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Asurion corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Asurion Corp.
648 Grassmere Park Dr.
Suite 300
Nasville, TN 37211
United States

Phone: 615-837-3000
Fax: 615-837-3001

Asurion Corporate Office Comments

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this is the worst company ever they keep denying my claim for a stolen phone because I reactivated my service and tried to call it to see if anyone would answer and then they tell you to call your service provider and then the service provider tells you to call them because they are the insurance company and they dont even tell you , your claim is denied you have to call and find that information out . complete bull

unknown 5/6/14 3:25PM

THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE. I pay insurance every month to make sure I am covered. It has been nothing but a HASSLE to try to get my new phone. They need to get their crap together, because they just lost a customer.

anonymous 4/19/14 4:46PM

This company will never again get money from me. I have been a loyal customer for many years, however with the latest dealings with this company I will NEVER again deal with them. There's an excuse for everything. Was promised a NEW phone because of issues with the past 3 phones. They sent me a reconditioned phone again! Called them before even activating it, only to be tolld that they did request a new phone but the warehouse sends what's available. I was told there was a NEW phone available when I filed my claim. Asked representative about getting a new phone and she said the same thing again. Also made it clear that the money was non refundable. So basically telling mewe got your money and you get whatever we decide to send, save the money if phones breaks buy online, eBay craigslist even since companies are starting to sell reconditioned phones.

Isabel 3/31/14 9:23AM

I received the wrong phone.. and to get it taken care of, im going thru so much rigamaro.. All I want to do is get it activated... how do u send the wrong phone out so quickly. But it takes 24-48 hrs to release it. I get so many different responses when I call. They suck

Anonymous 3/14/14 10:41AM

My wife had her phone come up missing at work. So, being a good husband, I drove to a Verizon store and activated an old phone so she had one to use during the claims process. (she is in vehicle sales and her phone is very important to her job) Upon applying for the replacement phone, Asurion denied my claim. They stated that because another phone was activated that day, that the Iphone was no longer insured that day. This is the most ridiculous excuse I have ever hear. All they are trying to do is SCAM us out of having to replace the phone. We have continuously paid the insurance one time with every bill for the past 10 months. If they fail to approve my claim I will contact an attorney.

jhenneman 2/11/14 10:44AM

I have been without my phone for the past 2 weeks and they keep saying that my phone is on back order and next they told me that it was in there warehouse yesterday and I called today and they said its still on backorder so I spoke with someone else again today and she told me that they do have the phone in stock but not enough batteries so the batteries is suppose to come in tomarrow so if they have enough of them that I should receive my phone no later than Monday that is not the way to conduct a business and I am very dissatisfied as a customer because I expected better service and that's not what I received I was given several different mix messages I would like to recived my phone by Monday if I going to continue with being a customer and I should be compensated for this inconveince

unknown 1/9/14 5:12PM

I have been waiting on a phone from asurin for 11 days and when I called to inqurie they tell me the order has not been completed this is not good for business When you are paying for insuance for your phone each month and if something happen to your phone you have to pay more for more bad service they are quick to want to pass you a re flab phone.

Vanna 11/26/13 10:01AM

its been 12 days and the company keeps telling me the phone is on its way...I pay my insurance monthly ,I want my damn phone already!! my daughters phone was replaced in 24 hrs but mine,12 days&still no damn phone that I paid $600 for!! IM Outraged right now >:(

Tanya 11/22/13 8:22AM

Absolutely TERRIBLE, Fraudulent, I read previous reviews and I have to say....CORRECT!

any 9/25/13 8:38PM

I am very dissatisfied with my recent transaction with Asurion wherein I sought to replace my son's phone after the charging contact cracked and rendered the phone inoperable. This phone, when purchased brand new, was the model with the slide-out keyboard - a critical feature for the user.
To summarize, after paying the $7.99 per month in insurance, I was charged $100 for a replacement that comprised a rebuilt used phone that does not replace the insured item - it has no keyboard.
Furthermore, the claims process required me to submit a driver's license picture (or similar ID), a detailed written claim form, and a PHOTOGRAPH of the phone's open back, which provided the EXACT model, MAC number, IMEI, and serial number for the insured and damaged item. Why was all this necessary if it was going to be disregarded?
To add insult to injury, the claim was initially denied because the model selected in the online questionnaire - provided in a drop-down menu -- did not "match" the insured item. After this was clarified and corrected through a call to customer service, I was given yet another claim number and told to FILE THE CLAIM again online with that claim number. This step seemed quite unnecessary since the service person obviously HAD my documentation from the initial claim. However, I proceeded to do what the very pleasant customer service person instructed.
In resubmitting the claim, the last step was to select the phone replacement as the Asurion site stated that the exact model was not available (?!) but then pictured two available models. I was careful to select the choice which pictured a SLIDE-OUT KEYBOARD.
Imagine the dismay and disappointment your customer experienced when the phone delivered in a couple of days did NOT have the slide-out keyboard. Even worse, I had to return the damaged phone which has a keyboard to you in swift order! So now I imagine you will repair the damaged phone and provide it to some other customer. That is just wrong.
What a horrible service. The final insult is that I feel trapped into maintaining the service because the phone you provided is possibly inferior and I'll have to get you, Asurion, to send yet another replacement.

RASmith 8/18/13 7:50AM

This is the worst insurance company ever (Sprint). Got a brand new S4 a month and a half ago and it fell and the screen cracked all over. Unbelievable. Had my evo for well over 3 years..with insurance..and never had to have a claim. NOW, asurion sent me a refurbished phone which I specifically said I did not want. Called and after their horrible customer service which just repeated some scripted crap to me they are sending another phone...without a guarantee it will be new of course. BUT, they are sending it to my OLD address!!!!!!! Even after I reviewed the correct address with the customer service rep on a recorded line!!!! I called when I got the shipping email and saw it was wrong and they blew me off and said I would have to call fedex...this was last night. I just got off the phone with fedex who told me asurion has a restriction on the delivery address and only THEY can change it!!! Round and round and round and round. On top of it all it is costing me $150.00 for the replacement phone and they are being offered right now for 199.00 plus one for free! And they want to give me some piece of crap refurbished phone for my brand new one!!!

Susnik 7/31/13 8:55AM

Assurion is the worst phone insurance company in the world. They give out half information, and always blame the phone complany - it is never their fault. I wish that some other company would come into play so that I never have to deal with them again. Assurion customer services reps are liars and are probably taught to lie. I've heard that if you buy a phone not from the company but from Best Buy or some other store you do not have to deal with Assurion. Best bet, my next phone will come from a store that does not deal with Assurion.

Anonymous 6/10/13 9:52AM

this Company is a down right ponzi scheme... they dont care about "customer service" they are trained to only tell you half of the info that you need to know to fill out your claim so that when you call them they can say, well you i=didnt do this or that so it is your fault not ours...and if you are an independant contractor and lose work because of THEIR c=screw up...they say "oh well. we dont have a compensation set up for your loss" you will get your phone when we feel like sending it to doesnt matter what OUR rep told you on the have to do it all on-line. I actually called the CORPORATE office asking for somebody ABOVE the customer service reps that I could speak to and I got transfered back to the same old . book reading , nin nods, ( after being hung up on) this Company really does not care about you exept for the money that they will be making off of you.,... find another insurance carrier..or better yet dont insure the phone save yourself the hassle and just buy a new one!!!

Anonymous 3/25/13 12:15PM

I filed a claim on my Verizon phone with asurion. When I received my replacement phone it was not working. I called my provider and was told they could not help me since I could not provide them with a password I had on file even though I gave them my last 4digits of my ssn and my address. Go figure. She said I could physically go to any Verizon store and they could help me provided I show a valid drivers license. No problem. Went to Verizon and gave them my last 4 digits of my Ssn and phone number. That was all they needed. Go figure. Unfortunately, they came to a conclusion that the phone was defective. I went home after that and called asurion to tell them the situation. I was hung up 2 times. The second person I talked with was unbelievable. You could not understand anything she was saying, and she needed to blow her nose. Instead you could hear her disgusting snot being sucked in over the phone. She said she was going to put me on hold while she confirmed my story about being at Verizon a few hours earlier on the defect of my phone. How was she going to do that? I asked her that same question. She said, " oh, I will be able to". Well, after that I got cut off. I called back again and talked to Che. He didn't solve my defective phone, but was pleasant. My real complaint though is, why was this phone not checked by a quality dept. before being sent out? My husband had a replacement phone sent to him a few years ago and he too had a defective phone that had to be sent back. Seems to me someone is not doing their job. I've lost all confidence in all phone providers, phone insurance, or just plain old phones. This will be my last phone. I really don't care if I ever own another phone ever. Everybody makes a big deal about cell phones these days, but there was a time where we didn't have them. I did not have a phone for the last 4 months and actually liked it. I only decided to get a replacement because I was going on vacation. I can certainly live without them for what I just went through. T he phone system is totally over rated and I actually enjoyed the time not having one. Good luck with keeping the phone business going because the cost is getting ridiculous and I've wasted enough energy and time with all the customer service bull.

Anonymous 3/19/13 8:07PM

I have had the worst experience ever with asurion customer care.

jvr_garcia 10/23/12 3:34PM

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