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Radio Shack corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Radio Shack corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Radio Shack corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
RadioShack Corporation
300 Radioshack Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76102
United States

Phone: 817-415-3011
Fax: 817-415-2647

Radio Shack Corporate Office Comments

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i cant even get a hold of someone on the line through corporate office. No cust service on the phone. No mangers help at the store. Now you cant even even get through on the corporate line you all will never get another dime of my money. I was misinformed by numerous employees. The machine just jeeps saying to call back and try another time. that is bull. I will pass the word that the service is horrible and if you dont want to get an answer when you have a problem to go your store. Your employees need to be properly trained. I am so pissed right now as a customer. I purchased a warranty last year fr my bluetooth. and now you have an addendum to the warranty that shouldn't have to abide by, if i didn't purchase under those terms. then the incompetent assist mgr. lies and tells me that i will receive my gift card in 48 hours which was more misinformation. I will never by from here again.

pissed off 4/26/13 9:46AM

purchased a Virgin Mobile USB stick and air time from a young man in your Titusville, Florida store. Even though this purchase proved to be fruitless, the young man who helped me many times in trying to get this system running was amazing. I believe his name was Jim; but I am on the road and do not have access to the business card he gave me. I want to take the time right now to notify you of this young man's outstanding service and patience in dealing with me and my husband on his genuine interest and concern. He went out of his way to help us. He is the tekky expert in the store. He is an asset to your organization.

Good Job 4/13/13 4:20PM

i am from Miami Fl and i purchased a Sprint Note 2 from the radio shack in Hialeah,fl. At the time of purchase the sales associate inspired me to putchase the radio shack protection plan saying " dont purchase sprint protection plan they will give you a refurbished phone, if you purchase Radio Shack protection plan they will give you a new phone" this information was completely false. and what makes it more distrubing is that no one wanted to admit wrong and correct my issuse. if this is the level of customer service provided by this company it will not be around to much longer. all i ask is that im given what i was sold, i do not appreciate being sold lies.

NOTE2 3/21/13 2:53PM

I purchased a phone at the Radio Shack in Garden City, Ga. yesterday. Because it was Black Friday I expected it to be a real pain. Mike Griffin at this store totally made this experience very different from my past experiences with phones. He went OUT OF HIS WAY to be very helpful. I am not very technical-so I am sure this was a real challenge for him. But he never skipped a beat, he was professional, courteous, and REALLY acted like he cared that I understood. I will never go to a dealer for ANY electronic purchase. I will tell everyone I know about this experience--because it is VERY RARE indeed.

Happy at last 11/24/12 7:31AM

nasuha nh store sold me a att phone card for my boost phone when i told them it was wrong they wanted me to drive back to store which i refused i told them to cancel sale and fix mine they said they couldnt due to i was not at store when i asked for district managers number they said oh let me see if i can fix it 3 hours later and nothing done yet radio shack suckssssss

mikegoal 11/21/12 6:15PM

Upon entering your Windward mall store (Kaneohe,Oahu,HI) we wre approached by a gentleman who offered his assistance if and when we needed help. That was cool. Shortly after another employee(female) came up & also offered assistance. When we had decided to make a purchase we walked over to the first gentleman to seek his help & the female employee came running over practically shouting to come & see her for help. After inquiring about the no contract phone we asked if our current plan could be transferred as to we had just "topped Up" on minutes just 2 days prior, we were told "No" but she would check at which time she did and then said oh, okay it's saying you can. Great, we thought! She then got off the computer and told us that we would have to purchase a whole new plan and no our top up minutes could not be transferred. We're talking $25.00 to just forget about! Wrong suggestion for me to go with so I said I would call the company myself and I did. I was assured I could transfer the minutes over but they would need a serial number off the new phone. I mentioned to her about & was told "I couldn't get it until I purchased phone" DUH! After phone was purchased I asked if they or she would be able to set up the transfer for us (cuz I know they do that) and she about flat out refused to do itr! So I asked if there was someone else who could help us and she told me "well, I'm actually the wireless tech!". Big deal!! So we walked out of the store with the phone but no friendly service by anyone who was willing to go the extra mile. I came home & did it myself and thought that your employees sell or represent many different phone service companies through your store. However, with service or should I say lack of service like that, they are making all the many different companies look really Bad. I hope you look into this matter and this person and all the other employees you hire to represent your company and have them take some customer service classes! The Lord only knows they need it and so do you if you continue to hire people who lack people skills like this one. By the way, it took place on Nov.11,2012 @ your Kaneohe store in Windward mall, Kaneohe, Oahu, HI at approximately 3:45pm.

unsatisfied AGAIN 11/11/12 10:33PM

I was appalled to hear Radio Shack continues to support Lance Armstrong in light of the gregious allegations against him. I will no purchase any products in/at or by Radio Shack until, like Anheiser Busch, Nike and others of your ilk, DROP YOUR ENDORSEMENT of Lance Armstrong.

Anonymous 10/17/12 4:40PM

Good Morning . My wife and I purchased a new lap top several weeks ago at your New Hampshire store . we bought this with our new Radio Shack credit card to receive a 50.00 prepaid gift card. When we received the receipt from the salesperson / Manager named Brian I asked if there was anything to fill out . He told us no we would be receiving it in about four to six weeks. now it has been several and after calling your 800 numbers all day yesterday no one can seem to help. I have all copies of receipts ads showing the 50.00 rebate but no one is willing to help. as you can see I am a brand new customer and would like to stay one . Please E mail or call me or my cell #

rick 10/4/12 7:07AM

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