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AARP corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the AARP corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the AARP corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
605 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20049
United States

Phone: 202-434-7700
Fax: 202-434-7710

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I have been trying to get a correct card from AARP for over a year. I renewed for 3 years but received a card for one year. I have called at least 5 times to ask to get this corrected and hopefully get a card to reflect the subscription term. Each time they apologize and say they will correct it but it never happens. I stopped trying.

Anonymous 7/25/14 4:57PM

For over a year I have been trying to get my AARP card. Still have not received it. It keeps going to Florida and I live in Tx.I think this is very wrong. There employees can't seem to get my card time.

Clay 5/12/14 10:24AM

Please warn seniors not to order from Russell Stover/ Witman's candy. They never sent my order n kept my money I 60 years old waited by the door for six days. I called and a message was left it was delivered never got the candy never got my money. I hurt and the lady was mean

Antonia 3/17/14 9:15PM

Earlier this week I called United Health Care Insurance regarding a request for information on my 2013 insurance premiums for tax purposes. This was my third call regarding this matter. I was told each time I would receive the information within ten days. The two previous occasions I received no such information. I was trying to explain this to the representative but she would interrupt me before I could finish a sentence. Her attitude was less than helpful. I finally asked to speak to a supervisor. She replied that at that time of day the supervisors had gone home. She informed me that someone would get back to me within 48 hours. That never happened. I called today and finally did talk to someone, however I was given the old" thank you for your call and I will pass along your concerns" reply. Less than satisfying. We, your customers are human beings and want to be treated as such. Being patronized is something I find very distasteful. When shopping for insurance in the next year or so I will consider this experience. Regards. SB.

Sidney 2/28/14 10:34AM

Never in my 50 years have I been more disappointed in a company. I called to join today, and when I was asking about the different products and costs, the 5 people I spoke with, just transferred me around and around, and EVEN WHEN I CALLED CORPORATE, they couldn't help me. This is not a company I choose to do business with. The clincher was when I was transferred to INDIA!

Anonymous 2/18/14 12:46PM

I have to add a comment concerning United Health Care and not receiving assistance from "Customer Service"--being put on hold for a long time, being passed on to several people and finally being told out-right lies about who is responsible (blaming the FDA and Medicare, for example). A letter is in the mail to United Health Care and AARP. I wonder if I will even get a response from either?

Kate R. 2/3/14 8:54PM

I am caregiver to an 83 year old gentleman who is legally blind in one eye. Why can't AARP do what Reader's Digest has done and do their magazine with large print for the people who do have a hard time reading normal print?

ppatticannon 1/17/14 11:14AM

I just wanted to inform the folk at AARP Corporate Headquarters especially since your name is also involved in this. United Health Care Insurance has caused me & my mom nothing but HEADACHES!! I've been trying to get my mother a supplement insurance for her prescriptions before it expires. The only thing that United Health Care Insurance has shown me is that these folks are INCOMPETENT!!! First, they put you on "Hold & play the game of PASSING YOU TO ANOTHER DEPARTMENT". Second, nobody knows anything. Third, even after the fact of you constantly repeating yourself & assuming these morons of representatives have all the facts they still manage to screw you up. One time I called them they had me on the phone for an hour and I spoke to 7 different people and all I wanted to do was make a correction on the error that some Hispanic representative did when he took the application over the phone and then confirm everything. Then we heard nothing so after the holidays I called to check on the status and was told the application was denied because we never sent back our response. Well first of all, we DIDN'T RECEIVE ANYTHING !! So, how can they deny something when we never received anything. This was the last time I called & I will never have any type of business with United Health Care and I will be filing a complaint with the following agencies: BBB, Attorney General Office & also a formal letter with you. There is no reason for the inconvenience they put us through. Wish I can say thank you but I can't.


My comment is in regards to the games. I get info on other matters as I am and have been a member for over 20 years since I am 71 years old. You say, I have a voice. Well I need to use it. I do enjoy playing the eggz game and Mahiongg Toy and they usually set on the lower bar where I can play anytime and quickly. Today I got a big surprise and I do not like it. I do not like an ad smacking me straigt in the face. It is hard to figure out the matching parts now as they are weird symbols.Having the ads pop up all around is bad enough but I know you get money but please anyone as old as I am already have their eye doctors!!The toys are much easier to play and pick out. After all you all are working for an older group of people. Appreciate your help. Thank you. Wanda

Wanda 11/1/13 3:14PM

I would highly recommend AARP (Mr. Rand) get his act together because I have been trying to assist my wife's dad with an investigation of a complaint against "Hunter Hollow" inand AARP is involved and I have sent 3rd party authorization to AARP 4 different times and each time their office out of California keeps sending me another authorization to send back to them. It is very evident either AARP is giving me the red tape shuffle or "the right hand evidently doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Also the big "hassle" of getting my wife's dad medical bills paid is another bucket of worms, not until I wrote and fax a letter to Acting director of CMS did any thing get done. A typical "RED TAPE SHUFFLE" that nobody really gives or cares as long as Mr. Rand collects his "Yearly" dues, which I don't see his hand quivering when he takes the check. So therefore based on the previous experience that her dad has had with "AARP" he is not renewing when the "AARP" statement comes out. You can tell Mr. Rand to check fax number for a letter that will be fax to him this evening. If we have to go the congressional route to get this straightened out we will, which I am sure Mr. Rand will be less impress by. You may contact me via email if you so desire. Regardless the case isn't going away until a full investigation of Hunter Hollow is complete.

jfrede3382 9/10/13 4:20PM

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this for Duncan Wolthuis who has now received two (2) invitations by you to join your organization for $16.00. This I understand includes:

12 Membership in AARP

12 month membership for his spouse or partner, Travel tips, home & garden advice, recipes, lifestyle calculators, and more listed on the AARP website, Access to exclusive products: health insurance, dental coverage, eye care,pharmacy, Resources for health care, consumer protection, and caring for his family, Access to discounts on hotels, car rentals cruses, home security, cell phone service and more, Representation in Washington and all 50 states. Fighting age discrimination, protecting pension rights, Social Security, Medicare.

Is this correct? I ask because I am pushing 60 hard yet have never been invited to join your organization. Forgive me I digress.

I have researched on the Internet and found that you have recently updated and improved your membership sales department. (You may want to "tweak" this department a bit) You are now able to reach out to more of the maturing population and increase your bottom line yet represent and save your members substantial money. Correct? This is wonderful considering the economy being what it is.

One is not required to be 50 to join? That may explain one of my questions concerning your marketing strategy. Duncan Wolthuis is not 50. He is really not expected to reach 50 years of age. He is however interested in the mini day bag you have offered him free of charge for joining. I believe, and I speak for him here, he would enjoy knowing his snacks are secure and close by. As I stated earlier, this is the second invitation you have extended to Duncan and you now have his attention. Snacks and such are important to him. Duncan has no real income. He falls in your low income bracket. The poor thing has no knowledge of working for money. He has no idea what money is. He has spent his entire life having someone care for him and handle medical, food, clothing, and all needs for him.

You may send him the little bag, free of course, but I do suggest you remove him from your mailing list, you see, Duncan Wolthuis is an equine. Yes equine, as in horse.


S Wolthuis (Not an equine)

P.S. He did receive an e-mail explaining how mail lists are made and promised to be removed from the list,(no bag for him) and the letter closed asking if he would like to donate to the tornado fund or purchase insurance.Yesterday August 26 he received yet another invitation. Should he send his own personal payment for the "treat" bag. He is still unable to sign up.

Duncan's Human 8/27/13 11:03AM

I have been on the phone for 1 1/2 hours trying to get my meds Insurance on direct withdrawal how do I do that. The first part was taken care of but they make one go to another department but all are you & United Healthcare I think it is time for AARP that I got my med. insurance through to make it so I do not have to be on for an hour and half. Then I call AARP and it was in Texas thank goodness it is an 800 number no cost to me they hang up when they hear how long I have been on with the AARP Medical Insurance for me to make payments. What is wrong with America some c/s reps should not be reps or get training. I was that when I worked for a telephone company boy were they strict. How do I get to make the withdrawals each month. I am with AARP for 27 yrs

Anonymous 7/15/13 6:35PM

I have tried for several years to get off your junk mail list with no luck. I called on numerous occasions again NO LUCK. I have no interest in anything your company has to offer, way too expensive and I question your honesty from the beginning. I will contact the corporate office and the news media to get off your annoying junk mail list.

nfry 6/17/13 4:58PM

I have asked to be removed and talked to a person from aarp and I am still getting crap in the mail. I want to take action because I am being targeted and this has to stop I will expect a phone call

bruce 6/8/13 1:09PM

Twice this year I received Renewal Notices, both brought TWO USELESS plastic cards which will be replaced with the valid date when I renew. I am ONE person (one name in the address) so why you send two cards? I already received FOUR useless cards. If I renew you will send more with a valid thru date which will make six cards... I think that you are wasting money but what really upsets me is that you are also creating so much unnecessary plastic that destroys the environment.
I have complained last year but it seems nobody cared.
It is the same thing when we call to complaint about health Care abuses, nobody listens to us on your side, even thou you ask us to complain.
Your articles sound phony to me now. You really don't care for anything.
Yours truly

Ilse herrman 6/4/13 10:43AM

I have been trying to access my claim information site for my health account and can not access it. This has been going on for about 3 weeks. I have been told it will get fixed but it seems like it does not happen. Please get it fixed.

Anonymous 5/16/13 6:56AM

lost of money. Sent in a check for my new membership. on March 03.2013. Its now March 20,2013. When i had called they tell me they had never received my check. I had checked my banking statment, long and behold there the check was cashed. When I had called the agent i spoke to she was arrogant had no respect. After reading all these complaints and mine being another one. All of us can not be lieing about this company. Stay away'''''

kkaliski1946 3/23/13 12:13PM

I had carried AARP automotive insurance for approximately
16 years with no claims. I had a small fender bender and I received a letter from hartford that due to my good driving record I woild not be charged for the accident and therefore no increase in my coverage. The next day I received my renewal papers and foung it had increased by $300.00. When I called Hartford about the increase I was informed that the increase was because I had gotten a year older, not because of the accident. I dropped them like a hot potato and went with another company saving almost a $1000.00 per year. Now AARP wants me to renew my membrship. I don't think so

Hal from Indep. Mo 3/9/13 9:54PM

Tried to sign up for AARP United Health Care RX plan and was deigned for Jan. 1,2013, reapplied and was accepted for plan to start Feb. 1, 2013. Sent a check, 1/28/2013 for $41.40 for the monthly premium. In Feb. received another letter stating coverage was as Jan. 1, 2013 and premium would be $66.00. I called and told them that my plan was paid for Feb. as I had already paid for my prescriptions for Jan. out of my own pocket as they deigned me starting the plan in Jan. At this time I was told that I owed $90 some odd dollars. For Jan. & Feb. I DID NOT GET accepted until Feb. per letter dated 1-19-2013.
Know that you are paid by United Health Care to have AARP on their insurance cards. Thought you should know, they are giving your company a bad name. I have all the documentation that I would like to send to you or a gov. agency that oversees these matters.

Anonymous 2/5/13 5:22PM

This is the 2nd page of my message. The first page disappeared from the screen & I hope it was received

Ms. Trippe spoke in a very nasty condescending manner--as though she was scolding a child and refused my admission to class.

I'd wage that she used to be a teacher of young children. Ms. Trippe needs to take some classes in basic manners & people management.

It would have been so easy to say what she had to say in a polite & respectful manner.

Please take appropiate action. I plan to ask for a refund.


JanJarm 2/2/13 12:32AM

After many years I dropped AARP because when I needed help with a dead battery a few years ago, they could not help me. I called and was keep on my cell phone for almost 2 hours in 90 degree weather. I paid for many years and never needed help..when I did need help none was available. Please stop mailings to me. Virginia Barthelmess

[email protected] 1/19/13 2:50PM

just hope you are not in trouble and have NY LIFE insurance coverage sponsored by AARP . despite the fact we went through a sever storm with "Sandy " We made our life insurance payments from NY LIFE on time . To us it is very important to have life insurance coverage . apparently NY LIFE does not share that sentiment . Firstly they are ,according to members of their premium processing center , having a problem applying customers insurance payments . This is substanciated bt the fact They send their insured letters telling them the following .Your life insurance coverage coverage is no longer in effect ......but ............If you have made a payment disregard this letter .and pigs will fly .Then when you write to the corp "VP for aarp NY life insurance co .Wala ..the payment is applied telling you be happy your life insurance coverage is back in place whopppeeeeeeee!
Unlike other companies to numerous to name you would think you might get a letter ...we here at NY LIFE hope you diidnot suffer any loss due to the super storm ?'Sandy " Please be advised we do care and if we can help .please contact us . Even when you contact them .especially with mail ...NO ONE RESPONDS . BUYERS BE WARE! And one thing more ...The very backbone of organizations AARP sponsers them ......Becareful .........very Careful!

[email protected] 12/13/12 2:02PM

I had great difficulty dealing with Optum RX. The agent I spoke with was rude and unhelpful. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was refused twice, then finally connected with a supervisor (Jennifer #4364) who was more rude and unhelpful than the agent had been. When I called AARP to register a complaint, AARP connected me with United Health Care (doesn't one complain to the parent company that insures one rather than the offending company itself?) At last I called AARP's corporate offices; they had no idea where a subscriber can register a complaint.

That should be corrected. There should be a clear path (a clearly advertised telephone number) to let my insurer know about any problem a subscriber may be having with a subcontracting affiliate.

Anonymous 10/19/12 10:38AM

AARP did not sell retired people or anyone down the river by supporting The Affordable Care Act. It is the single most responsible thing any politician has done in the last twenty years. Do you think a voucher with a cap is the answer? What happens when you hit your limit. Now your up the river with no paddle. Get your own facts instead of listening to Rush Limbaugh.

Reasonable Man 10/2/12 8:58PM


SOMETHING2SAY 9/23/12 10:23AM

I just read a cooment from a reader of the magazine who stated that AARP has "sold us down the river" for Obamacare. Obviously, this person hasn't looked around lately and seen a perfect example why everyone should have some sort of insurance coverage - namely, one of the unfortunate victims of the Auora, CO. "Batman shooting" is facing at least a million dollars in medicall bills because he didn't have insurance. When these kindsof people don't cover themselves, we the people eventually do. Obviously your teaparty/republican responder only cares about his/herself and not the community. I'll admit, Obama hasn't been quite what I expected, but then I didn't think that there would be so mnay obstructionists to stop moving this country into the 21st Century instead of going back into the 1950's where white men called all the shots (I'm white so don't even go there thinking otherwise)and kept the poor, women and minorities "In Their PLace."

JB Hanson Baltimore

Anonymous 8/20/12 8:52AM

AARP, noticed your new ads for insurance for seniors. What is the matter with you....don't you think we remember you backing obamacare while we were fighting against it? I have extra insurance but it is not and never will be with AARP and AARP's leaders who sold Americans down the river. Hope you still have some of your kickbacks for backing obama? We are voting him out of office this year and reminding everyone of your stand on obamacare.

Anonymous 7/20/12 12:41PM

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