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Corporate Office Address:
U-Haul International, Inc.

2727 N Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
United States

Phone: 602-263-6011
Fax: 602-277-4116

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Ubox?? Beware!!!!!! We are living out of a hotel in Florida. I have a wife and three kids. We signed a 6 month lease for a condo and haven't been able to stay there. We had 3 uboxes in Jackson michigan and they were supposed to be shipped 1 month ago.... They lost 1 of our boxes, found it after 3 weeks, then was finally supposed to be shipped to leesburg Florida. Still not here!!!??? I've called and complained to corporate, they say "someone will call you back". No response or callback. We spend$70 a day for the hotel and $50 a day or more on food because we have to eat out. This has been one of the worst things ever...a move is supposed to be easier with ubox. Whatever!!!!!! We don't hardly have any money left. We have paid more in hotel and food bills than the shipping charges for the uboxes. Corporate does not want to help us. Absolutely ridiculous... Customer satisfaction??? What is that??? Uhaul is a joke...time for a lawyer I guess....

Unhappy uboxes 7/26/14 7:53AM

Uhaul Box has been missing for a month. At this point I don't even care if they do what we payed them thousands of dollars to do and deliver the box, I just want to know where our belongings are. Most of the things in there are irreplaceable to us and I would at least like the opportunity to attempt doing Uhauls job for them.

I am currently looking for a lawyer as Uhaul refuses to give us a solid answer and has nothing but lies to offer us. Each time we call asking where it is, or when it will arrive, they give us the same answer, "It's arriving tomorrow". There have been well over 7 tomorrows.

Uhauls COMPLETE LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY is disgusting and they need to answer not only to me, but to the hundreds of other people who's containers have been lost, their valuables been destroyed, and lives disrupted because of some corporate pig that doesn't care about their customers after they've received your money.

If Uhaul obviously does not care about it's customers, as evidenced by the hundreds, if not thousands, of startlingly negative reviews on the web. They have lost yet another customer.

Anonymous 6/20/14 9:08AM

I am writing on behalf of my sister. I live in Ohio and she lives in Pa.. She wanted to rent a U Haul trailer here in Ohio to pick up some items and take them back to Pa..I drove her to the pick up location here in Ohio when she was here for a visit so she would know where to pick up the trailer. All her arrangements for the trailer were made on the phone. On the 23rd of May she called the Ohio location to just verify everything was a go for the 24th when she would be coming from Pa..She was shocked to learn that her trailer was not at the location and was at a different town which she had no idea where it was or how to get there. All they gave her was a phone number. She was very upset but the person she spoke to said, "if you read your paper work we can change locations." She had no paperwork, nothing was sent to her via mail as she does not have a computer. She has no GPS, she's not good with directions so this really was a major upset for her, coming to an area that she did not know. She called the phone number and got an answering machine everytime and you could not understand what the recording said. She called me and I tried the number and I could not understand the recording. I tried 5 times and no one answered the phone, just the recording. Later that day I wanted my husband to listen to the machine and see if he could understand the name and when I called that time I actually got to speak to a woman. She was very nice and I explained what had happened for my sister and learned that this number they gave my sister was not even the number where she was to go for her trailer. If I had not spoke to this woman it would have been nothing but a wild goose chase as to where the trailer was. I was told that on the paperwork this woman looked up on her computer it said they had tried to call my sister twice to tell her of the change and even "texted her." It was a home phone number how do you text that. She does not have text on her cell and hadn't given them her cell phone number anyway. She does not have an answering machine at her home so why didn't they keep trying her???? If she had not called the day before she would have come and found out the trailer was not in the location it was supposed to be and where it was they were closing at noon that day and she would if she had found the place not been able to even get it. The whole thing was a nightmare and disgusting. What kind of company is this? Beware people and seek out another way to move your things because U Haul is not the way.

BH 5/26/14 10:02AM

I booked a truck rental, and recvd a call from someone by name of Kerry (this was Stuart Fl location on Monteray Rd) she was very abrupt and would not even listen to me when I asked for a confirmation of my rental. She hung up while I was still speaking. I don't know how this company can stay in business with people like that dealing with the public. Alsolutely awful experience and would never, ever deal with Uhaul again. I should have read the reviews first!!!

Anonymous 4/4/14 6:52PM

My husband reserved a 17 ft truck for saturday 28th of September at our storage facility. A week prior to our moving. We wanted to pick it up for 9am. We rcvd an email saying it would be avail. for 3:30pm and return Sunday. That was not the time we stated. I sent a reply email to correct the time to 9am and return the same day. I then called to speak to someone to make sure it was corrected. My husband goes Saturday morning to get the truck, and it is not there. He is told you are scheduled for 3:30pm. He said my wife called and said that was wrong and gave 9am etc.. long story short, we got a truck 5 1/2 hours later which totally screwed the whole move! Why bother reserving when u haul does what it wants and the heck with the customer. I wonder how they would feel if us customers stopped giving them business?

Very discussed customer

anonymous 10/6/13 1:44PM

I just got off the phone with Katie, the U-Haul executive assistant for Western New York, I told her about my horrible experience with a U-Haul rental this past weekend and she offered what U-Haul calls a $50.00 customer goodwill refund. I tried to explain that my husband and I called a month before our move to rent a U-Haul from Pro Auto in Bath, New York. My husband even called the Monday before our Saturday move to verify that our 26 foot truck would be there at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 26, 2013. John Sincerbox, owner of ProAuto, told my husband that, "He was in the system and the truck would be there as scheduled." The day before our move, at 11:00 in the morning, the owner, John Sincerbox, informed us that we would not be able to get that truck, or any truck for that matter. We asked him if he could help us in any way because we had movers coming and we had to be out of our house on Saturday the 26th so the new owners could do a walk-through on Sunday the 27th. He wasn't even apologetic or helpful, and when we called U-Haul customer service we recieved the same response with no apology. That Friday, the day before our move, we spent about 2 hours calling every truck rental place known to man, but we were told that since it was the end of the month that ALL trucks were already rented for the weekend. After many frustrating phone calls we finally found two businesses, about 40 miles from us, that were willing to rent us U-Haul trucks that they were selling. We had to travel 40 miles to pick-up both trucks, drive both trucks to our house, load both trucks, drive to our new house 90 minutes away, unload our belongings, take the one truck back, take the other truck back to the house we were moving from because we couldn't fit everything in the 2 - 14 foot trucks, drive back to our new house and unload again, then take the other 14' truck back to its original destination 40 minutes from our new home. After I explained to Katie, the U-Haul representative, what we had experienced, she stated that the only thing she could offer us was a $50 customer goodwill refund. I told her that we were originally supposed to pay $159 for the 26' truck and now our bill for both 14' trucks is $433.99. That's a difference of $280, not $50. She said that is all she could offer - take it or leave it! She also told me that we only had a reservation, but that reservation does not guarantee us a truck. The only guarantee is when we get a call back 24 hours before we are supposed to pick-up the truck. I asked how ANYONE can count on this kind of service when they are moving the next day, and told her that we did not receive a call 24 hours in advance. She said that is their policy and there is nothing else she could do for us. I am appauled by U-Haul, and their lack of empathy for the customers that rent from them. Obviously, customer service is not important to the U-Haul company if they treat their customers in this manner. When I looked at all of the reviews from other customers, I could see that I wasn't alone. Every review tells a nightmare that a customer experienced from scheduling U-Haul equipment. U-Haul shouldn't even be in business because their guarantees are useless and their customer service is horrible!!!!! I, nor anyone I can communicate with, will ever use U-Haul products. I am going to make use of my blog and other internet websites to tell my story and I suggest everyone who has ever used U-Haul does the same. We need to show this company that their word and their customer service are the most important parts of running a business, and when you treat the customer in this manner, their company will surely suffer the consequences.


I'd like to share my incredibly frustrating experience with U-Haul this morning - 7/17/13. Over a week ago, I made a reservation to have tow hitch installed on my vehile in preparation to haul kids bikes for a mini vacation. I was verbally given time to be at the outlet and was told I could wait for the vehicle as the install would be around 1/2 an hour. Additionally, I was sent an emailed confirmation with pricing, service date and time and a list of all parts, prices etc. I arrived on time only to be told by the counter gal that she didn't have anyone there that could install my parts until the afternoon. I showed her my confirmation with date and time and she informed me "oh, yeah, corporate schedules the appts all the time, but they don't know what our technicians hours even are." I could come back 5 hours later to have the parts installed if I wished. Well, I'd taken the time off work to specifically be there at 9 AM and wait for my vehicle as I was told I could. I left very disappointed. My disappointment grew 10 fold however when I actually tried calling corporate customer service to get some answers. I was told the following: "we don't show a reservation for you." I gave them the contract # from the confirmation and it was "oh, there you are." Next the response was, "perhaps someone called in sick in the morning." I informed her, according to the local employee, "she never has anyone there that early to perform installations." I then asked to be transfered to someone higher up only to be put on hold for over 20 minutes before I finally hung up. She did ask me though why I "just didn't go back in the afternoon." I called back again, immediately, reached another customer service person and asked to speak to someone in a supervisory position. I was told to call a # in Seattle. I did that, only to be told by that customer service person that although they were sorry, there was nothing she could do other than file a complaint. I didn't want to complain - I wanted to explain and be speak with someone who could provide a solution and make me feel like my input and failed experience mattered. I told her a computor filed complaint didn't work for me and I wanted to actually speak to someone in management. Apparently U-Haul has no acting managers as she said her hands were tied and all she could do was lodge a complain into her "system" on my behalf. I asked how long it would take for someone to call me and she said usually 48 hours. Ironically, we're supposed to be on our mini vacation in the next 48 hours. I guess what pisses me off the most is that no one really cared. I got the courtesy, "I'm sorry", but not one person I spoke with and I spoke with at least a dozen people, really took an interest in my concern. Not just the fact that my hitch isn't installed, but a bigger, systematic problem where the right hand (corporate) didn't know what the left hand (U-Haul service center) was doing. When a customer service person, supposedly as high up as where I got to, couldn't put me in contanct with someone who could actually help me resolve an issue and perhaps realize the "bigger" problem - there is a system fault within their company that no one seems to be concerned with. So how big is U-Haul as a company? I don't know. I imagine them to be huge. I imagine them being able to have working internal systems for handling issues, customer service or otherwise. I imagine them actually caring that a customer had a poor experience. I guess not. I wonder what kind of comments I get from my over 800 Face book friends.

wrotten customer service 7/17/13 1:25PM

we had the worst trip and experience with U-Haul,

on the 3rd off July we had rented a U-Haul truck not knowing the brakes were going to be bad on the truck. we started out on the trip until we were on the BQE by the Varizano bridge. the truck pulled to the right and it made a screeching noise. we pulled over onto the side of the road and called roadside asst. and they told us what to do and we were on the side of the road for like 1 hour. so we so after talking with roadside assistance we drove to Aberdeen Maryland and we had to stay there from July 3rd to July 5th. then we had called cooperate office and had told them what had happened ad no one had called us back. so I called the place where I rented the truck and I wanted to talk to the boss but the person that I spoke to said that the boss would not be in until Monday the July 7th. When I talked to the boss I had told her everything that happened and about the brakes and that we stayed in Aberdeen Maryland from the 3rd through the 5th and that I wanted all of my money back or a portion of it back.
well she called me back and she had told me that she could only give me back the portion of the hotel room expenses and the food expenses,now I will call cooperate office and take further action because I think that I should get more money back for the truck expenses and what not.
I will never deal with U-Haul again,I was very unhappy with them and very very mad also

Anonymous 7/8/13 7:19PM

This was the worst experience I have ever had. Let me explain why????

I made a reservation online for the truck and through phone for the storage. I was provided a storage in Burnsville, MN location. My move in date was 6/23/2013. On the day of my move I called 952-894-6760 number to confirm my storage just to make sure nothing has changed. When I called the number, I asked them " Is it ok if I will be there around 4:30pm for the storage?" I asked the same question twice and the answer was YES. When I reached the facility at 4:30pm I was told that it's too late to unload because the storage door would be close by 5:00pm and alarm would go off if the door is opened. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT PART. But my question to U-Haul is that... How is the customer supposed to know that the storage door is closed and the alarm would go off? Why did no one tell me about it when I asked them "Is it ok if I will be there around 4:30pm for the storage?" and why the answer was yes. I understood the situation and agreed to leave the truck in the storage location with my stuffs inside and decided to come back next morning. (I know it sound simple thing to do but it's not that easy when you have to reschedule all your office meeting and change other things that was scheduled before). I understood the situation of the storage employees, checked in my truck and decided to come back next morning. When I checked in I made my situation clear and I got an statement with 0 balance.

Next day I went to storage and unloaded all the stuff and left the facility. I got an email saying that my credit card would be charged for $24.00 and in an email it clearly said to call if I have any question or concerns. I obviously had a concern because the same truck was checked in twice in the same location and I was charged $24.00. I called the facility and took 15 minutes to explain my situation to the lady who answered my call. She told me that I would have to talk to the general manager. She also noted my number and told me that the manager would call me in 10 minutes. I waited for the call never got call from the manager and I called back again. When I called back I was asked to explain my situation again. The asked my contact number again and I never got call again.

I am not complaining because I was charged $24.00. I am complaining because I am frustrated. I can understand the manager is busy but what about us? We are also an employee for other company and we spend time to make a call and explain our situation but we cannot keep calling and explain the situation again and again. Why was the same truck checked in twice and the additional amount was charged? Isn't the information supposed to flow within the same location?

I hope somebody will listen to my Concern

Loyal Customer

Anil 6/24/13 3:07PM

Worst service ever!!!! Worst customer service! Rude rude rude people especially Debi Desisto in Hemet Ca. ABSOLUTELY THE RUDEST PERSON! DO NOT ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND UHAUL IN HEMET CA FOR SURE!

starrybeach1 5/30/13 1:52PM

I just had the worst experience with Uhaul EVER! I have been renting trucks with them for 30 years and will NEVER rent one again. I will go to Budget. My mother passed away and Ihad to go move my fathers home. My reservation for the largest uhaul seemed to disappear. Then they don't have one and give the the next smaller size and charged me more! Then I have to come back and rent a trailer as everything wouldn't fit and they give me faulty equipment that can't be driven at night and could not have even cared. I had unloaders in my home town already set to unload the next morning and had to pay them even though I was not there since I COULD NOT DRIVE AT NIGHT. Your customer service is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!

VERY ANGRY 5/29/13 5:24AM

Moved across the country. When I left I felt every thing was great new changes in my life so excited for the future. Well now the my life is hell. I purchased 4 U Boxes. Was quoted one price get to Arizona and of course the price is now different. Was told I should have liked in on that price well duh that's what I thought I did. Called and called again never was able to talk to supervisors was told someone would call me in 48 hours no response. Called The Corporate office what a freaking waste. So here's the run down money drafted with no approval, promised shipment would be here, still no household goods. Could be another 10 days, and by the way you have to pay another cost to have goods delivered to your house on top of the money you have already paid. But hey lady you are nobody one customer not coming back no biggie we still have millions more, and by the way Have a Great Day. I will find justice some how some way. UHaul are crooks and liars. Mommy Daddy why are sleeping on the floor. Nobody has answers. Thanks Uhaul.

Pissed Off Customer 5/21/13 3:11PM

We dropped our van off for a hitch in Arvada, CO - 6275 Wadsworth Bypas- Finding on pick up - they broke our tail light and drained our battery!! Whatever they did on installation continues to short our battery- on returning to have the hitch removed -Manager Dawn would NOT talk to us.Deanne Holland, Staff, was yelling at us- trying to humiliate us in the store. We had to file with their insurance! They would not even call to make their own claim. TERRIBLE SERVICE _ TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE - will never use UHAUL again and will see about proceeds for small claims court.

UNHAPPYCustomer 5/19/13 1:21PM

I rented a truck from the Morse Rd. location in Columbus, Ohio. When I picked the truck up I was told a "hold" would be placed on my debit card in the amount of the estimated amount for the rental, which would have been fine IF it was actually a "hold" only. When we returned the truck we paid in cash and they were to release the hold. However it was never a "hold", they actually debited my account which caused me to overdraft. Every single person I talked to within the Uhaul organization, including the cooperate office was very rude and argumentative. I got no where with Uhaul, I have submitted a dispute of the charge with my bank as well as a request with Uhaul Corporate Office to reimburse me for overdraft fee's.We'll see what happens......

ks0739 3/26/13 10:32AM

I have been a U-Haul dealer since 1992. This week a regional or district manager has asked my employee of 21 years with storage rental and u-haul rental experience to apply for a job in our area where they are locating one of their "big" stores. How unprofessional can one be to hire my trained employee away from me????? Hire your own people and train them the way I did. As a small business I can't offer all the perks a big corp. can but he has been treated well over the years. Now I need to rethink if I still even want to be a u-haul dealer. Probably not with such low scruples. I am looking into the legal aspect of the circumstances to ascertain if filing a lawsuit is justified.

Anonymous 3/21/13 5:38PM

i just bought $86666. worth of axels and frames from uhaul and after they got my money now refuse to sell me the axels for the frames,as agreed ,, as per there craisglist advertisement and emails with pricing and samples to me now i want all my money back bait and switch , lets sell the goods and drop the ball about supplying buyer with the rest of the parts what a rip off

eyewitness 11/30/12 6:52AM

I recently rented 3 storage unit's with your Nile's Ill location . So far , I've had $107.77 drawn off my debt card for no apparent reason ( my bank got the money back )....I was told payment's VIA money order were OK ...Now am being sent late notice's .. I called and NOW HE say's NO , we don't accept money order's...I must now drive a total of 180 mile's to pick up the UNCASHED money order , that's been sitting there for a MONTH , drive back to my bank to cash it , then back to repay the bill...
I will tell every person with ear's to never ever use U-Haul

Anonymous 10/24/12 11:06AM

I allowed my children to use my bank card for a uhaul truck because i was told , after i expressed great concern , that the card would not be charged unless the truck was not turned in on time. Probably, needless to say but it was charged causing me to overdraft. I called corporate number and was told that they are sorry that i was misinformed and that after my kids pay cash that they will refund my money 3-5 business days. I asked to speak with someone higher up.. was told they left already, when I mentioned the time it was (3 in the afternoon) I was then told very rudely that they can leave whenever they want. Very nice for return business I should say. Guess

Mshorty51274 9/27/12 1:58PM

I closed my storage space. My automatic payment was reversed because I left the space on the 15th. I got a written receipt the same day I closed specifying that the space has been closed and to CANCEL my automatic payment. Three days later was charged once again and nobody is returning my calls. I've been trying to contact the storage manager several times and my calls are being ignored. I contacted my bank and they informed me that U-Haul never cancelled the automatic deduction from my bank account. They are starting an investigation.

Brahms 9/27/12 12:50PM

I called the CORPORATE CUSTOMER SERVICE #. You can't even get the email to anyone to file your own complaint via email. How horrible is that? The company has your email address yet, you can't get any at the corporate office. It seems customer service isn't a priority.

Dissatisfied 8/15/12 12:23PM

Earlier in the week beging July 30, 2012 ending August 5th 2012 i called your office in Hazleton Pennsylvania to reserve a 14 foot truck for Sunday August 5th 2012. the man that i spoke to took my credit card information including the number, expiration date and 3 numbers on the back. Well today August 4th 2012 i called to see if i could get a smaller truck since a lot of the things to be moved have already been moved. When i called there was no reservation under my name, phone number, or credit card number. We even checked all of my credit cards just in case i used a different one and there was no reservation. now i had to reserve a van which may not be big enough and we may have to make two trips. I do not want to pay for the mistake of your employee. i feel that i should not have to pay for either the cost per mile of 59 cents which the van is going to cost or for the gas that i am suppose to replace before i return the van. I want to hear back from you in the next hour with your decision on this matter. I have used U-Haul before that is why i called this time but after all i have had to go through with calling my credit card companies to make sure that there have been no charges and having two of my credit cards canceled as of today so no charges can be made on them until the new card is issued which will take a week to ten days. i had to keep the one card that i reserved the van on. as i said i want to hear from you within the hour. Patricia McGlynn

Pat 8/4/12 10:41AM

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