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Metro PCS corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

Deutsche Telekom AG
2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX 75082
United States

Phone: 214-570-5800
Fax: 214-570-5859

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Hey metro.. thanks for ripping me off.. i was told when i bought this phone i could us it all over the us.. wow what will they say to get u to buy a inthe phone in georgia ..moved to pa. said no prob.. it will work ass no enet no 3 g ... but can txt and call i need what i payed for the enet.. nt get a phone from these ppl... costi..sevice is a joke..from.don bartlett

country boy don 7/25/14 12:29PM

Me and another person has been scammed and defrauded by the metro pcs.dealership a. The bald headed man that works there in the daytime said that if I purchased the Huawei phone and paid 2 payments of $60, then after that when making the 3rd payment, it would be $40 a month. It was a lie and a scam to make you buy a more expensive phone and service. Now I can't get anyone to refund me my money for the scam that was ran on me after having the service for 10 days and being out $140. I don't recommend anyone doing business with people doing this, plus they don't care it appears that people are being scammed and deceived as well after numerous attempts telling them.

free 7/12/14 6:42PM

I transferred my Boost mobile account to Metro PCS with a $50.00 rebate and I also purchased a %200.00 phone with a $ 20.00 rebate. This purchase was made on 1/18/2014. This was a promotional offer from Metro PCS. I called the store 1 1/2 mths later to ask them what is happening with my rebate because I had not received it. They said it will take up to 3 mths. WOW. Okay, Today is 4/23/2014 over 3 mths I still have not received my 70.00 rebate money. Guess what! I cant get a hold of anyone located at the 835 West Sample Road, Pompano Beach, Florida 33064 location because their mailbox is full and it will not receive anymore messages. LOl this is a PHONE COMPANY. Oh, another thing, even on your Metro PCS online advertisement, it states dial 611 to speak to someone, really? try it. This is false advertisement. Now it gets better, my brand new phone of barely a mth died, and of course I did not purchase insurance because whenever I had with Metro pcs they pretty much always made me pay a full price minus, maybe... 20 bucks. So my phone died and on 2/21/2014 one mth and 3 days later, I had to purchase another phone that was almost $200.00, with guess what?! a LOL $20.00 rebate. ohhhh I know I must wait 3 mths before I get that $20.00. I am going to make an attempt tomorrow to call again and if I do not reach someone, I will be writing the better business bureau for the false advertisement that Metro PCS offers hard working, paying citizens. You should be ashamed of your company, how you represent it and how you treat your good paying customers. Be careful. Also it may do you good to have some personal hygiene education implemented to your employees, especially to your smelly employee MLakhani who se body odor caused me to hold my breath while purchasing my phone and temperament was unbelievably degrading and rude. I almost walked out and should have. FYI, if I have to contact the BBB, I will be mentioning not only my experience regarding the false advertisement but will be providing information on 3 of my friends that have not received theirs, who knows this may become a court issue.
Thank you

Anonymous 4/23/14 6:06PM

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Cindy and I've been a dedicated customer with Metro PC over 5 years. I rarely had any issues or issues with your phones since I upgraded and purchased the Kyocera Hydro last year (2013). The 1st issue since I had this phone was after a month was the speakers went the 1st month (I couldn't hear my music), and I took my phone to the corporate store located on Cottman Ave to get fixed. They told me the phone was under warranty and I paid the minimum fee to get phone fixed and phone was fixed. After month or 2 months later, I had a 2nd problem with the same phone, I could not hear my phone ring (which I couldn't tell if I was receiving calls unless I was watching my phone). I took phone back to the Cottman Store and again I paid the minimum amount to have my phone fixed and phone was fixed 2nd time. Now I am extremely upset because Tues. (3/11/14)afternoon I was at a taping for a TV show and we were directed to turn off all cell phones and I turned my cell phone off and could not turn my phone back on so I went back to the Cottman Store Wed. (3/12/14) night to see if they could fix this problem. I was told that it was not my battery and it was the cell phone,but the warranty has expired and because I didn't keep up with the insurance that my phone couldn't be fixed and I had to buy a new phone. I was so angry that I could not believe that this phone that I had so many problems with, including everyone that I called and spoke with told me that my phone was muffler and have of the time they could not understand what I was saying. So many people told me I need a new phone, but this phone was closed to $200 and it hasn't been a year since I had it. But I have had nothing but issues and could not return this phone. I kept telling the salesperson/customer service that all I had was $100 to live off of for 2 weeks and couldn't afford to purchase another cell phone. But because I was out of a phone, I had no choose and end up purchasing another phone for $70. This isn't fair!!!!! Why??? Is this a way of treating a faithful Metro PC Customer??!!!!!

Very Disgusted,

Cindy McMillian

totallsin 3/13/14 7:59AM

To Whom it may Concern

I Derrell purchase a phone from MetroPCS Dec.2013

June 2013 my phone was replace & reactivated

9 months later I having a problem with 4G no internet i can only receive phone calls. i called customer service mentor to get assistance I was ask to push *228 reactivate while service refesh my phone this didn't fix technical problem. customer service advise me that my phone was a manufacture defect I needed to contact Samsung they told me to obtain a proof of purchase from MetroPCS.i explain my phone was a replacement and was reactivated June 2013 how can i receive some help from metro regarding receipt..

dmode2uu 12/16/13 5:54PM

my name is Joanna OliveiraI would like to complain to the Metro company about a phone card that I had bought from Walmart in Modesto on McHenryAvenue on October 31st 2013 for my oldest daughter's birthday she already had a phone of her own but it was disconnected due to nonpayment but we wanted phone reconnected I went to Walmart and bought the $50 card.when I asked the lady at the register if I bought this and it was disconnected could I still get it would it still work she said she thought it should .so I took the phone card to my daughter , I have the receipt ,she has the card, but when she tried the numbers on the back of the card she couldn't get it to work , she.called 611 number and they said that the card was not activated she tried even changing the phone number , but I saw the lady scan the card they told her to look on the receipt asked if it says activated anywhere on it& It does not say that it was activated .so I've been trying to call Metro to find out what I am able to do without having to pay more money feel that for all this trouble I am having to activate this phone again having paid the $50 I should be at least acknowledged that it was their fault please help me I don't like to make a big deal about things but this was a birthday present thank you very much Joanna Oliveira my email address is

jody owens 11/7/13 4:37PM

First off, your reps at your callcenters in Texas, I believe her name was Emery, said they have no number to MetroPCS Gorporate Office and she gave me a PO Box for your address.
Now are you people,"soooo bad", that you lie to the employees or are your employees trained to lie for you?
My problem with you is, I have been a customer with Metro PCS for years and moved from California to Arizona, Tucson. My phone has been working fine and I pay the bill online with debit.
Now, after six months my phone is cancelled because billing says I am in the covered area but in the area that does not have charges, therefore I am not abiding by the," Terms Of Use"
This is Bull crap, and is this how you treat loyal customers after years of service or is it that you have taken on the business ethics of AT&T, who are jaded by all the good customers that quit them so they look for our name on your list and give lame reasons why they have cancelled your services?
Metro has businesses in Tucson and there's obvious coverage in Tucson, I had no problems for 6 months, and can you let me continue service for 6 months, take my payments, leave my service on and then decide suddenly that I'm not being charged in the covered area I am in, but you are taking my payment every month diligently!(your reps excuse why my service was cancelled}, so you cancel me?
Sounds illegal to me!!!!
I will make an enquiry to find out and expose any wrongdoing, I promise this!!!!

lulubellz 10/26/13 1:07AM

I received a billing notice to pay a bill I paid yesterday.I tried to get a live person to ask about it. After a 20 minute search of your confusing website I finally found a number. I called and waited on hold 15 minutes for it to hang up on me. Second call the same thing happened after a 25 minute wait. On the third try I succeeded after 20 minutes. The agent I spoke to had such a thick accent I could barely understand her and she had difficulty understanding me. She didn't care about my problem. I finally got it resolved. The text was sent in error. After almost an hour and a half she said disregard the text and promptly hung up on me. No apology for the confusion, not even a good bye.Why do you bury a customer service number so deep in your website. The computers that handle the calls are very frustrating.I was highly pissed off after this experience. I tried call the store and got a computer that couldn't answer my question. Do you have more than one live person to handle my calls. I am a 10+year customer and your customer service sucks. Remember you have competition that would love a long term customer. I have gotten many people to switch to metro pcs I'd hate to have to tell them I was wrong. I would like to have some feedback from you on this

stevenf1413 10/4/13 7:48PM

I had a Metro Dealership Owner tare up my reciept when I questioned Him about my bill and ask Him for a refund.the owner and 3 other Family members ordered me out the store and never to come back.Now problems begin.I called 611 made a incident report and made a second .Now I made a Report to METRO PCS CORPORTATE OFFICE called at least every two weeks and each time told that i will recieve a call for them. It's been 2 months now and I still have'nt recieved my $119.00 refund.

unhappycustomer 10/3/13 9:46AM

I bought a phone back on 5.16/13 sent away for the rebate , I was told that it should only take about 8-12 wks from he day they receive it , they received it on 5/22 and I should of got it back in Aug and nothing, I called always the runaround. now it is Sept and nothing now telling me it will be a other 30 days 6 months for a rebate right. everytime I call the rebate they always hang up on me this is unexceptional for this and the staff from the supervisors to the managers needs training in customer service

sam2 9/19/13 8:26PM

The first problem happened when I paid my bill and the cashier credited the wrong #. I didn't pick-up on it till a friend with a Medical Problem had to drive to my house because he couldn't reach me because my phone had been shut off due to lack of payment. So luckily I saved receipt from payment and after taking friend to doctor went back to store. Well no problem getting him to fix his mistake and the extra money I had paid refunded. Now starts craziness, some one from said store called three times and left voice mail asking to call back and give them my account pin #?. said they needed it to make changes to my account or my phone would be shut off again. I said that I couldn't remember it off top my head but wasn't comfortable with giving out that info over phone, then (clerk)? said it might be my birthday and what is my Birthday and I said I would not provide any kind personnel information over phone or in person!! then they got mad because I wouldn't give them this info and saying my phone was going to be shut off... So I said if that happens I'll call the Metro PCS corporate office. So I decided to get ahead of the game and call the corp. office, Boy was I wrong, dialed there #611 number and after working thru all their prompts got a human #906748 (not in U.S.A I Bet) and asked for Main corporate office number, he gives me a local store number and says that's the (local) corporate office. when I told him that's not the number I wanted then he asked the problem I had and I told him. he said he would look at my account and see if their was a problem with it, then I asked where he was physically located at and he said I'd get survey and hung up on me before I got my answer.

Nomoremetro 9/19/13 5:08PM

I recently made a payment to my mom's phone (she's out of the country and has the phone with her) only to find upon receiving the confirmation email that it was paid to the wrong phone. I called customer service immediately after I realized and all they could tell me was that they were 'sorry to hear' that my mom was out of the country and that she couldn't recall every being given an 8-digit access code. So now my money is in some other person's account and because I cannot access either phone I've basically lost my money. Is there no other way to access an account? None of the streets she's provided are correct either.

_Livid_ 4/25/13 9:10PM

My Daughters Phone Was Stolen On 2-8-13, I Called The Customer Service Line To Let Them Know They Gave Me The Number To The Insurance Company Where I Filed A Claim. At The Time I Did Not Have The Money To Pay The Deductible. So On 2-25-13 I Called The Unsurance Company And Paid The Deductible. When I Called Metro To Set Up Activationt Hey Told Me That The Account Had Been Cancelled Because I Called In On 2-17-13 And Told Them That I Was Going With Sprint And I Was Going To Give My Brother The Phone. I Advised Bryan Opr#906382, That This Was Not True. He Basically Called Me A Liar And Said If I Wanted To Get This Phone Activated That I Would Have To Pay Another $60.00 To Get Activated, Because It Was Not Thier Fault. I Advised Him That I Was Not Going To Pay Anything, Because, I Too Have A Phone With Metro And Why Would I Spend Money On Getting A Replacement Phone And Them Spend Money On Going To Sprint To Get A Phone And I Have An Active Account With Metro. I Want Something Done About This So I Am Calling And Writing The Corporate With Documentation. Resolution Getting Her Phone Back On With No Charge.

DEDEGARLAND 2/28/13 10:16AM

i want to know if this will get to someone who's going to help me. It's been billing problems. When I purchase a phone. They never told me about insurance. I need help please. On top of everything after I purchase the phone I went into the hospital for Multiple Scoliosis for a month and half. Then came home with nurses. Then she was having threatening call so she change the number. Then I was about to add another the line. That's when I found out about the insurance

latrese 1/18/13 4:59PM

Just got a Metro PCS android phone from my dad for Christmas, who lives in New Jersey. I however live in Laramie, Wyoming, since I've had my phone I have not been able to use it due to bad network service. I tried calling customer support on a friends phone, and twice was asked to hold and hung up on. I told my dad to get verizon or at&t but the dumb ass who told him I would get service here was convincing, and wrong. If there is a way I can get my phone to work here please proceed to email me at Hope to here back.

89aust1ncl 1/1/13 2:00PM

I moved to the Washington, DC, Maryland area only to receive a text msg. from Metro PCS, which says you are out of the Network area, should this continue we will terminate your service. I called and informed them of my move months before doing so, only to be told, no problem. Don't listen to them, they don't know what they are doing!

Customer 12/27/12 12:24PM

By far the worst customer service I have ever had. No one knows anything about anything.

Anonymous 12/19/12 12:49PM

It is against the law to interrupt service when payment has been made on time. My payment was made by my bank on the 11th, the payment is DUE ON THE 15th, then why does it take Metro PCS so long to post it. But if the payment is in your possession already you SHOULD NOT INTERRUPT THE SERVICE OF A PAYING ON TIME CUSTOMER. I have four accounts with you and apparently you do not appreciate my business.

afrommi 12/16/12 11:07AM

Hello my name is Marcelle Paul, the reason of my comment is because I've been trying to forever to get in touch with Metro pcs on how to become a payment Agent, and haven't get the chance to talk to anybody, hope this memo get to you this time, Thanks.

Sunshine Auto Seat Covers.

Anonymous 9/24/12 1:28PM

i bought a android phone in march of 2012 haven't got my rebate yet, what's going on? Every time it's time for me to recieve a rebate with metro pcs it's always a problem poor customer service

nelly mays 9/23/12 8:03AM

My daughters phone was purchased in July and was disconnected for 1 week. We paid the bill and because she had moved to diffrent area metro would not reactivate the phone when the bill was paid. Now she is back on area they say her phone was stolen!!_!

nitnat1117 9/2/12 9:22PM



I had my old Metro Pcs phone reactivated for my mother's usage at the nursing home,was told I now have a family plan. her phone bill was paid at Bronx Metro pcs store.She died,and on 8-23-12 Iwent to 115 pay my phone bill.I asked that my mom's phone be disconnected,she passed.I then asked how much is due on my phone? WAS TOLD TO PAY $10.00 ANY BALANCE WOULD BE ADDED TO SEPTEMBER'S BILL .GOT RECEIPT,LEFT TO FINALIZE FUNERAL.PHONE DISCONNECTED ON DAY OF FUNERAL.THAT YOUNG MAN TOLD ME MY PAYMENT IS MUCH LESS ON 8-23 BECAUSE THE FAMILY PLAN HAD BEEN TERMINATED SO SOON AFTER PAYMENT.WHY LIE?TRAIN THOSE YOU EMPLOY,TEACH PROPER SKILLS,WHEN YOU MISTREAT,MIS INFORM THE PUBLIC ,OR EMPLOY ILL EQUIP STAFF U LOSE RESPECT IF IT MATTERS AND YOU DON'T LAST,NEITHER DOES YOUR POCKET MONEY.


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