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Anthem Blue Cross corporate office headquarters location, phone number, address and feedback

Please find details for the Anthem Blue Cross corporate office below. We do our best to keep this information current, but if you are aware of any updates to the Anthem Blue Cross corporate office headquarters information we have, please feel free to submit an update.

Corporate Office Address:
Anthem Blue Cross

WellPoint, Inc.
120 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46204
United States

Phone: 317-488-6000

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My wife has brain cancer, she had insurance previously but lost it due to losing her job because of her illness. We explained our needs to healthcare .Gov and the recommended the Multi State Plan, which cost $120.00 more because we live in Virginia and my wife's treatment, was at Duke Medical center in Raleigh NC. So they stated the multi- state plan would cover her.

We went to Blue Cross Blue Shield and they said the same thing, however, upon going to receive services BC/BS denied coverage because it was out of state. There is no such plan that covers the state of North Carolina because NC is not an Anthem state.

Be very cautious when getting a plan and insure in writing, if possible, your coverage before you purchase the plan and locked in for a year.
. I hope the president of BC/BS reads this and loses sleep over it but he or she probably won on both counts because they already have their money for the month.

fed up too! 5/21/14 11:02AM

I cant believe the bull. The dummy who oked payment twice to my dr. expects me to call the dr and get the second payment back. they tell me that they sent me letters in this matter that's a crock. never received any letters from them. the only letter i got was from a collection agency they hired stating that i owe anthem money for the double payment. I told them you made the mistake you fix it. I have proof i paid the dr. out of my pocket. they made the error they should contact the dr. to get their money back.
this is on of the poorest customer service i have had to deal with. they should be lucky i'm not their boss id have them fired!!!!! Fix this anthem now!!!!

nippatina 4/29/14 11:43AM

Anthem previously said all of our doctors were in network for marketplace
plan we were choosing. Now, they say, 2 of them , so far, are NOT in network.
They also say my ID prefix is wrong on my card. Well, they printed it , not me.
And, they had the nerve to tell me they are not responsible for any info they
give out!!!!

I was at hospital to have a test to determine if my pain was a blood clot and was told hospital not in my network. Thank goodness the person told me , but, then went home and called Anthem and when I finally got through found out the
upsetting news about my Dr being out of network, card wrong, etc.
Luckily, another hospital that is in network, till Anthem says they aren't
was able to get me in. Wrongful death lawsuit might get their attention.

I agree, lawsuit and media is probably way to go.

Only thing wrong with healthcare is that it is for profit.

Prove me wrong and help me Anthem.

Taxgal 4/22/14 3:06PM

I will add my voice to the chorus of complaints about Anthem Blue Cross and its prescription service Express Scripts. When I enrolled in Anthem, it refused to cover a common generic medication that I had been taking for years, even though my physician sent in a preauthorization request stating that I specifically needed this particular drug because other similar ones did not work for me or caused side effects.

Anthem then told me they would process an "expedited appeal" of the decision. Weeks later, I received a letter acknowledging the appeal and asking me to call to provide additional information. When I called, I was told the appeal had been rejected two weeks BEFORE the date of the letter of acknowledgment.

Express Scripts is a complete disaster. It's website routinely provides misinformation and the company took 12 days from the date it received a prescription to the date it put it in the mail to me.

Exasperated 2 4/21/14 1:51PM

I suggest we star a class action law suit and get investigation going on a national level. There are thousands and thousands of people who's payments, premiums and bills have been screwed up, myself included and we individually won't achieve anything. I think they are doing it on purpose. There is no customer service, there is no order in their billing department. All they are doing is harassing people with wrong billing statements and try to extort money from anyone that can't stand up to them. Yes, it is very stressful and time consuming. Every phone call is an hour and it lead to absolutely nowhere, time after time. I have been dealing with them for over a year and I am still at the same place. They "pretend" that I haven't paid my premiums, even though the money has been transferred from my bank to them every month and there is proof in bank statements. I don't know what else to do.

Anonymous 4/20/14 11:49AM

As individual member my premium is high with 2K deductible including Rx coverage. I am paying full price for my Rx. However, your partner Express Scripts administering it has absolutely no "customer service" sense or responsibility. It took them 2 months to approve medication that I have been taking for 5+ years. A mail order Rx package that they sent never reached me. Copay is $230 and they refuse to take ownership. Several friends of mine have complained about this. It is bordering on fraud. Why isn't Anthem holding ESI responsible or offering customers a choice for prescription fulfillment? Why only ESI?

MS 4/13/14 6:48AM

I am Keith Davis & I posted a message here 8 days ago & still I have not recieved any response from anyone in your company. What I'm asking for can't be that hard to do. One of your agents in your Atlanta, Ga. office (Peachtree St.) has supposedly been working on the matter of lost payments for several weeks now. Her name is Cathy Evans, & I've not heard from her at all. She had someone call us to let us know that she recieved the copies of the proof that the Jan & Feb payments cleared my bank. Even though I sent her proof that the payments (Jan & Feb) had cleared my bank. It shouldn't take this long to figure the problem, & what your company did with the payments your company lost! This situation has been going on for 2 months now. It shouldn't take this long for Cathy Evans to do her job. I need a confirmation letter from her stating that the payments have been found!! Cathy Evans has only spoke to me 2 times!! Talk about lousy customer service. At this point I wouldn't recommend your company to anyone. I'm fed up!

FED UP 3/6/14 10:57AM

I would like to add my voice to the complaints about your non-existent customer service. From failing to enroll my husband with the group, to zeroing out his paid out of pocket, to driving me to the brink of a nervous breakdown, all within the first year. We dropped your insurance in June 2013, and i thought we were done. In October I received collection notices from Anthem for overpayments. Despite phone calls and registered letters, Anthem turned us over to a collection agency. Five months of this harrasment. I have a chronically ill husband and I do not deserve this.

sandlady86 3/5/14 6:29PM

What is wrong with your company!! I last left a note here on 2/25, that was 3 days ago & I've not gotten any feed back from anyone in your company. This is horrible customer service. I need this matter resolved once & for all, it's gone on far too long all ready! My name is Keith Davis, & I want this matter of my lost payments resolved, with no more excuses. I've been trying to get it straighten out since the middle of Jan. I sent Ms. Cathy Evans (Peachtree Rd., Atlanta,Ga. Office) proof that those payments cleared my bank account. She is suppose to be working on this matter,since the end of Jan., but I've only spoke to her 2 times. I've left her several messages to call me & she never does. I don't think that quality customer service. I think it's time for someone to get off their butts & fix this matter!!

Very Unsatisfied Customer 2/28/14 11:08AM

Since buying insurance from your company it has been a total nightmare!!!We made our initial payment by phone on Dec 27th/2013, on the 30th of Dec, mailed a check to a San Antonio, Tx address we were given on the phone on 27th Dec This covered him for both Jan & Feb. Then your billing dept sent us a statement billing us for $188.94, which was for payments we had already paid (Jan & Feb)It took 3 days of constantly calling, being put on hold for hrs, then if we were lucky enough to get a person they would want to connect us to yet another person who couldn't seem to help. And there is no way of contacting billing, if your connected to billing all that is a recording that will take payments. Our problem is your company lost our first 2 payments, the one by phone & the paper check we mailed!!! Finally we spoke to Cathy Evans in the Peachtree St. office in Atalnta,Ga, we've only heard from her 2 times!! On about the 11th of Feb we fax to Cathy Evans Proof the the first 2 payments had cleared the bank in hopes this would help solve the problem. Then someone on Ms. Evans staff called to let us know that they had recieved the fax, this person said to be patient & let Ms. Evans work on the matter. That was 2 weeks ago!!! We have been trying to resolve this matter since the middle of Jan. My, God how long does it take, to find money that your company lost!! Especially when to customer can prove the the payments cleared their bank account!! This is the worst customer service I've ever seen in my entire life!!

Anonymous 2/25/14 2:04PM

Since the implementation of ACA, this has been the most frustrating experience for the two of us with Anthem BC customer service. We have been a BC member for 25+ years. On Dec 11th 2013, we made an online application to change our coverage to the new ACA compliant plans. We provided our credit card information to ensure quick and assured payment. After the early January 2014 "Target security breach of CC#s" we got a replacement card and made several attempts to contact BC to update payment information. We have used the Anthem BC message center to advise them however the system replies were drastically lagging in time. On Jan 14th 2014 we uploaded thru the message center our Banks ACH debit authorization. In order to ensure no way of missing the first payment we even mailed a check (Jan 15th) for the January premium by certified mail with return receipt. According to the acknowledgement of receipt, BC had received our check on Jan 21st. Over the last several weeks our phone calls have been futile, having us put on hold, or being passed from one customer service specialist to another. It appears no one has the ability to help. Then on Jan 17th we received a phone call from Blue Cross saying all is well and we should get our Insurance card within 2 to 3 weeks, more than three weeks later nothing came in the mail. On Feb 10th 2014, another phone call to BC and this time we managed to talk to a live person, only to find out neither one of us had insurance coverage. In the meantime what do we do in case of medical emergency? What a show Anthem BC!!
This has to be the worst customer service ever, God help us.

Frustrated Cusomer - Torrance CA 2/10/14 1:15PM

I have to say this has been the absolute worse customer service I have ever encountered. I worked 18 years at a utility company at their corp headquarters. I could never image treating my customers the way Anthem customer service reps have treated me. I have been attempting to get my insurance information since 12/22/13. I have been given now 6 different numbers to contact..I have been on hold for hours and hours just to get a rep that tells me they can't help me or will put me on hold and cold transfer me to a different department. I have talked to 6 different reps and still no closer to getting what I need. Just this past Friday I was able to get someone that could actually give me my member and group number over the phone but when I told them Jan is over and you have had my jan payment since 1/8 and I had no idea I was even covered as no one has contacted me to say my application was approved no mail info from Anthem etc I wanted my Jan prem applied to Feb instead since I was unable to use my insurance in one can seem to help me. Today I looked up your corp hdqtrs and after a long hold I finally got someone who asked for my member ID number and said hold please and put me back on hold for another 37 mins just to get someone in the vision department and I don't have vision coverage!! I am writing my state rep and letting them no how unhappy I am and what poor service Anthem is giving. Taking peoples money who are struggling just to keep afloat and still not giving them the proper treatment or coverage!!!

Frustrated IN customer 1/28/14 11:09AM

I have been a policy holder for over 15 years. Now Blue Cross has failed to treat me and my family like paying customers. Our premium is now $20068.00 and we hav'nt received a card or coverage since Nov.20013. We have payed our bill on time for years. What is the problem Blue Cross, with your service. Now it is time to look for an insurance company that is concerned about there customers coverage and health. Anthem Corporate Office where are you and what are you doing about this situation.

snowman 1/23/14 8:26AM

I also have not been able to get my ID number or insurance package. I have made my initial payment 3 times and still are no closer to any resolution. Somebody needs to do something about this. I can not seek medical attention without this information.

Anonymous 1/16/14 8:45AM

Worst level of customer service I have EVER experienced. I have spent in excess of 10 hours on hold at 2 separate #'s for Anthem just trying to get my subscriber ID #. Recording is always ' no one available due to a high level of calls, try your call again later.' I just want my subscriber information so that I can seek necessary medical treatment! I have already paid my first monthly premium TWICE. Proof of that is in my hands as I write this. Absolutely ridiculous.

Steven in California 1/13/14 12:56PM

Horrible, horrible service! Im a provider that calls regarding benefits and what not on a regular basis and Anthem is by far providing the worst customer service out of all the insurance companies out there. They are quoting wrong information and do not know what they are talking about. When you ask for a supervisor they act dumbfounded as if Im speaking another language! This needs to be fixed Anthem!

Rich 1/13/14 9:31AM

We have a patient that Anthem Siemens group plan code that had HDR skin. Anthem Siemens group was called benefits were verified and we did ask if the HDR skin will be covered an ask if it needed and authorization Anthem stated no authorization needed for HDR Skin and it was a covered benefit, that the only thing that would need authorization was IMRT or Proton.

Now patient has completed their treatment Anthem Siemens group was billed and claim was returned/rejected stating not a covered benefit and codes are investigable/experimental treatment code.

This patients insurance should be paying for this not the patient, it was verified benefits with all questions ask to make sure it was covered. HOW CAN THIS BE RESOLVED. Dr has already did a peer to peer review to get this resolved but Anthem refuses to pay.

k 12/16/13 7:53AM

I want to report very poor trestment by Anthem. I have a procedure that required minimal equipment when I investigated and found out that the hospital had charged me for an angioplasty tray. I got the bill reduced to $330 it was returned to anthem,what did they do for all my efforts to save money? They reversed their payment to the hospital $556.55. I saved $99 for my efforts! This a wonderful set up for the insurance company. I do the work and you get the savings!

Anonymous 8/22/13 5:23PM

After explaining to customer service that I do not like to be blind transferred and for them to stay on the line --twice I was left speaking to the wrong entity. Twice I asked to speak with a supervisor and I got another representative. finally, I asked to escalate my complaint and left my telephone number and I have not heard from anyone from Anthem.

Anonymous 7/22/13 2:45PM

I am a provider being denied payment. I was just told this company has not updated its database since 2003. Meanwhile, they require I re-attest my information every 90 days ! I am owed thousands. When I call, I am put on hold and eventually hung up on. This company sucks. 7/18/13 1:41PM

Anthem Bcbs Of Oh Is The Worst Regarding Provider Service Reps. Providers Have No Rights. Benefits Given Are Always Wrong. Anthem Bcbs Of Oh Are Not Able To Do Their Jobs. When Requesting A Supervisor, No Supervisors Can Be Found. It Is Hard To Anthem Bcbs Of Oh Allows This Type Of Service To Continue.

Anonymous 6/18/13 7:09AM

I will agree with the other negative comments. The customer service of this insurance company is the worst experience I have ever had. I am seeking the office of their president for help.

Unhappy customer in Northern Cal 2/25/13 2:51PM

Will you please disengage your collection agency from my situation. The mistakes were made exclusively by Anthem and it is their responsibility to collect monies from health providers that they mistakenly paid.

Anonymous 2/5/13 7:42AM


Anonymous 12/20/12 1:07PM

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