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RCI corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the RCI corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the RCI corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:

Wyndham Worldwide
7 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054
United States

Phone: 973-753-6300

RCI Corporate Office Comments

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After reading all these comments from different members it seems that RCI does not care if they give good service or not, otherwise there would be some positive responses on this site. Maybe it is time everybody starts to cancel their memberships.

Anonymous 2/8/14 1:49PM

Around 12 Dec 13, I talked with a Nicole at RCI concerning the money that I paid to secure two condos for my family that I canceled because of an illness with my wife that prevented her from traveling. I made these reservations back in Dec 2012. Nicole told me that you had 24 hours to cancel a reservation in order to receive your money back. After some explaining that my wife was really sick and could not travel, she relented and gave me a $50 dollar coupon to be used by June 2014. On 5 Feb 14 around 3:20pm I talked to a Supervisor named Diane or Diana, concerning the same situation about my money. Her comment to me was, if I had talked to her first she would not have even given me the $50 dollar coupon; that the email RCI sent me confirming my booking stated their cancellation policy and it was basically tough luck that I did not read it. First of all, who in their right mind is going to cancel a condo booking because of illness a year out. If I could have foreseen my wives illness, I would not have made the reservations. This supervisor stated that their cancellation policy has always been 24 hours after booking, and that RCI would not be in business for 40 years if we gave money back to everyone who cancelled a reservation. She also said, even those people who died on 9-11 would not have received their money back if the time frame to cancel had elapsed 24 hours. How callous of this supervisor to even something like that. It sure is someone that I would want working for me. The bottom line folks is this, RCI does not care or take care of their members. It is all about the almighty dollar, BIG CORPORATIONS. You know what that means, I will never, ever, use RCI again and will advise anybody I know to do the same. Maybe if everyone does the same, we will see if RCI can last another 40 years.

Anonymous 2/7/14 3:30PM

three years ago I joined RCI every year I banked one week and every year I try to book a week and they could not get me one they took three years of mine and rented them out and gave me nothing in return and when I complained she told me I should book one year to two years ahead of time what take a vacation when they wanted me to at some place I didn't want to go my advice anybody thinking about signing up with RCI should think real hard about it because they cannot be trusted I don't know why I don't know why I am writing this because it definitely falls on deaf ears

vette098 1/31/14 5:10PM

we booked a cruise with rci and there was 16 people going they decided to take 2000 out of my bank acct and900 out of my friends acct with out permission. so we ended up paying for everyones trip. I ask them to return the funds they didn't do that, I ask to cancel the trip and now they want to penalize us 500 dollars.I am trying to work it out but if not does anyone know a lawyer?All together they took 3,023.00 out of my acct.

carla 12/4/13 8:10PM

What out for the "new enhancement" to your membership. Its bad enough you can't book what you want and the "parnters program" for hotels, air and cars is a joke - now they want you to GIVE them $1,799.00 for 6 vacations - guaranteed.....I have almost 300,000 points....and you think I am going to give you more money for vacation I cannot take....Another SCAM by RCI - I am totally disgusted
Boston, MA

jocroc30 7/31/13 10:23AM

It took me one monthh to deposit a week. Icalled RCI and they said I had to contact the resort.........Yes, but I can't call Mexico on my phone and if they will not deposit my weeek, I can not trade it give me a supervisor................I sent an email.someone answered me from corporate on email, but did not recieve a second response yet........If I can't deposit I can't trade....everyone wants money, who is accountable.....I will never travel to my Mexico resort ever

db 7/19/13 9:36AM

I have been with this company for 3 years and this company is a joke, I tried to book a vacation and it always an issue .I need the people that run this company to hold there reps responsible for the way there customers are treated

tammyt09 7/15/13 10:06AM

RCI has not been able to provide me with an exchange anywhere I want to go for the past 12 years. I've tried again today and now find out that my week is not worth a week any longer. I own in Hawaii with red weeks so am suppose lot be able to exchange for a week anywhere any time. That is a joke!

Bibb 4/18/13 3:17PM

Today I had another unsatisfactory communication with RCI representatives. I have tried for years to exchange my weeks. Generally, I'm told that there isn't a resort comparable. When I banked a week for Europe, I was assured that a year was adequate time to secure a place. As the year's end approached, I was told that that wasnt enough time, but if I left my week in another year I'd surely get my resort. Guess what? Apparently RCI members are psychic because they book European vacations 5 years in advance. Frustrated, I decided to just go back to my home resort and I was informed that for $209.00 RCI would do what I could have done myself for free if I hadn't decided to try an exchange one more time.

Anonymous 4/18/13 3:00PM

Hello, I work for a large company and ironically, I handle issues that come into our corporate office so I'm hoping to receive the same level of customer service that I give. Anyway, my issue is that my fiancé and I are trying to book our honeymoon through RCI and we extensively research many all inclusives before settling on the one we were about to book and were very excited about. The issue is that when we first looked up the all inclusive fees they said $200 per night for the timeframe we would be booking. Then a few weeks later when we were about to book it the fees said $255 per night. When we called to ask how can the prices go up when it is for the same time period we were basically told by the agent that we must have been looking at a different resort or that we just had it wrong. I assure you this was not the case and now we are weary about booking. What is the fees go up again before we get to the resort since I know that we pay the fees to them? Can someone from your company who updates the website please contact me to explain?

Nicholas M 4/12/13 2:59PM

Earlier today, I spoke with one of RCI's most exceptional Customer Service Representatives, named Michael. He told me that I had reached the corporate office in Cincinnati, OH. Michael was very courteous, and helpful. Together, we were able to resolve an issue that had been ongoing since Spring of last year. He went above and beyond to help me complete our reservation for this year, where we plan to take our granddaughter to Disney World for her 5th birthday. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with Michael. He is the BEST!*(He should get a raise, in my opinion!)* Or at the very least, a pat on the back, and the title, "Best Customer Service Representative Ever!"

Carol Langstaff 3/2/13 7:42PM

7 year membership with RCI and constantly rude and unhelpful staff members to include rude supr. I just called and spoke with 5 persons (2 were suprs). They only gave their first name and refused to give a means to identify themselves and my only question was to review my points and date of expiration. I did not get an answer instead. DO NOT TALK TO TRINA/supr #t5a she is unprofessional and will not listen to your inquiry. I will file a complaint to corporate office.

Anonymous 2/16/13 3:09PM

-we closed in August, 2012 and here it is January 2013.
1) Your online status "the Daily Management" has not been changed to reflect the current status.
2) Why when i call to resolve this, i get a multiple of numbers to resolve this issue, everyone has a different department or a different phone number to move me to.
In calling a few, i only get moved to another department OR get to a transfered that rings forever and none answers anyways.

There seems to be one to call or now one help.
the infor reflects i have not payed, but my bank records show you have accepted the money but never posted changes or acknowledge any payment.
For a corporation i would think customer service would be one of most important action items.

WHY is t hat i must resort to this course of action to get your attention - or will i ??????????????????

ray 1/3/13 9:43AM

i just would like to say that i am outrage i had to pay 199 dollars for 2 in house trades total $398 i have been a member for 21 years this will be the last time i deal with you am done p.s plus dues also .richard rieb

Anonymous 12/5/12 8:41PM

Acknowledgement (KMM12969829V51154L0KM)
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 19:13:10 -0400
We were contacted a couple of days ago about this complaint but nothing was resolved. We would still like someone to explain why we cannot receive the value of the certificate that we paid for. We are not asking for anything extra, just what we were entitled to. We don't believe this issue of being told by RCI that we didn't have a certificate only to have it found months later was our fault and yet we are the ones being penalized.

We would like the issue corrected by making things as they should have been. We are not looking for an extension of the certificate. We want to have been able to use it like we should have in the first place. We have a trip booked for this coming Feb. Even though it is not prime season at the resort we booked, we were told that we would have to pay an additional $400 or so to use the certificate for this resort. If we were refunded the difference of what we paid and this yet-another-additional-fee, then it would be as if we redeemed the certificate and all would be back to normal. Everyone would be exactly as they would have been had we redeemed our certificate. Please explain why this is not possible or explain how we can escalate this matter.

Thank you

frustrated 10/31/12 6:14AM

I just inherited my Uncle's small hotel (54 units) in Sarasota, Florida, and was considering turning the units into timeshare units. I would like to know if RCI could tell me how to go about this and how to become affilated with RCI aas an exchange destination.

eightball1 10/15/12 1:21PM

An hour after I made my reservation on June 23, 2012, I called back and cancelled. I was told $189 will be credited back to my credit card later. There was a technical problem with the system. I called back six days later and the problem was still there. I called on July 9 and the problem was still the same. Kenny advised me that his supervisor will call me back ASAP. On July, 16, approximately 1120, I talked with an extremely rude agent from Colorado. I briefly explained my problem. She advised me my reservation was not cancelled. I told her it was cancelled on June 23, and I wanted to talk to a supervisor. She said she will not let me talk to the supervisor because she had corrected the problem. I told her I know she is just reciting instructions from a training manual. She said, â??I am not reading from any feakin manualâ??.
And no matter how many times I ask for a supervisor, she was not going to give me one because she had credit my account. Please listen to the training recording and you will see that I never raised my voice or was belligerent.

What is the word freakin a slang for?
Usually it is used in place of the F*** curse word where it may be inappropriate to curse or use obsene language but some one may want to get their point across.


rvsims 7/16/12 9:06AM

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