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Please find details for the Asus corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Asus corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
800 Corporate Way
Fremont, CA 94539
United States

Phone: 510-739-3777
Fax: 510-608-4555

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I bought 2 Asus HDMI Monitors for gaming for my son. I sent in the rebate forms and 6 months later they said they can't send me a rebate.I work on a tug boat and am gone 6 months at a time , figuring when I get home the rebate check will be there ....but it wasn't I should have known it was a scam .Now I need 4 more monitors and 3 laptops . ,but I'll be damn if I waste my money on Asus products ever again.I tell my friends don't ever buy Asus products cause Asus does not back their products or rebates. I think Asus is a scam company just using americans for their money. Bite my ass Asus.....I just got home the other day and threw all the paperwork away , then I hear about this site.....FY Asus.....One pissed off ex customer.....I hope Asus loses their shirt and goes under.....( OUT OF BUSINESS THAT IS ...)

Why 7/29/14 3:55PM

To make a long story simple, I would NOT recommend ASUS products--in particular AMD motherboards because of the numerous problems I have had with them. I have had to do many RMAs and pay for return shipping at times, plus take the time to resolve longstanding issues and then replace motherboards which takes time and your own materials you have to pay for.

A person can no longer talk to ANYONE in their Corporate office and I have not been able to talk to ANYONE in their Customer Care Department for maybe approximately one month now (today's date is 5/5/14).

So, if you happen to have an ASUS product--in particular a motherboard, if something goes wrong with it, be prepared for a HASSLE.

Rock 5/6/14 7:07PM

I am a senior whose 2 year old tablet died. There was no physical damage on my tablet as it never left my couch. I returned tablet to ASUS for service, assuming a battery was needed. After 4 weeks of waiting and several phone calls to ASUS, ASUS attempted to charge me $169 for repairs, which included a new adaptor and power cord (not needed, but were not ASUS brand). Included in the ASUS repair email was a photo of a tablet showing the connector bezel completely ripped open. It looked like a screwdriver was used to open the tablet. This was not how the tablet was returned to ASUS and this damage was not done in transit as it would have torn the box completely to shreds, certainly alerting ASUS personnel to question the shipment. I could not believe my ears when ASUS told me (again, after ME calling them)that I had caused the damage. I am so disappointed in ASUS and will be telling anyone who will listen. I cannot believe that any reputable company would damage a customer unit and not face up to it. I am now waiting for my IPAD.

Robin 3/28/14 11:45AM

I have had nothing but problems with my Asus Laptop model Q500A. The touchscreen has not worked properly since I purchased it. In addition there has been overheating and on the replacement computer these problems remain unresolved. Unfortunately now I can't get Lou Romero to respond and the keyboard does not work on this one. I type but nothing is on the page and I am told to retype. I would not buy Asus again based on the Computer quality but more on the fact that Customer Service has been an absolute NIGHTMARE!! I am blind and this is a HUGE PROBLEM FOR ME!! ANYONE THAT IS CONSIDERING BUYING AN ASUS COMPUTER SHOULD BUY ANOTHER BRAND!! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR SUCH A POOR LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

[email protected] 3/16/14 9:11PM

Note. stay on line and you might get an answer. I got one but got disconnected in transfer and now getting mailbox. This is BS. I have reached the corp offices at this number before but now only get voice prompt for departments. Used to be able to "0" and get switchboard but no longer. They are HIDING. their product sucks, their service sucks, the customer service sucks, the contract sales agent I purchased 1800 computer from was a liar. sent wrong computer. Asus would not take it back or make it good and it was damaged/defective out of the box. Never worked right AND NOW THEY ARE SENDING IT BACK AS A REFURBISHED COMPUTER WITH "SUPPOSEDLY" NEW MOTHERBOARD, NEW MOUSE, NEY MOUSE PAD, NEW BACK LITE AC Power cord adapter, DC Adapter, Hinge cover, Bottom Casing and Power cord and more!!!!

They didn't have the courtesy to call me about the service repair! I don't want the crappy thing. Have already lost 1,000 in depreciation!


I would appreciate someone from corporate customer satisfaction to contact me after reading my LONG file with all the problems and time I have spent with techs and remote services to make it work half way decent.

I finally purchased a 1800 Sony Vaio and paid 150 to have the Asus hard drive copied and transferred to the Sony. NOW I will have to pay to have the Asus they Fdisked to get the Asus back up. ANYONE WANT TO PRUCHASE A GAME ASUS BOAT ANCHOR?????

zachary 3/7/14 3:43PM

I received a 32 Gig Nexus 7 for Christmas. Right out of the box, it would not connect to bluetooth,play youtube, etc. Spent over six hours trying to get the thing to work with no joy. Contacted Google customer support, and was told these were "known issues", and it had to be sent to Asus. I called Asus, and was told " if you want to be jerk and send it in, go ahead. you will get a refurbished unit with the same problems"

When I complained to a supervisor, I was flat out called a liar ( despite requesting they pull the tapes ( they claim all calls are recorded ).

I have never received such horrible service.

The item is currently waiting to go out in the mail: as a precaution I had six people ( including a Circuit Court Judge) inspect the item, and got written statements from them
claiming the item was in perfect, mint condition, and was packaged securely. This was done because I have read MANY cases of Asus claiming the unit was damaged my the user, and refusing warranty service.

To give you an idea of how disgusted I am by this situation, I literally refuse to have anything to do with Google and/or Asus again: I removed chrome, will not use Google search, and got rid of my droid phone, etc.

Disgusted with ASUS 2/23/14 12:03AM

Just to make a long story short, this is the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Would not recommend Asus products at all for that reason.

mrsfelco 2/21/14 4:13PM

I purchased an ASUS monitor that went

kaplunk in less than 5 months. Since the latter part of December I have been trying to get the replacement. I call every week, because every week they -ASUS- keeps telling me that it is going to ship out next day. Really? And here we are, more than 65 days after the initial contact and the "next day" must be measured in the Chinese lunar calendar. Periodically they change the story lone. I am told that I need a new RMA because when the monitor was in stock, I did not call to have my replacement separated, packed and shipped. Now, stupidity can only take you so far, and after that it is theft.(?) Today I called, as I dutifully comply with their marching orders. Ah the wonders of rhetoric! How? Simple, they change the story and place the onus on me. So, after all these days, the best I can say is they can shove the computer up into the highest mountain and then brush their teeth and gargle with used spit. I give up! You just can't deal with a cheating corporation, you just can't (hate contractions).

wicaro22 2/17/14 11:10AM

I purchased an ASUS G75VX from Best Buy in Oklahoma City on May 21, 2013. This makes the 3rd ASUS notebook that I have purchased in the last 5 years. Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty thru Best Buy! I have no problems with the product itself, but I Have an entirely different opinion towards the customer service/warranty side of the company. The power supply went out on this unit on February 8, 2014. Less than a year after my purchase. I went online and requested warranty service on February 9, 2014. After submitting my request thru the website I received a confirmation letter via e-mail telling me that I needed to call the number listed on the e-mail. Although you receive a Service number (mine is 3422522) with all of the information you gave them online, you have to repeat the exact same info to the representative more than once. After spending some time on the phone, repeating the info they already had and waiting...this is what I was told was my only option. I have to send my power supply to them so they can make sure that is the problem. Not only that, I have to pay for all of the shipping myself. Then I have to wait with no power supply, for them to check it out and then send me another one. What good is it to spend $1700 on a product and get customer service like this? I really like the ASUS product and plan to purchase more. But not if I am going to get service from the company like this. I know for a fact that the power supply is bad because I had the exact same thing happen on the G72 model that I have. I checked by simply trading the power supply on my 2 units. Then I also checked the power supply with a multi-meter. I have all of the programs to send them whatever diagnostic results they might want. I will allow them to connect to my computer via the internet and get whatever information they would need. But none of this will work for them. Your only option is to package the power supply yourself, pay out of your pocket to ship to them and then be out of your computer for however long it takes them to check it and send you a new one. What would I do if my job depended on my computer? How would you feel if your family's income was now on hold because a company didn't have better customer service/warranty procedures? I'm not asking for an entirely new unit. I just want the part that makes it work. I am now rethinking any decision I might make about purchasing another product from ASUS. I'm not going to pay that much money for a product and then be treated like this to replace a part that is still under MANUFACTORER WARRANTY, a part that THEY KNOW goes bad and all on my dime and their time. I am very disappointed in ASUS customer service. And now becoming very disappointed with the company itself.
Randy Halford

GamerMom 2/10/14 3:41PM

I recently sent in my tablet because it stopped charging. After them having it for almost 3 weeks and my contacting them they tell the motherboard is damaged and they said I did it. They want me to pay almost $200.00 to fix it. I have called and even done the live chat to get some answers and some end to a means. Its not even 9 months old and they are voiding my warranty. That's what a warranty is for to fix it without cost to me.If I don't get results soon Im gonna go public with this and then they will have no excuses. Just send me a new Tablet and call it even. Do some customer service for once because we are not all wrong. Please just deal with the problem and help your customers. I don't have the money to be sending to you or buying a new one.

miffed 1/23/14 10:26PM

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER buy ASUS computer. Horrible unprofessional, ignorant tech. support, awful customer service. Under warranty I sent my desktop to their Service Center in Indiana 4 times. Every time they send it to be back WITHOUT any repair done. I have escalated my case and NOTHING except for staying without $980.00 and a desktop since June 11 2013 and today is December 18th 2013 !!!!! Finally they sent me a replacement - dirty unsealed somebody used computer with broken DVD cover that was lying apart in a box even without spring. My nervs reached a limit. All customer and tech support are in Jamaica. No way to contact US located headquarter and sue them. RUN AWAY !!!!! Quality of their product is very low, service is horrible. Looking for ANY way to collect my money back or to get a new working computer. Be aware.

Brooklyner 12/18/13 7:19AM

Run.....don't walk way from this company, ASUS. I purchased a table for my daughter last Christmas, it has been sent back 4 times ("all under warranty"), they have had it more then my daughter and they refuse to honor their product and replace the defect devise with a new one. The run around to try and get any assistance has been horrific. I am not sure what else can be done but warn other consumers. If I had know at the time what I know now, I would NEVER have purchased from this company. RUN!!!!!

AEK11 12/9/13 1:15PM

I have been trying to purchase an Asus motherboard for a month without any luck. I need some guidance as to which motherboard is best for my needs. They do not have any presales help or customer service number that i can find. Any number I call just keeps me on hold and wastes my time and burns my cell phone minutes for nothing. Terrible customer relations - maybe the worst company I've ever tried to purchase products. Makes me think that if they are this hard to deal with then maybe their products could be just as bad.

disapointed 12/3/13 2:29PM

sent my tablet in for repairs got it back missing the sd card. They told me my fault and tough luck. If the product had better quality control I would have not had to send it in under warranty!

Anonymous 11/18/13 4:13PM

Stay away from this company. Order Dell. or anyone. ASUS shows how little they care about their customers by the attitude from the first tier reps to the "call center managers". No corporate phone number answers. If you buy new, and have a problem, welcome to "refurbished" land. They will obnoxiously point out that their "warranty" allows them to ship you "refurbished" but do you really want that when your broken product is only one week old? Crappy company with piss poor customer service. And the worst part, they are proud of it!

Jeremiah Johnson 10/25/13 3:34PM

sent a TF201 to their service center in Grapevine TX where the tech dropped it and shattered the screen. When I questioned this, all correspondence from ASUS stopped. No return phone calls, no supervisor follow up...its been 4 months and I can get no info from them. Pathetic way to do business

Anonymous 10/15/13 8:42AM

I submitted everything ASUS asked for so I could get my 40 dollar rebate for 2 monitors, and now they say they didn't receive anything in the mail and refuse to give me my rebate. I have no control of our mail system, so whether they got it or not I have no idea, they could be lieing . If this was closer to the purchase date when I bought them I would have returned them to Tiger Direct and tell them to shove them where the sun don't shine.If I don't get my rebate I will never have another ASUS product in my office, to bad for ASUS cause I need to purchase 8 more monitors , but if I don't get my rebate , the other 8 monitors won't be ASUS

frito710 10/11/13 9:49AM

I bought a tablet from ASUS advertised as having MS Office 2013 installed. After getting the run around and told to call Microsoft and the retailer that I bought it from, I was told by ASUS that yes, they do package the product and send it out with a MS Office activation code, and if I didn't have one included I would just have to buy it. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for 15 minutes before I just hung up. Completely unsatisfactory customer service. They did not deliver the product they advertised and then told me to go and pay extra to fix their mistake. Unacceptable. I will file with FTC.

dasmom 10/4/13 3:50AM

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE file a COMPLAINT with the FTC. This company has cheated consumers enough. The FTC advised the more complaints they receive it helps the investigation which could lead to legal actions. Call and file the complaint over the phone at WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS COMPANY CHEATING ITS CONSUMER.

cjjohn55 9/17/13 3:58PM

I Received My Asus As A Chirstmas Present Last Christmas. It Has Been In Their Shop Three Times Since I Had It Because My Cursor Continues To Stick My Cd/dvd Player Will Not Read Any Cd's Or Dvd's I Keep Getting Weird Prompts On This Computer When I First Boot It Up That Say: "can't Open Acpi Atk0100 Kernal Mode Driver' And Another Prompt That Says: "you Have To Install A Atk0100 Driver' - This Has Been Hapening Since I Got It Back From The Shop Three Weeks Ago And My Cursor Still Freezes!! I Am Very Very Upset That Asus Sold My Daughter A Computer That Was No Good!!

LadyFingers1008 9/14/13 5:43AM

Worst Customer service ever, satellite outsource technical dept to Jamica who do not call back, do not let you know your computer that has been there for over 14 days and after a call every other day do not respond, do not email, do not call. Only excuses. going to 4 countries meeting government officials and asus still have not shipped computer back, promised it would be next day express, FedEx called saying it was was Express Saver, 3-5 days. Called FedEx back to change shipping to next day but this had to be done by Asus, they refused, they hung up, .....

I offered to pay, I offered to send back unfixed, I tried everything weeks in advance, not even a follow up by asus support.

so I am meeting prime ministers and government officials without information I need due to Asus having my laptop for 3 weeks, Now they wont even put me through to a manager!!!

Disappointed 8/29/13 4:56PM

Recently bought a ASUS Ultrabook. When I unpacked it I discovered that it did not come with the required USB to either net adapter. I contacted the vender i bought it from through Amazon and they said it was an ASUS issue. When I contacted ASUS they said that it was not their issue. The owners manual and the AMAZON page says it should be included. The online CHAT people and the phone people claim it is the venders fault even though I pointed out the information source. Am planning to contact the USA office to try and resolve this, or at least tie up their staff talking to me on the phone.

rabid robert 8/23/13 8:35PM

vivo RT. I just learned that they no longer support this product and I am stuck with a lame product that I can't even add my printer to nevermind adobe.
Rave about window 8 all they want but it is the WORST platform EVER. I am sorry I bought it and now have a 1 and 1/2 year ATT contract on this piece of crap.
I should have gone with Apple. Fat chance of getting my money back. Let the consumer beware!!!!!
I will submit my complaints in MN to the BBB and the attorney General office.

LCT1119 8/19/13 9:33AM

Filed a complaint with the BBB and will with State Attorney General. Also will take them to court (like they will send someone to MN! At least I get a judgement against them and a ding on their credit and will garnish after they refuse to pay! Everyone should do this and maybe they will listen then!

Mad@ASUS 7/26/13 3:47PM

Well I can see that this is a waste of time. As is calling tech support. Can you believe they have never heard of a ASUS laptop with hinge problems. There are pages of websites making reference to it but ASUS has never heard of it. They will fix it for $350. There is no reason it will not snap again and I wouldn't spend another penny on another ASUS product.

Buddy 7/22/13 1:09PM

My experience of trying to get in touch with Asus is HOW DO YOU DO IT? My laptop is suffering from a fault and it is under warranty but the service hotline number in the UK does not work. I have tried emailing and have recieved no reply.

Can anybody tell me how to get in touch?

Helpless 3/5/13 3:22AM

After read more we all see this company is profit before service if they have your money an you have poor equiment you cant do anything but hope they try to fix it and they charge you for anything they can and forget them replaceing they have to that in stock for other sicker like us.

tw54000 1/14/13 5:57AM

They worst laptop warranty even though they tell you when youbuy it cover for two year they will say thats not cover asus never again

tw54000 1/14/13 5:47AM

I too will NEVER knowingly purchase another ASUS product again! I have been dealing with them since Sept. 19th to try to have my computer fixed so it will operate properly.
First, I had to pay to get it shipped to them for service. Ten days later I finally received it back. It still had the same problem.
Called customer service. They wanted me to ship it back again and they would fix it this time! I complained about having to pay for shipping again, and waiting another few weeks. I want a new machine that works. That's what I paid for.

sciguy 12/24/12 3:31PM

This is not just a complain it's a fact of unsatisfactory customer service from global brands of the branch office beside square hospital. The employee in the customer service unit are just arguing persons they behaved with me very badly even they broke my laptop. I will never buy any of the asus brands product atleast from Bangladesh. there is no value of customers in your company. In normal situation customer can be hyper by the behavior of the customer manager but is it not the duty of them to make us realize why the customer is hyper? I want officially reform of those staffs atleast for the future customer.

Shahriar Sartaz
[an unsatisfied customer of global brands]

Shahriar Sartaz 11/15/12 10:28AM

I will NEVER knowingly purchase another ASUS product again! I have been dealing with them since Aug. 23 to try to RMA my motherboard.
First, I had to pay to get it shipped to them for a warranty exchange. A month later I finally received it back. It was my same motherboard with the same problem.
Called cust. service. They wanted me to ship it back and they would replace it this time. I complained about having to pay for shipping again, and waiting another month. CSR said they would put AWT Advanced With Tracking on it.
CSR said as soon as they found a replacement board they would email a FED EX label so I would not have to pay for it. Got the label and called them back with the tracking number to confirm my old board was on the way and then they were supposed to release the replacement board.
My old board made it there in 5 days. I've been waiting for a confirmation email that the replacement was on the way. It's been 9 days and 3 phone calls, and all I get is "somebody dropped the ball on my RMA with advanced tracking". CSR said that they would send an email to the supervisor and that should take another 24 to 48 hours.
The terrible thing is that when you are sitting on hold the phone recording goes on and on about the great customer service they have and the quick turn around time and all the other awards they have received. What a joke!
This is just another big company that doesn't care about their customer base. If they lose you they still have got so many other suckers out there to sell to.
Sad, isn't it?

ziggy 10/2/12 10:46AM

Asus Transformer
Product code 2642
Serial Number = C50KCT060141

Further to your e-mail below: -

On 26th July 2012 I returned it to Curryâ??s/PC World. I was dismayed to discover that you point all your customers to the manufacturer after 28 days even though the unit is plainly faulty and your are the retailer.

I therefore had no choice but to let you return it to Asus to be fixed (Repair number 287306). They duly repaired it and it was returned to me on 6th August 2012. When I questioned what the repair was the Shop assistant rang Asus support and was told the on-off switch was reassembled as it was shorting out (this seems a suitable explanation as it was appearing to turn itself off then on)

Today - 12th September - the Tablet has started doing exactly the same thing. It reboots itself when I pick it up and then constantly reboots. Sometimes this is cured when the switch is pressed and released quickly (as if to clear a bad connection)

I am returning the Tablet to Curryâ??s/PC World tomorrow and no doubt they will want to return it to Asus to be fixed again.

I do not want this tablet any more. I have loaded it with software twice and got it to a state where it is usable â?? only to have to return it. I cannot rely on it for my business and it has proved to be a total waste of my time.

Please instruct Curryâ??s/PC World in Tottenham Ct Rd to refund my money to enable me to buy a suitable reliable replacement elsewhere (someone that offers true customer service) â?? unfortunate it will probably be an IPad as my wifeâ??s Apple tablet has proven to be much more reliable.

I have copied in The Consumers Association - and if the refund is not forthcoming I will be progressing my case through the small claims court - Money Claim Online â?? at

FOR YOUR INFORMATION - I recently had a problem with my Amazon Kindle after 11 months of ownership. I contacted Amazon and they sent a replacement, free of charge, with three days + postage and packing to send the old unit back. NOW THAT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE - so guess where I will be buying all my replacement pad.

Mike 9/13/12 12:56AM

just bought an asus infinity tf700 transformer pas and dock- the first week I had it I was extremely happpy- speed, responsiveness, and overall high end features set this pad above others I have worked with thus far... THEN TONIGHT HAPPENED. I booted up the pad, and was greeted with an update from ASUS, stating that there was a "touch panel firmware update" with a load bar on the bottom going from 0% to 100%- and waited, and waited till I got a "Faided to update the touch panel firmware" message, and a note telling me to please press the power button till the screen goes black for a moment to upgrade the touch panel firmware again.

no dice-

okay so I repeted the process about 10 times

no dice-

so I decided to hit the "reset button" on the side of the pad, and for all it did I might as well have just pushed the power button again. It's now 1:30 am, I have be scratching the web to try and gain some purchase on this impenetrable rock face of a situation, and still

no dice-

I can't get ahold of anyone at the 24/7 support number, the IM interface at the website doesn't even work- the self help pages are glitchy and poorly maintained, and when they do give you answers there is NOTHING even remotely reselmbling what I'm looking for...

I'm about to rip out all of the mother boards, vid cards, and other products out of my house and replace them with non-asus products. After years for happy experiences from asus, this is a major dealbreaker- I'm just lucky I can afford to disown my melf from them, seeing as they support about half of the PC's in my home and home office- but it's the inconvenience of this whole process that I'm most annoyed by, coupled by the loss of faith in a company that I really wanted to believe in

Pete Winninger
Chicago, Il, USA

Anonymous 9/10/12 11:41PM

I will never buy from them again. After only 3 weeks, my laptop stopped working. They have had it now for 3 weeks and have no idea when it will be repaired.

mary 8/30/12 10:21PM

I bought a brand new asus transformer pad and it started getting really light than dark. Than it looked like it had water under the screen. I tough screen got stuck. The next morning two cracks appeared and this unit was never dropped or damaged. I did not buy a warrenty because I have never needed one. My husband is a Attorney and did research and found countless claims of this very thing happening. I called and the customer service person stated that if it has a crack under the scrren it was dropped. I want this tablet repaired without expense to us. I hope this matter can be solved in a civil manner. There is a defect in the tablets screen. Feel free to call me at 910619-9881 thanks mr. jones

aimee 8/7/12 10:19AM

We have a ASUS All-in-one computer that has never worked properly. We have tried 4 times now to get assistance with this computer and it is impossible. When you call the corporate office you are simply sent back to the worthless customer support center. Round and round the loop.

Lindee 7/17/12 9:20AM

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