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Pottery Barn corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

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Corporate Office Address:
Pottery Barn, Inc.

Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
3250 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States

Phone: 415-421-7900

Pottery Barn Corporate Office Comments

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Over the years, I had been a big consumer of PB merchandise. I have purchased a "Cole" sofa and chair, a coffee table, the "Sumatra" bedroom complete set, a dining table with 4 chairs, a bar table with two barstools. Also included in my history are countless purchases of dinnerware, linens, gift items, drapery and decorative accessories. None of these items would I every describe as "bargins" but more as

high end home furnishings.

For sometime now my sofa and chair have begun to "leak feathers". First, I noticed a remarkable amount coming out of the cushion covers, more recently it has now become a daily push through the fabric and visible all over when I fluff the cushions daily.

In March of this year, I really became annoyed with this and decided it was simply unacceptable to let this go on. I contacted Mitchell/Gold, the manufacturer in North Carolina. I got no response to any of my emails.

I then felt that PB should deal with MG since they contracted them to do the work. I have in my possession a warranty that states the cushions are guaranteed for the life of the sofa and chair.

I began with a customer service rep for William Sonoma, at the parent company. I sent several photographs over a period of time that illustrated the problem. Sometime during our communications, the employee left WS and my correspondence was not handed over to another representative. After several unanswered messages, I decided to call again.

I then decided I should call and find a supervisor who perhaps could handle this problem. The agent who took the call was quite rude to me as I explained my situation. Since the sofa had been purchased over six years ago, no record of the transaction was available and she stated they would do nothing to correct it. I asked that she directed this matter to a supervisor. I never had any response. It is my feeling that the cushions should be replaced without any hassle.

In my 60+ years, I have never had an experience whereby a company as large as William Sonoma, fail to stand behind the warranty of their furniture. I have posted this experience on social media and will continue to make the public aware.

Cynthia B. Miller

caprosa 12/2/13 5:50PM

In April, I ordered online, a personalized toybox for my grandson's birthday in May. On May 23rd, I received and email from a customer service rep. named Tara, who told me that the order was back ordered until August 20th. Thankfully I put this order on my credit card - $300.00 total!! or else I would now be dealing with this shoddy outfit for a refund!! Today, August 16th, I get an email telling me the toybox is no longer available, and my order is "no more" - what a way to run a business!!! I will never purchase another item from this outfit or its subsidaries, and I will tell everyone who will listen about my disgusting experience with this outfit..I have reached out already to my family and friends who do buy from Pottery Barn, and told them of my experience. I intend to write to the Better Business Bureau as well. This toy box was to be a birthday gift for my grandson - he knew he had to wait now I get to tell him he got nothing from me and I will have to go in search of another toybox....Hopefully, I can find a reputable company to buy from this time! I am sure that there will be no reply from any yahoo from this company!~!

MHeulitt 8/16/13 8:54AM

I will never order anything again from pottery barn teen.
Issue # 1
I placed an order on July 31 for a duvet and matching pillowcases for my granddaughter to take to college. These items were on sale at the time. I received the first email saying the pillowcases had been shipped, but not the duvet. A week after the order was placed I received another email telling me the duvet was no longer available and that my account was being credited for it. Why wasn't the item shown on line as not available at the time?
Issue #2
I called pb teen customer service to replace the order in a different color and that I wanted the same price for the items that I paid in the original order along with expedited free shipping as my granddaughter was leaving on August 16 for school.
The customer service rep said no problem and the transaction was completed. When I received the email confirmation for my order I discovered that she had ordered the wrong items. Needless to say I was not happy. I called back immediately after receiving the confirmation, only to be told that there was nothing they could do and I would have to call back in 24 hrs.
Issue #3
I called back yesterday and explained the situation to another rep and she said she would fix it and again I said I wanted the same price that I originally paid for the items and free expedited shipping as time is of the essence. She said she would just cancel the order from the previous day since that would be the easiest thing to do and that my total for the 2 items with tax, minus the shipping charge would
be $106. Well she got the items correct finally, but I was charged the full price. Now I am absolutely livid. I call back and asked to speak to a supervisor. Of course I am told no one is available and I will have to call back tomorrow to get this resolved.
I get up this morning and check my email. There is an email from pb teen that the items that I thought i had successfully canceled yesterday had shipped. Now I have to return those to the store. I was told nothing shipped on sat or sunday and I had till Monday to cancel the order. Wrong!!! Why couldnt she tell me that it was too late to cancel? Why can't these reps get anything right. Either they are complete idiots or they are not being trained properly. And why can't they access a transaction made on the same day and why could I not speak to a supervisor!!!!!!
Issue #5
So now I have to call again today to try and get the order placed yesterday corrected. I am so disgusted with pb teen online customer service, I will never order anything again and I will tell my friends not to either.

Susan 8/11/13 6:53AM

A few weeks ago I went to the Scottsdale Quarter Pottery Barn to purchase a media center for our new home. The catalog stated that it was an online purchase only but I wanted to see if they could order it on their ship to store program. A friend of ours works there but was not working that day. A young man with an unusual name who said he was the manager of the Design Studio waited on me and my cousin who was with me. I am 75 and she is 80. The media center is their Logan and retails for $3700 plus. The very few minutes we could get this man's attention he kept looking around as if to find someone else to take care of rather than 2 old ladies. I asked him if he could order it and we could have it picked up at their store or could they deliver it. He said he wasn't sure and would have to check. Now I ask myself (a reasonably intelligent woman) why would the manager of this department "have to check". He started to look at something in the computer and then got interrupted on the walkie talkie attached to his hip.
He then said he needed to go "to the office to look something up" and he would be right back with my information. He left us standing there and went downstairs to get our information. We walked the second floor several times and another employee kept eyeing us as if we were going to steal something. After 24 minutes she approached us and asked if we had a problem and could she do something. Her tone was patronizing and condescending and quite frankly insulting. We explained that this man had left us to get us some information and never returned. She retorted "now who would that be" as if she did not believe us. Her name by the way was Jennifer. She asked the man's name and we could not remember it so she asked us to describe him. I responded that he was foreign - perhaps oriental descent. She snipped back "you mean Asian". I was shocked and responded that in our early years it was Oriental & Occidental and I was sorry that I was not up on the politically correct definition. She then informs us that "he has gone home for the day". Can you imagine our shock and dismay at hearing this after waiting all this time and be subjected her downright nasty looks and verbal tones? We walked downstairs to the first level and a very nice middle-aged woman (sorry we cannot remember her name and she was the nicest person to us) also told us that this was "Jovit" and that yes he had gone home for the day. We left Pottery Barn and vowed NEVER TO RETURN and to let all the people we know how very disappointed we are about the way we were ignored and treated as if our money is not green enough. By the way, that media center was only the beginning of several items we were planning to purchase through Pottery Barn. So they lost that $3700 sale and all future furniture purchases. We went to Stone Creek in Scottsdale and showed them the photo from the catalog. They are custom making one for us that is even better and for less money. Good buy Pottery Barn!

Older but Wiser 6/28/13 7:38AM

I drove 1 hour to get to this location only to find out not one of the 6 items I wanted to purchase was in there store. Yes it is a small pop-up store but still was disappointed. One of the items I wanted to purchase was a rug and they had nothing in the store that could show me the color it was going to be. I was told by a manger that if that color did not work out that I would not lose a penny that they would return the rug + tax and the delivery fee which was $75 and that they would pay for the item to be returned to there store. She ensured me I would not lose 1 cent if the rug did not work out. Well the rug didn't work out and now there are telling me I will lose $75 for delivery. A week prior I wanted to buy a quilt they only had 1 and it was a displayed item which sells for $129 and I could buy there displayed quilt for $80 so I started to drive out there and decided to call them to put the quilt on hold for me. I was then told that the person I spoke with had made a mistake they cannot sell it to me because it was for display purposes only. Thank GOD I had not gotten very far in my car. I would have been very upset if I drove an hour to the Woodlands Mall in Texas to find this out. I have been misinformed twice except this time it is costing me $75. I asked if they could give me a $75 store credit. All I get is I am sorry but there's nothing we can do. Corporate here I come.

unhappy 5/30/13 2:20PM

To Pottery Barn Corp - I have experienced the worst customer service I have ever seen at the North Point Ga Store. I was fully ready to purchase a sectional sofa and coffee table this week - spending over $5,000. I have been in the store multiple times to fine tune what I wanted, taking fabric samples and measurements. On visit 2 Lori was very freiendly saying she has been there 10 years and could even come out to the house to help me select. This weekend I went to the store to fine tune decision and waited over an hour to speak to Lori while she helped another couple. The store was very busy ( I understand that of course.)I asked Lori about coming out to assess for the final size and selection as she offered on the first visit. Thsi time she said " well two of us have to come out and we like you to spend at least $5,000 - we would be off the floor and not selling." Lori then took my email and suggested I send her photos of my room and measurements so she could help me finalize the fit. all seemed ok with that approach. Until Monday - no reply from Lori to the messages. Then she called and said she did not get all the pictures I sent - so I resent and also sent to her home email as she suggested. Today I get an automated email from the store ( with a no reply address) with a floor plan that I cannot follow - and with pictures of couches styles all different than we discussed. The automated email indicated that I can call the store and ask for one of the managers to place my order and that they will make sure she gets her credit - really? I then emailed back to her diretly and asked what this automated email was. I then recieved a phone message from her stating she was out the next two days and the sale ends and so I can order from any manager at the store. I still have no idea what the floor design she sent says or why it shows couches other than the one I have been discussing everytime I am in the store. I clearly was ready to buy a sectional and coffee table - in fact I open a credit card to pay on at Loris' suggestion. I purchased two quilts and 4 shams this weekend. I am very shocked at how bad this customer service is and I am now going to look for a sofa elsewhere at this point.

Jennifer 1/29/13 2:19PM

To whom it may concern at Corporate Office, Not sure whom to contact but yesterday January 6, 2013 at Pottery Barn. While, I was at North Point Mall with my family. The Manager John that's the only male manager there gave a young lady a dirty look as she was ringing me up in the area of plate settings. It was a total mess in the back where him and another girl with long black hair rearranging the shelves. I noticed the young ladies name ( Cindy ) who helped to ring me up. It was about 12:30pm. Anyway, he told her I don't want you using this back register until we're done changing/setting up back here. What he did not know is I told her that my leg was hurting and it's my fault for her ringing me up at that register. Honestly, she went out of her way to keep me from hurting more with less walking. Note: My husband was standing next to the place Mates and napkins on wall. He saw how that manager acted for goodness sakes WE buy things all the time from Pottery Barn and we bought things from back there. He didn't offer to help me or the other customers back there. She came from all the way from the front of the store to help me. She said HI, when we walked in like she'd known me for a lifetime and it was refreshing being greeted like that in the store. She did so well with her customer service. To be honest a manager SHOULD NOT AT ALL while customers are shopping and spending money like we do all the time in there. Have a room a mess during busy hours. I know it hurt her feelings. I'd been hurt to by a manager giving me a rude look in front of customers. She said sorry to him and returned with a beautiful smile in my direction to finish ringing me up. I felt that I should let you know and I got the store # 85 off my receipt North Point Mall in GA. Maybe that manager John needs some time off and not treat he's employees like that when she was selling and doing a great job to make Pottery Barn money. Please let the corporate office know ( Cindy ) did nothing wrong and was outstanding under the circumstances. He's the one that needs to take a break from Pottery Barn or taken down a notch or two. Thank you, Concerned Customer

Dedicated shopper 1/7/13 9:14AM

Worst service ever. CSRs are not well informed and the communications between departments is horrible. I will NEVER deal with this company again.

Pissed Off 12/14/12 9:49AM

Horrible, horrible customer service! Do not buy anything from these jerks. I love the PBK products, and spend a lots of $$$$ on this, till now. I ordered a sheet set for my kid and got a towel (!!!) instead. Called them to find out where is my order. Was told they would reorder it and ship it the very next day. As for the second part of my order- not avail. untill march 2013!!??? Sorry, there was nothing abuot it on the web site. So, a week passed, Called them again- the said it was shiped and gave me a conf #, which doesnt exist (as I found out later). Called them again in a week and asked for the supervisor. Eric was EXTREAMLY rude and unprofessional. He kept interapting me and even yeled at me. Wow!!! bravo PBK. At the end he hung up on me!. hello! I am spending my money and expecting the SERVICE i paid for. Instead a teenager called supervisor of the floor yelled at me? And yes, he refused to give me his name and the phone of his supervisor. What a surprise! Does anyone in the company care what is going on in their ""unti-customer -service" department? I will be calling corporate office tomorrow.

Tatyana 12/6/12 9:45PM

I am very upset with Pottery Barn as well. I too have spent thousands at Pottery Barn and here lately have received bad quality furniture as well as even worse customer service! Here recently, I purchased a couch that was damaged, and that is poor quality, with a very high quality price. It took a month to get someone out, and I was promised a credit (for my troubles) that I have never seen. I thought this company was supposed to be a higher end company, boy was I wrong! At this point I would just like some customer service. I have gotten many promises, none which have actually followed through. I really like the style of your products, and would hate to have to stop shopping with you. I understand that things happen, but here lately I have been disappointed with every product I purchase and then the service that follows.

Amy 9/24/12 7:32AM

Shame On Pottery Barn! I bought a rug from PB teen before my baby was born. I was told it was 100% wool so I thought I did not have to worry about off gassing from the rug. After a year I could smell somthing chemical in her room. I changed the mattress, curtains, everything. I did not suspect the rug because it was supposed to be 100% wool. It is but it also has a completely toxic rubber matting attached to the bottom in lieu of a rug pad. We spent a fortune on products from PBteen and I feel completely duped. I will never shop there again.

Honor Mosher 9/12/12 1:54PM

I have been purchasing pottery barn merch for many years. I am disappointed in everything I have purchased this spring. The wonderful ice bucket stains and looks like a splotched mess. The beach towels I have been buying every summer have totally lost their quality. The stitching on the embroidered name is coming unraveled, there are pulled threads everywhere and there is no weight or quality to the terrycloth. The "sale" beach towels are thin and not absorbent. The olive green bird bathtowels have come unstitched on the hemed edges and are raveling. I never believed that you have resorted to the same quality as the discount stores without the lower prices. I am SO disappointd in you!!!!! Please respond...

Anonymous 8/13/12 8:23AM

I am very upset with Pottery Barn, I have been a customer for many years and have spent thousands on Pottery Barn merchandise. Today I called to order a bucket armchair which is listed in your catalog for 299 and 10 surcharge and the customer service agent I was speaking to tallyed the order for me initially at 309.00 which is exactly what I expected. When I gave my credit card information the price went up by 39.00 which she told me was a surcharge and delivery. That is outrageous. I would like to have two of those chairs which will cost me an extra 80.00. I already own 4 dining chairs and the table. I will not be ordering the bucket chairs because I am so angry at being ripped off for an extra 80.00. Your merchandise is already a little on the high side, do you really have to rip people off in addition? I can certainly spend my money elsewhere and I certainly will.

nelsmcg 8/9/12 12:38PM

My wife recently ordered a little suitcase
for my granddaughter. It was to be a
birthday gift.

She received emails indicating the monogrammed
item was being processed, but now 10 days
later she gets a call and is told you are out of

Osama Ben Laden was never as mad as this
woman is right now.

She is blogging and posting and telling every
one she knows that Pottery Barn is the very
worst retailer she has ever dealt with.

When you treat your customers like this,
especially those buying for kids, you gut
your organization and doom your business
to failure.

You knew when you took the order that
you couldnâ??t fill it. But you accepted the
order and charged the credit card, which
I believe, is against the law.

And, oh my gosh, after 10 days, you discovered
you couldnâ??t fulfill the order in any reasonable
amount of time.

Who is responsible for you treating customers
like this? Who cares so little about your business
that they would allow something like this to

All I know for sure is that we have a new grandchild
and will be buying her thousands of dollars of stuff
now and in the future. We will be buying nothing
from Pottery Barn and we will discourage everyone
we know or come in contact with from buying
anything from Pottery Barn.

EdDennis 7/31/12 6:03AM

GOOD MORNING...I ordered on line, off the Bridal Registry for convenience so I wouldn't have to make a special trip to Short Hills. My order no. 02178849945201. I was asked if I wanted gift wrapping for this order. I checked the box "YES". When I received my order, there were 6 boxes, two of which were wrapped. The other four boxes were in their original shipping brown box. No gift box-the ugly cardboard boxes you get from warehouse purchases. I called to ask why the 4 boxes were unwrapped. (I guess a gift box was out of the question.) The first girl said she was sorry only two boxes were wrapped. I asked what can be done for me and she said take the four boxes back to the store and they will wrap them for free. I am nearly 65 years old. The boxes are very heavy. How am I supposed to carry four boxes of china back to the store for gift wrapping? I said thank you and then hung up.
I called back a little later and asked the next girl to please send me wrapping paper and ribbon so I could wrap the other boxes myself. She said Pottery Barn does not wrap boxes that "BIG" and will not send wrapping paper or ribbon for me to use. It is not their policy. I asked to speak to a supervisor, which I did not, since the same girl came back and said I could get 15% off my order. She told me to go out, buy paper, and wrap the other four boxes myself.
Not only am I angry with the way PB handled this, but can you imagine how tacky it would appear at the shower of my future daughter-in-law if I came with 2 wrapped boxes and four cardboard boxes straight from China?
I am disappointed in your customer service and am not at all satisfied with only 15% off my order. I now have to go out, get into my car, brave the oppressive heat, spend more money and buy wrapping paper and ribbon because PB did not honor my request. Your customer service did not handle this situation and you should be ashamed of yourselves for your lack of service.

gsasuffel 6/30/12 11:23AM

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