk and the worse service from that point. Word of mouth travels and as of right now everyone I know plus I will sure tell of my experience for the life of me I can't understand why you would treat your customer like their nobody. I work for Kirby Mfg and they don't care from the smallest too the largest problem they make it right so they don't loose there customers to bad Ashley's don't feel the same about there customer. Thank you

Anonymous 2/20/14 11:35AM

I do not advise anyone to purchase furniture from Ashley that requires them to deliver, actually I would say go some where else all together. Ashley has very poor delivery service, everything seem to be scheduled on the phone service line and not well coordinated with the stores. We purchased a bed room set, paid it in full with a delivery date and they just could not fill the order correctly, furniture was damaged upon delivery, missing items, some items was broken, and even the next delivery was the same. We ended up canceling the entire order, $5,800.00 worth and went somewhere else. What a mess and we had to in person speak with a manager and threaten to go to the corporate HQ to get them to pick up the furniture and refund our money.

Military retiree 2/8/14 8:42AM

Do not advise anyone to use Ashley furniture, getting run around on living room set that I videoed floor display and our in home same set, they do not want to settle in chatt, tn office. I have video footage on all things wrong with ours and display, everyone I've talked to at Ashley's has agreed with me about their products and do not doubt me, none of them seem to know who to reach at coorporate level to settle a credit because I will not use them after purchasing this living room set and bed room set with so many issues, even creditors have many complaints called in with them. Next step the news channel wt all videos and techs saying manufactures defects and piece of junk, to keep pushing dont give up!

Melissa 1/27/14 3:00PM

I bought a tv/fireplace on dec. 2,2013 which was not delievered until jan.15,2014 after it was delievered we tried to turn the heater on and it nor the blower worked, I called the customer service dept and they gave me the run a round si I called the store on martin luther king in las vegas where I bought it and they told me they cannot help me that the customer service og the place that makes the inserts were going to call me. which they never did All I want is a new insert that works.

Anonymous 1/18/14 3:48PM

FYI The business on the assembly side of the furniture is hit and miss just as the complaints on the CS department.I had worked for this company altogether almost 15 years and was terminated today over the phone was not asked my side of story the mgr. I have worked with all these years never tried to contact and I have been sent home for over a week now. For these years of dedicated service I have missed 5 sick days 1 day every three years. The plant that I worked at was the Ripley Motion plant where I started at the bottom and had made it to Supervision and just started into management and about a month ago was given a new boss and feel that I was just one on the list of people that have been moved and demoted by this person. This person who headed my termination also last week and this week has other violations of our company handbook that should have resulted in termination reported directly to him and are still working in the same positions and one is the same as I was termed for. MR.RON and TODD Wanek some form of checks and balances should be put in place at Ripley because as it stands right now its who you know and is not equal treatment and equal punishment for everyone. I am so upset right now I can't even process all the things that I have seen over these years. Feel free to look me up on the termed list and contact me and I will gladly fill you in on anything you have questions on after all now I have nothing to gain or loose just straight facts from the floor and supervision.

Anonymous 1/2/14 7:56PM

I have been a past customer of Ashley furniture but,will no longer step foot in Ashley ...spoke with a regional manager on honoring a price match and he made up excuses on why he couldnt and could care less on keeping me as a customer.The sale he lost was over $4000.00 I understand why the Mcdonough, parking lot is empty all the time.Take a look at your reviews people that work for Ashley are misleading customers and plain lying then lose the sale and really dont care.Frank Gonzalez was my lying sales man and the regional manager..keep it up because without customers there is no busines

Anonymous 12/28/13 5:25PM

Wow!! And I thought we were the only ones with the delivery issues. We spent over $3000 on my son's bed and a sectional sofa on 11/26/13. Delivery went from 12/19/13 to 12/30/13 to just the bed on 12/22/13 to bed and partial sectional on 12/22/13 to the entire order 12/23/13 to just the bed 12/23/13 and sectional 12/27/13. WTF!!! My husband and I just spend 2 hrs clearing our family room for the sectional and we will have NOTHING in there for Christmas! How do you go for a partial sectional delivery to NOTHING? I am cancelling our order and going to American Furniture Galleries

PissedOff 12/23/13 11:16AM

Bought a couch, chair and recliner very unsatisfied. Chairs arms began to pop within a couple of months, then recliner started making noise. Called made an appointment for repair guy and they changed that. Thy just came last week and the arm of the chair is worse. Called customer service again transferred me left a message. No call back called again three days later they e mailed the supervisor friday no call back. Like some one else always read reviews before purchasing We won' t buy from them again. Cheapest furniture we have ever had and worst customer service

Vbfan13 12/10/13 6:38AM

The furniture is crap everything breaks, takes forever for repairs and replacement and the customer service is useless and rude. Disgusted beyond words. My sons bed broke while he was sleeping and no one attempted to help us or replace the bed.

Anonymous 12/9/13 8:25PM

I went in to the Ashley store in Schererville Indian today to purchase 2 recliner chairs. The two sale ads that I received in my mail at my house showed some great financing. The first ad I got was buy 1 recliner and get the second half off and 18 months financing with no minimum purchase. The second ad I got was for 28% off of their entire inventory and 30 months financing with no minimum purchase, no down payment and no interest and it says equal payments required for 30 months! Well to my surprise the sales associate tells me that those two ads did not pertain to me because my purchase was not enough to make a minimum payment of $25.00 so I could not use the 18 months or the 30 months. After arguing my case with the sales person, I then asked to speak to a manager, he also told me the same thing and I showed him my ads and told him that it was false advertisement! I asked for the store manager and the assistant manager told me that he said there was nothing they could do for me and he would not come out and talk to me and the assistant manager would not even give me his name!!!

jusmenu 11/30/13 8:27PM

We, as consumers, need to be reminded - check out customer reviews prior to spending our money with companies. Another unsatisfied customer in dealing with the local and corporate office. Our purchase is still under manufacture warranty and they only offer patching up the cracking material, only had furniture for less than a year. They fail to accept the fact that because the material is cracking, it will continue to crack and the warranty will no longer be in affect. ASHLEY FURNITURE, STONE MOUNTAIN GA NOR ANY OTHER LOCATION, WILL EVER BE REFERRED TO OTHERS.

Anonymous 11/24/13 11:40AM

Purchased two recliners 11/2013 and the material is cracking on both chairs. Manufacturers warranty expires in a few days and their only remedy is to patch the areas that have cracked. They fail to understand our concerns that since the material is faulty and the problem will reoccurring and there will be no recourse on our part. They prefer us to believe, this problem will not happen. What a joke. We are wanting to handle this issue with someone higher on the Ashley corporate totem pole.

Anonymous 11/24/13 11:25AM

First time purchasing from Ashley and it has been an absolute nightmare... Like dealing with some greasy mom and pop outfit out of Brooklyn... My delivery date was moved and I realize that happens, but trying to negotiate another date was impossible. The customer service people are RUDE, SARCASTIC, and COMPLETELY UNHELPFUL. After going through 4 days of torture, trying to reach a professional, I got the store manager.. He, after hearing me out calmly, was absolutely no use. Repeating offerings to "fix" the problem by providing discounts on future purchases.. So let me make sure I have this right, do more business with you? Yeah, I'm thinking no..... I STILL DO NOT KNOW WHEN MY FURNITURE IS BEGIN DELIVERED.

DisgruntedCustomer 11/8/13 10:51AM

I have had nothing but trouble from the Amarillo, Texas Ashley store, I even called the Corporate office and was told each store is individually owned. Please shoot me if I ever buy anything from the Amarillo store again!!!!!!!

Anonymous 11/6/13 11:07AM

I just hope you know Andrew, I spent $4K at Ashley. Over this incident with just one cushion I will never purchase anything ever again at Ashley, nor will I ever have anything good to say about Ashley whenever furniture comes up as a topic of conversation. The standard response will be, "Buy what you will but, whatever you do, don't purchase anything at Ashley furniture. They don't stand behind their products, dodge responsibility for coverage via individual store ownership, sell you a warranty that they assure you will cover everything, then doesn't, and encourage you to take your problem elsewhere. In fact, I can show you the email Ashley sent me saying just that.., from Andrew at Ashley."

As a step to remedy this on my part, since I live in a condo consisting of 95 units, many of which are being remodeled and refurbished, I will do my best in the future to persuade and dissuade anyone from ever purchasing furniture at Ashley. And then there is the internet. I'm retired with a lot of time on my hands. Lots of forums. I figure if I convince 50 people from buying at Ashley, that will give me the satisfaction that you failed to provide over a solitary cushion. I hope it was worth it to you. A business can always find an excuse not to do something. The creative business looking for brand loyalty and continued patronage seeks a solution with customer satisfaction in mind. I guess it must be nice to be in our positon where you don't have to worry about that for the future.

Thank you for your time.


ALW 11/2/13 11:32AM

We will all be completely faithful to Rich, showed DAVID interfer with or daily activities again ..... with his untrained personal sales training skills... HE should as a Vice President .... NEVER SPEAK to employee's period..... Your moral in the Roger's Company stands by my WORD.... They will all leave and do NOT or Will NOT tolerate DAVID..... he should have not contact with anyone but the SALES-Manager.... We ARE LOYAL to RICH.... NOT DAVID..... watch how fast your store goes down.... Covington Company, inc. Springdale AR, Rogers AR, Springfield MO, Joplin MO..... trying to let David run his own store in Washinton State.... get a clue!!!!!

Anonymous 10/10/13 12:29PM


10/9, 7:02pmExpand
Show ImagesSteven Boyer
While I appeciate my learing experience at Ashey's Homestore in Rogers Arkansas..... I had to resign today because of various issues. Mainly you had David, popping his head in once a week...with over assertaince.... dis-engaging your staff from what they needed to do. Yet you have one of the best managers that are loyal and true. Should Rich go... so will your store in Roger's..... I had to leave today... BECAUSE it IS your FAULT for the turn-over..... No one to Blame but you and David..... Rich would help..... Tori is a robet..and she won't be there long either.....kinda time to wake up!!!!....

Anonymous 10/10/13 12:26PM

Aug. 1 1 Cheryl Rambaud bought a sectional and recliner. My first delivery date was 9-3-13. My fith delivery reschedule was 10-9-13. This includes 2no calls and no shows. They called today saying one of the pieces will not be coming. According to Barron the escalation manager my furniture was rekeyed 10-7-13 and the initial was key in was not saved. You should pull my record and get me all my furniture and compensate me for the repeated screw ups.

Me 10/8/13 3:27PM

My complaint is identical to most complaints. I purchased furniture previously from Ashley Furniture but never again. I will also complain to everyone I know on Twitter, Facebook and every other media.
Ashley should be ashamed of the way they treat their customers but they obviously do not.
The strange thing is, unlike many dissatisfied customers, I do not have a complaint about their furniture only their customer service which stinks to high heaven.

jimarush 10/4/13 3:46PM

This company is the worst company at customer services... I cannot believe what bad customer service practices you have. I was told that my furniture was to arrive at a certain date and it did not. When I did receive my furniture it was stained and the seam on the ottoman was completely out. I had to wait approximately a week and half till someone came out and fixed the issue. This company does not understand the concept of calling customers and informing them of what is going on with their order. I will be taking my business to Rooms to Go. If I could I would return your furniture but the sales person failed to mention the return policy. I was told that I would receive a store credit for the inconvenience and its been two months and I have not received anything. I do not understand how a company can survive with this lack of customer service practices. I have told all of my family and friends how bad my services has been with your company. We really like our furniture but it is not worth the hassle and the lack of follow up with your company.

David Sanchez 9/28/13 7:11AM

I agree about every comment on this blog, very unprofessional poor customer service!!!!!! I hand picked some accessories right out of the store then bought the items. The sales associate that sold me my furniture, instead of her taking the items and boxing them, she hands them over to one of the guys, I guess that helps move things around instore, to box it he then takes it to the back and breaks IT!!!!! PISSED! No more to choose from, they apologize and said they would get another one from another store location. Here it is no call not even the piece I paid for two weeks later!!""" Will never buy here again no on calls you back or nothing. Apparently corporate does nothing about this so many BAD reviews

sam 9/26/13 3:33PM

buyer beware. Do not ever buy furniture from this company. The force you to accept their broken pieces of junk.

cathy 8/28/13 7:32AM

Same issue as the previous posts. We purchased a bedroom set for our son on June 5, 2013 and still haven't received our furniture yet. No one calls to update us on what is going on. I've had to call on three differnt occasions and each time, our order was delayed several weeks. The managers excuse has been, there is a back-log on your chest of drawers. This is the worst furniture company ever. NEVER purchase anything from them. And worst of all , the only thing they offered us was free delivery for the inconvenience. Still waiting!

ccb 7/30/13 10:06AM

I Will Not Purchase Furniture Frmo Ashley Furniture Again. Bought A Bedroom Set From Them On July 2nd & Also Bought A Bedroom Suit The Same Day From Havertys. Havertys Had My New Set Delivered & Set Up The Next Week- We Are A Few Days Shy Of A Month & I Still Have No Furniture From Ashley- No Email, No Phone Call, Nothing. Will Never Ever Ever Make Another Purchase From Them.

JP 7/25/13 9:46AM

I ordered furniture on Memorial Day and still have not received all the pieces. The head board on one of the pieces was damaged. One head board was on back order and when it came the pieces for the center supports does not fit. They then sent someone out to try and build center supports by cutting lumber in my drive way. I refused and asked to turn the furniture back in. All I was offered for my inconvenience was a 75 dollar store credit. In addition, they refused to take back my mattress which was still in the plastic and never used because I never had a completed bed to use it on.

Anonymous 7/8/13 7:57AM

Horrible customer service!!

I was called to tell me my furniture would be delayed until thursday next week. No problem, deliver after 4..."we cant do that" Why not? "we can't do that, what day would be good for you? I said saturday...when saturday?..."we dont know but we will call you thursday to let you know" Are you kidding me? I have to blot out the entire saturday until you call and tell me when its CONVENIENT for you??? I thought I was the customer? I paid 3000.00 and a delivery fee of 169.00 and I am held captive until its convenient for YOU? Make me your last delivery any day of the week..."We can't do that" Are you kidding me? I work 5 days a week, have weekends for me and my family but I cant schedule a family outing because its not convenient for YOU? You dont deliver on sunday, you dont deliver any afternoons so it leaves saturday. But you cant even tell me morning or afternoon. Ashley will never get another dime of my money. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

John 6/12/13 9:42AM

I am VERY disappointed in Ashley. I have bought Ashley furniture before and I liked the furniture so when I needed more new furniture I went to Ashley. I was told my furniture would be in by May 11th and the sales associate said this was pushing it. It should be in at the end of April but he wanted to be safe and tell us May. When I called to check on the status I was told it wouldn't be here until mid-june and no one called to tell me. 3 MONTHS AFTER I ORDERED FURNITURE!!!!! That is the most ridiculous and unprofessional way of doing business that I have ever dealt with. I am canceling my $2,000 order and will NEVER EVER deal with Ashley again. I NEED this furniture so I can put my sons old furniture into our baby's room which is due any day. Now I have no crib or dresser for our baby. Thank you Ahsley for stressing me out during what is supposed to be an exciting time in my life. I HATE AHSLEY FURNITURE. SPEND YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!

Anonymous 5/13/13 2:59PM

I have never been so dissappointed in my life!!! We purchase furniture from Ashley's on March 3 2013, and we yet havn't recieve it. We have not recieve not even a courtesy call from NO ONE!!!!!!! We kept and keep trying to contact them and all we have been getting was an run a round from this person to that person. This do not make any sence. We gave our furniture away to someone else expecting to have ours within 2 to 4 weeks as stated, but NO!!! We, the grandchildren, our children and our guests have been sitting on the floor!!!! it have been so long of a wait till I have forgotten how the furniture we paid cash for looks. If we had only knew that this would have happen we would have not gone to ASHLEY'S. We didn't know, but when others seen what we are going through thay would say "I should have told yall because the same thing happen to me or us" This is not good business at all>>> We have passed the point of not ever buying from Ashley's EVER again!!! Point blank, not even a candle!!! Bad Bad busniness ASHLEY"S>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!

Mad as Hell!!! 4/26/13 6:53AM

I bought furniture from Ashely furniturethis year it was deivered on April 12, 2013. In the mist of the deliverly the non speakind delivery guy nicked my dining room table that I purchased somewhere else. I have tried countless times to get in contact with them with no avail. The delively guy had the nerve to say to me "You are costing me money" I told him to get out of my home. I will take this matter to the BBB and get an attoney! I will not allow this type of behavior to to take place from this furniture store. Pay me now or pay me later, however, whenever, someone will pay for this!!!!!

Miss Dissappointed 4/22/13 6:54AM

I visited an Ashley Furniture today on Blackstone in Fresno, CA. I had great intentions on purchasing an entire bedroom and/or mirror. I have never felt so mistreated as a customer. There had to be at least six associates on the showroom floor. Not one associate greeted us, nor smiled, or even acknowledged our presence. I found a lovely full length mirror on a stand for $499. I REFUSED to buy it because of the disrespect and discourteous behavior. Really, I know Ashley Furniture expects better customer service.

Anonymous 4/6/13 7:55PM

I cannot believe that Ashley Furniture is still in business. Ashley delivered a bedroom suit with the wrong bedrail and about 2 weeks later they delivered the correct one. The bed then collapsed with us in it. Our home is less than 2 months old and the collapse damaged the wood floor. After many weeks of calling Ashley and no response, I filed a complaint with the BBB and Ashley's response was that they had told us that they were sending someone out to fix the floor. This was an absolute lie. We still have not heard a word. We are being forced to go to an attorney and this will cost Ashley more in the long run.

Dishonest Store 4/4/13 12:15PM

ASHLEY FURNITURE are the most dishonest, disrespectful, company and people affiliated with them taht we have ever come across.
Pitty us for not researching them in advance.
We paid cash for a living room set that was suppose to be on sale for Presidents day 50% off . That turned out to be a bold lie as well.
We were told the furniture would be here in 2 to 6 weeks.
Needless to say the weeks went by and nothing. 6th week has passed and now we are told they have 2 more weeks to get it to us . Just read the back of paper contract in small print section 2 paragraph C
IThey are sneakier than snakes worse than a car dealer.
Their prices are what ever they want to make them to be.

weeks after the president sale 50 % off regular price the furniture is still the same price we paid full price for so we never got it at 50 % off. They are fake signs.

I wads told to go look at furniture they have in stock.
So I did the price tag was 2,600.00 for a sectional.
I said okay so if you take the 50% off for me since I purchased the othetr on sale. it comes out to be about 50.00 more I need to pay.
Oh no mam I was told you would have to pay 1,149.82 more??????????

Do I look like an uneducated moran who can not read???
or do simple math.

ASHLEY FURNITURE is sold and rented in RACO stores
It is sold at VALUE CITY

Mary 3/25/13 3:05PM

WARNING...WARNING...WARNING....WARNING....WARNING...WARNING... ***********PLEASE READ************ DO NOT BUY FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was sent to me the day after my busted up sofa was delivered. Ashley Pictures Feb 4 to me Thank you for sending in your photo. We apologize that your furniture was delivered in a condition that is neither to your, or our standards. The showroom from which you purchased will be in touch with you by week's end to make arrangements to exchange the piece in your home with a new one. Again, please accept our apologies. Thank you, Ashley Furniture AND AFTER 3 WEEKS,I FINALLY RECEIVED A PHONE CALL FROM MICHELLE IN THE LONG ISLAND OFFICE TELLING ME I'M NOT GETTING THAT SOFA I WAITED SO LONG FOR NOR WILL ASHLEY FURNITURE PAY FOR THE HOLES IN MY WALLS AND OR THE BROKEN LIGHT FIXTURES CAUSED BY THE DELIVERY MEN.THE MOVERS ARE INEXPERIENCED NON ENGLISH SPEEKING GUYS THAT SMELL LIKE THEY WERE DOING SHOTS ALL NIGHT AND ONLY SLEPT 2 HOURS BEFORE DELVERING MY SOFA.................AGAIN I SAY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!

Ann 3/5/13 7:38PM

I'm considering buying a new couch/loveseat recliners and went to the local Ashley showroom. I was impressed by their prices, but always look for online reviews before purchasing. Also checked BBB for reviews. Thank you to everyone who posted reviews. As a result of the negative comments primarily about delivery and product, I've researched another furniture store and am going elsewhere. If the corporate office takes no ownership of its franchisees, I won't spend my money at Ashley Furniture.

Vicki 3/4/13 8:28PM

Bought couches from them and have been delivered damaged 3 times in the past month. I still don't have what I bought and they could care less. I wouldn't buy from them ever again.

terrible 2/26/13 4:29PM

Customer service not pleasant. They are disrespectful, unprofessional & inconsiderate! I will never buy anything from them again!

Anonymous 1/18/13 11:34AM

Extremely dissapointed at the sneaky customer service tactics used when purchasing my furniture. My husband and I worked with Rosalia Torres in Oxnard, CA when purchasing our living room furniture. She asked me if I was interested in the 5 year insurance plan...I said thanks but NO thanks...after our furniture was picked out my husband settled the bill. Unaware the sales rep added in the 5 year plan at $169.99 despite me already telling her NO. I saw the invoice later that night and asked my husband if he had agreed to the extra charge and he said that he did not. I immediately called the store and asked for a credit. It was like pulling teeth! Lastly, with regards to the delivery it did not show up as promised. (Sales order 140047260). I was called a ridiculous amount of times in the days prior to delivery (4) to confirm that I'd be home for delivery on 1/5/13 between hours of 9:45 and 1:45...I received a call from the delivery driver (i think) at around 12 today who stated he'd be at my home within 30 minutes. 30 minutes passed and I received another call from dispatch stating that the driver would be approximately an hour late as a result of the person (at the delivery prior to mine) not being home. You should have a policy in place, if a customer is not responsible enough to be at the delivery as promised then move on to the next delivery!!!! Don't make the person that was responsible wait an extra hour because of some selfish rude person not being home! The fact that you guys stuck around and waited for this person to show up causing an hour late delivery to me is rude and unprofessional!!!!! I Will NOT shop with Ashly again. D. Grote

Darcie 1/5/13 2:54PM

My name is Mrs. Mitchell and I am a first time customer at Ashley Furniture. I ordered livingroom furniture from the store located in Hagerstown, MD. My initial deppsits was on 11/23/12-$100,- and the remaining balance-$742.62 was given on 11/27/12. I was told by employee that furniture was ordered on 11/23/12 and ii should be ther around December 15, 2012 and I should call on 12/15/12 for delivery date. At that time I was told that the sofa was in but the loveseat was not, so I would have to wait another two weeks for delivery. While selecting the livingroom furniture, I explained to my salesman that my apartment has smaller doorways than usual and I had picked out two sets. I gave him the measurements and he measured the one set and stated that it definitely would not fit but that the other one WOULD DEFINITELY FIT! So I trusted his measurements and went with the sofa & loveseat that would definitely fit! FYI-I have a Brand New set in storage that wouldn't fit in the door! So when looking for a new set, I was careful in what I picked out because of the measurements for my door. I would not have just gone into store & say I want that without measuring first! Well delivery day was 12/26/12 and delivery men tried to fit sofa in door and it wouldn't fit! They stated that MAYBE the loveseat would and they would try to get me another one on 12/27/12. He called store and I spoke with employee and she stated that if I didn't take furniture I would lose my delivery fee and have to pay a restocking fee for this furniture! Why-it's not my fault!! It's the salesperson's fault for measuring the set incorrectly!! Do You Think I Would Have Ordered If I Was Told It Wouldn't Fit??? So, if I want a refund-delivery fee and restocking fee will be deducted from my refund! And if I pick something else out--still have to pay restocking fee and lose my deliveery fee & pay another fee to deliver my replacement! I spoke to employees and store manager and they told me there was nothing they could do to help! I just prefer to get full refund for everything---$842.62. I feel that this incident was not my fault and I should not have to pay around $350.00 and get nothing in return!!!!

Please call me to discuss this further! I would appreciate a call back! Customer Service issues need addressed by your employees. I will expect a call ASAP! Thank you--matter needs to be resolved immediately!

Bug 12/26/12 10:48PM

It's the worst furniture store ever!!! I will never ever return there it took 2 months to get bedroom sets. Not to mention I never receive them and had to cancel my order. The service was terrible down to the store manager.

Kee Ker 10/23/12 9:51AM

i would like to help you recycle

Anonymous 9/9/12 10:52AM

i would like to help you recycle

Anonymous 9/9/12 10:52AM

i would like to help you recycle

Anonymous 9/9/12 10:51AM

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