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Corporate Office Address:
Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304
United States

Phone: 650-857-1501
Fax: 650-857-5518

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I will NEVER buy a HP Product again. Its too complicated for here, just to say that I purchased a HP care pack almost one year ago, and they still cannot validate that I bought it. Never Again!!

Greg 6/3/14 10:10AM

I bought an HP 2000 Notebook laptop in Sept thinking it would be great, but after 3 1/2 months, it crashes, overheats, keeps restarting, and can barely load a webpage without locking up or slowing down.

Yesterday I was on the phone with tech staff in your printer dept for well over 2 hours. The reason, I purchased an HP Envy 4501 the day before. The box AND paperwork ALL said it worked with Windows 8, which of course the 2000 has. But when I used the disc to load the printer I continually got an error message that very plainly told me it only worked with Windows 7. After a wasted afternoon, evening and morning, I packed it up, took it back and purchased an HP Envy 4500 because I was assured it has to be a fluke. After hours of trying to get the laptop and printer to communicate I finally called you. The tech guy, who by the way, was helpful, knowledgeable and very courteous, took control of the computer, had to delete and add software and tried to connect the two multiple times over the course of our lengthy conversation. When he was about to give up, it finally worked. That was around 7:00 our time, and we had been on the phone together since 4:18. (Missed supper with the kids and church!!)

He then switched me to the computer dept because of problems he saw that THEY needed to address as well. The computer tech was short, rude and seemed extremely unwilling to work. She asked ONE question and ONE question only. "Do you ever get pop ups?" When I said I had very recently but that was not why I was calling or what the issue was. She said if it had a pop up my warranty wouldn't cover it and that was that. I explained that the tech had noticed issues that needed to be addressed, but she only said that he was a computer guy and inferred he WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! She said she could transfer over to a dept that might help if I wanted to pay $50 for this and $150 for that...I said, "It hasn't worked right since I got it and you are refusing to even look at it?" And she repeated it wouldn't do any good since it had had a pop up and therefore warranty wouldn't cover it!!! I told her to forget it and hung up.

I had a Compaq before this so trusted HP...never again buying HP products if you can't stand behind them and make it right!!!!

Never Again 1/30/14 7:46AM

I bought an Envy 17 laptop in April 2012 with a spec. sheet that states it came with a 2-year warranty. Today when I called Customer Service for support, I was told that it only came with a 1-year warranty. I spent almost two hours talking with two different people who would not honor the 2-year warranty, or who were even willing to look at my documentation that I offered to send to them. Additionally, they would not direct me to someone who I could appeal to. Heck of a way to treat a long standing HP customer!

Anonymous 1/28/14 3:26PM

simply put, you all lie, waste my time, give complete run around nonsense responses and do not uphold to the home service contract. your company should be ashamed of how you conduct business!!!!!!!

Anonymous 1/24/14 7:22AM

After much frustration trying to reach a human to make a simple comment about replacement cartridge packaging, being transferred, cutoff and, finally, being stuck with a Spanish language recording that I could neither be transferred from nor hang up on (honest!) I finally was able to free my phone. My conclusion is that you REALLY do not care about your customers. All the talk in the world about "customer service" amounts to nothing when it comes from a company that doesn't understand the meaning of two words. I am truly sorry I just purchased a HP printer. I will not make that mistake again...EVER!

Now to the comment I started out to make some time ago: Your "bubble pack", for the 564 XL (black) in this case, is nearly impossible to penetrate. I actually broke two scissors trying to cut on the dotted line. Finally has to use a lopping shears to do the job. Don't blame this on "safety considerations" or "gov't regulations"...this is just plain RIDICULOUS. The responsible party ought to be given a normal scissors and locked in a room with a thousand of these packages with no possible egress until all have been opened. He/she will die of starvation, a miserable, befouled lunatic, long before the task is finished!

Have a nice day!

Anonymous 1/14/14 7:44AM

am i to believe that with all the smart people out there or even current hp employees that no one can give us a phone number to an actual executive at hp headquarters who we can YELL at about the crappy customer service and the fact that if you need tech support for your comp. or printer you have to talk to some camel jockey or someone who has one of many jobs that the people of this country would like to have!

pissed off 11/19/13 10:53AM

My Hewlett-packard Hpofficejet 6700 Premium Printed Is A Piece Of Junk. For Thesecond Time I Have To Get Another Printer I Bought A New One And They Replace It With An Old One. I Will Never Buy Another Hp Product Again.

Customer Service Is The Worst They Keep You On Hold Forever (2-1/2 Hours. You Cant Understand Anything They Say (india) To Say They Are Rude Is An Understatement Rude Would Be Nice. Don't Buy This Product Or Deal With This Company Unless You Want Be Thrown Into The Pit

melvin 11/15/13 1:57PM

Your customer service SUCKS!#!!! I purchased a HP laptop in November 2012 and it has already been sent back twice in a 6 month period. Just sent it back for the third time and was told the issues I was having will be covered by my warranty found out today that HP will not fix it and refused to do anything to it. Took me several hours to speak to someone and everyone gave me the run around even the corporate exec that I finally spoke to. So I wish I could go back in time and rethink my decision on purchasing anything from HP and I will never do it again. I hope your company fails big time cause you guys

steelersfan45416 11/5/13 12:57PM

Your customer service sucks, repair sucks, product trash, and I hope to contact the CEO or some one from his office asap. Have sent back my 200 notebokk numerous times and it crashes as soon as I get it. Sending back again along with 4 service call charges that are being registered with the state of California and federal government. If not paid within 15 calendar days they will automatically become mechanics liens with a set amount of 2.5 million each which is enough to force shut down per federal regulations. Your prompt response is recommended and appreciated.

[email protected] 10/2/13 5:05PM

Want to speak to a customer service rep., not a tech. Do you not have a phone # for CS? I feel that your tech support is way out of line asking me how much I pay for my computer security service and where I purchase it when I am calling about my printer.Your company has no business asking me personal questions, especially when you (HP) will not answer my questions. I actually felt frightened after being questioned by your tech.thinking that it was probably a scam of some kind since they wanted so much of my person info- shame on you!!!

Anonymous 9/5/13 5:52PM

I purchased an HP Officejet 6700 Premium from Staples in January, 2013. One of the reasons I chose this model was because of the salesman said it printed so many pages for very little ink. Just to satisfy myself, once I replaced the starter cartidges, I started keeping track of how many pages of black only and w/color pages I printed. Replaced the black starter cartridge with an HP932XL-Black cartridge (1,000 pgs) 3/29/13. Replaced the HP933-Cyan cartridge (330 PGS)5/8/13. On 6/11/13, after printing 6 pages with some color and 15 all black pages, the 933Cyan was depleted. Staples was nice enough to replace the 933Cyan for free. On 7/20/13 the 932XL Black says it's depleted. My records show I have printed a total of 88 pages black and 25 w/color for a total of 113 pages. Have printed the Printer status report 4 times and it shows a total of 177 pages since 5/29/13. The Customer Service Supervisor I spoke to "suggested" that I was lying about the number of pages printed and said I couldn't prove it. He said the reason the ink went so fast is because it was sent for "Normal"(default) instead of draft and because I had printed out so many Printer Status Reports(4). I asked if have a "lemon" of a printer and wanted HP to do something about it. The rest of the conversation caused me to demand that I speak to his Manager. Spk to Michelle in Canada and was treated much nicer than before. But her explanation that the 1,000 pgs from the 932XL was based on covering 5% of the page in a 10 pt font made me understand that you cannot believe or expect any of the # of pages promised on the packages. Am accepting replacement w/reconditioned printer and hope that it will function much better. If not, will be shopping for a non-HP printer 4in1 unit. But appears all of them promise functions and service then give you only what they want to give you.

Mad as hell in Rancho Belago 7/30/13 12:50PM

Had very basic questions on HP printer cartridges being empty and changing them and wound up in tech support who made me log on my computer. I didn't understand this as all I wanted was info on why I couldn't print even black or if I had to replace color empty ones before I could print. I was more confused as I did replace all of them with the ones I purchased along with the new printer so didn't think the ink should have been out. This became a nightmare and was told I had to buy a service to clean the computer and a protection package since they said my computer was corupted at a cost of $199.00. The printer was new(11/2012)and this was the first time changing cartridges as I print occasionally. It worked fine until one ran out of ink. Now my greatest fear is that they were able to direct me to do things to corrupt my computer and will be forced into needing them. Very frustrating experience as I am not experiencr with computers.

Anonymous 5/23/13 11:57AM

In early February, 2013, my husband purchased a HP Pavilion desktop for my birthday. And I have to say, what a negative birthday gift!!! It's really sad that this well known company is unable to uphold it's name. This desktop computer has froze up on me 5 times since February. Went through tech support 2 times, had to return it to factory mode 2 times, which took programs/apps away that came with the computer. Is totally a increase/hassle computer. I agreed to this purchase due to other HP products I have that work fine. So I thought, "why not," all the other products have proven themselves, BAD CHOICE!!! All the way around. Nervous about adding documents & photos due to fear of losing them. To this day, May 2013, this computer continues to freeze up & has to be unplugged from the wall to shut it down. Definitely do not refer anyone to purchase this type of product from HP. Bye-Bye Hewlett Packard. You're not worth the money out of my pocket any longer. Heck, I'll just go Dell all the way.

GodsCyn 5/3/13 10:55AM

I purchased a HP Compaq Presario 2 years ago along with a 3 year in home service warranty. I have had to call several times due to an overheating issue. The people on the phone said they inspected my device remotely and there is nothing wrong with it. They think I am an idiot. I was not asked to provide info necessary for remote access nor did they do anything but kept putting me on hold. My warranty specifically says that they will send a tech to my home if the problem cannot be fixed remotely. They refused to do this and want me to send the laptop someplace for repair. I will not do this and will call their corporate office tomorrow. If one more person says "I would feel the same way if I were in your shoes", I will scream. HP is a major corporation which does not back their products or warranty plans. Buyer beware and do not purchase HP products.

Judi 3/21/13 8:28PM

I purchased a brand new conputer last January 2012 and paid ib excess to $1200.00 for it. As od today, I have repaired it at home,three times, acting as a technician for free for HP.
Last time was March 9, 2013, when it was diagnosed in "critical condiction". The remedy offeredto me was to pickit up for repairs.
Ihave paid for a new computer and received a defective/ refurbished one.
I work from home but, I can't without a computer.
Please, don't buy from this company.

Elena 3/14/13 11:13AM

I have an HP Pavilion dm4-3050us Entertainment PC. I purchased this brand new computer from Staples on February 15, 2012. In April 2012, I began to have a problem with the touchpad. It was diagnosed by HP that it was defective and was sent disks to repair the problem and bring the laptop back to initial purchase. FIRST, we needed to pack up all of the 400 GB documents, photos, pix, etc, that was on my laptop. It took months to re-install these documents. Shortly after, there was another problem, that was resolved fairly quickly with the assistance of HP support. In December 2012, I began having additional problems with this laptop. We took it to a neighborhood repair business and we were told the hard drive was defective. He suggested we call HP!! (Oh no, not that again!!) Between December 19th through today, my husband and I have recorded over 10 hours of talk with HP support, customer service, case managers and the corporate office. They are requesting I return the laptop to them and they will look at it and replace the hard drive. I'm not entitled to a new computer!! Another option was that they would send us the hard drive and we would need to have it installed. We are unable to back up the documents that are on this computer. The man at the store said he would charge us $120 to back up our computer as it is a time intensive project. Last call was the corporate headquarters was gonna pass the buck to some other customer service person from within the company. When I called, I asked to speak to Meg Whitman, they said NO! Go figure!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT!! I write this and laugh....who really cares. I am a no body in a big world that does buy HP products. No one will ever hear me!!! I want an Apple product...and who doesn't!!!

judgingkaren 12/31/12 4:53PM

I have a HP P6130 Computer which was purchased 8/17/09.
I took it into Best Buy for service and was told that the hard drive had to be replaced. I was than told that I would have to call HP and get a recovery disc.
On my first call to your customer service (to India) I was told that I would need to get more information, which meant going back to Best Buy since I was put on hold for about 45 minuets.
I called HP again and was put on hold numerous times, after about another 40 minuets I was told that HP no longer supported this model and a recovery disc was not available.
After several more calls and a returned call from your customer service department the problem was solved.
Thank goodness you have an individual in you TCO escalation Dept. that is smart and helpful. Her name is Jodi Wood.
With her help in only 10 minuets or so she solved the problem.
Why do you keep out sourcing when you know from the start there is going to be a language problem and a building of frustration.
Had I had a person like Jodi in the first place there would not have been a problem.
In the mean time I have purchased another computer and it was not a HP, nor if I need another I will not even consider HP in the future.
I'm sur e you have other horror stories worse than mine, but I felt you should be made aware of what's going on

Carol 12/20/12 8:43AM

I am totally discusted with HP! In January 2010 I purchased a 6500p computer and have had problems since day one. I also purchased a three year HP TOTAL CARE
SERVICE CONTRACT and have spent hours and hours with your support techs in India. Problems have never been solved. In October 2012 my computer was returned to HP for repair, returned only to have the REFURBISHED hard disk fail after one hour. Then a tech came to my home, replaced the hard drive and it did not solve the problems...He said it was the processor or the mother board. Now it is going back to HP AGAIN. MY CONTRACT SAYS IT WILL BE REPLACED WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY UNDER "NEXT DAY EXCHANGE" PROVISION.
To top it off, I got a call from INDIA in the middle of the night advising me that my three year contract is up for renewal. My next computer will not be an HP!


I have sent an email to your corporate office regarding a HPsmartservices experience I just had, and I must say that I have to agree with all the negative comments posted on your HP Corporate office OWL. REF: SmartServices ticket # 999996739978. The complete details of my experience are outlined in my email. I would appreciate your response. I can appreciate the attempts made to resolve my problem, but what's fixed doesn't need to be broken, and if you can't fix it say so! I feel more damage was done than what service was actually provided.

Extremely Irate 9/24/12 3:12PM

Hp is the worst electronic company I have ever had the unfortunate experience to come across. Their people are unknowledgeable, along with the strategy of getting the customer fustrated with their web site, weaving you through areas you do not need, and never coming to the one that is necessary to solve the problem. Customer service on the phone is no better, they have you on hold forever, with their automatic voice service droning on and on. Isn't it amazing how many people need help. I love the old Maytag commercial where the repair man is waiting for someone to call because their product was that good.

teacher63 9/15/12 8:19AM

Worst experience I have ever had. I have spent many, many hours with your customer service but have only gotten people
I couldn't understand, complete silence, rudeness, no knowledge, repetitiveness, etc. The printer still will not work.

Mountaingal 9/12/12 9:55AM

I have an HP Notebook, actually I have three HP notebooks,HP desktop and two HP printers. My wife and I bought our latest HP in March of this year. We are both in school full time and that was our reason for buy the notebook. My wife actually started using the notebook on July 8 for school. In approx. one week the hard drive burnt up. We sent the computer back and the hard drive was replaced. One week later the internet card went out. We just recieved the notebook back on July 31 and now it is having other issues that is costing us not only assignments at school, but time and money. I would just like to know, having multiple HP products in my house, How much time, money, school and having to send it back and forth to HP I am going to have to endure before HP does the right thing and gives me a replacement notebook. ONE THAT WORKS! NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK! If this is a comment page that someone from HP actually reads I would just like to say, If you dont actually care dont even bother sending me any kind of email.

Anonymous 8/2/12 12:36AM


Anonymous 7/25/12 7:30AM

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