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PNC Bank corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the PNC Bank corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the PNC Bank corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
1 Pnc Plaza
249 5th Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States

Phone: 412-762-2000
Fax: 412-762-7829

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PNC bank is starting in my case to be a nightmare. I have been with this bank most of my life back when it was Ohio National. Recently or so they tell me they have discontinued free checking accounts and changed me to first interest checking and when I complained about 13.00 dollar fee to the one I have now standard checking which im sure has a monthly fee and charges 2.50 ontop of the 3.00 charge the non pnc bank charges for atm cash withdrawals. When I called to find out what this 2.50 charge was for the CUSTOMER SERVICE person didnt know.
OMG THEY ARE THE WORST BANK ON EARTH. I went from no fee checking to fee POOR checking.

Anonymous 5/20/14 4:32AM

I had a credit report that showed my PNC mortgage as being a paid foreclosure. It was not PNC had been paid in full through a short sale. Big difference. I got caught in a never ending phone loop or menu loop with no correct selection for my problem, which was to get PNC to report correctly to the Credit reporting firms how the loan was reported to them. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!!!! Call PNC's corporate phone number not any of their 1-800 numbers and ask them to direct you to the department you need. NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE those people are idiots. Ask for retail escalation, it is their job to expedite things. I did this and was sent to Mortgage escalation with only one transfer. The lady there took my information on a Friday and had the issue resolved on the following Monday.

anonomous 2/24/14 12:07PM

William H. Schlicting-I have your overdraft protection and I want $400.00+ returned to me -NOW or I'll take you to court-GET IT!

billys 1/23/14 4:53PM

Has Anyone Received Harassment From Pnc Regarding Caring Flood Insur.on Your Property. Since My Loan With National City, I Have Carried A Flood Insur. Policy With Usaa Every Year Since Date Of Deed Of Trust, 2006. My Deed Of Trust Specifically States That Escrow Is Waved. Oct. 16, 2012, Pnc Bank Has Breach My Contract, Deed Of Trust, And Is Forcing Me To Escrow A Year In Advance The Amount They Want For Flood Insur. Increasing My Mortgage Payment By $155.00. I Am Taking This Complaint To The Federal Gov't. If You Are Suffering This Contact Me

Anonymous 1/3/14 4:54PM

I had accidently sent a payment out two days earlier than my payday. My account showed 4 checks ready for payment and the accidental payment showed up at the end of the reast of the scheduled payments. However, PNC decided to rearange the amounts which caused me to incure 3 overdrafts totaling $108.00 instaed of the one I should have gotten. This happend one other time to me and when I asked I was told it was bank polocy to honor the larger checks first. The thing I dont get is PNC would have honored the accidental check and assessed me 1 $36 overdraft instead of now 3 in which would have paid out tomorrow. The funds were available at the time for the other checks until PNC decided to rearange..... Seems they don't care about their customers...

Pissed Off 11/7/13 1:57PM

I tried to use an ATM owned by PNC, only to get a receipt stating that my "card issue unavailable." I had tried to withdraw $400.00. I received no cash, but PNC took $400.00 from my account and refused to give it back. They say I have to file a complaint with Direct Express to get my disability money back. This is my RENT money that they stoled and refused to return. All I got from PNC was excuses and "call here, or call there, or contact your own bank-It's a United States Treasury debit card! There was an 89 year old lady behind me, and the ATM did the same thing to her, leaving her with $27.69 for the rest of the month, while she tries to find someone to help her file a complaint with someone, somewhere, to get HER money back!
PNC needs to be audited for fraud, theft and needs to pay interest on the money they have stolen from quite a few people on 11/1/13-ATMS out of money, doesn't dispense, but does steal out of your account! Will be contacting the Attorney General, BBB, and anyone else I can find. However, from the crappy reviews I see over and over again on this site, PNC apparently just doesn't care.

leannshea 11/1/13 10:28AM

If there were a worse bank or customer service than PNC then I would really wonder how the banking world continues to exist. PNC is the worst the very worst banking institution that I have ever dealt with in my 60 years of banking. I will be moving my account altho it is small it will not be at PNC after November. Horrible service.

mercury57 10/16/13 8:01AM

Have been a customer with PNC for ALMOST 25 YEARS. Every so often I have an issue with a teller and later I will never have that tell wait on me or I will no longer enter that branch. In the past few months I have been running in with a male teller at the West Orange branch. The only reason Iave been going to that branch for years is because it is close to my home and convenient when getting off of 280 from work. Since I have been dealing with this tell new policies have been put into place but mysteriously only when he is on staff. A few weeks ago I was asked for another form of identification to cash a check with my savings account. I had to go back out and to my car only for a week later not to be asked at all for secondary identification. Today I go in and they ask for secondary id which I could not supply. I was told by another teller "that is my supervisor and you have to provide secondary id". I do not think it is fair that staff only want to do things right when their superiors are not around. If I was asked regularly, I would not be upset. But to inconvenience me and then apologize for it does not make me any less frustrated. I will be branch shopping and even thinking of bank shopping to take my business elsewhere.

Anonymous 10/11/13 3:35PM

It has become necessary for me to change my banking to BB&T. At the location in Whiteville, NC, we only had (1) customer service representative to help, and only (1) location. Also, the voice mail, to leave a message, is not available now. We will be closing our checking, savings, home equity line and another account that we have there. How can you expect to grow as a company, if you do not have enough people working, to adequately help your customers. I am really sorry to leave this bank and did business with RBC Centura, and that was great. When it became PNC Bank, I got no help to change my drafts over to PNC Bank. I did all of that myself. They did change the social security information, but that is all. This been so frustrating to try to get service, but with (1) loan officer, (1) customer service, how can a bank serve everyone that needs help??????? Answer: you can't.

Anonymous 9/24/13 9:03AM

The Bank is sub standard. I tried to reach a branch and was put into an endless do-loop of press #? for this department and that department. At no time was I given the option of speaking with a live person. I called the 855 number and was told to call the local branch only to find out there was no way to speak with a representative of the branch, let alone the Branch Manager.

Mike 9/12/13 1:51PM

I have been banking in Baltimore since 1956m and never had a problem opening a checking account until recently. My grandson tried to open a checking account and was told two documents that confirmed his address. Why? He has drivers license and that was OK for one verification. The second is more difficult because it seems only ORIGINAL document will do. With current ID usually acceptable online, it seems unreasonable to require hard originals when a copy, or online verification, should do. Why is this a problem?

Walt 9/9/13 11:36AM

I've had the worst customer service today I was only trying to make a car payment I've paid on time every month since I had the car this time I was told that my account is in bankruptcy operations I've never filed bankruptcy. I tried to call to get the matter resolved the reps hung up on me transferred me around very rude and had no interest in trying to help me get this matter resolved. Because of this situation I will be writing the better business bureau and will try to get my car financed elsewhere. If I pay my payments on time monthly I shouldn't be treated in this manner.

Dannny 6/24/13 1:36PM

Very worst customer service ever,, I made an extra car payment through Auto Bill Pay 3 months after the account was closed (paid off in March)on June 7,2013.. notified PNC on the same day and was told my funds had been returned..called again on 06/10--06/12--06/14 each time was informed funds had been returned, called 06/18 and got a little huffy with them still no luck but on 06/20 I called and was informed that a note had been posted to my account saying their Settlement Dept had OK'ed a refund on 06/18/2013 so I called later in the day to obtain a reference # or trace # and was informed by their Retail Escalation Dept. (that's where they transfer you to when you get pissy) that my refund will be made the first week of July...A bigger bunch of liers I've never encountered

Sick of BS 6/20/13 9:14AM

I was a National City Bank customer for years, and have been with PNC since they purchased National City. Bad move, for us customers anyway. I won't even go in to what it took for them to get my checking and savings accounts switched over, correctly, on the THIRD try. But now that you can no longer call the branch at which you do business, it has gone from bad to worse. Their automated attendant is useless. It doesn't acknowledge my SS# even though I have a large savings account balance, an above average balance checking account and my home mortgate loan all with them. It takes forever to finally get to a human being, and then they ask the same questions as the automated attendant and do not appear to be much smarter. Again I heard, "your SS# is not in our system". I tried to assure the first jerk that I am a customer, but to no avail, and he actually hung up on me! Luckily I was chosen to take their satisfaction survey, so hopefully somebody takes the time to look at those. I will be closing my accounts with PNC and paying off my mortgage balance. I'll have to wipe out about $30K of savings, but they will loose over $5K of interest. Sorry, but PNC sucks!

Anonymous 5/30/13 10:46AM

May 6, 2013
To Whom It May Concern:
I wish to lodge a complaint. First, though, let me say that I have been a client of PNC Bank for approximately 7 to 8 years, and have been thoroughly happy with the banking services.
My complaint is with the mortgage department. I attempted to refinance my home in Arlington Virginia, and at first I also sought to add a loan on top of my refinance. However, the process took so long that I deferred and dropped the request for a loan and, instead, pursued a straight refinance.
The process took much too long. Four months later, the PNC employees with whom I worked, continued to ask for information, when, in fact, they should have been better organized and asked for all the information they required early in the process. I am not sure if they were incompetent, silly, or stalling. In any event, it was a very frustrating and I finally called it all off and will pursue a refinance with another organization.
I cannot recommend PNC for refinancing home mortgages to any of friends or acquaintances. I found the employees with whom I worked, completely unorganized, and slow in trying to get the refinance completed. I also found that my questions were not, generally, answered in a timely manner and that the primary employee with whom I worked was difficult to reach.
My recommendation is that you look into the matter and apply some systemic quality control into the process. Somewhere in the process things are just not working smoothly. It may be the employees, or it may be the system you have in place. My sense is that the problem is systemic.

Anonymous 5/7/13 6:53AM

Every time I go to the branch in Glendora NJ, there are new tellers and fewer tellers. Lines are longer etc. I have been with the bank since it was Camden Trust. Are you trying to close the branch? There is only one platform person when I go in. That is another wait. There are two other banks in the immediate area. They have enough tellers. Perhaps I should look into their services.

anadopted1 5/4/13 9:46AM

I have been a PNC customer for quite sometime since i move to New Jersey. I had the worst service in the Jersey City branch (Danforth & Sullivan). Since it was a large amount to withdraw I had to do it via the teller. It took me more than 30 minutes because there was only 1 teller manning the window. There were two tellers manning the window, 1 white male and one black lady. These white male close his window after fininshing his transaction with the customer and was left with one teller. Knowing that there was a long line of people waiting, I don't why he had to close his window and help the customers. There were 2 ladies in the lobby telling us that the other tellers will be back in 10 minutes, maybe they were on there break, 10 minutes, 20minutes, 30 minutes and no help was in in site. And after making a complaint these two ladies had the guts to still smile, adding insult to injury. This 2 ladies one white on the heavy side, and one short dark skinned lady on the heavy side. When I left the bank after withdrawing my money. the line was almost by the door with still one teller manning the window. I am so disappointed about the actions of this two ladies.Where was the bank manager at these time?

Anonymous 5/3/13 11:51PM

I had the worst experience with PNC ever. The customer service is horrible at the 300 US 41 location in Schererville, IN. I had an issue with the ATM and I went in to the bank to get assistance, but because it was close to closing time I was told to leave. Then as I sit in the parking lot trying to call for assistance and drove back to the ATM as I was on the phone with customer service. A worker came out and threatened me because I was at the ATM for a couple of minutes. And then she said she was going to call the police. Let me say, I never got out of my car, she approached my car, I too called the police, before they arrived, she left and I filed a complaint.

Bullied at PNC 4/18/13 10:53AM

I have been a PNC customer for at least ten years back when it was called National City. Today and two weeks ago I received the best customer service from a branch on the west side of Chicago. The first experience for me was two weeks ago when I needed to pull money from savings account during my lunch break. I was stressed because several of my students did not have the money to attend a field trip that I had planned since November. I went to PNC with the intent to quickly pull money out, but there were two elderly men being serviced. The two tellers that were asisting the men had a conference with each other other. I assumed that it was personal and I was pissed off. One teller said something to nice to me and i cannot recall what was said, but I responded with "This is the worst PNC I have ever came to. After she finished with the older man, who was in a wheelchair, she came behind the glass to help me. She was not rude and in fact so was extremely helpful giving me information on how to change my saving account into one that would better suit my needs. I left with the intent to write a nice letter because I was ashamed of my behavior towards her, I appreciated the care and attention the tellers gave to older men that they serviced but because of a conversation they had with each other I automatically assumed they were making us wait. Will be a PNC customer for life!

Keita 2/21/13 11:40AM

I just have to say, my CURRENT experience with PNC Bank Mortgage Department, has me aghast. I closed on a loan with RBC Bank at the end of 2011 in Gulf Shores, AL, in a very expedient manner with no headache what so ever. Subsequently portions of RBC were purchased by PNC Bank. In October of 2012 I decided to refinance into a 15 year loan from a 30. Should be a simple no brainer one would think. I could only expect that PNC would have all of the mandatory Federal paperwork associated with the original loan. Apparently not so, so hence began the process of providing documents all over again. Remind you, this was 4 1/2 months ago. All the information was provided to various folks within PNC. Today, February 4ht, 2013 I am being advised by the loan officer and the marketing manager in the Fairhope, and Gulf Shores branches, that they cannot obtain insurance information from the corporate office, no channel there. Are you kidding me. It is like I (the 800 credit score customer), am having a favor done for me in them processing my loan request. I have on multiple occasions over the past few days, expressed my feelings about how terribly weak their customer service skills are, not to mention the pathetic lack of process that they have internally as a large corporation. Do they somehow think that they are the only game in town. Get real, and do some retraining

Wow 2/4/13 11:54AM

It amazes me that you need full coverage auto insurance before rolling off the lot with a new vehicle, however PNC seems to need re-verification of the full coverage.
They tacked on $2300.00 to my auto loan--- for collateral coverage since they could not verify insurance.
They have no problems calling when their 3rd party online vendor is late processing payments---but they sure do like putting out regular mail when they can add large amounts to an auto loan--
Then the phone tree tag when trying to get corporates's phone number--- I'm going to refinance and pay $500.00 dollars on my loan than put up with this garbage--

Not a repeat customer 1/28/13 11:57AM

I have been with PNC for 6 years and have had nothing but trouble with them. I am planning to change banks but it will take me awhile as I have all my bills on my debit. I finally stopped calling the regular customer service as they never did anything for you, so I found the number for the corporate office customer service and sometimes you get a better response from them. Their number is
The last straw was when they took $274 out of my account without notice to cover another account that was supposed to be closed because of fraud. I need to pay my rent today and cannot because of the withdrawal.

sammie13 1/11/13 8:06AM

I have been a customer for a very long time. I remember when they merged with Howard Savings. I go into the branch from time to time. Over the past several years I have been in there more often. There is an employee Zulieka feels that she does not have to speak to me but she will speak to the person in fromt of me and behind me. What ever happened to customer service!!!!!!

I Hate Zulieka 12/21/12 2:11PM


FINISHED WITH PNC 12/18/12 11:35AM

I been a pnc customer for some time now never applied for a loan my wife and both have direct deposit setup they know what I have and what I make so I needed a $3500 loan I applied keep in mind I just purchased a house for over $200k and met all qualifications but I get denied for a $3500 loan and I want them to take payments directly from my account this is easy right why would you turn someone down for this and I make and deposit more then this each month this is bull crap so you denied me today tomorrow I close out accounts and move to town square bank I have never been denied on a loan and always paid of the loans early this has to be a idiot making decisions for pnc as a business owner and manager I would never treat a customer like this and I would not stand still having a employee turning business away like this pnc I'm waiting on my email to responded to of not in the next 72 hours I will be back on this site and many others like it to spread the word and tell how I been discriminated

Pissed off in Boyd county ky 10/9/12 2:37PM

I been a pnc customer for some time now never applied for a loan my wife and both have direct deposit setup they know what I have and what I make so I needed a $3500 loan I applied keep in mind I just purchased a house for over $200k and met all qualifications but I get denied for a $3500 loan and I want them to take payments directly from my account this is easy right why would you turn someone down for this and I make and deposit more then this each month this is bull crap so you denied me today tomorrow I close out accounts and move to town square bank I have never been denied on a loan and always paid of the loans early this has to be a idiot making decisions for pnc as a business owner and manager I would never treat a customer like this and I would not stand still having a employee turning business away like this pnc I'm waiting on my email to responded to of not in the next 72 hours I will be back on this site and many others like it to spread the word and tell how I been discriminated

Pissed off in Boyd county ky 10/9/12 2:33PM

As a pnc customer I'm very disappointed with the service I received at the local pnc branch located in Lincoln Park,Michigan. I used the ATM machine to withdraw 50.00 the ATM failed to give me the money, I immediately went inside informed the teller and also the manager of the error that had occurred the manager refused to give me my money. I showed the receipt which was proof of the withdrawal made, but to no avail would management give me my funds. Stated I have to wait until it post . What if the next customer come up and get my funds? This is grossley wrong. There are cameras in place that could be viewed to see if I had taken any money out but common courtsey was'nt extended and it's my money.shame on pnc I will be closing my account when I receive my money. I have been banking with you almost 20years and this is my treatment shame shame shame

Anonymous 9/14/12 5:33PM

To make a long story short. My boyfriend's family sold some stock and were going to have all funds deposited into PNC accounts. In total they were going to have 5 accounts with PNC. We have been battling this now for more than 6 months and still no money in the accounts. They keep giving us excuse after excuse as to why the money cannot be released to the accounts. They act like it is their money, no PNC it is ours. We trusted you to deposit the money into our accounts, and all you have done is hold onto it to collect the intrest. We have since changed banks, but PNC has still refused to release the money to the new bank. Our lawyer has since gotten involved and now no one in corporate will take his calls nor will they return them. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS BANK TO ANYONE. STAY FAR AWAY FROM DEALING WITH PNC ON ANY LEVEL.

Anonymous 9/4/12 8:44AM

I am a dental surgeon and applied for loan and met one of healthcare business banker at clarendon hills, IL. My loan got processed and I had a questions on my processing procedure and called 800 number at healthcare business banking call center. That lady had an attitude and was so rude RENNE ROSE she is not even ready to listen my concerns. I wonder how come this PNC can afford to have this person responsible for loan divison. After her behavious I cancelled my loan application. I have no intention to deal with rude unprofessional people like her.

John 7/16/12 2:32AM

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