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Redbox corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Redbox corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Redbox corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Redbox Automated Retail, LLC

Outerwall, Inc.
1 Tower Lane
Suite 1200
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
United States

Phone: 630-756-8000
Fax: 630-756-8888

Redbox Corporate Office Comments

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Useless And Waste Of Time.redbox Doesn't Care Enough About Customers Who Rent From Them Over Years.nothing But A Run Around And Excuses From Redbox Customer Services And Managers.we Won't Be Using Redbox Again And Will Tell Our Friends And Family About How Redbox Doesn't Appreciate Their Customers.

Anonymous 11/16/13 1:04PM

The "reserve am movie" system is a scam!! I tried 2 times to reserve a movie. Both times get the response- " movie no longer available" but I still get charged (found out via email when I got back home)! Call to get refund- they offer free movies. NO I dont want to be charged for a service I am not receiving. I wonder how much money they STEAL from people like this?? FIX your system and quit stealing money from people!
Reporting you to the BBB..

UNhappycustomerin GA 7/7/13 9:04PM

Redbox is a major SCAM and I believe they embezzele money from customers. Their "customer service dept" and "supervisors" are the worst people I have ever had to deal with. I will NEVER rent movies from there again. I have not rented movies in the month of May, however, a transaction was deducted from my account. I was told they have a automated system that collects payments and they are sorry and wanted to give me promo codes. I said "Hell No! give me my money back because I did not rent any movies" She argued with me and said my card was "swiped and may be fraud" and it was, on their part! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON REDBOX. THEY ARE FRAUD!!!!!

willnotberippedoff 7/1/13 3:26PM

The touch screen in the kiosk in our small town's redbox was froze up one day. So I called them and they said I can't refund you but can give you credits and have a tech fix the problem. Which I accepted. So went to use the credits couple weeks later and it was froze up again. I called again. The said and done same thing. I told them maybe you should get a cover for the touch screen cause it seems to happen in the rain a lot. Well anyway went to use my credits again a couple weeks later (I don't get movies to often from there anymore) and guess what!!!! Yep. So I called again asked to speak to a supervisor, she refunded the money from the initial rental (which I thought I was told they could not do) and said the same thing as previous times....and can you believe she actually asked me if it was raining cause it has problems...I said lady I told you that last time I called!!! I will not rent from Redbox no more. This was a waste of my time and gas. And she also told me to contact corporate which she lied there is no email listed on the website that I can find for corporate!

Peggy C. 6/26/13 3:27PM

Company utilizes unethical billing practices and false advertising! Never spend your hard earned cash with this company. It is a total ripoff and a scam! Customer service is the worst! No one cares about the customer issues! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

RaeP 6/22/13 9:39PM

So, I returned a movie to RedBox on time. Never got the response "wait while putting it away" but didn't worry about it. Then, I get charged $26. for no return. Customer Service wasn't helpful, they were like "yeah, right". So, I have to pay for a movie that was returned on time!!!!!!! Seems like a glitch on their part, but I get charged!!!!!! Use Netflex. More movies and better support.

Anonymous 6/14/13 8:49AM

I had a horrible experience with the cus service this is the 2nd time I have gone to the same kiosk 3 weeks ago and rented a game for my ps3 and again there was no game in the box. I called for the 2nd time to inform them of this inconvenience which they practically called me a liar that did not happen then I had to drive to another kiosk to get a different game but refused to compensate me for the huge inconvenience!! Which keep in mind this is the 2nd time this has happen to me I did speak to a supervisor (Lorena) she did not have to tell me its my fault because her actions said it all. I'm a supervisor and when my company does something wrong or inconvenience the customer we take ownership & rectify it because we value are customer. Business are nothing without there customer!!!! I think that is what they need to teach there customer service dept.

mgiron 6/8/13 2:55PM

I was just on Red Box customer service line, if thats what you call CUSTOMER SERVICE> omg, the almost worst I have ever had. I spoke to Richard who turned me off so much I asked for a supervisor and he said I would only wait 15 min to get one. never got one.he kept telling me the RULES, and would not listen to me and kept talking over me. which he said I was talking over him...He would not let me finish telling my story with a free movie that I was charged for. He just kept telling me how it works..what a gem.. really, the product is cheap but the c/serv is just not worth bad.u would think they would READ their reviews and do something about their poor customer service, but they dont care. get some customer service class''s going...u need them.

susan 5/21/13 9:55AM

I don't know how Redbox handles its' machines nationwide but I do know there are two simple things I'd like to see added to the Kiosks. First,in the name of sanitation and screen clarity,I'd like to see you add some kind of anti-bacterial screen wipes to the Kiosk. The machine I use most frequently is so smudged and grimy it's hard to read movie descriptions and to get the touch screen to work. Just a thought during this influenza, cold and commutable disease era we exist in.
Second I'd like to see you place a strip of velcro on the machine and the sun screen so it isn't constantly falling in your face. Otherwise I enjoy having a Redbox nearby so I can rent the lastest movies.

Anonymous 1/31/13 4:02PM

Is there anyway you can make red box as on line ordering and able to watch the movies without going to any location but watch your movies at home instead by pc or TV but not like netflix thats monthly but per movie renting. I want to go back as a customer but its so inconvinient to pick up and return. your movies are more up to date and a lot cheaper.

none 12/9/12 8:07AM

Hello Mr. or Ms. Redbox manager,
If you do not handle customer complaints, please direct my missive to the proper target!!!

I have spent three hours total in trying to find an intelligent employee to communicate my dissatisfaction with your service. The original complaint has now become secondary to the original problem!

This is the story...
I have a teenaged patient in my care. His condition is terminal. We have used gamefly, blockbusters and Redbook for entertainment. There was a party planned over the release of Halo4. Such joy on the faces of our young guys over this Xbox game. Their parents were probably not so thrilled, but to see a ca
Cancer victim smile is a gift we treasure. Yesterday at 11 I turned in, setting the alarm to ring early. The Halo4 was advertised ads coming out tomorrow!
In the am I logged in and found... Nothing! The reminder to reserve was still on the site, but nothing in the list mentioned the release or delay. Driving 45 minutes to the nearest kiosk, again "nada".
I called the #, to speak to a flat voiced young man who ledme around in circles until I requested a superviser. He asked me "why". Wow. It should have tipped me off. This first name only young man could have been a clone. He could only explain that Redbox didn't have not deliver the product, there was no guarantee.
BTW I waird 8.30 min to speak to him.
At home, I got a live chat with. kaylee. Evidently it was not to be released until Dec except that there were a few copies in kiosks here and there. I have osted my experience on Facebook and called all my friends for a boycott.
Your employees should be given power to remedy angry customers. Maybe even a free movie pass I could have taken to hospice. Or a sincere apology.
If I was your employee I would have found out if any copies had been sent to Maui. And I would have fixed the web info to reflect current conditions.
I would love some acknowledgement of this communication.
C Newport

Gamemom 11/6/12 2:10PM

Redbox is a company who's policy is to attempt to deny any customer service compensation even in instances where they are blatantly in the wrong and at fault. They also refuse escalation of complaints to supervisors, so you are left to deal with a customer service associate who will pacify you with promises of refunds that never occur, CHECK YOUR BANK or CC STATEMENTS CAREFULLY because they draw out the refund process for up to a week so that you will hopefully forget their "refund" offer. I will NEVER use RedBox again, even if they send me 100 free rentals, I wouldn't use them because I don't trust them not to recoup in a nefarious manner.

RedboxSux 10/29/12 1:08PM

Where else can you get a movie for $1.28. The agnets explaiend that the card gets pre-authorised for a $1.28 and that the rental fee is $1.28 and that all I have to do is wait 3-5 days and the pre-authorised amount will get removed from my card: I lsinte so it makes sense. Anyone who doesnt get that, considering they're renting a $25 disk is just not "with it".
They need to authorise your card, as there is risk to their company if your card does not even authorise:

FrankieNY 10/11/12 2:21PM


yep another victim 10/2/12 5:30AM

After a complaint of an extra chagre on my account, all the customer service rep said was, "Well, thank you very much, is there anything else we can do for you today".???? Is he kiding? Then he wouldnt let me speak to a supervisor, upon insistance, he put me on eternal hold. I had to hang up call back two times and demand to speak to a supervisor.
They said the extra charge should come of in about 3 to 5 business days, and I'm supposed to sit around and twiddle my thumbs and trust them?
You know, families are going through tough times right now all over, and it just takes another lowly corporate cesspool such as Red box to show us how to steal from families who are trying to entertain their families within a modfied means & with a "Thank you, is there any thing else I can (steal) from you today?
Fortunately, we do have high speed internet, facebook, twitter with worldwide communication right at hand.

another victim 9/12/12 7:37AM

Please listen carefully how calls are being answerd,Also,you have supervisors needing more training on how to handle a customer complaint.I was given terrible customer service by jay or jade! She didn't want to give me her name!I had to argue with for a good 5or 10 mins,she refuse to let me speak with a suprv.i had to call back!And finally a supervisor came to the call,he was worst,non caring,and bad customer service.chris is his name.They don't care how they talk to customers! I'm upset about it!

Anonymous 7/26/12 1:05PM

And let me add...this issue will not die.. It WILL cosr redbox dearly even if I have to post my experiances with redbox daily to every review site their is related to redbox or not...even if I have to seek legal action pro se to seek damages and hopefully connect with enough like disrespected and cheated customers to join me in the launching of a class action against this company and make them Finally responsive to their customers

robroy6 6/30/12 12:37PM

This company sucks and it's corp structure shouls be torn down to the foundation and rebuilt. I had issues with them that included many broken promises and downright lies by suporvisory personal capped finally by rudeness and A total lack of interest in resolving my issue whisc was in fact none of my creation. I had my bank involved that verified my innocense of those issues and even faxed them a document of verification which was asked for by redbox. I fully complied with all the redbox asked for only to be lied to on 3 different occasions and finally denined servive for no reason given.

robroy6 6/30/12 12:30PM

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